The Unified Nation of Ottzello

As Ottzelloans, bloodshed was in our veins. It was in our history, our design, our lives. We aim to bring peace through war. Through our advancements and our activities, UNO shall grant to the universe the life of serenity we lacked when we were developing.

- Valzaria, an UNO Leader

The Unified Nation of Ottzello, better known as UNO, was the primary occupant of the Ottzello Sector in the Borealis Galaxy prior to its reform as the Union Republic of Ottzello. A highly advanced, warlike nation, the Unified Nation stoood for principles of order, of security, and of unity. Characterised by a history of bloodshed and war, by the diversity of their species members of highly advanced nanotechnology - notable through UNOS - and Chronoscopic affinity, the Unified Nation was one of the strongest and most feared powers in Borealis, prior to being taken over by their arch-nemesis, Da Rogue Boyz.

UNO was defined by their history full of war, having suffered through the dystopian state of their former galaxy - the Ottzello Galaxy, the galaxy's destruction and several casualties of war. It was through this that the Unified Nation gained their identity and their reputation as a force that were used to war, and as such, they were willing to fight hard for their beliefs. Though the Unified Nation were typically aligned with forces protecting peace and sovereignty, they were highly aggressive towards those who first show aggression towards them.

The Unified Nation was a society which promoted a false sense of equality, with a pretence of socialism, as its very thoroughly structured government was highly involved in the activities of every individual. Through UNOS, the government could largely dictate thoughts and feelings by manipulation of chemical responses to activities and encourage them to seek specific career paths. The Unified Nation was a collective group mind consciousness, which was run by various artificial intelligences (primarily the UNO Omega Commander), higher leading individuals, and UNOL. Though the satisfaction of its public was near-unanimous, the Unified Nation had been criticized as immoral in their control of their own people, and many had referred to their society as "a dystopian state disguised as a utopian one".

Many refugees existed as the Refuge of Ottzello during Da Reckoning war. UNO was briefly reformed, though it underwent a civil war known as the Ottzello Revolution, which was the final end to the Unified Nation and the beginning of the Union Republic. Its legacy is as a largely successful project but one which oppressed the rights of its citizens too much. While many historians look back to the Unified Nation's faults more commonly than its successes, it is still viewed favourably as a project.


UNO's flag, depicting unity and heroics


UNO's origins date long back to the Galot Republic, a democratic society run by an old race of Ottzello, the Galot. The Galot Republic were later followed by the United Nations of Ottzello, an organization founded in direct response to the Second Ottzello Galactic War, which saw the galaxy conquered by the Kralgon Invasion Force. After the United Nations of Ottzello, miraculously, became the victors of the war against the New Kralgon Empire, the Kralgon and the Loron, who for many aeons were rivals of the species that made up the United Nations, joined forces. The enigmatic godrace - the Vyro'Narza - who originally created the Ottzello galaxy, were partially responsible for the transition, though for the most part, it was left to the leaders.

It was decided that the Unified Nation of Ottzello would had several key "leaders", who formed UNOL. After much debate, UNO adopted several Kralgon policies and technology, to promote strength and unity, as well as higher government control; another Ottzello Galactic War was unthinkable as their weapons only became stronger, and only united in tune to the same chorus could UNO progress. Artificial intelligence was preferred as a supplement to other political leaders to ensure stability. Ottzello had previously been known for huge divisions between rich and poor and poverty in poorer areas; this was solved through adoption of socialist principles and government involvement, often planning and dictating careers of many of its people, and providing even wealth distribution.

Initiation Era[]

The period referred to as the Initiation Era was when Ottzello became much more involved in foreign affairs. This began as they joined the Seven Starr Alliance and the Onuris Alliance. They formed many other allies, such as the Tokzhalan Empire, the Girdo Empire, the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Rambo Nation. In an attempt to feed their the Loron, they joined Asgord Genocide, also as they felt the Kraw Galaxy were disrupting peace. This led them to gaining a new ally in the United Lanat Empire.

Furthermore, the Nation joined the Great Cyrannus War during its second year, believing that the Confederacy of Allied Systems' view on peace was corrupt and misleading. They attacked the Trucinex Colonial Sector, an area that was important the the CAS, in the Distant Relatives campaign. Here, they discovered the survival of two notorious Ottzello criminals - Falrik Zaarkhun and Genrai Nal - whom the Kralgon Emperor killed, an effort in vein as it was later discovered to merely be a clone.

