The UNOC Unit

The UNOC Unit, standing for Unified Nation of Ottzello Commandos Unit, is the leader of the Unified Nation of Ottzello's military, and their most elite soldiers. Incredibly deadly, disciplined and highly powerful as a collective, UNOC rank supreme within the military and are are some of the strongest individuals in Borealis Galaxy, with incredibly powerful cybernetic implants that give them artificial muscles and skin, making them both machine and biological weapons of war.



The very original UNOC unit was formed by Yogtam, when seeing the Ottzelloan Marinox' Commandant Darwishi and the Loron Thr'aloy, and noticing that they were above the highest UNO rank of Chief General, or Grand Admiral, in importance. When Dalverat joined UNO officially, it was decided that there needed to be a unit for the ultimate soldiers. This became the UNOC unit, although it was mostly just a title, and meant nothing else.

First UnitEdit

During the Coming of the Vague's start, Thr'aloy was sent to fight The Vague, and nearly killed, needing technology purchased from the Borealis Consortium Network to revive him. When Thr'aloy was revived, he was far more of a potent soldier than he had even been before, and the Kralgon Emperor had an idea that an entire UNOC unit could be formed around this. The Tralkik Commander, using UNOS, identified potetnial individuals for UNOC, and simulted battle situations they could be sent to, to prepare them for UNOC membership. The UNOC unit would first be deployed in the Second Borealis Galactic War, after their creation in the Coming of the Vague era.

Second UnitEdit

After Da Ice Cube Trials, Dalverat was killed, prompting an immediate restructure of UNOC. Every member was evaluated and judged in physical and mental condition, and it was found that Kalcedia Myran no longer fit the unit. UNO originally planned her "accidental" death or a suicide mission, but realised that it would be far better on their reputation to appear to release her. UNOC eventually let Kalcedia leave, replacing her with the more potent sniper Ghalan Elshan‎‎. Meanwhile, to replace Dalverat, the far more powerful Durzhan was employed. One of UNO's former antagonists, Durzhan was pardoned of crimes due to his immense power.



The UNOC unit works both individually and together. When working individually, the individuals will lead entire battlefleets against the foes of the Unified Nation. While they will be in complete command of space and land forces remotely, they don't have to physically be at either battle, and can go off and do their thing at any other point.

When used together, UNOC units can be sent to take on entire armies. The UNOC unit is often useful at defeating similar units, such as the Rogue Boyz Warbosses and Chosen Chmapions, as well as large demonic entities, such as the Corruptus Demons.


UNOC each have several implants, making them more machine than biological, that are standard issue for all members, like a uniform. These things boost their performance in battle, their abilities, their defence and their technique. The implants are coded into their genes, with nanomachines and artificial blood allowing the implants to become part of the body, and for the body to be able to create more of them (although they will need the required materials at times, which quantum replicators can create for them).

UNOC members have metallic, artificial skin made of nanostructured electromechanical motor materials, consisting primarily of carbon, boron, and nitrogen. This improves their strength, improves their close combat hits, and mostly improves toughness. Due to nanomachines, the skin can repair itself.

UNOC each use artificial blood and muscles. The muscles use the same nanostructured electromechanical motor materials, and allow them to run and jump at high speeds (around 60m/s), as well as be much stronger; Thr'aloy, for example, is capable of lifting 80,000kg above his head. The blood uses water as a medium carry things around the body, including nanomachines, nutrients and oxygen to body cells, waste products away from body cells, a variety of defence systems (white blood cells), and healing/repair systems (platelets).

UNOC also have bran implants, kept as part of the brain by the same nanostructured motor materials. These allow the Captains far more brain capacity, far greater focus, as well as the ability to command armies remotely while focusing on whatever they are doing themselves. They also use robotic eyes, allowing them to scan targets, and make important calculations, such as when certain projectiles and blasts will hit them, to scan muscle movement to predict attacks, and to aim their weapons properly in seconds. Thanks to their implants, aiming is done with ease.


