The Fleets of the Federation are the main military forces in charge of colonization, exploration, space and atmospheric combat, and transport of army forces. Fleets are designed to be heavily armed and armored, and come with a variety of powerful weapons and tools for the job. While not particularly fast in battle, Federation forces more then make up for it with overwhelming fire power.

The Federation Fleet was originally made up of the fleets of it's various members, mixed together and upgraded with modern technology to better patrol and defend it's space of operations and in battlefronts important to the Federation. However, with the number of races within the Federation, it became impossible for military men to track the logistics and supplies of the various forces, and, as such, the Supreme Council issued a new order, ordering that the fleets would be returned to their species' own space, and would be brought down to defensive numbers, as prescribed in their doctrine that each member signed upon joining.

As such, the Federation commissioned a new fleet, one that could protect their space, and was built from the best technology all members had to offer. For this purpose, they built their forces under a unified fleet, starting the crown jewel of their fleets, the powerful, ever-dependable Olympus-class Frigate. From there, more ships where built, emphasizing strength of fire power and shielding and armor, though lacking in speed. Though powerful, Federation forces soon recognized the need for more striking power, and commissioned the Exalted-Class Star Destroyer to provide greater power to their fleets.

Due to studies in Multus Esse technology, Federation forces have been able to integrate advanced super computers, similar to the Observers on Multus Esse stations, and this has allowed them to be able to downsize their crew numbers, while maintaining peak efficiency, and enabling the onboard AI to handle most of the weapon systems and support the organic crews in aiming and calculating launches and the like. Shipboard AI always act in an advisory role to the Admirals and Captains of the Fleet, and may only take command if he or she is incapacitated.

With the creation of the Enlightenment Collaborative, and then the UAE, the Federation fleet was nationalized, making it the Fleet of the entire Enlightenment, with the exception of races like the Mendel, Persan and others who where large enough to defend themselves.

History Edit

Formation Edit

The Federation Fleet was originally composed of vessels belonging to all members, with the ideal being that, if one joins, they should give a segment of their forces to help in the war effort. Such sentiment was needed. At that point, the Federation was besieged on all sides by foes. The mighty Imperium of War was constantly assaulting their territory, or working behind the scenes to weaken them with their War-Cultists. Meanwhile, their allies, The Zarbania Powers, had also united and organized their efforts, their fleets now made with cutting edge technology to try and defeat their hateful rivals in the Mendel, and any who stood beside them. The Federation's existence seemed doomed to end before it could start. While it's ground forces where well organized and equipped, thanks to being Clones, it's fleets where found to always be lacking.

The members brought with them numerous builds and technologies, and while this normally would've been their strength, it was turned into their weakness. Too many commanders had no experience with some of the ships they now had command over, others just had too many different cultures and vessels to maintain, making logistics and supply nearly impossible. The Federation's fleets meet with a number of humiliating defeats at the Hands of their Zarbanian rivals, and by predations by the Alpha Cyber Collective. Even when they managed to refit 87.6 percent of the vessels of the Federation to the same technology levels and weapon systems, it was still extremely difficult to face the foe.

This desperate fighting would continue for many years, until Fleet Admiral Kastor Darius, of the Ugandalorian Clan famous for it's fleet officers, came forward to the Supreme Council with an idea that could save the Federation. He presented his ideals to them, showing them new designs for ships he, His Clan, and several other Fleet Admirals and Captains had spent years working on. He showed the designs to Command, allowing them to see blueprints for the Valhalla, Olympus and Tian-class ships, that would prove to be the saviors of the Federation. Impressed by his bold vision, the Council accepted, and their older fleets returned to their home sectors, keeping a defensive watch of the planets as the new fleet was put to work.