During the Coming of the Singularity, a new AI - the AI of the Timespace - was discovered in Ottzello. It was an AI of Dark and Light Chronoscopic, and had powers of controlling time. Capable of controlling UNOS and with the command AI Weapons, UNO sent in several Heeyorians to deal with this problem, who had run errands for the local crime bosses, and were capable of infiltrating the AI. It was later discovered that many of UNO's former members, the Telzoc led by Zelfron, were behind this, with their worship of Spode a myth constructed to hide their true worship of Vyro'Ralza leader, Zargoth.

First Era[]

The First Era was the period referred to under which the Unified Nation became a true galactic force. It was notable as a large transition period as UNO settled into a new sector, and was seen as the final period of UNO's history in which they were still establishing themselves.

The first event in which the Nation was truly involved was the Second War of Black Fog. The Loron had originally joined, working for the Corruptus, although this quickly changed. UNO then allied with the Dracogonarious Empire against the Corruptus. Shu'rimrodir soon found the Unified Nation's infamous superweapons were to be used on the Corruptus, and the allied forces won the war.

Following this, the entire First Gigaquadrant was destroyed by the Xhodocto during the Annihilation. The Unified Nation of Ottzello mostly survived, as did construct Grenzaar. The Taldar allowed the Unified Nation to retain many planets, in what would become the Ottzello Sector, initially in the Milky Way Galaxy.

During the Plazith Galactic War, the events of the Fourth Ottzello War, and the brutal war against the Third Sovereign Domain and Nuns of Conflict which resulted in major losses from both sides, ended abruptly when the Salsetthe Republic transferred them and major planets of the Ottzello Sector to the Borealis Galaxy, beginning the Purge.

The Unified Nation of Ottzello later Loron fought against a large splinter faction of Loron who had not joined the Unified Nation, the Da Rogue Boyz in Da Rampage. Events conspiring led to UNO meeting several of Zargoth's associates left over from the Telzoc split, and also adding the Tralkikianoe forces to their ranks. In the third year of the Great Cyrannus War, Zr'Ahgloth, the Kralgon Emperor and Tuolog took part in a dangerous illegal sport. Finally, UNO became involved in the Clash of the Crimelords, which led to members the Ottzel sacrificing themselves, though the Tralkikianoe replaced them as main species members.

Second Era[]

The Second Era signifies an already-established UNO, and was mostly remembered as the era of the Second Borealis Galactic War.

The Second Borealis Galactic War was a series of events which spread across the entire Ottzello Galaxy, and was the first war which UNO played a significant role. Beginning with the Rise of the Xi'Arazulha, the Unified Nation had joined forces with their neighbours, the Zoles Imperium, and allies, the Niaka Special Forces. As strangers, UNO were struggling to establish their place in their new home, with many fears and doubts surrounding them, as they were seen as unwanted invaders adding worse to an already dystopian galaxy. The threat of the Xi'Arazulha only made tensions worse, although the Nation pulled through.

The retreat of the Xi'Arazulha did not bring peace to Borealis, as The Vague arrived, intent on exterminating UNO, in the events known as the Coming of the Vague. A misunderstood force, the Vague were extra-dimesnional beings intent on eradicating UNO for reasons they could not understand. This meant that the Galaxy's trust for Ottzello, which had already been low, was worsened. When the Zoles King Rebaris was kidnapped by the Borealis Consortium Network, UNO were suspected as responsible, and the Zoles eventually played the Ottzello Sector in a spacetime quarantine, which made them safe from the Vague, but cut off from the entire galaxy.

The Consortium Network, led by Ottzello criminal Falrik Zaarkhun and General Volim, had seized the opportunity to promote anarchy through Borealis, in the Business of War era, while UNO were still quarantined. This eventually led to Zoles sympathy with UNO's cause, and they resorted to freeing them. UNO then attempted to assassinate Zaarkhun and Volim, but were interrupted by Zargoth. Zargoth informed UNO that their creation was solely designed to build them up to one day become Vyro'Ralza. UNO rejected their offer, and their new goal was to obtain several Chronoscopic shards to rid the galaxy of Zargoth.

After defeating all of the adversaries of the Polar Crystal Alliance, UNO became close members, and sought to build a better Borealis galaxy without crime. However, while the situation throughout Borealis improved, it did not in Ottzello, where crime and poverty, particularly outside of UNO, was still high.

Final Era[]

The Third Era, now known as the Final Era, was characterized by an era of tranquillity following the Borealis War, finally peace. This era was very brief, and other than events of the Ice Age, little occurred to affect UNO. However, the Unified Nation was involved in the Great Xonexian Schism, in which it sided with the Delpha Coalition and fought against the colonies of the French Republic.

