Thus all tyrants die!

- Olympian motto, first used in the seconds before the landing on Demogorgon Prime

The Olympians were the result of the Enlightenment Alliance trying to create enhanced soldiers from their own species to counter the Tyranny's Overseers, Zarbanian Centurions and the like.

Each Primary Chapter, known as a Creed before splitting up insto descendant Chapters, is lead by an Arhat, whom were specifically created to lead said chapter. Secondary Chapters, Tertary Chapters and so on are created from Primary Chapters, and lead by an Archon, the most capable warrior and strategist of this Chapter.

There were originally 24 Creeds, each individually led by an Ahrat, each one a specific counter to one of the 24 Tyrannic Overseer Legions. In addition, there are the 3 Creeds of Olympia Custodians, who serve as one of the defensive forces that guard Matrukoris, and have numbers which are too low for prolonged offensive warware. Even though many Secondary Chapters would be formed after the Great Betrayal of the Great Mirusian Conflicts, shattering the Olympians to avoid corruption, the aftermath of the Great Mirusian Conflicts would see the birth of yet another bath of Olympians, many of which have more mysterious origins. Many of these new Chapters, in fact, do have their origins in the Alliance, but in the Hegemony, where many of the Hegemonic supersoldiers felt sickened and guilty after being commanded by the Hegemony High Command to turn on their brothers. As the Hegemony started to collapse, and, briefly, slipped into Darkling control, many companies turned their backs on their former empire and deflected to once more serve the Alliance. After a period of penitence, many of these deflectors were accepted back by their former Olympian brothers once more. Instead of being re-attached to a Primary or Secondary Olympian Chapter, as had happened before the Great Betrayal, these deflectors would be given a new colors, heraldries, and battle-cries, plus a fake history and anchestry to the Chapters they were attached to before to shield them from scrutiny. The new recruits of these Chapters are often not even aware that their true anchestry does not lie in the Alliance, but in the Hegemony, and as such they fight for Enlightenment with equal zeal as all other Olympians do.

Each Olympian Chapter has a unique culture and rituals pertaining to it, making no two Congregations alike. Praetorian headquarters are based on specific worlds of the Enlightenment Alliance. Said worlds are often governed by the Chapter that calls it home, and are often reflections of the Preatorian Congregations themselves.

It's Super-Soldiers are extremely durable, and sheathed advanced powered armor, an upgrade of the armor worn by the clone soldiers of the United Federation of Glory. This armor is furthermore equipped with the most powerful shielding traded from the Troodontid Empire or created by the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation. The Powered Armor they wear, while sturdy, and heavy-looking, is actually extremely light-weight, far more so than one would think at first glance, being made out of a special alloy of plasteel, reinforced with smooth ceramic plates, and an underlayer of Persan graphene atomic chain mail. Underneath the armor, Olympians wear the United Knights Alliance-manufactured Elite Battle Suit coupled with a Waptorian neuron mesh which turns both the suit and the armor into the second and third skin of the wearer, respectively. Olympian weapons, reverse-egineered from Multus tech, tend to be made by the best Mendel and Republic of Tyris Mayor weaponsmith available.

Regular armed forces are by no means helpless against them, and clever commanders know that simply enough concentrated fire, heavy enough weapons, and an accurate blast through the eye hole of a helmet are almost certain to kill an Olympian. Their larger-than-usual size also makes them far easier to hit than a non-enhanced trooper.

Tactics Edit

Though Olympians once ranged in the many thousands, after the Dominatus Wars which were agruably the height of their glory, single chapters only rank a thousand Olympians at most in modern times. While this might intially seem like much, it pales in comparison to the regular militaries of the Enlightenemnt Alliance's member states, which often rank in the millions if not billions. Understandably, this has affected Olympian tactics quite a lot, as they are often quite spread out across multiple war zones and nowadays rely on small "kill teams" to get the job done. These kill teams are often made up of no more than thirty Olympians, often subdivided in squads of five.

Rather relying on overwhelming force to get the job done, as they did during the Dominatus Wars, Olympians nowadays rely more on surprise tactics and attacks behind enemy lines to get the job done, though still will use applied use of overwhelming power where possible given their nature of supersoldiers. Nor are Olympians in most cases rather discreet in their attacks. Rather, when beginning an attack, they will first of all seek to eliminate any contact between their targets and central command. Only when this is done do the kill teams commit in full, striking quickly and descisively, running down any who try to escape, and leaving only eerie silence behind.

While most of the time, Olympians put emphasis on infantry work, they tend to be the all-rounders of a field, not having any weaknesses in most fields of aircraft, frontal assaults, seige warfare or vehicles. Indeed, when not used as kill teams, Olympian squads tend to be mingled in between regular forces, holding weak points regular soldiers could not.

