Our foreign policies are complicated, but among UNO, it comes down to this: keep your friends close, and keep your enemies dead. Anyone who shows kindness and respect towards our nation will be met with double the kindness and double the respect, and they will be glad to have us as allies. But make a wrong move towards us, and they will spend their dying breaths cursing the day they turned on us.

- Valzaria

The foreign relations of the Unified Nation of Ottzello with other nations around the universe have been built up and changed throughout its history. UNO are believers that friends and foes can change at any moment, but nonetheless feel it is important to build up strong relations with the politicians and aliens across the universe, to grow their influence as a major political power and to be a great ally to have to those who they respect. While UNO are prepared to turn on those who may have been great friends before, they will strive to prevent such an instance from occurring. UNO also strive to improve the alliances they are members of, and to contribute as much as possible to their causes they represent.

The Unified Nation of Ottzello's foreign policies are built more on their relations to UNO and its races than they are on its own ideologies. While UNO does hold very strong ideologies, it also recognises diversity (as it in itself is very diverse) and respects differences in points of view. UNO does not like to enforce its own point of view on others, and only upholds a need for universal security and ultimate peace in foreign relations. Otherwise, UNO's main foreign policies are simply defend its allies from harm and to protect itself, with secondary goals being to harm those who hurt it first in order to make them regret it, and upholding their point of view is a tertiary goal.

Notably, UNO almost always refer to themselves as a collective "we" when referring to their stance on several issues. This is to represent that UNO is a collective, and builds consensus around its nation. UNO has released many documents officially on the subject of its foreign relations. These can be viewed below:

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Diplomat Passion.png
Together, we shall create a brighter future for all

Polar Crystal Alliance[]

  • Basic info: Borealis alliance
  • Threat assessment: High

The Polar Crystal Alliance are an organization revived during the Second Borealis Galactic War, and if there were any great changes made in the aftermath of that war, this was it. For too long has Borealis been filled with hatred, with xenophobia, and with a dystopian state. Together, we can work together to achieve a galactic peace. We are incredibly proud to be members of this alliance, and will contribute to it in any way we can.

Mou'Cyran Accords (through PCA)[]

  • Basic info: Peace organisation
  • Threat assessment: High

Admittedly, we personally would not have chosen to join the Mou'Cyran Accords on our own. Though we agree with its anti-war stance, we feel they are too...soft. However, we trust the wisdom of the other Councillors to join this organisation. We will contribute to it as a member of the PCA, but we will not devote much to it.

Seven Starr Alliance[]

SSA Flag.png
  • Basic info: Ancient alliance
  • Threat assessment: High
We feel the Seven Starr Alliance of old is past its prime. It does not appear to actively do much. We respect it, for what it was, but we do not know what it represents anymore.

Green face.png
We have high respect for you, and we will defend you with our lives.


  • Basic info: Creators, Essentials
  • Threat assessment: Beyond our comprehension

The Vyro'Narza created us, and for that, we are forever in their debt. They have, on occasion, traded with us knowledge, and we have inherited not only genetics designed by them specifically, but many of their artifacts. Should the Vyro'Narza need us for anything, we will always be there for them.

Zoles Imperium[]

  • Basic info: Borealis superpower
  • Threat assessment: High

The Zoles Imperium have been a valuable ally, and we believe will be for the forseeable future. Even back when the rest of the galaxy feared and mistrusted Ottzello, its leaders still supported us. We will forever support their cause of achieving a galactic peace, and we will fight to defend them whenever we are called to.

Delpha Coalition of Planets[]

  • Basic info: Milky Way hyperpower
  • Threat assessment: Extreme

One of the most powerful empires from this galaxy, the Delpha Coalition of Planets are an empire that we are very proud to call allies. From helping many Ottzelloans back in the Delphan Excavation War of Ottzello to today, the DCP have always been helpful to us, and we will always support them for it.

Niaka Special Forces[]

  • Basic info: Borealis police force
  • Threat assessment: Moderate

The Niaka Special Forces very much want what we do: galactic security. We can also relate to them, in a way. The Niaka, a race that had blood on their hands and were once criminals themselves, making a complete u-turn to the noble cause they are today. This is very much like what happened to us.

