It is the goal of the Federation to act as a safeguard for democracy, and to secure the liberties and freedoms for all sentient life. Such is our goal, prescribed by our creators, and thus, shall it be achieved.

- Federation Mantra

The Unified Federation of Glory is a large, cosmopolitan society, formed through the work of the Ugandalorians, Spikron, and various other races from their sectors of the Mirus Galaxy. One of the most powerful members of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, the Federation was once the main empire through which the Mendel interacted with others, before splitting off to form the Federation's sister-state of the Mendel Pact.

Despite the split, many Ugandalorians still reside in the Federation, and the Federation itself yields massive power in both military and economics. However, the Federation's main strength is it's field in logistics and planning. It is largely seen that, while the Mendel are more military-focused and developing warriors of personal strength, the Federation focuses on starship and troop deployments. While tending to work alone on certain things, when the 2 collaborate, which they often do, the results are deadly for their foes.

Since the fall of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, the establishment of the Covenant of Mirus, and the devastation unleashed by the Imperium of War and the Hegemony, the Federation has fallen on hard times, forced to try and cope, as their comrades in the Mendel Pact try to prop them up and keep them stable.



  • Name - Volver
  • Goverment - Monarchy
  • class - 8
  • Alignment - Lawful Neutral

Though the Volver may not be the strongest, they are a very strong willed race of people. They have fought alongside the Ugandalorians for what seems like centuries. They have a vast array of powerful warships and command a fierce legion of Volver Knights. Volver always show honor on the battlefield and are extremely resourceful. Their natural adaptations allow them to survive in almost any environment. They are masters at close-quarters combat and will fight to their last breath.

  • Name - Soldarian
  • Goverment - Monarchy
  • class -
  • Alignment - Lawful Neutral


The Federation began as the workings between Ugandalore the Great, current High King of the Ugandalorian Clans, and King Pixarious Spidiiron of the Spikron race, both who, while ironically not democratically elected, still held the ideals of peoples' choice to be of utmost importance, and began formulating the plans to unify their empire into one united Federation to help bring peace to the universe. Ultimately, their plans attracted many leaders and races from across their sectors and beyond, and, within many years, began the process of drawing together the myriad races to finally form one stable government in their sector.

Using the DNA of Barda Clett, future High King himself, the Federation crafted an army of Clones designed to be superior to anything yet encountered and would be the workhorse of their army. Plans where uncovered from Multus Esse achieves, the Precursor creators of the Ugandalorians, and many other races, of cutting edge ship designs. While not able to bridge the technological gap, they crafted a huge navy, with the help of the industrious Spikron, and began building up their forces with the markedly aggressive Zarbanians, and their allies, the Imperium of War.

Second Infectant War[]

The Federation became involved in the Second Infectant War on behalf of their members, the Volver.

They arrivied late, but managed to give the allies fresh troops and supplies, busting their abilties. They fought the last battle, lead by Ugandalore the Great and Barda Clett. Ugandalore was killed, but it was not in vein. Barda had realised his inner power; The Element of Fire, and used it to help the allies win.

After this, the Federation Clone Troopers were finally deemed ready to begin deployment across Alliance warzones. Though kept secret, the Clones were controversial among the Mendel, some believing they should be given a proper place within Mendel society, and not just bred to die for a cause they did not understand, while others in the Mendel Clans thought them downright heretical, referring to them as "Tank Breed" and Skin Jobs, as their Mendel traits were only skin deep. Their obedience, and near inability to understand their own culture, lead many to dislike the Clones, but Federation citizens adored them for their bravery and skill against the enemy.

Enlightenment War[]

After an assassination attempt on the Federation leaders, the UFG discovered a plan was being made by Volver renegades, Dead Watch and Unitech to conquer Ascon. They succeed in preventing this. Shortly after this, Barda decided to test his Clone Troopers by having them assault a base of the Zarbania Powers. They succeed in doing this, but faced Darklings among the way.