The Older Fleets where lowered to a substantial degree, so as to limit the power of the Federation's individual members, as the Federal Fleet was strengthened by the crews left over to be transferred into their new ships. Training progressed as the newly formed Mendel Pact took over guarding their allies, with the help of the Waptoria Alliance of Species, and much later the Vanara Empire, so the Federation would have time to prepare. As a sign of respect to their rivals for fighting so hard and with such determination, Zarbania sent one of it's fleets to intercept a Collective fleet that would threaten the Zackan species.

After many careful years of development and training, the Federation Fleet was unveiled, finally able to not only exert control of it's space, but take the fight to the Imperial and Zarbanian Fleets, and, in the most historic battle, confronted a large Alpha Cyber Collective fleet in an area called the Chiykaan Nebula. The force, lead by Fleet Admiral Kastor himself, managed to push back the Collective fleet and win a stunning victory that would resonate throughout the galaxy for the discipline of the crew, the fire power of the ships, and Kastor's own command.

Expansion Edit

As the fleet won renown, more ships where developed for use, including the Discord-class Missile Frigate/Blast Boat, in order to bombard other, massive ships at range, and, much later, the pride of the fleet itself, the Exalted-class Star Destroyer. The Alpha Cyber Collective, having upgraded the power of it's fleets, showed that it was ready to face the Olympus-class on their terms, and over power the original powerhouse of the fleet. The Olympus was always trusted to lead the assault, but later battles had shown that something with more teeth was needed.

There was much debate, many member believing a more powerful vessel represented too much power in the government, and was a threat to the more local government's freedoms. However, with so many threats at their doorstep, these doubts where silenced, when an Imperium of War fleet managed to make it's way deep into the Federation territory, their own vessels showing they too had learned to counter the Olympus-class. While they where repulsed, Kastor and many admirals demanded a new vessel that could handle more stressful combat situations.

The Council relented, and went to the Karpine for help, their scientific assistance desperately needed. Many years went by, the Federation studying the strengths of other nations, and doing much research, until they developed a ship of a most powerful design. The Exalted-class Star Destroyer. This triangular vessel was not exactly like the other vessels of the same name and design, but it had similar capabilities of fire power and strength compared to other vessels.

A few hundred of these vessels would be built, sent to the major fleets of the Federation to gain a grasp of the situation and restore the balance of power towards the side of the Federation. While certainly not a match for many other vessels bearing the Star Destroyer name, they showed an expanded era within the Federation, showcasing a more aggressive and defensive side.

Reorganization Edit

The Federation Fleet would operate for many years in conjecture with the Clone Army, and many other allied Fleets within Mirus, until the formation of the Enlightenment Collaborative. So as to serve all forces, the Mendel, Lavatuft Republic, Soldarian City-States, Volver Empire, Antroth Empire, and other members, the Federation Fleet was nationalized, now serving the interests of all nations, and further advanced with the technology of all members, putting on a much higher level, and forcing it's enemies to advance as well. The Federation Fleet would allow all of it's members to become some of the top powers in Mirus, other then the ULE, though would still pale compared to the aforementioned ULE, the Drakodominatus Tyranny by wide margins, and, by a thinner margin, the Alpha Cyber Collective.

During the Drakodominatus Wars, the Federation fleet would serve in the conflict, the battles dragging out for many painful months as they attempted to overpower the foe. The Federation fleet, in fact, was at the forefront of the battle in Mirus, holding back the Tyranny and the Imperium of War, and with it's allies, preventing them from invading the Collaborative. While the Tyranny's massive and cumbersome ships with their massively powerful armaments could easily wipe out the imposing ships of more known states, the Federation Fleet countered this by using droves of small and fast ships which could evade the incoming fire, get so close that they were out of reach of the Tyranny's equally massive weapons, and unleash hell. Later on, when the other anti-Dominatus powers arrived in Mirus to finish off the Tyranny, the exhausted Federation took a back seat, as the Mendel Pact busted out their old ship designs and continued the Federation's plight. Diving deep into Tyranny territory, the Mendel fleet and it's flagship the Mendel Pact would eventually get cut off from any support, including that of the Federation, and cling to the ancient Mendel way of warfare to survive. This event is often seen as the birth of the Mendel Pact as a nation-state seperate from the Federation, rather than as a part of it.

