UNO's Fleet is an impressive series of starships that is composed of vessels and cruisers from multiple different members for many purposes. Among the most impressive in the Borealis Galaxy, the starships make use of the technology UNO is known for, in terms of spacetime manipulation, coilguns and nanotechnology for engineering and self-repair.

UNO's starships used are all sentient, and given the same role and position in UNO's collective group mind consciousness as any organism is, via UNOS. As such, many of them are piloted by AIs more than they are piloted by a crew, though the crew is used for purposes of the on-board transport and for aiding in decision-making and command during battles. Every single starship within UNO is capable of weaponry and may fight alongside the main fleet at any point.

All starships must contain self-repairing armor as they are all nanoengineered when mass-produced, and all of the much higher-end ships contain weaponry capable of destroying planets, or stars, for the sole purpose of being threatening.


Early history[]

The original fleet used by the United Nations of Ottzello was a very poor fleet. The ships were cheap, simple, and often made of fairly poor metals, or were older ships created prior to the war. This was due to the United Nation's poor state in the Second Ottzello Galactic War. The ships, consequently, lost to the Kralgon Invasion Force' fleet, and did not serve well later.

Kralgon and Grox entries[]

Later, during the Third Ottzello Galactic War, the Ottzelloan Grox, Heeyorian and Ioketa joined the United Nations, boosting their ships' technology; while Heeyorian and Ottzelloan Grox brought in new propulsion and weaponry, the Ioketa gave the ships Essence and Chronoscopic power, while boarding the ships themselves to secure it.

Later, the Kralgon joined UNO, which became the Unified Nation of Ottzello. The Kralgon added their own ships to UNO's, as well as introduced new ideas, such as turbolasers. There were now the main fleet, the Grox and the Kralgon fleets.


The Kralgon, Grox and many other races of UNO got together to redesign the fleet. They not only recolourd the ships and brought in new metals (with the quantum replicators), but introduced new weaponry, such as the particle cannons and turbolasers. Later, the Unified Nation gained a large influx of technology, such a subspace compression waves, from the Tralkikianoe, when they joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello in Da Rampage. The Tralkikianoe had technology that would be expected from a low Tier 1 civilization.

At around this time shortly afterwards, UNO's formerly manned fleet was replaced with a totally unmanned one, as UNO had less of a need for crewmen. Furthermore, much of UNO's fleet eventually used the Vyronicia Fleet ships in addition to their own. This was part of a change when UNO began to see Chronoscopic energy as a science, rather than a mystical source.



This section is for the entire fleet and formations. For each individual ships usage, see their individual pages.

UNO's fleet are used for multiple purposes, and their creation ws helped by the Heeyorian, Grox and Kralgon. The fleet is used for raids, space battles and for transport. When the Kralgon joined, manufacturing through nanomachines was dramatically improved, and the Kralgon added their own ships to the fleet.


UNO's fleet is composed of all automated/unmanned AI ships, which use the The System to be controlled at UNO's military command. The capital ship(s), particularly the Warships, do contain commanders/officers at the bridge (although these are sometimes just clones), which use The System to command and direct the fleet with their minds. Starships are also known as AI Weapons, meaning unmanned.

UNO's ships are often seen as similar to sentient organisms, in that they have nanobots to work like blood cells, and their AI works like a sentient. The ship's zero point generator also serves as the ships' heart, and any other internal parts of the ship work like bodies' internal organs. The ship's AI is also capable of speaking in Ottzello Basic, which is a digital language that organisms speak (see here).


The Unified Nation of Ottzello's ships travel on a faster-than-light scale via Cold Relays, where they also gain hypermatter from. They also use magnetic drives for sublight travel, which work by manipulating magnetic fields to propel ships at high speeds. Aside from that, they use normal jet/rocket boosters for sublight travel.


The Unified Nation of Ottzello's ships always by default contain the following equipment:

  • Offence
    • Turbolasers
    • Coilguns
    • Particle cannons
  • Defence
    • Phasic shielding
    • Non-phasic shielding
    • Electromagnetic drive
  • Power

Besides the above, any various weapons can be added on.

The regenerative armour works when the ship's AI uses quantum replicators to automatically replace armour. The ships' nanomachines will also regenerate and replicate by absorbing material weapons, rapidly change the shape of the armour to deflect most of the energy of laser and charged particle weapons and absorb the rest of it to recharge themselves, and most importantly, defend against nanobot attacks. This is comparable to how an organisms' skin repairs.

Member ships[]

Though most are discontinued, the following are UNO's species member ships.


Ottzelloan Grox ships are often unique starships, mostly dissimilar from the rest of the Grox Meta-Empire. They sometimes run on AI, and sometimes as Grox pilots.