These two events lead up to both the Darklings and their allies the Zarbanian and Imperium of War allies plus Dead Watch and Unitech attacking Ughandalore. Not being able to hold on this gigantic attack, the called in their allies the NOVA, Waptoria Alliance and Brotherhood of Spode/UNoS. Despite this, the Darklings conquered a group of isles near Ughandalore's polar ocean. However, they and their Zarbanian and IoW allies were forced to retreat when the Ultra Commandos managed to imprison Dark. Having free path now, the Dead Watch summoned the Bio-Morphlings and their Alpha Cyber Collective and Bachyeon allies in order to aid them and Unitech. However they also accidentally re-awakened the Enlightened Ones, with joined the Federation side in defending the planet against the Collective and their pawns. The Dead Watch tried to undo this by infiltrating the EO mothership and blowing it up, but were stopped by the Proditkar Movement, a group of EO separatists. They manipulated the Dead Watch and Unitech into fleeing the planet ad abandoning the Collective. The Morphlings, Collective and Bachyeons suddenly found themselves alone, and called in the Grox Followers to serve as a distraction, allowing them to retreat safely. After their masters made it to safety, the Followers retreated, ending the Battle for Ughandalore.

However, the Grox swore revenge, and had the Bachyeon, Followers and Kashriinox Collective attack the Federation and the Waptoria Alliance. Although some attacks were sucesfully fended off, the UFG found they did not have the power to fight back accordingly, as much of their fleets were destroyed in the Battle for Ughandalore. Eventually, salvation came when a Kashriinox Dreadnought was shot down near UFG space. After infiltrating it, the UFG and WAoS learned the location of the Kashriinox Base, used as a command center of the Collective. They, WAoS, NOVA, the Spodists and the Enlightened Ones assaulted it, and eventually destroyed it, weakening the Grox severely and ending the War.

After this, the Federation, the Spodists, the NOVA and the WAoS joined together under the watchful eyes of the Ones in the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. The Ultra Commandos were appointed to become the military leaders of this alliance, and the member nations then vowed to banish all evil from their home galaxies.

The Great Deciever/Aterro Dominatus[]

During the Great Deciever, the Federation remained neutral to the Drakodominatus and their allies. As the Ughandalorians where once allies of the Tyranny, they did not want to ruin the alliance yet. However, due to their other allies of the Waptoria contacting them and warning them that the Dominatus planed to take over the Milky Way, they moved to defend it with their allies. When then found out the Tyranny was not only allied with the Kilhai Empire, but also with old rivals, they thew in their in their full Milky Way fleet, and managed to destroy much of the Tyranny's Milky Way forces.

Return of THEM[]


Great Deceiver[]

Gigaquadrantic Conflicts[]

Covenant of Mirus[]

With the defeat of the Imperium of War, Mirus set about rebuilding. The Federation was the hardest hit. Several worlds still needing to be liberated, dominated and enslaved by Imperial Warband Remnants. Several Cloning facilities where destroyed, or taken by the Imperium to be repurposed. Several Clone Legions where decimated, and would need their ranks reconstituted before they could fight again, and the fleets of the Federation where also left in poor condition. With the government of the Federation fractured, and much of it's planets in ruin and decay, the Federation was forced to, in many ways, go from sister state, to a vassal/puppet state of the Pact, as the High Lords set up temporary leaders to take command while repairs got under way.

Unable to represent itself, the Federation relied on the Pact to make it's voice heard in the Covenant of Mirus, something members of the Federation, like the Pact, did not exactly welcome. The Federation was considered the most loyal and ardent supporter of the Alliance, donating it's army and navy to act as the lead military force of the Federation, and using it's skills in engineering to help expand it further. To see it crippled and replaced angered the Federation citizens to no end, especially with scars still fresh from the Mirusian Conflicts. While not to the extent of the Pact, many citizens in the Federation held ill will and disdain for the Covenant at large.


The Federation began to rebound and rebuild itself after many decades of hard work and having to build its population and numbers back up to acceptable levels. As it did so, its politics, military, artwork and other fields would experience a great rebirth and revival under their leadership, as newer, younger members began to take charge and lead the Federation into a new direction, fighting to reform, rework and build up the Federation again with new ideas and ways of doing things. Fleets were built up to defend colonies that had once been reduce to only a few hundred within their cities, turned back into bustling cities and metropolis, as newly reconstructed Clone Labs began to create new and freshly trained Clone troopers to fight against the foes of the Federation, as they were joined by several young volunteers, often orphans from the Imperium of War's attacks.