The Unified Nation, during the Score Settlin Incident, was conquered by Da Rogue Boyz, and enslaved. They moved on as the Refuge of Ottzello, or as slaves.

Its brief reformation after Da Reckoning that followed was immediately ended after a six month long civil war known as the Ottzello Revolution. The Unified Nation of Ottzello was reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello after this.



In general, the member races that made up UNO had a very strong and tough physiology, and even the physically weakest members, the Grox, had strength equal to 150% of the average human. Through technology and controlled physiological development, UNO's members were designed to be strong enough to hold their own as militia in case of invasion.

Thanks to nanotechnology, each member of UNO had engineered inside them a zero-point electric generator as an internal organ of most species. This was an electrochemical gland (electricity conducted through chemicals and solutions) that functionally gives them a power generator within their own bodies. This was used to power the technology that they use, as well as cybernetic organs. All UNO species had a special attachment that utilizes this generator. Furthermore, with UNO's quantum replicators, any individual was capable of self-repair. This extends throughout all of UNO's members, with the only uninterested member being the Ioketa, due to their spiritual nature.

UNO's members, biological and technological alike, all made up part of a group mind, bound by UNOS's nanomachines. These can control thoughts (by suppressing/releasing nerves and chemicals), which were done through the command of high-ranking individuals and AIs. Each individual member had their own consciousness linked to UNO's larger one. How much individuality one had was handled on a case-by-case basis, although it was granted as an illusion.

The following members were former members:


UNO itself was a group mind, and works collectively through an intricately structured system of artificial intelligences and certain key members. The main Leaders were known as UNOL, and through use of AIs replicating their personalities, can effectively be in many places at once. Several planets and regions had governors overlooking them, though these often serve as little more than a front for the AI. In truth, only UNOL and the artificial intelligences known just how much of a role the AI plays in the structure of their government, as many were fooled into believing they had power.

There was no democratic process involved in selection of governors, and they were often chosen at random. However, depending on the regions, many areas will had "voting polls" for deciding governors, which were manipulated by controlling emotions and feelings towards a particular leader (or in other cases the votes were disregarded and false numbers were used to allow a particular leader to win). In other cases, governors were selected as a sort of constitutional monarchy. In all cases, however, UNOL and artificial intelligence truly dictate what goes on. The sense of unity, however, and the ability to read the thoughts and feelings of all members allows UNO's government to made important decisions that keep people satisfied and were most beneficial towards the growth of the nation.


Main article: /Technology

UNO's technology was mostly characterised by their nanotechnology, their space-time manipulative technology and their intricately structured network. As an example of their prowess, artificial intelligences, and the manipulation of UNOS, UNO can mobilize their entire population for war at any moment, while their nanotechnology allows them to swiftly build enormous warships, and their space-time technology could speed it up to speeds very difficult to keep up with. As they were Ottzelloan beings, they can freely utilize Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic energies in their technology as well as through channelling, which was handled by the Ioketa.

The full extent of UNO's technology was known to few other than themselves. Their spacetime manipulation technology in particular was their most feared piece of kit. UNO's weaponry was highly varied, though they mainly rely on coilguns and plasma explosives otherwise.

As far as domestic technology goes, many enjoy forms of entertainment without using any external devices; with exceptions, augmented reality technology allows them to simulate listening to music, playing videogames and watching films - as examples - without relying on any other machines, and often while engaging in other activities.

Many UNO vehicles were unmanned, and were as such referred to as AI Weapons rather than vehicles or starships. In either case, however, UNO vehicles were as capable of being piloted as they were of piloting themselves. Ground vehicles typically rely on space-time manipulation to defy gravity when moving, though through use of either wheels, treads, walkers or other forms of propulsion, UNO's vehicles were designed to both be fast and suit all terrains.

Space travel around the Borealis Galaxy works based on slipstream drives, known in Borealis as Cold Relay drives. Cold Relay drives were part of Borealis Cold Relay travel network. In addition to the network, the Unified Nation uses the SUSYdrive, which converts a ship into supersymmetrical particles. When the supersymmetrical particles revert back to normal fermions, they were displaced from their original location due to the subatomic particles' superposition. Even if this was a few feet from the ship, quantum effects can travel far faster than the speed of light. Theoretically, infinite speed could be achieved, were it not for some quantum uncertainty. The SUSYdrive was a reverse-engineered version of a device usd by the late Delpha Coalition of Planets, discovered in Operation Colonization.


