The Unified Nation of Ottzello controls the entire Ottzello Sector, a sector created by the Vyro'Narza. This page will explain their territories.

Ottzello SectorEdit

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The Ottzello Sector is a sector in the Borealis Galaxy, created by the Vyro'Narza.

Created by the Vyro'Narza Annihilation, it was originally located in the Milky Way Galaxy, but the planets were moved to the Borealis Galaxy shortly afterwards. When the inhabitants of the sector moved to the Borealis Galaxy, it caused a huge impact on the galaxy.

The sector is the Arm of Knowledge' central hub of crime, and is home to many Borealis Consortium Network colonies, and the main territory of Da Rogue Boyz. It is also unique, for being the centre of Chronoscopic, due to the Chronoscopic existing in the planets.


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Grenzaar is an enormous Vyro'Narza construct.

The history of Grenzaar is mostly unknown. The original Grenzaar was smaller, but was also created by the Vyro'Narza. It had had so many changes in alignment, that the planet ultimately belong to multiple factions rather than one. This Grenzaar is the 'successor' to the Ottzello Galaxy, which was destroyed in the Annihilation.

As well as the home of the Unified Nation, Grenzaar is one of the Borealis Galaxy's hub of criminal activity; several large criminal groups reside here, such as the Zaarkhun Consortium. Grenzaar can also serve as a specialist Cold Relay. The space station is Unified Nation's capital. It is at least a million times larger than the planet Earth. It contains several layers, and a population of at least 20 trillion. Grenzaar is home to flora like a normal planet would be in its interior, as well as its own atmosphere produced by the flora and wildlife, which are taken from the best nature reserve planets in Ottzello.


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Kloeirinica is UNO's main shipyard world. The planet, its moons and others in that system all have rich resources useful for creating spaceships, which is why it is useful as UNO's shipyards world. The Kloritinians built their economy around this, working with the Heeyorian's already rich and excellent starships. The planet is mostly aquatic, and the Kloritinians are a semi-aquatic species, who dig largely from the rock under the oceans.


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Foltridda is a nature preserve world, used mostly for farming, breeding, as well as vacations. The entire planet was not found rich with too many materials (that were useful to UNO), but with very rich soils and temperature. As a result, the planet is UNO's main nature reserve world, and is home to many different creatures. The planet provides much of UNO's food, and is home mostly to farmers and tribes. The environments are either forest or jungles, with some deserts.


The Unified Nation does, however, own territories outside Borealis.

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