As their Core and Mid-Ranged Territories began to be built back up and experience a revival, the Federation's leadership began to build up their forces for a Reclamation of their Colonies and taking them back from the various Space Pirates, Dragowar Warbands and Darkling Cults. Overseeing this operation would be the surviving Admirals who had experienced the worst of the Dragowar's attack, combined with the youth and energy of new commanders placed in power. The Federation Legions would be filled with millions of new Clones soldiers, Catharhinii, Carelish, Phyrgius, and other warriors drawn from the races of the Federation to fight once more.

Several worlds would become bitter battle grounds as the Federation's newest military leaders and troopers sought to reclaim their colonies and worlds for themselves, fighting and killing every foe they could during these fights, ranging from coordinated artillery and long ranged infantry attacks on the berserking legions of the Dagowar, to fast, brutal, close-combat fire fights with Darkling Brotherhood cultists and Space Pirates within ruined and crumbling cities. These fierce battles would collimate in the Third Battle of Norius, where the largest Federation Fleet in recent history arrived over the world fighting across the few cities and hot-glassed surface of the world over the course of several months.

After all of this, and the rise of Kirta Clett as High Queen, many Clones returned to the Ugandalore and other places to set up in their homes, and live as Mendel, bringing their armor and gear with them. It was difficult at first, but most Mendel had warmed up to them, and came to accept the "Skin jobs" as their own, though the decision was not very popular back in the Federation, with many Clones believing their comrades were deserting the army.

After the victory at Norius, the Federation set about pouring resources and manpower into the newly conquered colonies and worlds, and sought to turn these worlds back into their former glory, before the coming of the Imperium of War. Although difficulties would come, between striking mining crews, man power shortages in the outer colonies, and other such issues, the Federation began to finally take back their worlds and reclaim their glory.



The Federation prides itself on being cosmopolitian, multi-cultural, and advanced by any standard. As many species operate within the Federation, values change depending on each one, some more conservative, others highly liberal. Whatever the case, all ideals are generally acceptable, except for the most xenophobic or insane political ideologies, with any seen as harmful to the status quo forced out. The Federation, as such, tries to maintain a moderate ideal when dealing with anything, not swaying to hard to one side, but generally going for center-left policies.

Leadership is expected to think clearly and coolly about everything, with the irrational and insane quickly being voted out and tossed aside. Efficiency is a hallmark in the Federation, with the Federation doing everything quickly, cleanly and by the book. Members of the Federation government, police forces and other areas of service are considered more cool-headed, and by the book compared to the more passionate and hot-headed Mendel. This causes some to believe the Federation merely runs things by numbers, and forget the people below them exist, but the Federation tries it's hardest to make sure things are run efficiently, and still within the brackets of decency and morality.

With the destruction of much of their worlds and colonies, and being forced back into their center most colonial holdings and territories, the Federation population is notably bitter and resentful towards outsiders, many of their worlds still haunted by small Dragowar Warbands, and forcing many of these worlds to adopt a militant attitude and practice towards these Warbands, and forcing children to grow up faster. Having lost so many parents, many Federation orphans, now reaching adulthood, have gained a hatred for the Dragowar and the Xonexi, especially the Hegemony. While they cheered when the Hand of Retribution destroyed the Hegemony as brutally as he could, few sympathized with his plan to wipe out the Xonexi, feeling it too much like the Dragowar's own actions, and liking the Xonexi a little more then the Hegemony.


All races chose their own leaders, who represent them in the High Council. The leader of the High Council, is Chairmen, who acts as commander-in-chief and main representative of the Federation on the galactic scale. Beneath this High Council is the Senate, with each race planet being represented by 2 equal Senators selected by voters from the world to lead their interests in the Council. After them are the House of Governors, those who rule the planets themselves and they, and their numbers, vary depending population of the planet. Larger city-worlds have multiple governors, and more then agricultural worlds.