UNOC's own equipment is often part of their own implants, and thus, their own body. All of the UNOC unit carry their own equipment depending on their role, however, there is a 'standard UNOC equipment' set that all members have in addition to their own individual equipment.

Each of UNOC have a multi-purpose laser. This allows them to use stun weapons, taractor bems, holographic launchers, as well as standard issue kill lasers. These lasers are part of their right arms, and are technically implants in their own right. These allow them to take advantage of any combat situation, whether their own weapon works in the situation or not.

UNOC also use deflector shields, in addition to their skin and armour, making them incredibly tough at defending from enemies. Thanks to implants, these can both be repaired faster than normal biological skin can be. This makes them, as well as strong, incredibly tough; UNOC have been described as mobile fortresses by many.

UNOC each also carry a standard issue electroblade; a small dagger that can cause electrical damage.


UNOC's role as a unit is, ultimately, to serve as the leading force of UNO's power. They essentially serve as representatives of just how strong the Unified Nation is. This is proven in battle, and by simply showing the statistics of the individual soldiers to anyone, proves how potent the Nation are.

UNOC, functioning as a unit, are made to combat other enemy units, such as the Da Rogue Boyz' warbosses, and the Champions of the Devourer's Chosen. They can be used in stealth missions, in full on assaults, or in taking on entire armies of enemies. The UNOC unit can instill fear upon enemy foes as they massacre soldiers in front of them.


The SkullEdit

Thr'aloy Dalverat


  • Real name: Thr'aloy and Durzhan
  • Role: Leader of the Unit
  • Race: Loron and Katel
  • Policy: SHANK DA ENEMIES OF UNO...and steal their energy!
  • Weapons: Strong (enhanced) physical strength; Dark Chronoscopic powers, animating corpses
  • Defence: Nano-alloyed armour; Dark Chronoscopic powers

The Skull is the leader of the group, and is the combined force of both Thr'aloy and Durzhan. While having complete individuality, when they combine forces as The Skull and put their minds together, they act as essentially a single soldier.

Both having pasts as strong soldiers of UNO, Thr'aloy was killed, requiring his body to be rebuilt by UNO, making his UNOC form. Thr'aloy's enhancements would lead to the rest of UNOC being created, but it was decided that someone with a mind stronger than Thr'aloy was needed to lead UNO. Originally, this role went to Dalverat; his Dark Chronoscopic and Essence powers, part of his Katel nature, made him perfect for this role as 'the mind', as well as the ability to drain enemies to Thr'aloy's immense strength made it unquestionable that the two should join forces as leaders of the unit. Upon death, Dalverat was replaced with the much more powerful Durzhan.

The Skull as a single unit is an extremely formidable foe. Both found often hovering, controlling enemies and enemy corpses, as well as draining the power from nearby enemies to ad it to Thr'aloy's immense strength and his weaponry, The Skull is a mid-ranged unit. Thr'aloy alone can fight by close quarters combat and long ranged shooting, but it is Durzhan's powers, and his blasts of Dark Chronoscopic energy, as well as its combination with Psionic to control energy, that make The Skull truly powerful. Individually, the two have very different personalities, though Durzhan is mostly in control.

The FistEdit



  • Real name: Vailisa
  • Role: Unit's melee
  • Race: Behquiniar and Duletha
  • Policy: Smash them.
  • Weapons: Strong (enhanced) physical strength
  • Defence: Toughest heavy nano-alloyed armour

The Fist, real name Vailisa, is the brute force of the group, who is taller, tougher and stronger physically than the others. A singleminded, brutish warrior unlike ordinary Behquiniar and Duletha, The Fist is an incredibly destructive tank-like force in his own right.