Kormacvar Legacy[]

  • Basic info: Borealis hyperpower
  • Threat assessment: Extreme

The defenders of the galaxy from all the threats of the extra-dimensional and the stronger powers of the universe, the Kormacvar Legacy are a force we, in a way, helped create when we fought against Regnatus. We are proud of them in that sense, but we are also very glad to have them watching over the galaxy. Of course, we do enjoy the privilege of having one of our own being close friends with their leader.

The Vague[]

  • Basic info: Four-dimensional reformed aliens
  • Threat assessment: Extreme/Beyond our comprehension

Of course, The Vague did attack us first, and yet, the war with them was the worst case of miscommunication in the history of the galaxy. However, the miscommunication was the fault of neither of us, but of Zargoth, who has been a threat to us for a long time. We listened to them, and we didn't accept his fate he had planned for us. And now, we are glad to fight with them, rather than against them.

Indoctrinate Collective[]

  • Basic info: Borealis superpower
  • Threat assessment: High

We now share a galaxy with the Indoctrinate Collective, and we are glad. We have helped each other many times. We helped them in the Second War of Black Fog, but they paid us back with the Second Borealis Galactic War. That alone is enough to make them allies as far as we are concerned, but we also support their pursuit of science.

Kicathian Republic[]

  • Basic info: Borealis superpower
  • Threat assessment: High

A fellow Councillor member, the Kicathian Republic are, as such, very close allies of ours. However, we do not know them as well as the other Councillors.

Rovegar Matriarchy[]

  • Basic info: Borealis superpower
  • Threat assessment: High

The Rovegar Matriarchy share something in common with our Galotians, for one. But as a Councillor member, they are close allies of ours. Much like the Kicath, we do not know them as well as other councillors.

New Cyrannian Republic[]

  • Basic info: Cyrannus superpower
  • Threat assessment: High

We once welcomed the days of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, as the old United Republic of Cyrannus had become corrupt, and we felt the Galactic Empire would usher in a new age of peace for the Cyrannus Galaxy. Recent events have convinced us, however, that democracy truly is at the heart of the galaxy, and is the right way for them. Furthermore, the Galactic Empire hurt our allies, the Zoles, badly, and we do not feel it would be appropriate to still ally afterwards.

Unified Order of Cognalorilos[]

  • Basic info: Cyrannus superpower
  • Threat assessment: High
We were allied with the Unified Order of Cognalorilos during the Great Cyrannus War, a war we largely kept out of but nonetheless felt an obligation to help in some way. Of those we supported during that war, the Cognatus are the only ones who have mostly stayed together since. We support the Cognatus, but we have not kept in touch with them much.

Blue face.png
They have our respect, and conditionally, have our support.

The Krassio[]

  • Basic info: Essence masters
  • Threat assessment: Extreme

The Krassio are a very valuable ally, as arguably the biggest protectors of the entire universe. Most of them have become the Xol'Etra, pursuing their advance to become the true defenders of the values of the mortals, and protection of our universe and others. Though we consider ourselves friends, we are hesitant to keep up with them, as we feel they are busy with other matters.

The Divinarium[]

  • Basic info: Andromeda superpower
  • Threat assessment: High

We have helped the Divinarium, and they have helped us during the Second Borealis Galactic War. Other than that, they have not showed much interest in us. We will help them, and ally with them, if they ask, but they have not.

United Lanat Empire[]

  • Basic info: Mirus superpower
  • Threat assessment: Moderate/High
We do not know what is currently going on with them, but if they need our help, we may offer it to them.

Yellow face.png
We do not know you well.

Rambo Nation[]

  • Basic info: Quadrant superpower
  • Threat assessment: High

Should they accept our request to re-open an alliance with them, we would happily once again consider the Rambo Nation our friends. Our two nations have much in common, in our history of bloodshed.