With the destruction of many Federation worlds, and the mass execution of government officials by Dragowar Commanders in an attempt to weaken Federation resolve and efficiency. As such, a Chairman was elected with absolute authority in order to get the Federation through the peace times. However, it was found he had deep ties with the Hand of Retribution, and, upon the Hand's rebellion against the Covenant of Mirus, the Chairman was forcibly removed, and a new Council put in power.

The Council of the Mendel Pact meets often with their Sister-state to discuss politics and carefully manage resources between them before each acts. While as different as night and day, the 2 empires are so intertwined that they cannot be readily separated, and despite the Mendel's independence, the 2 empires still rely on one another for certain resources.


Religious freedom is allowed with the Federation. Spode, The God that will Come, and others are allowed. Surprisingly, the Goddess, The Scorner, of their enemies, the Zarbanians, is accepted, and not persecuted actively by members, though some conservative elements deride her and her worshippers and demand the Zarbanian pantheon be outcaste. Despite the importance of Religion in some members' lives, the Federation prefers a secular approach to things.

Popular religions include the Mendel Pantheon, and various others from their allies, including the Waptoria and the Vanara.


Technology in the Federation is, like it's races, mixed, by mildy advanced. They are strong and vast, fleet and army wise, and personal devices, energy production, and transport is very well off. They are more focused on building Civilian economics and infasture then military, as ruling the galaxy is not their goal, but help bring stability. Their technology is protected and advanced by the machines and AI of Elysia, advanced machines found by the Multus Esse in a floating gas giant. The machines joined the Federation and Alliance to protect their planet, and provided technology to the other nations. They are lead researchers in science and development, and pursuing knowledge of the universe, much like their ancient allies the Multus.


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The Federation controls a vast section of space, around the same size as the Mendel Pact, though slightly largely, around .5x the size of the Pact, and, thanks to Federation colonizing and advanced terraforming techniques, are considered much more stable and capable of supporting life. These colonies are heavily defended via a strong system of automated planet defense systems and detection arrays. They are further protected by garrisons of fully equipped and trained Federation Clone Troopers and backed-up by trained militia forces. Likewise, certain worlds are dedicated to the production of further Clone units and Federation fleets. While certain worlds produce one or the other, Federation Military Command prefers that planets be able to produce both fleets and armies for battle.

One of the chief military centers within Federation space is the world of Norius, a heavily fortified, heavily defended colony world that is the chief military centers within Federation. Such a Balwark houses not only much of the Federation's military forces, but also forces from their allies in the Mirusian Church of Spode, Waptoria and Mendel Pact. When it was attacked, the forces of the Imperium of War organized the mightiest armada in their history, and sent it to attack Norius. Hundreds of worlds fell before they got to Norius, and there, began one of the largest battles in Mirusian history. Still, despite the bravery of many, Norius' cities where destroyed, and much of it's fleet lost. Ground forces where able to inflict heavy loses on the Dragowar, but could not stop much of the world from getting glassed.

A great reclamation project began, starting from rumors among radicals of Xonexi powers taking their territory, and spread out. While the central and mid-ranged colonies where fully re-colonized in time, the outer worlds remain protected by automated droids. Likewise, the chief area of interest is Norius, which has been the subject of heavy recolonization and many terraforming programs. The Federation hopes, within 7 years, to recolonize Norius. Other powers have provided aid to Norius, including Zarbania, who once attempted an attack on the world before being repulsed. Likewise, on other worlds, a government funded program has begun, promising various benefits to couples that have more children, in the hopes they will speed up the colonization process. This includes reduced taxation, improved living conditions, raises at work, and other programs to increase family sizes. To help in this, Federation command has also began the process of distributing fertility medication, and other materials to help.

Federation Police Forces[]

The Federation is protected by a well trained Police force that guard the safety and law of the Federation and its people. They are divided into two groups, based on their tasks and where they are operating in the sector of the galaxy. The First group, Domestic Police Forces, are charged with the enforcement of Civil Law and arresting of criminals. They are equipped and trained with light armor and weapons, designed for only civilian/Domestic use, mostly due to their use as a mere civilian police force. They are trained heavily in police and security, but also in defusing tactics and in non-violent responses to crimes and security breaches. Federation leaders are careful with cases of police brutality and abuse, and oversee the long and difficult training to make sure the Police Forces are well-behaved and do their jobs.