Like the Mendel, the Federation felt rather marginalized by the other powers, as, despite being from Mirus and working tirelessly, they where still used as auxiliary forces, due to being less advanced, despite all their advancements. This would effect many of the members, Mendel and others feeling the dark seed of resentment at being treated as being somehow lesser then the other powers, despite their zeal to the cause. After all, if the war was lost, they would be the first to be snuffed out. Despite this, the actions of the Olympians would see the Mirusian powers gain a bit more respect, and treated with a little more courtesy, though many still resented the older powers for what they saw as disregard for their abilities. Of their enemies, the Zarbania Powers, only Kradik would help the Tyranny, while the rest of the Powers wished for the Tyranny to die, terrified of their power, and outright abandoned the Tyranny the moment the anti-Dominatus Coalition arrived in Mirus.

After the war, The Federation/Collaborative Fleet would take much time to repair it's damage, as did their enemies, the Imperium of War, the Powers and Collective, those three also involved in fighting the Tyranny, or beside them, in some way shape or form, and taking heavy loses as well.

Mirusian Coalition Wars Edit

It was many years before the Fleet of the Enlightenment Collaborative was involved in a new war, this the First Mirusian Coalition War. After the Xonexi Allies began their war with the Delpha Coalition of Planets, they needed a war to fuel their impressive war machine against such impossible foes. They, as such, organized a quick land grab of the Drakodominatus Territories, and snatched many up, leaving many Mirusian powers quite aggrieved, many still resentful of the perceived disrespect during the Drakodominatus Wars. In a historic moment, the Zarbania Powers came to the Collaborative, and proposed to set aside their differences, forming the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition with many of the Collaborative's member states. The Coalition ussued an ultimatum to the Xonexi, asking them to retreat back to the territories set out to them by the Collaborative, an leave Demogoron Prime as a memorial world. In response, fearing that the Collaborative itself would attack, the Hegemony betrayed it for the Xonexi, doing grievous damage to the Olympians, Koatria, and Warrior-Hunters, none of whom where even made ready to fight the Xonexi.

The Mirusian outcry was immense. Fleets under the Waptoria, Mendel, Zarbania, Imperium of War and Federation, with help from the Vanara, organized a massive assault on the Xonexi, coordinated by Fleet Admiral Kastor Darius and Zarbanian Commander Clauven Vun Clausvin. The attack put the Xonexi, such as the Draconid Imperium and Tybunsen, on the back peddle, and forced them to give away large chunks of territory to keep the Mirusian powers from continuing.

The Federation Fleets and Armies, along with their Zarbanian and Mendel allies, came together in a historic celebration. After years being looked down upon and marginalized since the days of the Drakodominatus War and further, it felt like they could finally be looked upon as equals, having taken on the venerable Draconid and Tybunsen with surprise and strategic skill. From then on, many diplomats and philosophers reasoned, other powers would have greater reason to respect Mirusian power and their capabilities.

The Second War seemed to give pause to such thoughts. The French, not at all happy with the feeling that their allies had sold them out by giving away their territory, announced their return, and the Hegemony and Eldarisians joined them, eager to get their territories. Although the Mirusians gave a good account of themselves, the Mendel learning to respect the stubborn will of the French soldiery, the more advanced technology placed the Mirusian powers at the back step, and, with the betrayal of the Imperium of War, threatened the members' very existence. Forced to the diplomatic table, the Mendel and Zarbanian diplomats tried their hardest to pull something from the situation, but the French Emperor was far too resourceful for their attempts. Alexandre wanted his territories back, and would have it no other way. Fighting and dying for nothing did nothing to make the warrior-minded Mirusians happy, and they had even less to be thrilled about when the French made their next suggestion, of creating a galactic body through to represent the interests and needs of all it's members, the Covenant of Mirus. The Hegemony wanted completely eradicate the armaments of the Mirusian powers to pacify them permanently, while Eldarisia went one step further, wanting to force their religion upon the Mirusian Powers so that they would eentually become loyal Xonexi puppets. While France stopped them both, the Mirusian powers where disgusted by it.

