UNOL, which stands for Unified Nation of Ottzello Leaders, served as the governing body of UNO prior to their defeat and rebranding. Comprised of leaders from different species, the leaders oversaw all operations in UNO through UNOS. Today, the Leaders continue to exist as slaves for Da Rogue Leedas, aside from Zr'Ahgloth.



UNOL's true origins date back to an unknown time, when a secret meeting between the superpowers of the Ottzello Galaxy (now Ottzelo Sector) resulted in the formation of a council. The attempt was to calm the dystopian state after the First Ottzello Galactic War. However, the council had to evolve when the United Nations was formed.

United Nations UNOL[]

When the original United Nations of Ottzello was formed in the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the leaders of the race' original members - Ottzel leader Dakster, Galot leader Valzo and Technobian leader Feldosia - all decided they'd work as leaders in a council. When the Inalton joined the United Nations, they did not have a leader, until it was discovered Yogtam legally inherits leadership. These made up the original United Nations of Ottzello Leaders.

Early Unified Nation UNOL[]

During the Third Ottzello Galactic War, Zelfron temporarily joined the leaders, along with Tuolog of the Ioketa. When the war ended, the Kralgon's leader (simply known as Kralgon Emperor), UNO's former enemy, joined, along with Loron leader Da Propa Big Boss Zr'Ahgloth. When these members joined, the Unified Nation of Ottzello Leaders was formed. Later, when Clash of the Crimelords occured, Dakster was killed, and replaced by Tralkik Commander of the Tralkikianoe.

Omega Commander and UNOC[]

When the UNO Omega Commander was implemented into the group mind consciousness of the Unified Nation of Ottzello (as part of a project by the Tralkikianoe), the entire nation changed. It became much more attached, in that it was the ultimate consciousness with full control over it. All problems with the UNO Omega Commander were, surprisingly, sorted out quickly. Implementation was done slowly, with one species done per day, to ensure there were no glitches. It improved UNOS hugely. UNOL changed forever, in that they were the largest part of the single consciousness, and their minds contributed to making all decisions. At around this time, the UNOC was created.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

During the Second Borealis Galactic War, UNOL only evolved more. The Tralkik Commander merged with the old King Thylaxiz, becoming Commander-King Thylaxiz. Both Valzo and Feldosia had a secret relationship, although died, with their child, Valzaria, taking over.


The Leedas were defeated one by one aboard the Omega Commander by Da Rogue Boyz. They were later cloned as usual only to serve as slaves, although data of Zr'Ahgloth was erased.



UNOL's main role was as the main mind of UNO's consciousness, as each of their minds made up parts of the personality and decision-making process of the UNO Omega Commander This enormous AI is the centre piece of everything, and is at the core of UNO's group mind, to which everything is connected in a vast network of AIs that link back to it. UNOL are located in the UNOL HQ, inside the UNO Omega Commander.


UNO's government was a semi-democratic government, but was under strict rule, which worked surprisingly effectively. UNO had no single leader, operating instead as a group mind consciousness. Each race had its own consciousness that made up part of the group mind. The extent of their individuality depends on the race; for example, the Galotians had much more individuality than the Tralkikianoe.


UNOL's physical bodies were in fact irrelevant once becoming members. They were instead replaced by artificial intelligences created based on their thought patterns, which allowed their various clones and holograms to simply serve as avatars used for presentation. The Leaders would be used in discussions held with foreign entities, though among themselves, there were no discussions, simply calculations involving each of their minds.


Kralgon Emperor[]

Kralgon Emperor Pic.png
  • Role: Science leader, starfleet leader
  • Profession: UNOL, Kralgon leader and ambassador
  • Policy: Law, peace and unity, through force.
  • Weapons: Lasers
  • Defence: Shield generators
  • Major events: Place Your Bet

I shall do the right thing for myself, the Unified Nation, and the universe. If that means your destruction, so be it.

- Kralgon Emperor

One UNO's greatest enemy, the Kralgon Emperor (unaware of his own name) is the leader of UNO, representative of the Kralgon and leading in the scientist department.