To handle more militant threats, the Federation Special Security handles more well-armed and armored police that can handle threats from Space Pirates and the like. These forces rarely interact with civilian sources and the everyday citizens of the Federation, as their purpose is to prevent more terrorist, under-handed attacks, and act as a primitive militia-type force meant to be the first line of defense against pirate raids on a planet. The FSS uses light combat rifles and other weapons to take these threats, and deal with traitors within the Federation who tend to be heavily armed threats to the Federation.


Ground Forces[]

The Federation is protected by the Legionary Corps. The Federation Legionary Corps are made up two members within its ranks. The First, and most common, are the Races and volunteers designated as "Militant" by Federation Command and government, and given the training and weapons to handle any threat thrown at them by their enemies. These members are made up of volunteers eager to do their part and who complete the rigorous training in the Legion Encampments on more hostile worlds, and are deployed with their regiments against enemies on worlds further and further out, in more dangerous fronts. The second, and the ones that would become the face of the Federation, are the Clone Legions, derived from Barda Clett's DNA and modified since their creation to be obedient, hardier troops then what their DNA was derived from. These troopers would become the majority within the Legion Corps, and its most successful troopers, most regiments made up of either a strong majority of Clones, or all Clones.

The Legionary Corps would suffer a major set-back after the Imperium of War launched a massive wave of forces against the Federation and multiple other members of the UAE, resulting in the destruction and death of 87% of the Federation Naval forces, and 80% of the Federation Legionary Corps and other elements. The result lead to the Federation being forced into a supportive role for other forces, including the Mendel, and other empires, and could no longer be considered a full power of its own.

Most of the Clone Legions were destroyed in the fighting, as were the volunteer forces, and much of the Cloning Facilities and Life Pods were either horribly damaged by the Imperium of War, or occupied and turned to the production of their own Clone forces. Though difficult, these ruined facilities were retaken, and the Federation began the struggle to repair them.

Years later, the Federation would experience a revival, allowing them to expand their military and diplomatic forces further then ever before. Though Barda Clett was now dead, they had enough military for the next few decades, and began seeking out his family members for further cloning, and even other Mendel that could match his threat level.

Fleet Forces[]

The Federation's first line of defense against invaders is often not the doughty and reliable Federation Trooper Corps and planetary groups like it, but the Stellar Fleet. A powerful and mighty group of massive, cutting edge vessels, these Fleets are charged with the protection of Federation Sectors, and, when organized by the Grand Council, will be set to take certain enemy sectors for the Federation, and engage foes that have amassed fleets to oppose them. These Fleets are mostly made up of large, powerful frigates, with the support of advanced, speedy fighter squadrons and support corvettes with their own weapons to bring to bear.

Federation Fleets have long been capable of facing the forces of Zarbania and the Imperium of War, but their enemies' increasing power and reliance on heavy, powerful cruisers and capital ships that could overwhelm their frigates, caused the Federation to direct funding to the fleet for further aid, and, later, the expansion of the Fleet with more vessel designs. Under Chairmen Keethan, the Federation began designs on their own class of Star Destroyer to act as a capital ship, carrier and lead for the Fleet. Though opposed by many, for much of the Federation saw Star Destroyer-type ships as tools of tyranny and oppression, and the Federation had no place using them.

Despite this, Exalted-class Star Destroyers were deployed after much construction, 7 of the mighty vessels ready for deployment, and many more set up to be built for future use. The Federation, for its part, was able to use the vessels in coordination with already existing fleets to break several attacks on their borders, thus proving the Exalted-class was worthy of protecting the people of the Federation.