The immeasurable pride (and arrogance) of the Powers of Zarbania caused their Klunker families to hate the bill, while the vengeful and vindictive nature of the Mendel Clans gave them great cause to hate it. The Federation, while lacking in the warrior nature of either, was completely disgusted by it as well. Their soldiers, clone, militia or Fleet crewmen, had all fought to secure democracy and freedom for the galaxy. To have the Enlightenment Collaborative, that they had fought and bled for, lost loved ones to secure, be essentially gutted, to be replaced with a government they did not want was insulting to everything they had sacrificed, especially since the idea came from a long standing ally. To have the Waptoria come out with such an idea incensed them to great levels of anguish and fury, but they would not have long to vent their anguish.

The Imperium of War returned with a vengeance, now attacking every power within arms' reach. The Waptoria where almost overrun, and soon, so too where the Federation's forces, their fleets not able to repulse the massive number of the Imperium's forces. The Mendel, and Persan, where the only ones left to fight, not counting the Xonexi that now joined to put a clamp on the rogue state. The surviving Federation forces helped as best they could, now forced into a support position with Zarbania, Mendel and Persan forces, and any others fighting the Imperium.

After such a long, hard war, the allies had won, but at a great cost. Numerous worlds where overrun, many leaders killed, Matrukoris badly damaged, and the Enlightenment Collaborative Fleet, once leading the charge through their Exalted and Olympus-class vessels, now a pale, sanguine shadow of it's former self, practically representing the transition from the Enlightenment Collaborative, to the Covenant of Mirus. Kastor, who had overseen operations against the Alpha Cyber Collective, Drakodominatus Tyranny, and Imperium of War, could shake his head in sadness, many of his best, bravest men now in graves, and the military and political might they had fought for now a shadow.

Resurgence Edit

The Federation's Dark Age was not to last forever. Under the leadership of Chairmen Vrash, the members of the Federation began to rebound and retake their old space, one square kilometer at a time. Helping in this, was the use of fertility treatments and other incentives to increase the population of the Federation, and empowering the production of further Clone units, even using the DNA of Barda Clett's relatives when it was shown they would run out of material within 10 Cycle-Years. This uptake in the ground forces, and population, allowed not only for their military forces to make a come-back after spending so long rebuilding, but to also recolonize their old abandoned worlds, and begin the terraforming process to bring them back up to par.

The Fleet, with so many more people to call upon now, began to rebuild its numbers, replacing lost vessels, and bringing their old Exalted-class ships, once reduced to two vessels, and bring the back-up designs online, who had been kept from joining the fray due to manpower considerations that were now alleviated. This, combined with increased volunteers and Clone forces within the Legion Corps and other army units, allowed for the Federation to begin retaking vital worlds still under Dragowar occupation all these years later.

These worlds had been kept that way for the express purpose of giving the newly minted Federation Army units and Fleets something to cut their teeth on. Federation units would retake numerous worlds from these Dragowar bands, many proving themselves worthy of the old, venerable regiments they had joined. This would all lead to the stunning victory at Norius, the former fortress-world and center of the Federation's military might.

Norius had suffered an attack by Zarbania at one, that was repulsed, but the later attack by the Imperium of War resulted in much of the world being glassed, and the world destroyed by Dragowar forces, the population soon slaughtered. The Warband that remained kept the planet in hopes it could serve the same purpose for the Imperium, but the lose of their Imperator stopped such ambitions, as they now lacked the terraforming technology to remake the world again. The Federation forces arrived, and after a week long battle, the Warband was utterly destroyed, and the Federation reclaimed the world.

