Federation GroundFight

Federation Troopers engage a foe on an Unknown Ice world.

One indomitable heart, One Indomitable army

- Army Motto

Traits Edit

Beginnings of the Legion Corps Edit

The Federation's army, the Legion Corps, began as a volunteer army, made up of members drawn from all races who would organize and fight under the banner of the Federation in large Regiments, called Assault Legions. These doughty troops would be drawn from all sorts of backgrounds of countless races and planets across the Federation. Many would be volunteers from countless races that are considered strong and fit enough to fit within the Corps. Others would be drawn from the warrior races of the Federation who had joined and passed the tests of their Tribes and lords. No matter what, the troops are given heavy suits of armor, standardized training and aiming, and advanced squad strike tactics.

The Federation Legionary Corps rely on quick, surgical strikes and precision attacks to overwhelm their foes, and break them before they can respond. Other forces were drawn form their allies, famous regiments formed from volunteers drawn from allies who wished to fight for the Federation, including 2 Mendel Regiments, an Orgaat Regiment, and 2 Waptorian. These troops, although armed and outfitted like their counterparts in other Assault Legions, would have their own special equipment, weapons and abilities to give them an edge over other forces in battle.

Later, DNA from the Ugandalorian Warrior-King and Bounty Hunter, Barda Clett, would be harvested and processed into the creation of a Clone army, with him being brought in to train and oversee their development as soldiers. The Clones were enhanced surgically and biologically to be stronger, faster and more durable then other Federation troops, and Mendel warriors. Warriors from the Mendel Clans, and other famous warrior nations, would be brought in to train and prepare the troops for deployment in the wider galaxy.

After their training was complete, the Clones were deployed en masse to break through any sieges and worlds that could not be retaken, or captured by their standard troopers. This wave of troops allowed them to capture and hold several worlds, and defend those that seemed lost to their foes, such as the Skallin Tribes, the Imperium of War and the Zarbania Powers.

Regiments of Renown Edit

The greatest of the Legions become Regiments of Renown, famous for their abilities and skill, and their many victories for the Federation in battle. Ranging from stand holders that managed to hold back wave upon wave of attackers before breaking, aggressive fighters that managed to take a piece of territory during a fight against overwhelming fire power, or regiments that survived a ferocious ambush despite the odds. Most Regiments are called "Legions", and usually have a certain focus, such as Line Infantry, Recon-Light Infantry, Artillery, or Tank. While Regiments all have elements of others, their focus during battle is usually the designation they are given. An artillery regiment will have Recon and Mainline infantry, as well as tank support, but will always have powerful Artillery, much higher in number then others.

Regiments are usually mixed between Clones and Non-Clones, with regiments of purely one type being extremely rare and uncommon. Regiments are usually assigned a fleet, and come under the Command of a Fleet Admiral who directs the fleet during battle, and the deployment of his legion. A Regimental Colonel will then give direction and command to his troops on the ground against the foe, and short term tactics and objectives. Multiple regiments come under the Command of a Supreme Commander. Some Regiments will serve in allied nations to protect important worlds, take a System deemed important, or some other task.

Allies, likewise, will send their own regiments to help fight for the Federation, mostly made up of volunteers and those who wish to join the Federation to gain the benefits of being citizens of the Federation and serve it. At least two Regiment hail from the Mendel, one a Ugandalorian regiment, the other an Orgaat regiment.