Units Edit

Infantry Edit

Type Armament Armor Description
Liberator Olympians
Mechanised Infantry
  • Particle Assault Rifles
  • Particle Carbines
  • Particle Light Machine Guns
  • Particle Pistols
  • Power Knives
  • EMP Grenades
  • Power Armor
Protector Olympian
Anti-Personnel Infantry
  • Power Swords
  • Power Axes
  • Power Maces
  • Particle Pistols
  • Power Knives
  • EMP Grenades
  • Power Armor
  • Fold-Out Shield
  • Jump Pack
Infiltrator Olympians
  • Particle Shotguns
  • Particle Scout Rifles
  • Particle Sniper Rifles
  • Particle Pistols
  • Power Knives
  • EMP Grenades
  • Light Power Armor
  • Multi-Visors
  • Cloaking Device
Venator Olympians
Light Infantry
  • Particle Charge Rifles
  • Particle Combi-Rifles
  • Particle Submachine Guns
  • Particle Pistols
  • Power Knives
  • EMP Grenades
  • Light Power Armor
  • Grapple Launcher
  • Grav-Chute
Devastator Olympian
Fire Support Infantry
  • Particle Rotary Guns
  • Particle Autocannons
  • Particle Machine Guns
  • Particle Pistols
  • Power Knives
  • EMP Grenades
  • Heavy Power Armor
  • Mag-Locked Boots
Decimator Olympian
Anti-Verhicle Infantry
  • Particle Claymores
  • Particle Polearms
  • Particle Mauls
  • Particle Pistols
  • Power Knives
  • EMP Grenades
  • Heavy Power Armor
  • Teleport Homer

Vehicles Edit

Type Armament Armor Description
  • Particle Rotary Guns
  • Particle Autocannons
  • Particle Machine Guns
  • Power Claymores
  • Power Polearms
  • Power Mauls
  • Ablative Armor
  • Light Shielding
Troop Transport
  • 1x Particle Rotary Gun
  • 1x Automatic Grenade Launcher
  • Ablative Armor
  • Heavy Shielding
  • Skimmer Plates
Main Battle Tank
  • 1x Particle Autocannon
  • 2x Particle Machine Guns
  • 1x Anti-Air Missile Pod
  • Ablative Armor
  • Medium Shielding
  • Skimmer Plates
Mobile Artillery
  • Demolisher Cannon
  • 4x Missile Pods
  • Ablative Armor
  • Light Shielding
  • Skimmer Plates
  • 1x Particle Rotary Gun
  • 1x Halo Launcher
  • Ablative Armor
  • Heavy Shielding
  • Skimmer Plates
  • 1x Particle Autocannon
  • 2x Particle Machine Guns
  • 2x Air-to-Ground Missile Launchers
  • Ablative Armor
  • Medium Shielding
  • Skimmer Plates

Olympus Archons Edit

The Olympian Arhats are the genetic forefathers of each Chapter, and from whose gene-seed are new Chapters, and their number, are crafted. Initiation and enhacement happens inside an Chapters' The Ahrats and and their genetic lesser descendants descendants, known as Archons, are considered the peak of the UAE Science teams. The Olympus Archons and Arhats are genetically engineered to be superior to the race that spawned them.

Chapters Edit

Olympia Custodians (Guardians of Zaraturai) Edit

Angalpha Edit

  • Primary Species - Cassin'ra
  • Colors - Blue and Yellow armor with Golden trim
  • Badge - Golden, Winged claw/tail stylized into a letter Alpha
  • Speciality - Breaking morale, Attacks from the sky
  • Arhat - Barroq'Zan

The Angalpha also known as the Alpha Angels, are Chassin'ra Custodia Olympians, breed to be the most effective and most deadly of the Chassin'ra assault forces. Given unique powered armor, much more advanced then their cousins, and designed to resemble the Gods of their mythology, these Chassin'ra are said to be descended from the God Karrus'Acha'Ton, the God of war, who blessed Barroq'Zan with his blood while he was a brood-egg, or so it is said.

As is tradition for the "Gods", the Angalpha whear large suits of powered armor, a helm decorated with dozens of long golden feathers, and shoulder pads with a claw directly ending ending their massive goldens wings. Unlike most other Myrads, whose badge is found on their shoulder pads, the badge of the Angalpha is instead found on their chest armor. The armor is mostly blue, with gold trim and yellow markings across the chest and limbs, often forming a painting of some sort. For combat, they carry a directed energy arm canon, Energy Spears, and power broadswords.

The Alpha Angels make use of an large amount of areal craft and dropships, by far outranking their other types of verhicles. Their favorite tactic is to drop troopers of directly above hot zones, making it look like these impressive warriors descend from heaven itself.

Their initation rite is to face Barroq'Zan himself in an arena, with nothing but blades and basic armor. If impressed by their resolve and skill, he and his brothers will accept them.

They are lead by Arhat Barroq'Zan, a infamous commander that, due to the date of his birth, and his wicked red eyes, is said to be son of the god of war. Barroq'Zan's armor is different from the rest of the Chapter, being purely gold, with a feather motif, and a heart-shaped sapphire in the center of his chest, surrounded by 2 Angalpha badges, the claws facing each other. Behind his head is a flaming, golden halo. While he is caring towards his Olympians, he is aggressive in battle, delivering his wrath upon anyone who treatens his battle-brothers, and taking few prisoners.