The Fist was originally two people: the Behquiniar, Vailisa, and the Duletha, Thordrin. Both fought in a battle against the HXTs during Corrupt Occurance, and survived. The difference being Thordrin fought on the gun turrets, and Vailisa led the group of Behquiniar that finished the HXTs off. However, this gave him a mutating cancer, that eventually mutated him into a weird, mutated HXT-like creature near to death. Thordrin carried out experiments on Vailisa, but until UNOC's technology was released and Thordrin was assigned to the project, this was not possible. Eventually, Thordrin combined his brain cells, giving the Duletha traits to Vailisa, and allowing Vailisa to control himself. Thus, The Fist was born.

The Fist is a brutish warrior, who will smash anything identified as an enemy, but will not hesitate to shoot anything not quite in reach of his fists. Thanks to the size of his cybernetic muscles, as well as the electrically charged fists, The Fist is capable of destroying any foe easily in close quarters. The Fist does, however, have a plasma cannon on the side of his head and railguns on his arms.

The BackboneEdit



The Backbone, real name Commandant Darwishi, is the emotionless soldier of UNOC, who is also the flying soldier with extendible enormous wings, and ability to fly at a speed of 250km/h. He fires missiles and drops bombs on nearby enemies, making him essentially "death from above".

With a past as the leader of the Ottzelloan Marinox for UNO, The Backbone is one of the most powerful soldiers UNO has ever known. Commandant Darwishi has always led the forces of the Ottzelloan Grox' ground forces and the Ottzelloan Conqrix, being King Thylaxiz' right hand man in a sense. It was King Thylaxiz who suggested that Commandant Darwishi be sent made a member of UNOC, but given Darwishi's history and undeniable skill at combat, as well as Darwishi's defeat of Stolithik the Sorrowful, Darwishi was picked as UNOC's backbone. as no air support or assault trooper existed in UNOC, Darwishi was assigned this role.

The Backbone is capable of incredible speed in flight, yet, perfect accuracy with landing shots, bombs, dodging projectiles, and outmanoeuvring enemies; thanks to his powerful AI brain implants, he is capable of making all calculations to survive and win any air combat battle singlehandedly. Thanks to his speed, powerful bombs and missiles, as well as his turbolasers he uses, he is useful not only in air support, but in ground combat. The fact that he supports the UNOC team and holds them together is the reason for his codename.

The EyeEdit

Ghalan Full


  • Real name: Ghalan Elshan
  • Role: Stealth soldier
  • Race: Ottzelloan Zazane
  • Policy: Fight with my brothers, and eliminate foes from afar...
  • Weapons: Sniper rifle
  • Defence: Octocamouflage armour

The Eye, whose real name is Ghalan Elshan, is a Ottzelloan Zazane sniper, with the ability to shapeshift. An empathetic one, she shows strong feelings towards her comrades, who she calls her 'brothers', and her target (until the target is dead).

Replacing the former Kalcedia Myran, Ghalan was originally considered for UNOC until Kalcedia had won out. However, she was just as skilled as Kalcedia and was an incredibly well-disciplined soldier, and considers herself an upstanding member of UNO.

for Hachi, or for me later ?_?

The SpitterEdit



  • Real name: Vaktyl
  • Role: Heavy trooper
  • Race: Norosaurian
  • Policy: Take them all out, baby!
  • Weapons: Portable turbolaser, subatomic disruptor chain gun, plasma cannon
  • Defence: Heavy nano-alloyed armour

The Spitter, whose real name is Vaktyl, is a Norosaurian heavy trooper with incredibly powerful weaponry, and known as "the survivor". He is a playful character, who can joke around at times and doesn't always take everything seriously, but at other times can be very down-to-earth, particularly when he has flashbacks.

Vaktyl was born in a Delpha Coalition of Planets colony in the Ottzello Galaxy, and fought against the Loron in the DCP/Loron War in the Perils of Ottzello. However, in a massacre, he had to witness his father take several bullets for him, his whole family nearly killed and some of his closest friends die as they held up in bunkers and blasted away until they ran out of ammunition; all survivors but him needed implants. Later, he watched his family die in an even worse battle against the Hostile Xenoform Threat in the Second Ottzello Galactic War, and nearly died. As the planet had few survivors, all the doctor could do was give Vaktyl new implants made of the same implants that his family had used. When the war ended, and the Unified Nation of Ottzello was formed, Vaktyl became a Chief General very quickly, and then was put into the UNOC Unit under the Norosaurians' suggestion, becoming The Spitter.