  • The 377th Siege Legion - A Legion of Federation Troopers, designed and trained for battles in strange and alien environments, from the strange, fungal shores of Saalcuii, to the horrific swamps and jungles of Faleesh. Used to attacking and besieging enemy forces without much support, the 377th are made up dedicated, independent forces used to doing their own thing without being guided and commanded by outsiders. They are identified with dull yellow markings.
  • The 90th Mobile Legion - This Legion of Troops is made up of vehicle drivers and pilots, forming a "cavalry" legion within the Federation. Tanks, walkers, and speeders make up a fast attack force within the Federation. The 90th Legion's men and women are spirited, gruff fellows, dude to their training sergeants and members coming from the death world of Auus. They are identified with a red circle and white sword through it.
  • 182nd Infantry Legion - The 182nd Legion is a infantry-focused mobile legion, focused on siege and open-field battles. They are famous for their service in the Battle of Katharchan, a dangerous, horrific jungle world, being annihilated to 100% of their fighting power. After years, they have rebuilt their numbers, their clones notably taking leadership roles and acting as teachers to their newest members, most not Clones. They are notable for their slight crimson colors.
  • 188th Infantry Legion - The 188th are another Line Legion, made up of heavy-hitting infantry units backed up by tanks and artillery. Experts at fighting in most environments, their main expertise is on rough foothills and such. The 188th are stoic and focused troopers, with little regard for their allies or foes until the battle is finished. The 188th fought on Matrukoris at one point against Darklings. They are known for their Purple colorations.
  • 212th Attack Legion - The 212th Legion are a siege force meant to deploy right in the center of conflict and take the fight directly to their foes, usually fighting in underground or in areas heavy in sinkholes and such to attain victory. The 212th often use gunships to drop down into battle and begin the attack, while their gunships offer heavy support. The Legion is identified by their bright yellow coloration.
  • 411th Infantry Legion - The 411th are an elitely trained line infantry legion, trained and prepared for work in hostile environments, combined with a need to secure alliances with alien warriors and train and adept them for battle. Commonly, they serve within jungle and swamp conditions, taking the fight to their foes no matter what, and used to ambushes and attacks at all times. They are gruff, straight forward, stubbornly willful troops, while also knowledgeable in local customs. They forgo all silver or chrome for muted green, brown and black colors.
  • 414th Siege Legion - As their name states, the 414th are a Legion specifically trained and outfitted for taking cities and breaking defenses, having large numbers of Golem Walkers, Artillery pieces, tanks, and other vehicles at their disposal. They are steel-willed, nearly unbreakable force, careless of their conditions so long as victory is certain. They are known for their green colors.
  • 103rd Attack Legion - The 103rd are a siege and surprise attack force, meant to take the initiative and face the foe in open battle, or within icy environments and enclosed bases. Whatever the case, they are fearsome and aggressive fighters, constantly launching lightning raids and such into enemy territory, regardless of causalities and such. Most notable, is their love of axes and close combat blades combined with their rifles. They are identified by grey markings, often centered around wolves.
  • 51st Infantry Legion - One of the most decorated legions, the 51st Infantry Legion has served in some of the worst battles across Mirus, from swamps and jungles, to shores and oceans, to deserts and secret bases. They are famous for their bravery and ability to survive in any condition, through a combination of their resourcefulness and independence, used to often being cut off from their superiors for years on end, and surviving. Of all the Legions, they have few Non-Clones in their ranks, and only the best may join them. The 51st use blue markings.
  • Federal Marine Corps - Self-styled as the "Galactic Marines", the Federal Marine Corps are an elite division, often used in extreme weather conditions to shore up defenses and attacks for other Legions operating on a world, but rarely attack or act on their own, these elite troops able to give any beleaguered force a needed boost. They wear dull red and brown armor.
  • Matrukorin Guard Corps - The Guard Corps are an elite fighting force of the Federation meant to protect Matrukoris and it's government from foreign threats, such as invasions and terrorists. Separate from the Police Order Enforcers, the Guard Corps act as something of a secret service, while deploying vehicles and armor in response to invasion. They are an elite force, given their role, and often deployed in certain situations to keep their skills up, so they do not just become palace guards. They have bright red coloration upon their armor.

Clone Units Edit

Trooper Edit

Fed Soldier
  • Use - Basic Troopers, Boarding parties
  • Weapons - Ballistic Arm Canon Blaster, Arm-mounted Bayonet
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor
  • Equipment - Plasma Grenades

Troopers, otherwise called Marines, are the elite shock troops and main unit of the Federation's armies. Each is an elitely trained soldier, often drawn from finest war academies that can be built in Mirus, or from the extensive and brutal warrior races that have been drawn to the Federation as members. Their training is focused on not only physical fitness and strength, having the best physical power and endurance among the soldiers of Mirus, but also preparing them for any environment that they will fight in, from blistering lava worlds, freezing tundras and blasted urban zones, nothing can catch a Federation Trooper unaware, except for the most eldritch and unknowable locations.

Troopers are all dressed in silver-chrome powered armor, designed with protection and agility in mind, and to give the Troopers the ability to move and weave through foes quickly, while also giving him the ability to sustain some amount of enemy fire before falling. This armor is forged from the Mirusian material called Protoskaris, a mineral well known for its ability to be used in anything, and in this case, finds its use in war.