As a teenager, he had no control over his people, and was raised by his father Roshisiz, who didn't want him. His mother had been executed for giving birth to him, and his father often abused him, yet he was always told his father was always right. His father, as he didn't want him, didn't bother to give him a name. During the First Ottzello Galactic War, the Kralgon planet was devastated by Zargoth, and the Kralgon Emperor was frozen by Falrik Zaarkhun. By the same person he was unfrozen, made to believe that the Ottzelloans had done this and discovered his entire species extinct, waged war using his technology to obliterate all who stood in his way, beginning the Second Ottzello Galactic War. At the end of the Third Ottzello Galactic War, he was told by the Taldar the truth, and he joined UNOL as the Kralgon leader/representative.

The Kralgon Emperor is generally an aggressive and intolerant person, but is also a great strategist and very intelligent. He can be very reasonable, and isn't openly hostile. He is the ultimate leader of UNO's strongest fleets, along with Thylaxiz, due to his excellent strategist skills. He prefers space combat and destruction from afar to close range conquest.


  • Role: Supernatural leader
  • Profession: UNOL, Ioketa leader and ambassador
  • Policy: Everything must be perfect, harmonious, and we must do the best we can to make it that way.
  • Weapons: Essence and Chronoscopic powers
  • Defence: Essence and Chronoscopic shielding
  • Major events: Clash of the Crimelords, Place Your Bet

All life must be made to a perfect thing. We put here to be the best we can. And that what we do.

- Tuolog

Tuolog is an old and wise leader of his kind, the Ioketa. He is a master of all things supernatural.

Tuolog's true age is unknown, but it is thought he is, at the very least, 1,000 years old. For an unknown reason, when he was young, he was banished, as he did not learn like the rest of the Ioketa did. When spending time on his own, he eventually mastered his powers alone stronger than the other Ioketa, although this process approximately took a century. When he returned, he showed that to truly teach Ioketa to use their powers, they needed to stay in touch with the spirits of nature. For the things he taught them and his power, he became chief of the Ioketa during their wars with the Katel and other tribes. He defeated Dalverat in battle, and sealed all the planets' dark energies into a Dark Mask. When the Hostile Xenoform Threat attacked in the Third Ottzello War, the mask's power was released, and only the United Nations of Ottzello saved the world. For this reason, Tuolog and the Ioketa, along with the Katel - who ha since settled their differences - joined the Unified Nation, making valuable assets.

Tuolog is one of the greatest mortals in existence at the powers of things such as Chronoscopic an Essence. Tuolog is always a very calm and peaceful character; he generally frowns upon war, preferring diplomatic measures. However, if he sees the war is necessary, he'll be in favour of it. Tuolog is an incredibly wise character, and is also the most spiritual.


  • Role: Strategic leader
  • Profession: UNOL, UNOC, Inalton leader and ambassador
  • Policy: Fight, if the cause is good.
  • Weapons: Lasers
  • Defence: Shield generator, tough skin
  • Major events: None

I just do my job. Nothing more.

- Yogtam

Yogtam is the Inalton leader, and leader of ground combat with Zr'Ahgloth, as well as other military-related aspects.

Yogtam has suffered many bad events in his past life, having been frozen in the hope he'd die due to his traumas, such as the death of his father (the leader of the Inatlon) and watching his fiancée's death. Yogtam, bravely, led the Inalton to escape the galaxy in a wormhole, which would take them to another universe. However, when this happened, the Inalton were intercepted. Yogtam fought to protect them alone, and was thought dead. He survived however, and blaming himself for the death of his girlfriend and father, he froze himself in time and cryogenics. He is UNO's greatest military strategist, proving his excellent planning on many occasions. Yogtam is sometimes seen as the sole reason that UNO won the Third Ottzello Galactic War, or survived at all.

Yogtam is an excellent soldier, but not to the extent of Zr'Ahgloth. He's better as a ground combat strategist, and sometimes as a fleet commander. In general, Yogtam works with Zr'Ahgloth in charge of military training, combat-related decisions and other related aspects of UNO's work. He isn't an openly aggressive, unlike Zr'Ahgloth, and is often a character of few words.