The Spitter is incredibly skilled at aiming all his weaponry and is barely affected by recoil at all. It is unknown how much of this is his implants and nanotechnology, but he has never missed a shot with even his chain gun. His weapons are a portable turbolaser, plasma cannon (his rifle) and a subatomic chain gun, which is a rapid fire weapon that fires high energy glueballs, which can turn enemies into quark-gluon plasma, often with a single shot. The chain gun can fire at 450 rounds per minute.

The MuscleEdit



  • Real name: Zelfron III
  • Role: Cyborg ninja
  • Race: Telzoc
  • Policy: Unsheathe a sword to sheathe another.
  • Weapons: Vibroblade
  • Defence: Heavy nano-alloyed armour

The Muscle, whose real name is Zelfron III, is a clone of the dreaded Telzoc, Zelfron. A cyborg ninja, he has incredible strength, speed, agility and skill with his sword, as well as being the perfect spy, scout and stealth soldier. A level headed thinker who has a disciplined personality, he has a part Draconis personality.

Zelfron III was created in response to The Divinarium cloning Zelfron to make their Zelfron II, a 'good' Zelfron who served as a leader of their military. The Unified Nation planned to create their own, and the Draconid Imperium were intrigued. Draconid Imperium and UNO scientists/AIs worked on developing the perfect soldier, and Zelfron's genes were brilliant for this, having Draconid and UNO implants, of both standard UNOC and UNO military implants, as well as those of the Draconid 912th Legion. And when finished, The Muscle was born.

The Muscle has strength, speed, agility and swordsmanship skills matched by no other; his artificial muscles are twice as capable as the other members. He also has 912th-originating carbon-fibre laced skeleton, improved cognative thnking and even greater regenation than UNO's nanomachines already provided. Added with his vibroblade - a blade resonating at high frequencies, like a chainsaw - and UNOC's standard implant upgrades, Zelfron III is a menace. His skills with scouting, hunting, reflexes, stealth and sheer strength make him capable of taking on any foe, and make him the perfect scout.

The TalonEdit



  • Real name: Lupercal
  • Role: Chronoscopic soldier
  • Race: Temporalus Radeon and Verdimihn
  • Weapons: Blade, hand canon
  • Defence: Heavy nano-alloyed armour

The Talon, real name Lupercal, is a hybrid of a Temporalus Radeon and a Verdimihn. A valiant soldier who seeks to protect his friends, but is also bloodthirsty and rash, being known as a "heroic fool".

Lupercal grew on the streets, from a homeless kid to a revolutionary. Igniting the flame of rebellion he destroyed the corrupt government of his homeworld and became an honourable general of the Church. Later ascending to the position of the Fleet Commander thanks to Tadjamad and starting a short yet pleasant relationship with Commander Telfinne, it was Lupercal who led the remaining Dei'Ar warriors after Tadjamad's death. Now in the service of UNOC, as The Muscle, he is among their most powerful warriors.

The Talon is incredibly fast, with an average speed of 100km/h, and with a teleporting device of Radeon origins and Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic mastery, can be even faster. He is a sorcerer of these energies, and Essence in general, and his vibroblades added to his incredible momentum can cut through almost anything. He also uses a hand cannon, which can is capable of aiming incredibly well, a turbolaser cannon that can destroy most enemies.


You all look like you were made in a video game!

- Ekthrikos

Well, weren't we all made in one?

- Phase-Hunter responding to Ekthrikos

These guys remind me of my comrades in the 912th. They seem quite the force.

- Sergeant Tonbas Credavan of the 912th legion


- Fre'kloar
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