Over the right arm, the Troopers carry a Ballistic Arm Blaster, based on Multus Esse designs, that fires large caliber, assault rifle rounds at the foe at mid-to-short range, and can tear apart an unarmored human with ease, like a knife through tissue paper. These weapons are often traded out for sniper or other weapons, but, due to their utility and ruggedness, they are often all the Troopers need in campaigns. While not told to enter melee combat unless needed, many carry a Bayonet mounted on their free hand that can extend and be used to stab and counter the melee strikes of another foe.

Troopers often are stationed aboard various starships and frigates in battle, and often are charged with boarding vessels in important border regions, and checking them for contraband and other illicit materials. While Federation Police handles minor conflicts and seizure of ships, Federation Troopers deal with situations in the border regions that could get dangerous. They are also the first line of defense and first assault force often sent into battle. Their armor and weapons let them handle just about anything the foe can throw at them.

Other Races

Missile-Trooper Edit

  • Use - Anti-Vehicle Warfare
  • Weapons - Arm-Mounted Rocket/Grenade Launcher, Arm-Mounted Bayonet
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

The biggest and most powerful of the Federation troopers, be they clones or not, are often outfitted for anti-vehicle warfare, and get the honor of carrying a Rocket/Grenade launcher into battle. These Missile-Troopers are organized into small squads to support their standard Trooper cousins and clear out any vehicles or large scale threats that may come about on planet, rarely, if ever, deploying to board a ship, the risk of blowing a hole in the hull and destroying the vessel too great to risk. These troops are generally responsible not only for vehicle destruction, but also often act as a bulwark against enemy attacks, with their set of gear and weapons.

Missile-Troopers are selected from races and members of the Clones that are larger, stronger and generally more aggressive, and given further training and enhancement to allow them to carry the Grenade-Rocket Launcher that they will use against their foes in battle. These weapons are a crude rendering of Multus Esse technology, but prove effective enough for the Federation's needs. The armor along the arms is reinforced and the weapon itself modeled in such a way to reduce kick-back from the weapon and any injury that would normally result from mounting a high-yield explosive weapon on your arm. The user can switch his rounds, from Grenades designed to clear rooms and remove enemy infantry, to guided rocket rounds used against air-craft or large vehicular targets and large beasts.

Their heavy armor suits are near identical to those used by the standard Troopers, though heavier and reinforced to improved resistance to the feed-back of their weapons, as well as make the troopers a little more sturdy when facing enemy vehicles with their own heavy weapons. This allowed the trooper to get into position, and fire the weapon at whatever target the Troopers had painted for demolition. Like all Troopers, they carry arm-mounted bayonets to engage in melee combat with their foes.

Demo Trooper Edit

  • Use - Clearing debris, underground warfare
  • Weapons - Shotguns,
  • Defenses - Plated Armor
  • Equipment - Explosive Charges, Plasma Grenades

Demo Troopers are specially trained Troopers, assigned the task of cutting through the earth and making underground trenches, but also removing debris so the main troops can get through, and supporting allied forces in battle. They will often be called upon to make field sabotage, and to prepare mind fields for designated areas to clear out enemy forces. Demo Troopers are drawn from the most patient and balanced of the Troopers, those who can handle and memorize difficult codes and wires within the explosives, and still act under fire to complete their missions. Demo Troopers are not designed with direct combat in mind, and usually act in support of the other Troopers during battle.

Usually acting underground, Demo Troopers are seen many times during a siege, using special explosive caps and drills to clear a way into the city, and through the sewers and under regions of a city. Armed only with shotguns, they often have some of the most dangerous work cut out for them while they clear the sewers and underground of debris for the main troops to get through and into the city without being seen. When dealing with enemy engineers, it is common for them to use their shotguns to clear them out, and some carefully thrown Plasma Grenades, but otherwise, have little defense on their own.

Their plated armor is a darker, more muted shade of grey and black, with orange visor and highlights. The armor is lighter and less durable then other armor suits used by Federation troopers, as the Demo Troopers usually do not deploy in direct combat situations. It does its job, but will not do miracles for those who wear the armor. It has the most obvious Mendel influence of all the armor suits, the helmet having a "T" shaped visor, though much thinner then those of the Mendel.