Many of the larger frigates, such as the Olympus-class, and the Exalted-class Star Destroyer, make use of onboard AI units called Aurora Units, that resemble large, cybernetic brains that manage various worlds, businesses and stations within Federation space. In this case, the Aurora unit helps coordinate the gunneries onboard, directs the ships within the fleet based on the Captain's orders, and keeps in contact with the rest of the Aurora units and their Datanet for tactical advise and coordination.

Although suffering 87% loses during the battle with the Imperium of War, the Federation fleet remained active in keeping pirates and rogue elements away, but needed considerable assistance the Mendel Pact, whose loses, while severe, were able to still protect their interests, and allied interests. As the Federation rebounded, they began to rebuild and empower their fleets again, cultivating in the retaking of Norius, defeating a minor Dragowar Warband there, but done more as a morale victory, rather then a practical one. It did indeed, show, however, that the Federation was rising again.

Koatria Command Teams[]

Koatria Teams are teams of Ugandalorians and others who hav joined, usually in teams of 6 with their elemental powers to fight for the federation, and diffrent goals. Despite this, Teams still help eachother, even if goals are diffrent.

The most Notable team is the Kotria Olda, one of the first teams. The others are the Kotria Mognos, or Warriors who Protect, where the first recorded ones, and are thought to have died, bu have returned to help fight with the Old and others. the oldest son of Ugandalore the Great,______, leads the team now.

Others are the Godex Team, guardians of the Kraw Galxy colonies, Hemex Team, guardians of the Andromedan Colonies, and several others. Sometimes, they have more then 6 members.

Bounty Hunters[]

  • Sanctioned Bounty Hunters

In some situations, rather then rely on Koatria, or Super Soldiers of some sort, the Federation employ Bounty Hunters hired to remove Pirate enclaves, defeat dissident forces and handle situations normal troopers and standard forces, even Special Forces, would struggle to handle. These are more then just common mercenaries and sell-swords deployed to boast armies or take out a single target covertly. Federation Approved Bounty Hunters are fearsome warriors, often those who take their business one step beyond, and have acquired, through either legal or illegal means, weapons and armor that put them above the mortal soldiers and troopers, and into near super-soldier category. To maintain their operations through some legal venue, Federation-approved Bounty Hunters maintain connections with the Federation at all times, and are often hired by governors to bolster forces and help out in serious battles. To keep them involved, the Federation not only offers high payment, but cutting edge equipment to maintain their loyalty. Bounty Hunters that back out before contracts are finished, or who break Federation laws horribly, are subject to being tracked down and targeted by their own fellow Hunters.

Bounty Hunters in the Federation, due to their powerful gear and advanced equipment, are often treated with loathing and hatred by their enemies, due to being unexpectedly powerful. The Gardeili and their fellow Spode worshippers, in their wars with the Mendel and others, took to calling them "Demons", due to their invulnerability and strength in battle. Zarbanian forces, however, took to calling the "Hunter" or "The Hunter in Metal", in the case of Barda Clett. Both races, even as allies, call their comrades "Hunter" or "Demon" to this day as a sign of respect, and slight fear.


The federation is weary of new races, and looks carefully before they ally with anyone, checking over their history to make their enemy is not a threat to democracy. They value their allies, and truly care for their well being.

Green face.png Allies[]

We value your alliance with us.

Blue face.png Friends[]

Hello there!

Yellow face.png Neutral[]

Hmmm, Hello

Orange face.png Disliked[]

Contuine on your path, and this can end badly for you.

Red face.png At War[]

This can end in only one result. Federal victory above all.


Good will prevail over evil. We will bring justice to the universe!

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

We will bring honor and democracy to the universe.

- King Brygon of the Volver Empire

I have seen the federation fade, its fire cooling to ash. But from those ashes tiny embers flicker to light, spending off sparks that will rise as seraphim wings blazing with glory! Let the Federation stand tall, for a new age has come.

- Empress Auvia of the Sacred Vanara Empire


  • The Federation, The Zarbanian Powers, and the Cyber Collective where made to square away my fiction, and Reduce the number of active fiction as well.
  • The Federation is mainly inspired by the Galactic Federation of Metroid.
  • Although a faction of protagonists, the Federation is used to explore ideas of discrimination and intuitional racism, even among governments that are more accepting of others.