The recolonization of Norius and its return to the Federation marked a turning point, were the Federation could now stand on its own, without assistance from the Mendel Pact and other members. From now on, the Federation could take care of itself without worry.

Ships Edit

Fighters Edit



  • Name - Cadence-class
  • Length - 12 Meters
  • Weapons - Plasma Canons, Plasma Bombs, Plasma Projected Pulse Missiles, Cloaking Device

The Cadence-class Fighter-bombers, is the main weapon of Starfleet wars in the Federation. Very fast, well armored, and very deadly, the Cadence-class' job is to fly into battle, usually using both numbers and power to overwhelm a foe. Their role is multi-functional, acting as Interceptors, Bombers, and Fighters all in one.

The Plasma Canons are modified Grox Rail guns, infused with the energy of Enlightened One plasma Canons, allowing them to cause great damage to foes. Their Triple P Missiles (Plasma Projected Pulse Missiles), are used to intercept bombers and other fighters, and quickly destroy them, as well as shielding on larger ships. They use Plasma Bombs to clear away other hard points on a vessel. To avoid enemies, they have a cloaking device, allowing them to disappear from enemy tracking signals.

The Cadence is either deployed to open up weak spots within a large ship with their bombs and missiles, or take out other fighters and bombers. Onboard is a small AI unit hocked into the Pilot's helmet, and calibrated to that Pilot alone. This AI provides tactical advise and feed on what's happening behind the fighters, and helps them lock on so they can hit the foe with their Plasma canons and missiles.

The Cadence class is piloted mostly by Clones, who have the fastest reflexes, but also receive Spikron, Ugandal, and other pilots.

Corvettes Edit



  • Name - Tian-class
  • length - 400 meters long
  • Weapons - Pulse Laser Launchers, Celestial-class Warheads

The Tian-class is merely a smaller version of the Exalted-class Star Destroyer, with less weapons, but with better speed. The Tian is mostly a support corvette and anti-fighter vessel. The ship is designed to patrol border territories, keeping track of enemy ship movements, and scouting ahead of the main fleet. They are lightly armed, but more then capable of fending off attackers for a few moments, before needing to retreat.

It's main weapon are Pulse Laser launchers, which fire Laser blasts created from pure light. The weapons are very damaging, but when against foes with Dark Powers, can be downright painful. Their other weapons, are Celestial class Warheads, which can burn away foes' shields and armor with ease. The Tian is also used to transport materials and weapons in areas considered too dangerous for lighter convoy ships.

The Tian may not be the best, but it certainly has sufficient armor and shielding to hold it's own, as well as being the fastest ship in the Federation fleet, that's not a fighter. The Defender is designed to support the fleet with speed and attack power, has the Federation fleet lacks the speed of the Defender, and is more focused on armor and weapon strength then speed.

Tians carry a small compliment of Clone Troopers, Marines and Officers, used to support planets, defend the Corvette from bordering actions, and, on missions, have a small group of soldiers ready to fight. The Tian is used to deploy on patrol and go on missions to frontier worlds to map them out, or capture escaped criminals and scum. Likewise, it also carries 2 Wilson-Class Battle Tanks for support, and four Cadence-class Fighters.

  • FSS Defender
  • FSS Tentative
  • FSS Benevolence
  • FSS Assertor



  • Name - Discord-class
  • Length - 245 Meters
  • Weapons - Pulse Missile Launchers, Cloaking Device

The Discord-class is a viscous little weapon design from Ugandal Unitech Corp, and used to spread one thing, and one thing only; Chaos. The ship is used to besiege worlds, or destroy space station and slow moving vessels, and wipe out fighter squadrons. The Discord was built to take out Zarbanian and Collective forces who used large, massive frigates and cruisers.