The Federation Demo Troopers employ a variety of Plasma Cutters, Fusion Slicers and various Demo and depth charges for underground clearing, digging and prep work for tunnel warfare. These situations are dangerous, for not only are they in danger if found by the enemy, but also face the problems of cave-ins, any underground creatures, and a breach letting in a flood of water or toxic gases. The Demo Troopers are prepared for anything to happen, but they are only mortal, after all.

Jump Trooper Edit

  • Use - Quick, Aerial assaults
  • Weapons - Blaster Pistols.
  • Defenses - Plated Armor
  • Equipment - Plasma Grenades, HUD scrambler.

Jump Troopers are specialized troopers are light, fast moving troops, meant to ambush, launch lightning raids, and keep foes on the backfoot, while providing light support and back-up to more assault-oriented troops in the Federation. The Jump Troopers are more aggressive and harsh in their pursuit of war, and are the most daring and zealous of the Troopers that serve the Federation. Few can match their loyalty, but Jump Troopers also face difficulties with their lighter armor and weapons, forcing them to rely on ambushing over sheer fire power and durability.

Many of them carry Blaster Pistols, using their jump abilities to attack foes along the flanks, and gunning them down quickly, before jumping away, and attacking from another angle. These Pistols fire quickly, and fire bursts of punishing plasma to blast through foes, though heat up and require some cool down. They carry an assortment of Plasma grenades to clear out tougher targets in battle. Their equipment is light, to keep them mobile and allow them to move fast across the battlefield.

Their plated armor is lighter and less durable then other armor systems in the Federation, keeping them from standing up in a fight alongside other Federation Troopers. They are created and trained with mobility and speed in line, and as such, rely on ambushes and fast attacks to overwhelm their foes. Many of them carry a special EMP device to scramble and disable the visors and HUD of enemy races to keep their foes dazed and confused in battle.

Jump Troopers are modeled after their Mendel forefathers, the Clones often taking the most after their progenitors and mimicking them the most in battle. As such, the Federation has outfitted them with Jump packs for battle, and even have them trained by Mendel warriors to assist in this. Jump Troopers are often made up of clones, but many Catharhinii and Carelish make up their ranks as well.

Commando Edit

  • Use - Black Ops Warfare
  • Weapons - Assault Rifle, Submachine guns, Ice Rifles, Plasma Canon
  • Defenses - Heavy armor, Power Shielding
  • Equipment - Explosive Charges, Grenades

In the Federation, some of their weapons research and other important installations and other important targets require protection and for high-risk missions to often take place, as well for soldiers needed in sensitive areas that could not be won with large battalions of troopers and tanks. As such, Commando units are often trained, equipped and deployed for areas that require the utmost skill, professionalism and ability to handle, no matter the odds. Trained thoroughly be a variety of troops from across the galaxy, mostly of Mendel origin due to their strong warrior nature and connection on a genetic level with the clones, Commandos, mostly among Clones, tend to replicate the attitudes and behavior of their trainers in battle, copying battle prayers, speech styles, combat maneuvers and armed and unarmed techniques. All of this is done to create the ultimate black ops troops, who can handle any situation the galaxy can throw at them.

They carry rifles rather then arm-mounted Blaster Rifle/Arm Canons, though the bullets they fire are able to more effectively tear apart infantry in a fire fight, from mid to long ranged battles. For tighter quarters, and against armored target, Submachine Guns are used to help take down armor and shields, and is based on Mendel Ripper Carbines, but smaller and more maneuverable in combat situations, and with the same fire power and penetration. Based on Multus Esse technology, they carry Ice Rifles, able to freeze a target solid, for a few moments, and then shattered with their rifles. The strongest Commandos carry large Plasma Canons, heavy guns used against infantry or vehicles. They require the strongest troops to carry, and often take some time to charge up, before unloading a powerful shot at their target.

All of them wear heavy armored suits, similar to standard Troops, but blue and black in coloration, and allowing for faster, more maneuverable movement, and better protection and armor resistance then other armor suits. A layer of power shielding protects the Commandos, a recent invention, derived from studies and cross-scientific exchange by Federation and Congregation of Spode scientists, to improve both their armies.

Commandos are, unlike most, are overwhelmingly Clones, nearly 98%

Special Insertion Squadrons Edit

  • Use - Shock Trooper tactics, Insertion into dangerous planets
  • Weapons - Heavy Assault Rifles, Mounted Grenade Launcher
  • Defenses - Heavy Vacuum-sealed armor.
  • Equipment - Explosive charges.