  • Role: Democratic leader, Galotion leader
  • Profession: UNOL, Galotian leader and ambassador
  • Policy: Democracy and peace is always the way forward.
  • Weapons: None
  • Defence: Shield generators
  • Major events: None

Well...not every solution is violent.

- Valzaria

Valzaria is the Galotian leader, and head of the diplomatics department in UNO. She is also UNO's councillor in the Polar Crystal Alliance.

The secret child of former UNO members Valzo and Feldosia, Valzaria wasn't something that was meant to happen. Valzo and Feldosia had, to the rest of UNOL's distaste, been engaged in a secret relationship and Feldosia's pregnancy had been hidden. By the time Feldosia had given birth, however, in the Second Borealis Galactic War, it no longer mattered. Feldosia and Valzo, the couple that weren't meant to be, were both slain in the Borealis War by Sollow. In order to replace them, UNOL accelerated Valzaria's ageing process, and gave her a similar mind to that of Valzo and Feldosia's.

Valzaria is a polite and kind individual, who always strives to push forward a diplomatic answer to problems, and excels in making peaceful decisions and alternatives to war. She is also one of UNOL's most selfless, and is the most optimistic and enthusiastic. However, she has her dark sides, of course, and when there is no diplomatic solution to a problem, she will not hesitate to put her full support behind the violent one.


  • Role: Aggressive character, military leader
  • Profession: UNOL, UNOC, Loron leader and ambassador
  • Weapons: Extreme strength, lasers
  • Defence: Tough skin and bones, shield generators
  • Major events: Second War of Black Fog, Place Your Bet

Life just fer kills. Kills just fer fightin. Fightin just fer bein a badman an stuff hur hur hur.

- Zr'Ahgloth

Another one of UNO's former enemies, Zr'Ahgloth is a wannabe gangster and an incredibly aggressive person, who is the ground combat commander and Loron leader. He is incredibly strong, and is UNO's strongest character by far, with almost unnatural strength.

Zr'Ahgloth spent life as part of an empire controlled by Zargoth, and was worked to near death in a labour camp with very little food. He created a rebellion, and managed to escape this camp and take over an empire, creating Da Loronly Loron Empire. This empire managed to conquer Da Propa Big Loron Empire when Zr'Ahgloth killed its leader, thus making Zr'Ahgloth Da Propa Big Boss of the empire. Zr'Ahgloth turned Da Propa Big Loron Empire from more civilized than usual to completely barbaric, which most Loron loved. Zr'Ahgltoh and his empire, however, were enslaved by the Kralgon Invasion Force during the Second Ottzello Galactic War, and later in the Third Ottzello War's end, when the Kralgon joined UNO, Zr'Ahgloth was put in UNOL due to his aggressive nature and leadership.

Zr'Ahgloth is immensely strong, with the ability to take out a Hyper Epic Creature alone, without weaponry. His mentalist ability (Loron ability which allows him to weaken his foes' adrenaline flow, nerves and muscles in combat) is stronger than most Loron, not just due to UNOS, but his own mental strength (which is strong in every aspect but his intellect). He is also very stupid, but since he's a good leader and role model for the Loron, he serves a good spot in UNOL, as well as his single-minded opinions allowing him to quicken decision making, and allowing the consciousness' to have an aggressive attitude when needed. His main role is his immense combat skills, and leadership on the battlefield.

Commanger-King Thylaxiz[]

  • Role: Computer
  • Profession: UNOL, Tralkikianoe leader and ambassador
  • Policy: N/A
  • Weapons: N/A
  • Defence: N/A
  • Major events: None

Commander-King Thylaxiz is the Tralkikianoe and Ottzello Grox leading AI, made of the Tralkik Commander and King Thylaxiz merged, and in charge of most/all aspects, but mostly UNOS with the Kralgon Emperor, and also most/all technological aspects.

The Tralkik Commander has no real history behind him, aside from the fact it is simply the AI in charge of the Tralkikianoe, while King Thylaxiz was the king of the Ottzello Grox, who after being separated from the Grox Meta-Empire, became independent. However, when Regnatus attacked, Thylaxiz was converted to the Borealis Grox Empire, until UNO, along with the Polar Crystal Alliance and allies, defeated him. After his death, the Tralkik Commander merged with him, to form a new, powerful entity.