Name Task Size Weaponry Defences Description Image
Ottzelloan Grox Assassin Starfighter 65m long Turbolasers, transphasic antimatter missile launchers, railgun, pseudometal warhead launchers, ship-to-ship repeating blasters, ion repeater blasters, graviton beam generator, antimatter bombs Phasic shielding, regenerative albative armour The Assassin is a Grox starfighter, which is a recoloured and modified version of standard Grox starfighters. It is faster than the original, and uses railguns and turbolasers. It is deployed from the Grox Annihilators, and runs on AI, more often than Grox pilots.
Ottzelloan Grox Assassin
Ottzelloan Grox Annihilator Cruisers, deploys Killer Pods 800m long Turbolasers, hyperthermal pulser, planet-glasser superlasers, antimatter missiles, railguns, particle cannons, staff of death Non-phasic shielding, regenerative albative armour

The Ottzelloan Grox Annihilator is an enormous cruiser, most notable for its weapon, the Staff of Death. This weapon is a common Grox weapon, and is the opposite of the Staff of Life; it depletes all life on a planet using a strong nanoswarm. However, this modified version doesn't automatically deplete all life, rather, it just kills the sapient life for UNO to take over. If, however, the planet is worthless and could be used simply for mining, or the wildlife would be better dead, it is removed of life, and UNO will terraform the world later.

Aside from this, the Annihilator's other weapons can cause heavy damage- in particular the planet glasser superlaser- and the ships more often than not run purely on AI. The ships also deploy Ottzelloan Marinox.

Ottzelloan Grox Annihilator


Kralgon-made ships are still used in UNO, but not as much as UNO's ships.

Name Task Size Weaponry Defences Description Image
Kralgon Killship Starship, most numerous space AI weapon 100m in diameter Turbolasers, antimatter missiles, railguns, particle cannons Multiphasic shielding, regenerative albative armour Killships are the most numerous type of spaceship in the Kralgon fleet. They serve purposes of terraforming and planetary overseeing, although they double up as deadly battleships. They can employ incredibly powerful space combat weaponry, such as antimatter missiles.
Kralgon Killship
Kralgon Obliterator Capital cruiser, leaders, deploys Killer Pods 1.6km long Turbolasers, antimatter missiles Non-phasic shielding, regenerative albative armour The Kralgon Obliterator is a deadly AI weapon. A huge warships, it has very deadly weaponry, and is used as a capital ship in UNO, alongside the UNO Warship and Tralkik Destructor. They are deadly it both space combat and orbital bombardment.
Kralgon Obliterator


Tralkik ships are used commonly in UNO, as a supplement to UNO's own ships.

Name Task Size Weaponry Defences Description Image
Tralkik Killer Starfighter 15.7m long Turbolasers, antimatter missiles, railgun Phasic shielding, regenerative albative armour Tralkik Killers are starfighter Tralkiks. These aren't piloted by humanoid Tralkikianoe, and are purely used for swarming enemy ships.
Tralkik Killer
Tralkik Destructor Capital cruiser 1.6km long Turbolasers, antimatter missiles, railgun, subspace compression projectile Non-phasic shielding, regenerative albative armour A ship which rivals the UNO Warship, its main weapons are its particle cannons, on board Tralkik Producers (several humanoid Tralkik from the ship can cling on to other enemy ships, as can the Killers; it must also be noted that Tralkik use quantum replicators to build, so they never run out of resources if an asteorid or something is nearby) and their subspace compression waves. Of UNO fleets, they serve as the heavy weapons and the Tralkik leaders. They aren't as large as UNO warships, however.
Tralkik Destructor

Main fleet[]

The most common and most mass-produced fleet.


Name Task Size Weaponry Defences Description Image
UNO Fighter-Bomber Starfighter 15.7m long Turbolasers, antimatter missiles, railgun Phasic shielding, regenerative albative arour Serving as a starfighter and a bomber in one, Fighter-Bombers are fast and small ships, which are excellent against large ships. Their railguns and antimatter missiles are main used against larger ships, although they can be used on starfighters. They were originally developed as 'two in one' ships due to the old United Nations of Ottzello being unable to afford paying for a bomber and a fighter.
UNO Fighter-Bomber


Name Task Size Weaponry Defences Description Image
UNO Frigate Frigate 100m tall Turbolasers, antimatter missiles, railgun Multiphasic shielding, regenerative albative armour Frigates are accompaniments to UNO Warships, serving to destroy starfighters and attack larger ships. In addition to this, small groups of them are often used in 'task force' groups, sent to destroy some select targets, often certain space stations or shipyards.
UNO Frigate
UNO Destroyer Missile ship 100m long Antimatter missiles Multiphasic shielding, regenerative albative armour UNO Destroyers are missile ships, made to obliterate larger enemy ships. They are notable for their bombardments on fleets and planets, which can be devastating when only a few are used together for a bombardment. They can destroy other ships easily with their missiles, but despite their missiles being homing, they're best on slow moving targets.
UNO Destroyer
UNO Blastship Special weapons ship 85m long Special weapon Multiphasic shielding UNO Blastships are ships with a large cannon, made to combat mostly enemy space stations. Their special weapon is capable of beaming antimatter inside a ship, firing a missile through subspace (which gathers hypermatter on the way), and used as a particle cannon. Either way, they are incredibly powerful weapons.
UNO Blastship