The Discord class yields Pulse Missile Launchers, used to destroy most targets, and have extremely long range. These are the only weapons, and if ships close, the Dicord is completely vulnerable. They also yield a cloaking device, allowing them to disappear and vanish from enemy sensor systems.

The Discord-class, while effective at long range, yields weak armor and shields, and pathetic speed. However, it can easily devastate most other fleets in battle, when coupled with a fleet of other ships. The ship is used to support the larger fleets of the Federation, but rarely deployed on it's own, due to it's various weaknesses, as well as the difficulty in producing it's weapons and cloaking systems.

The Discord has a small compliment of Clone Troopers to protect it when boarded.

  • FSS Discord
  • FSS Loki
  • FSS Chaos

  • Name - Annwn-class
  • Length - 400 meters long
  • Weapons - Plasma batteries, target jammers.

The Annwn-class was developed during the Drakodominatus Wars, with the assistance of the Walgolorian. Their expertise in engineering allowed the Federation to develop the strong, fast and sturdy vessel for their battles with the Tyranny. As the Federation needed to rely on smaller, swifter vessels to win their wars, over heavy, cumbersome ships, they began developing more of these ships to slip into the Dominatus's boundary, and overwhelm them with fire power, too close for the Dominatus to counter. Though they themselves preferred long ranged combat, the Walgolorian realized they would need to change things up, and, where able to bring their expertise to the table to help the Federation.

The Annwn was developed with the exact purpose of getting in close and tearing apart it's foes with blistering fire power. Their armor, speed and fire power are considered some of the best in the Federation, and it was the speed and fire power that the Walgolorian handled, while the Federation developed the armor to be sturdy, light weight but durable. The Plasma batteries use the same technology as Walgolorian Pulse weapons, replicated on a much greater scale and larger fire power. They fire a number of pulse sub-munitions that, when brought to light, will burn through the air, and, as the munition is burned, the plasma released will burn with greater and greater intensity. While more damaging at longer range, the Annwn is still highly dangerous at closer range.

Annwn armor is nearly as good as a Valhalla-class ship, but more designed for speedy engagements and attacks. A common strategy was to send a send multiple trios of Annwn into battle with the Drakodominatus, and wear down their shields with Pulse-Plasma blasts at close range, usually hitting the under belly of their foes. After the war, the Annwn was repurposed into a credible support ship, used for long ranged support fire against enemy capital ships, as well as running supplies to endangered worlds, sneaking refugees past enemy blockades, and patrolling trade routes.

To assist in their long ranged combat runs, Annwn-classes commonly use targeting jammers to keep enemy missiles, radar and automated gunneries off their scent, and move in quickly, forcing the enemy's more organic foes to try and hit them with their hand-to-eye coordination.

Frigates Edit



  • Name - Valhalla-Class
  • Length - 1000 Meters
  • Weapons - Projected Plasma Batteries, Missile Bays, Ion Batteries, Cloaking Device

Valhalla-class Frigates are small-sized frigates, by Federation standards, used for scouting, support fire, and enemy fighter disruption. Used to transport troops and protect trade convoys in the Alliance and allied territory, the Valhalla-class are a very common sight. It is a general purpose Frigate, with no real strengths and weaknesses, but largely out-done by more specialized frigates and other ships that can out-perform them in damage, durability or speed.

Intended to serve as troop transport, the Valhalla often carries thousands of Federation Troopers into battle. Armed with their main weapon, Projected Plasma batteries, which are used to blast away fighters and other frigates alike, these weapons have impressive fire power, and are very energy efficient. They can fire salvos of Missile weapons at foes, and to break shielding, have Ion batteries as well. They also come with a cloaking device in their hall, much stronger then those used by Discord-class.

The Valhalla-class is well armored, and can take much punishment from enemy fire. They have excellent shielding, and even better speed then most other ships in the Federation fleets. They act as the cornerstone of the fleet, and are among the most seen vessels of the Federation, these frigates patrolling hotly contested borders, protecting important space stations and ship yards, and keeping order on dissident worlds.