UNO had an incredibly strong military, which coupled with their technology, makes them a very formidable foe. It was led mostly by Tralkikianoe, Loron and Inalton, and with excellent weaponry provided largely by the Kralgon and Ottzelloan Grox. Additionally, they had developed incredibly powerful superweapons due to need for deterrent and past experiences with wars leading to greater demand.

The full extent of UNO's abilities was almost always exercised in war, with the Nation being unafraid to annihilate any foe with no show of remorse. However, they were not without diplomatic strengths, as while they were a force to be feared, they can also be very peaceful and pleasant to collaborate with.

UNO's main militaristic leaders were their Commandos, known as UNOC.

Most impresive about UNO's warfare was its fleet. Used to invade/defend worlds, or to transport superweapons, UNO's fleet and space stations were argued by many to made a greater focal point of its empire than its colonies.

The most populous fleet among UNO, the main fleet was used by most races in most wars.

The elite navy, the Vyronicia Fleet was used only in extreme circumstances, and employs spacetime technology to decimate foes.

Used by other member races, other ships were often joined with UNO's mean fleet.


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UNO's society was incredibly varied; from the highly peaceful Galotian to the warlike Inalton, from the naturalistic Ioketa to the high-tech Kralgon and from the advanced Tralkikianoe to the barbaric Loron, UNO's society was very much a melting pot of cultures. This means that racism was very uncommon, as UNO's members were often made to tolerate one another, though this was only to prevent possibilities of mass conflict within its own nation.

UNO's members can often enjoy a wide variety of entertainment, which its members see as a right rather than a privilege. Being a socialist state, members earn their right simply by contributing to society in a way that was satisfactory, though this was often artificially forced. Members who cannot find a place in UNO's society were often denied birth at all. While UNO members were all given freedom of speech, and there was very little in the way of government propaganda, their thoughts were all artificially altered to prevent many people from harbouring negative feelings towards the government anyway.

UNO had several religions within their nation, though the most common religion was Blyronism. The religion was centred around UNO's creators, the Vyro'Narza, and around the teachings of the Vyro'Narza, such as gods like Volzara. UNO does not discourage religion unless it directly conflicts with their beliefs, and in such cases, followers of the religion either had their deaths orchestrated or were brainwashed into giving it up.


UNO's habitats were a mix of different technologies from its member races The leading members of UNO tend to had a greater influence over the aesthetic appearance of their settlements and their entertainment and culture. Most often, however, UNO settlements were a melting pot of different species.

UNO ships colonized other planets by launching a Pod on the world, which will deploy several nanomachines, to then begin terraforming the world, using intermediate terraforming techniques. These ensure the production of food and water within hopefully a few days, using spacetime manipulation if necessary. Planets which were more difficult to colonize were simply colonized by robots and Ottzelloan Grox


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Prior to their destruction, the relations were as follows:


Diplomat Passion.pngTogether, we shall create a brighter future for all.


Green face.pngWe had high respect for you, and we will defend you with our lives.


Blue face.pngThey had our respect, and conditionally, had our support.


Yellow face.pngWe do not know you well.


Orange face.pngKeep out of our business and we will keep out of yours.


Red face.pngYou will regret making us your enemies.


A newly formed and large and influential organisation. We empathise with the UNO, as they had been hammered by many wars and conflicts, whether it was in their own universe or in other universes found in the First Gigaquadrant. They contacted us through SSA channels, and we were honored to become allies with them. A nation with great potential, perhaps they could one day even become part of the G8, since a few of the original ones had fallen or betrayed their cause. Hail our alliance, and we hope it can florish even further!

- Senator Chuinaylia of Rambo Nation

Thank you for all your help, UNO. You had shown to be a great friend.

- Captain Jerkon of the Indoctrinate Collective

Our kind thanks you for saving our brethren once, and we shall help you in return, when you will need it.

- Archpriestess Iovera

Survivors, warriors and scientists. I would consider these to be testemants the respect and durability of the member races.

- Arnas Volkamen

Hurting one of our major races, huh? Well, I had something to say to you: **** you.

- PM Daaxri of the Kraw Empire

Do not intervent...in our mission...

- The Junction Mind


- Hagto'Zhl

Hmmm...Ottzello Galaxy seems to be rebuilding itself. No matter. All things were broken in our steps.

- Xhodocto

Meddling pests, you were lucky for having the Vyro'Narza on your side...

- Shu'rimrodir


- Da Propa Rogue Boss Fre'kloar

Hmpf. You think you're so hard. I'll be happy to see you fall.

- General Volim

One by one, I will destroy your races, until nothing but the glory of the Legion remains!

- Kolossus



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