Separate from the standard Commando units, Special Insertion Units are deployed for slightly different tactics and locations then other black ops Commando units. SI Units are heavy infantry, trained to handle the worst planets and worlds the galaxy can throw at them, and deployed to scout out and get a feel for these worlds and their fauna before the rest of the army arrives, or conduct raids onto these worlds to rescue high value personal. They are among the most loyal and steadfast of Federation troops, willing to throw down in the most violent worlds to show their stuff, and trained on numerous death worlds and hostile environments, and developing strategies to survive in these worlds. From saving oxygen in the worst ocean worlds, to know what to eat and what to avoid in a hostile jungle world, are all things the SI Units have to take into account during their missions.

They are usually armed with high-powered Assault Rifles, which fire caliber bullets meant to tear apart a human like a knife going through soft meat. A single round can blow off a man's arm below the elbow, or shatter half his skull and brain matter, if unarmored. This, combined with a Grenade Launcher mounted on the underside of the gun, lets them blast their way through targets, though they seem far less equipped then other Commandos. The simple reason is that Special Insertion squads are not meant to take the fight to enemy bases and research facilities, but scout out territory, look at things closely, and observe things in hostile environments.

Golem War-Mech Edit

  • Use - Heavy Shock Force
  • Weapons - Heavy Arm Canon, Missiles
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Power Shielding
  • Equipment - Boost Jets.

Vehicles Edit

Behemoth-class Battle Tank Edit

  • Use - Basic Ground combat
  • Weapons - Heavy Battle Canon, Auto Canon
  • Defenses - Heavy armor, shielding

The Behemoth-class Battle Tank is the mainline siege and assault tank of the Federation Legion Corps. Designed by the Chikari Engineering Corps and other Federation scientific groups to construct a battle tank to serve as the hammer of the Legion Corps and crush down any resistance with brute force and firepower. A heavily armored fortress, the Behemoth is carried upon repulsorlift beds and powered engines to allow for speed and combine it with their extreme durability. The Behemoth-class floats silently across the battlefield, shrugging off attacks and explosions with it's shields, while it's armor ignores even the worse explosions.

Behemoth-class Tanks have strong armor on the frontal sections of the armor, and somewhat to the left and right, though it's armor decreases as it moves away from the front, to decrease the strain on the engines and power cores within. The Behemoth can move and keep active for months on end without contact with recharging and refueling stations onboard allied ships or the main base, allowing it to launch raids and attacks away from the rest of the army.

The Heavy Battle Canon launches, depending on it's setting, can fire a concentrated shot of plasma at long range as a pseudo-artillery piece to blast through massed infantry and objects, while the other setting can fire a beam of energy to slice through infantry and other vehicles alike. The secondary weapons are twin Auto Canons used to blast through infantry and light vehicles.

The tank has a four person crew, the top gunner, the pilot, secondary gunner, and communications sergeant. The tanks are used for much, from battering through enemy cities and fortifications, to protecting the thundering guns of the Tarasque Artillery, to patrolling the borders of their fortifications. Just one tank can give a boast to the morale of the infantry serving with them, and secure a small victory on their front.

Tarasque-class heavy Artillery Edit

  • Use - Long ranged suppressive fire
  • Weapons - Artillery canon.
  • Defenses - Light armor

The Tarasque-class Heavy Artillery is the main thundering siege weapon of the Federation armed forces, their main means to bring the skies crashing down upon their foes, break through defenses and level any vehicles that get in it's way. Engineered by Korgolo Engineering Guild, the Tarasque was a celebrated step in artillery for the Federation, and has become common among the various Legions of the Federation, with even the more infantry/recon-focused forces maintaining a small number to launch attacks on certain positions.

Leviathan-class Battle Transport Edit

  • Use - Heavy transport
  • Weapons - Heavy Ballistic Canon
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, shielding

Feilong-class Transport Skiff Edit

  • Use - Light transport, support fire
  • Weapons - Heavy beam canon
  • Defenses - Light Armor.

Ziz-class Hover Tank Edit

  • Use - Fast combat
  • Weapons - Light Minigun
  • Defenses - Armor, shielding

Lotan-class Aquatic Vehicle Edit

  • Use - Deep sea combat
  • Weapons - Heavy Ballistic Canons
  • Defenses - Heavy armor, shielding

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