Valhalla-Class ships have a large compliment Clone soldiers, tanks and one Assault Walker. They carry many companies of Federation Marines in order to board and seize enemy ships in battle.

The Valhalla is mostly captained by fresh, and novice captains, and some remain in command of one, even those who move in rank. Valhalla-Class frigates house an Aurora AI unit to assist it's captain.

  • FSS Valhalla
  • FSS Midgard
  • FSS Helhiem



  • Name - Olympus-class
  • Length - 12,500 Meters
  • Weapons - Plasma batteries, Missile bays, Ion Batteries, Pulse Laser Canons, Cloaking Device

The Olympus-class Frigate is a large starship, used to fight off large enemy assaults, or lead assaults on enemy strongholds. Very powerful, and very well armed, these large vessels can clear away most enemy forces in seconds, especially for those who underestimate these vessels.

Armed with advanced plasma Batteries, these vessels can devastate cities when needed, and can fire off rounds of missiles, that pass straight through shields to damage a target. To deal with shields, they have Ion canons, so that their Plasma weapons can get through. They are armed with twin Pulse Laser Canons, which pass through several targets to get to the intended. They also are armed with a cloaking device.

These ships often served as flagships for Federation fleets, commonly used to spearhead assaults with their advanced, powerful weapons, and often had the honor of having the best Admirals commanding from them. While many Admirals have chosen to take up the Exalted-class Star Destroyer as their flagship, many still chose these dependable vessels, their size and strength a match for larger ships used by most other nations.

The Olympus carries a massive compliment of Clone troops, usually two regiments worth of Clone soldiers within it, as well as marines, and the more specialized ranks, such as Sniper, Engineers, and other forces, including Assault Walkers and tanks. Commandos will commonly be used on these vessels to protect it, or use it as a drop-off point between missions in order to heal up, relax and prepare for the next mission. With their large forces, few can take these vessels easily without losing a large portion of their forces.

The Olympus-class are used by most older captains, who have earned the right to command these frigates. Even when given the opportunity, most still retain command of these beasts, due to their dependable systems, and general purpose strengths.

Olympus Frigates often have an Aurora Unit onboard to assist the Admiral or Captain.

  • FSS Olympus
  • FSS Elysium
  • FSS Triptolemus

  • Name - Tamoanchan-class
  • Length - 11,400 meters
  • Weapons - Plasma Batteries, missile turrets, Point-Defense systems.

The Tamoanchan-class Frigate is a newly designed frigate, built by the Federation during it's resurgence and the UAE becoming more powerful as it's military began to expand out further. As they recovered from their past wars, and the horrible damage inflicted by the Imperium of War and the Hegemony, the Federation desired to make their presence felt more and more in not just politics, but also to better protect their military borders and their allies. The Tamoanchan-class was based on Vanara ideals, just as the Annwyn was built on Mendel ideals, due to the Federation wishing to become closer allies with their many neighbors, and help bring the galaxy closer together on some level.

Taoanchan-class ships are large ships, used as powerful attack ships, with more emphasis on weapons and damage then on defenses. Still armed with powerful shields and hull armor, the Tamoanchan cannot withstand the punishment and damage of the Olympus and Valhalla Frigates, but can do far more damage then others with their weapon and canon systems.

Their plasma and missile canons are used to deliver death and destruction to any in their path. The ship boasts powerful Point-Defense systems, programmed with advanced AI weapons to focus in and fire upon fast moving missiles and projectiles, and blast them when they get within the perimeter of the frigate. These weapons are weaker then their direct combat weapons, but are only expected to keep missiles at bay. The Tamoanchan, as such, is difficulty to damage.

Missiles that could damage their hull and shields are removed by their point defense systems, while their plasma canons and missiles will destroyed any other threats before they could even respond. Due to their advanced weapons, Tamoanchan are used to intercept and destroy invading ships when they enter Federation borders, and annihilate them before they can make it to any worlds, colonies or space stations, quickly and efficiently.

