Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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UNO's military is an incredibly strong force, led by UNOC.

While other nations see military as a task and a duty for soldiers, for UNO it is practically a use of many different weapons (and an addiction for those troopers they have, mainly the Loron). UNO utilizes Kralgon Pods, as well as their cloning, making their military even more deadly and numerous. UNO's military benefits from The System, benefiting their health, soldiers' physique, their strength, giving them proper order on the battlefield, and even playing music in their minds, particularly Flo'Sikka's.

Main military[]

The following will describe UNO's main military. While UNO has individual militaries, it mainly uses this one:


The army is composed of:

Infantry - Cloned at Killer Pods, and used often for things mechs cannot do. All soldiers are cloned, but some are trained (see below). The races are:
Main force and heavy
The majority of UNO's military are AI Weapons, which are essentially unmanned vehicles.
In space, there are either the manned fleets or unmanned fleets, but the latter is becoming more popular than the former.


Methods of conquest

The following is taken from Kralgon military, but currently applies to all of UNO

Kralgons only destroy planets if they can't be bothered with them, using the Kralgon technology, they can make use of any planet. Kralgons drop their Killer Pods down, which lands and then spews out the Kralgon clones it creates, and vehicles warp to it's location.

Whole armies can spew out this way, and it uses Wind, Solar power and any other energy it can collect from nearby. Once one has been dropped, it deploys it's weapons, such as a hyper velocity cannon, to attack the surface and the defences in space or the air, freeing up room for more killer pods and, thus, increasing the Kralgon armies' size. The Kralgons then destroy all lifeforms and everything that poses a threat in any way, the clean the surface to add Kralgon living Pods, also morphing Kralgon killer Pods into Kralgon Defensive Pods.


The following is take from Fiction:Great Cyrannus War/Year Two/Distant Relatives, and is example of a large scale battle

The Kralgon Emperor was notified of the defeat. As General Sesoka was in control of the AIs (which are programmed to listen to biological creature allies above all, who have most command of them with the exception of beings with the System, and beings with the System with high authoirty), he had made the fleets retreat. The Emperor was furious that he had lost a battle, but the AI's assessment of CAS space meant that he needed a large fleet.

The Emperor wasn't content with just sending UNO's manned fleet in a larger amount. To lose was one thing, but to retreat was an insult. He would go persoanlly, and take Zr'Ahgloth with him. He was determined to leave a huge scar...

The Emperor sent UNO's manned fleet (Warships, Destroyers, led by Ottzel and Grox) as well as the Multi-species military (led by Marinox and Inalton) to attack the Confederacy outside the Dyslok nebula. Meanwhile, he himself, in his personal modified Kralgon Obliterator, was accompanied by only 12 Obliterators and 20 Killship AI Weapons. He would take the Dyslok nebula by storm.


As predicted, the Confederacy sent most of their fleet to defend their territory outside the Dyslok Nebula. Meanwhile, the Kralgon waited outside his first chosen target.

Kralgon Emperor - Well then... time to DIE!

He sent several Killships to attack the defending space station and surrounding defences, then arrived in with his Obliterator. He sent the rest of the Obliterators out to the several other systems. While firing upon the defences, he launched several Killer Pods, which cloned thousands of Loron. He also launched a gathering pod and killer pod to the planets' best mining locations, which gathered resources and warped them to each Killer pod to create weapons for their cloned soldiers. The result? A huge army coming from something nearly indestructible and full of weapons. After launching killer pods all over the world (even in the sea), they swarmed the planet. A pod also cloned some engineers, which took over a few surface-to-space weapons, and fired them on the planets' orbital defences... not that there were many left.

After at least half a day, the entire Dyslok nebula was taken over. The manned fleet was doing fairly well, having taken 10 systems, and got the CAS out of reinforcements.

Kralgon Emperor - Wait- the manned fleet MUST come here after planetary and orbital defences are in place. There's a system missed here... adn I'm getting a transmission.

Selective breeding[]

Selective breeding is when Loron or Inalton soldiers sign up for the army and go through training via simulation. They join the army, and are given greater equipment than clones, and have authority. When they retire, their chromosomes will be copied, and put into a sex cell. The sex cell will be joined to one of a soldier (often a clone) another gender, with similar capabilities, and thus a new soldier will be created. This new soldiers' genes will be selectively bred with other soldiers, and the genes will be captured, and put through the same process.

Alternatively, nanomachines (namely The System) can simply edit genes to improve them, rather than needing to selectively breed.

As most/all Loron and Inalton (98% Loron and 76% Inalton) join the military, there are many opportunities for both.


This will list independant militaries and species' roles within the military.



The Inalton are the military organizers and leaders. They are also the second greatest soldiers, the first being the Loron. They are a strong and brave species, and make for tough soldiers. They also work in the Fleet, as the crew or as leaders from space. The Inalton work in both Mukti-species and Loron military.


The Ottzelloan Marinox are possibly the 3rd best soldiers of UNO. They are incredibly strong, matching the strength of the Inalton. Since they are created with cloning, they were very compatible with Kralgon technology.

Note that the Marinox aren't mentioned much throughout the military. This is because they have multiple different role, working with the Multi-species and the Loron militaries.

Main article: Da Loron Warz

As the Loron are UNO's most prominent soldiers, and they don't suit UNO's multi species military, they have their own military. The Loron are huge, barbaric and obsessed with wars and eating. They are incredibly aggressive and out of control, making them perfect for UNO's military.


The Ottzelloan Zazane are an excellent asset to UNo's military; their powers of descension and Dark Chronoscopic, their honourable fighting, their excellent strategies and their rage, as well as robust physique, are all reasons why the Zazane are one of UNO's best soldier races.



The Kralgon retain their original military which works with UNO's current military. This is because Kralgon couldn't fit in with UNO's current military, and the original Kralgon military is efficient in some situations.


The Ioketa simply serve as support through essence, in the fleet and in the military. They add boosts to soldiers as well as weakening/killing the enemy. They can also use nature on the side to fight against the opposing force.


The Ottzel have been soldiers since their empire began. While they are no longer working as UNO's strongest military species due to them being slightly weak, they still serve in the military. Their main job is to drive in vehicles, although several still work as infantry. They also work in the fleet.


  • The Galot mostly serve in the fleet
  • Other members have various jobs
  • Heeyorian, due to their criminal work, are excellent stealth soldiers. They are also good at brawls, but stealth is their main job.


These are the military leaders of UNO.

  • Yogtam
  • Tuolog
  • Zr'Ahgloth
  • Kralgon Emperor


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  • Note that all besides Loron military, AI Weapons and Starfleet are now retired and rarely used; it is not required that you read them.
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Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
Bold indicates major members, Italics indicates UNO's version of other races
Note that aside from 'Main military lineup', most pages are on things which are unused