While Thylaxiz has a greater role than the others due to being a computer, he is a weaker character as has very little personality of his own. Thylaxiz is just a computer, with his body being his avatar, and used in combat. He is a very adept computer, being able to process rapidly, and both Tralkik and Grox parts of him make him an excellent strategist and brilliant with technology.



  • Role: Economic and dark forces leader
  • Profession: UNOL, Technobian leaderand embassador
  • Policy: Do our life's task, for the benefit of everyone, and everything.
  • Weapons: Dark form, lasers
  • Defence: Shield generators
  • Major events: None

UNO is like my family, my life's devotion and simply my job. UNOL is like very close family to me, and with them we do what we don't think, but we know, is right. I am one individual, but I will do my best. I see the best for the Unified Nation, and its enemies shall be annihilated.

- Feldosia

Feldosia was the leader of the Technobian and their representative. She was well respected for her leadership times being the times of the Technobian's greatest expansion. She was mostly in charge of the Unified Nation's economics and culture, as well as dark supernatural forces with Tuolog (who is in charge of all supernatural forces).

Feldosia's life was fairly ordinary, for an Ottzelloan person; she grew up in a crime-filled environment, experiencing things such as her families' death that scarred her for life (although this is common for Ottzelloan citizens). She began as a talented musician from a young age, with her dream job being a musician, rather than a politician/leader. However, due to the reputation she'd earned, she was asked to make a speech about her opinions on the democracy. She did surprisingly well, and became a politician. She soon became the Technobian Republic's president, around the time of the Second Ottzello Galactic War. After all the events of the war, she became a member of the United Nations of Ottzello Leaders, and then moved on as the Unified Nation of Ottzello Leaders after the Third Ottzello War. During Corrupt Occurance, she gained a dark form.

Feldosia was a pleasant person in general, who was often very sociable and friendly. However, she could be very harsh and assertive at times, and would not hesitate to hurt someone to offend her. When she got exceptionally angry, she took on her dark form.


  • Role: Democratic leader, Technobian leader
  • Profession: UNOL, Galot leader and ambassador
  • Policy: Democracy and peace is always the way forward.
  • Weapons: None
  • Defence: Shield generators
  • Major events: None

This universe is full of many beautiful things, and many unclear things. Our role is to make everything clear. And to do that, we mus all co-operate!

- Valzo

Valzo was the Galot leader, and head of the diplomatics department, as well as culture.

Valzo's life was mostly as an explorer and politician. He aspired to be a politician and an explorer, but managed ultimately to be both. Valzo became the president's right hand man, who was a valiant soldier, when he became a politician, but on vacations looked at his family history. His past was discovered as very harsh; he was in fact meant to be aborted, but a cell remained, and was grown by a scientist who raised him. His mother and father wanted the family to die out, due to their shame, when they lost to the Loron in battle. During the Second Ottzello Galactic War, Valzo was appointed as the leader of the Galot as a replacement for the time being, when Zaarkhun assassins killed the president, however, when the United Nations of Ottzello was formed, Valzo was made permanent on UNOL, as he was already doing well enough as a leader, and their government was broken.

Valzo was mostly a diplomat, but he was not unknown to fight, having once faced Thr'aloy in battle during the DCP/Loron War. His struggles and battles in his life have been considered, for a politician, as incredibly valiant and brave. He was ultimate among the best Galot leaders in history for this reason, that, and his excellent reasoning and ways to come up with a peaceful solution. He would always find the most peaceful solutions to all his, and UNO's, problems.



We see that our sons have done well.

- Vyro'Narza

The UNOL are a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure...but nothing that won't be dealt with in time.

- Falrik Zaarkhun


- Fre'kloar

I certainly find them honourable allies. Yet I feel like they had their... humanity sapped from them.

- Iovera IX

When I study them I can't help but notice how they are so much like Tebvanu. Several personalities, one collective intelligence. For that I admire them.

- Develani Thranga

Friends...accept your fate...

- Dakster

Your destruction shall be legend!

- Kolossus
Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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