Cruisers Edit


Exalted-class Destroyer

  • Name - Exalted-class
  • Length - 30,200 Meters
  • Weapons - Pulse Laser Batteries, Anti-Matter Missile launchers, Pulse Missile Launchers, Ion Batteries, Ion Missiles, Pulse Canons, Anti-Matter Laser Canons, Cloaking Device

The Exalted-class Star Destroyer is the pinnacle of the Federation, and indeed, alliance ship designs. Built from scavenged, reverse engineered Enlightened One tech earlier in history, as well as with the help of their Grox allies, the Exalted-class is the most used ship to lead assaults and defend important planets, as it is one of the largest, and also most durable ship in the Fleet of Alliance vessels. As the Karpine helped design and construct these ships, they refer to the ships as "The Spear Tip", a fitting name for such powerful vessels, and their role within the fleet.

The Star Destroyers are the most cutting edge, and their weapons and equipment show. They are armed with Pulse Laser batteries, and Pulse canons, enabling them to devastate entire planets with ease. Also in their arsenal, are Pulse Missile launchers, which, while slow, can devastate other Capital-ships. They use Ion batteries to disable shields, as well as Ion Missiles to cripple a ship's key points. Now only do they have Anti-matter Missile launchers, but also Anti-matter Laser Canons. These weapons can burn holes into ships briefly, and destroy key points on a ship.

Star Destroyers carry a massive number of Fighters in it's hangars, and an entire Legion worth of Clone forces, including specialized ranks, Walkers and Tanks, giving them enough armed forces to take a planet, if their extreme fire power in the Exalted cannot accomplish that. Exalted-Class ships are rarely seen patrolling civilian areas and trade zones, due to the perceived militant nature of the ship. Even though it has served well, the ship as a spotty record, many citizens and politicians within the Federation regarding it as dangerously close to something a more militant nation would use. As such, Federation command is very careful about deploying the massive ship in battle.

Exalted-class Star Destroyers are based off the designs from other empires and the Multus Esse, but with a Federation twist. These cruisers are some of the best, with the most durable armor, and finest shields. They can shell out plenty of damage, and are equal to the ships of the Alpha Cyber Collective.

  • FSS Exalted
  • FSS Retribution

Traits Edit

Captains Edit

Crew members Edit

Ship AI Edit

Aboard Valhalla, Olympus and Tamoanchan-class Frigates, and the Exalted-class Star Destroyers all carry aboard them an AI to assist their captain or Admiral in battle. Aurora units are usually kept aboard Olympus and Exalted ships, and assist the Admiral in directing their fleets. They maintain the coordination and aim of important weapons, directing crews and monitoring security aboard the ship. In case of emergencies, such as when the crew is unable to perform their tasks, the AI aboard can take control and direct weapons, shielding and engines in battle.

These AIs are based on Multus Esse AI, being large, powerful super computers that take the appearance of a massive brain structure, though Federation Aurora units tend to be more complicated and synthetic in appearance compared to the more streamlined and organic Multus Esse Super Computers.

The Multus Esse helped build them, but did not give the Federation direct access to the blue prints, instead, giving the Federation basic blueprints and the "out ling" of their Super Computers, and letting the Federation do much of the programming and construction, believing that the Federation must work for their greatness, not have it handed to them. These AIs were placed in administrative roles on important colonies, as advisors to CEOs of businesses, and aboard large frigates and starships that hold Captains and Admirals.

The Aurora units are connected via an advanced network, that all link to the central AI aboard Matrukoris, and to the other Multus Esse AIs within the Habitat Ships, creation homeworlds and Multus Esse space stations, given them access to advanced battle strategies, logistics, fleet movements and strategic reports.

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Ambush Defense

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  • Based on ships from the Galactic Federation in Metroid, or their building aesthetics.
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