Galactic Empire of Cyrannus[]

  • Basic info: Cyrannus hyperpower
  • Threat assessment: Extreme

Formerly, we considered the Empire allies, feeling they would be right for bringing a new age of order and prosperity to Cyrannus, after the United Republic of Cyrannus failed the galaxy. But the New Cyrannian Republic's efforts have changed our minds, and once the Polar Crystal Alliance allied with the Republic, we cut ties with the Empire, informally ending our brief alliance. Now we have allied with the Republic ourselves, and after what they did to the Zoles, we consider our stance on the Empire neutral, but should it come to it, the Unified Nation will stand with its allies to destroy it. We hope that this does not happen, however.

Brood of War[]

  • Basic info: Andromeda superpower
  • Threat assessment: High

The Brood of War have an...odd history with us. We have been to war with them in the past, and our members, the Loron, once had a strong detest for them. However, we cannot deny their help during the Second Borealis Galactic War. It is an awkward situation. We would be perfectly fine allying with them, but they have never contacted us since the war. We also have many members who would be fine going to war with them again, however, but we opt not to out of respect.

Salsetthe Republic[]

Salsetthe Flag.png
  • Basic info: Milky Way superpower
  • Threat assessment: ???
No idea what to think of the Salsetthe Republic. They did force us out of the Milky Way galaxy by engineering a war with the Brood of War, but...this ultimately benefited us, and we were supposed to move to Borealis all along. As such, we cannot hold this against the Salsetthe. Perhaps they struck a deal with the Taldar?...doubtful, they do not tend to like Essentials. Hmm...

Orange face.png
Keep out of our business and we will keep out of yours.

Oltauris Consortium[]

  • Basic info: Borealis corporation
  • Threat assessment: ???

One would be incredibly naive to think the Oltauris Consortium had good intentions. It was this naivete that allowed the Borealis Consortium Network to grow to the extent that it did before the galaxy learnt they were merely criminals. The PCA's stance on the Oltauris is to hunt them and destroy them. We feel that Billig Oltauris should be handled with care, as he could be far, far more dangerous than we expect. We do not want to repeat the mistake the galaxy made with Falrik Zaarkhun and underestimate him.

The Junction[]

  • Basic info: Borealis hyperpower
  • Threat assessment: Extreme
The Junction seem to keep to themselves, but they appear to have hostile intentions, and will annihilate anyone who attacks them first, and assimilate them into their collective. In that sense, they aren't too different to us, but we are much less hostile, and we allow for a diversity they do not allow for. So we would never join them. However, we should not provoke them, because they can, and will, destroy us, and if it weren't for the Kormacvar Legacy, we may have already died.

Red face.png
You will regret making us your enemies.

Da Rogue Boyz[]

  • Basic info: Loron empire, arch-nemesis
  • Threat assessment: Moderate/High

The rest of the universe seems to write off the Rogue Boyz as a threat, but we personally know they are more powerful than most realise. We have many, many people in our nation that would be incredibly happy to see the Rogue Boyz extinct and destroyed forever, but their numbers and uncontrollable growth make them difficult.

Dominion of the Xhodocto[]

  • Basic info: Xhodocto's warriors
  • Threat assessment: Extreme/Beyond our comprehension

The Dominion of the Xhodocto are the single greatest threat to the universe, and fight to destroy it. Not only that, but one of their members, Zargoth, has been responsible for all the woes and perils that have faced us before he presented his "fate" to us, which we rejected. The rest of the Dominion are simply demonic scum who must be annihilated immediately.

Xonexi Allies[]

Xonexi poster.png
  • Basic info:
  • Threat assessment: Moderate/High
The Xonexi Allies are a group we care little for. They fight to destroy our ally, the DCP, and the ideologies of free markets and capitalism that most of their members possess are ones which sicken us, as every one of UNO's members has lost something to such ideals, and we know its full evil. Any enemy of the DCP is an enemy of ours, and we will crush them. Though, we are sad to fight against the Draconid Imperium and the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation, whom we once considered friends. Other than that, we have nothing but distaste for them, and we will ensure their demise is painful.

Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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