Name Task Size Weaponry Defences Description Image
Warship Capital ship 2km Turbolasers, antimatter missiles, railgun, subspace compression wave projectiles Non-phasic shielding, electromagnetic shielding, regenerative albative armour Large ships in UNO's fleet, act as capital ships which lead other fleets.
UNO Warship
Omega Commander Special ship, main leader of UNO, flagship of UNOL 5.4km Turbolasers, particle cannons, railguns, subspace compression waves, relativistic missile Non-phasic shielding, electromagnetic shielding, regenerative albative armour A special ship in the fleet, the UNO Omega Commander is an enormous ship, which contains the hugest AI in the while of UNO. It is the centre of the Unified Nation's enormous AI network. It is also the most powerful; its subspace compression wave projectile is capable of destroying a galaxy, wheras most are simply able to destroy a star system.
UNO Omega Commander

Vyronicia Fleet[]

The most advanced and elite fleet, the Vyronicia Fleet is full of spacetime weaponry that outmatches most opposing fleets.

Name Task Size Weaponry Defences Description Image
Starfighter Defending bombers, elite ships 10m Chronoscopic beams, Dark Chronoscopic vortext missiles Moderate Gyronidium armor, low Chronoscopic shielding A nimble ship, the Starfighter is designed mostly at taking out enemy fighters and bombers, and for raids. Its weaponry is basic, as this is the most generic of the fighters. Capable of firing Chronoscopic beams and Dark Chronoscopic vortex missiles, it hunts out its prey, but in numbers can fight weaker targets.
Bomber Bombing larger targets 10m Dark Chronoscopic vortext missiles Moderate Gyronidium armor, Chronoscopic shielding Aimed at annihilating space cruisers and space stations, the Bomber is designed mostly at taking out enemy fighters and bombers, and for raids. Its weaponry includes vortex-inducing bombs made primarily from Chronoscopic powers, and is aimed to be highly destructive against larger targets. As small craft, the Bombers' priority is to annihilate large targets without being preyed upon.
Interceptor Elite starfighters 25m Chronoscopic beams, Dark Chronoscopic vortext missiles Strong Gyronidium armor, Chronoscopic shielding As the elite of the three, the Vyronicia Interceptor is the fastest and most powerful of the three. Functioning as a headhunter primarily, the Interceptor is capable of stealth and of brute force.
Deathship Destroying huge targets 2000m Spacetime warping death ray Vyronicia-Chronoscopic shielding, strong Gyronidium armor Firing its huge cannons upon larger ships, the Deathship's sole purpose is to destroy in groups. Its spacetime warping weapon can have a number of effects, but it is mostly used after charging up for causing huge damage to one target.
For Tech.png
Annihilator Bolstering corvette lineup 2500m Monopole cannon, Dark Chronoscopic vortex-inducing missiles Vyronicia-Chronoscopic shielding, strong Gyronidium armor While larger than the other two, the Annihilator's role is less about impactful destruction. Annihilators are primarily used to ferry starfighters and destroy other ships of a similar size.
Deathbringer Stealth, multipurpose 1950m Spacetime lasers, vortex induction, omega weapon Spacetime/Dark Chronoscopic cloaking, strong armor The Deathbringer is the only Vyro'Ralza contribution to the fleet. A sleek, fast and incredibly potent stealth vessel, the Deathbringer silently destroys from afar, being undetectable in space and time through conventional means, and able to obliterate rivals using vortex induction to catastrophic and unpredictable effects.
Traffphyd Deathbringer.png
Technobliterator Spacetime warping, multipurpose 2000m Spacetime bowel, Chronoscopic beams, Dark Chronoscopic vortex-inducing missiles High Vyronicia-Chronoscopic shielding, strong Gyronidium armor The Technobliterator is the most prominent in the fleet, particularly due to its ability to warp space time and crush foes. This allows it to not only crush enemy ships by causing gravity to collapse on them and manipulating physics, but entire stars.
Star Destroyer Multipurpose 4km Cosmic string weapon, Chronoscopic beam weapons, Dark Chronoscopic vortex inducing missiles Vyronicia-Chronoscopic shielding, strong Gyronidium armor With its main purpose being to annihilate all smaller targets, ferry smaller ships and focus down enemies' ships of a similar time, the Vyronicia variant of the popular Star Destroyer design uses cosmic strings to distort gravity and tear apart their foes.
Taldar star destroyer.png
Flagship Leading fleets 10km Masses of cannons and spacetime defectors High Vyronicia-Chronoscopic shielding, strong Gyronidium armor The Flagship is used not only to look impressive while decimating enemies, but to command huge operations from within it. Its firepower is unmatched in the Vyronicia Fleet.


  • The UNO Fleet was the second set of ships Technobliterator created
Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
Bold indicates major members, Italics indicates UNO's version of other races
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