Abiding Guard Edit

  • Primary Species - Locrin-Noth
  • Colors - Bronzen with Brazen trim, Ivory shoulder pads and Bone elbow and knee pads
  • Badge - Flaming wyrm eating it's own tail, repersenting eternality
  • Speciality - Breaking morale, Defensive Trapping and Flanking
  • Arhat - W-Kis

The Abiding Guard are the second of the Multus Custodia Olympians, trained to such a degree they have formed their own matter hive. The Matter hive for the Multus is a hive-mind that allows them to switch between light and dark matter in unison, so as not to create the dangerous combination of both existing at the same time. However, since the Abiding Guard are independent of this, they often use the opposite matter as the others, enabling them to combine the 2 to completely devastate their enemies.

Using their ability to switch matter abilities in second, allows them to adapt strategy quickly, and break their enemies through constantly changing their attack style. Mostly, they will stand in wait in perfect order, waiting for the enemy to strike them, before quickly repelling the assault by starting to march onwards and striking back at the foe with lethal force. In the final stage, when the enemy is certain to be broken, they will change strategy, instead trying to flank, and in a later stage, encirlke their targets, cutting them off rescource lines. Furthermore, they are adapt at setting up traps, such as dark matter traps with slow or posion their foes, or light matter traps with stun said foes and erode their will to fight. The Abiding Guard is notable for their almost complete lack of verhicles.

The Abiding Guards' initiation rite is to stand alone in a locked, secured room. After it is secured, 5 other members, including W-kis himself, will activate their light and dark matter powers and focus it, forcing the being to absorb it. If they retain consciousness, and can absorb the power, they will be accepted.

Their Arhat is W-kis, a Locrin'noth Guardian who was allowed his own Matter hive through a successful experiment. A being of an iron composition, W-kis is unbreakable in the face of all odds. While known for his valor, he none the less ties to control hilltops, plateaux and mountain passes in battle, so to have the high ground, before he and his Chapter marches in and breaks the enemy. W-kis' is a gaint compared to other Locrin-Noth, and wears heavy brazen armor, a Dark/Light matter SMG, and a flaming lash. He is close to many of his comrades, and his control of matter is so acute that some near can briefly access it to bolster their weapon systems.

Sons of the Eye Edit

  • Primary Species - Alimbic
  • Colors - Bright Red and Purple with Platina trim
  • Badge - Stylized purple eye
  • Speciality - Breaking morale, Mind-Reading, Enemy Assault Prediction
  • Arhat - Far'trak

There are some Olympians just as feared as they are useful. None can be more said for the Sons of the Eye. Designed for not only the destruction of enemies via both the mind and their advanced telepathic abilities, these Custodia Olympians are also known to use powerful mind-reading abilities to inform themselves of their's enemies location, alowing them to easily defeat them. Designed with enhanced essence and telepathy to their more common brethren, the Sons use these abilities to assist in assaults or defenses.

The Sons use Essence-based attacks with their beam weapon equipment to tear through their enemies with little abandon. They use their essence to create shields, fire blasts, or swat their enemies' aircraft from the skies. Their telepathy is enhanced to allow for mind reading, allowing them to adept to their enemies' new goals and objectives, as well as anticipate where attacks will come from, or even clog up the minds of their foes with visions of despair, driving them insane.

The Sons whear Egyptian-like armor, mostly red, with a platina trim, glowing purple runes on the helm, elbow and knee pads, and purple lights across chest and behind the visor itself. They have a special standard on their helmets, and and an often-glowing purple eye on their chest armor, adding to their grand appearance.

Their initation rite is to impress Far'trak with visionary skill, whatever mind-reading of the future is used or not. If Far'trak is impressed, then the initiate is put into enhanced sleep inside a golden sarcophagus. This sarcophagus gently gives off the Gene-Seed, with is inhaled by the initate, who in turn is enhanced into an Olympian and given enhanced essence powers. Once the enhancement is complete, the Olympian awakens and uses his telepatic powers to lift of the front of the sacrophagus, so he can get out.

They are lead by Far'trak, a powerful Alimbic that was chosen for his wisdom and tact in many occasions. While he does not see himself as completely competent or the most inspiring figure, Far'trak is willing to endure much for his empire and people, and is quite probably not only a skilleed essence user, but one his people's greatest tacticans as well. He has taught himself and certain high ranking members of the Sons who to absorb enemy shots to their eye, and refocus it into beams of light back at an enemy.

Primary Chapters Edit

Celestial Hoplites Edit

  • Primary Species - Soldarian
  • Colors - Yellow with green trim (Gold with green trim for the veterans)
  • Badge - A trident behind a round shield
  • Battle Cry - “United we stand! Victory or death!
  • Speciality - Static defense
  • Designed to fight - Eternal Guard
  • Arhat - Epizoume Toicho
  • Notes - Based on the Imperial Fists and the Fists of Sigmarite

Shrouded Slayers Edit

  • Primary Species - Chakravylg
  • Colors - Cyan with Silver trim and Green elbow and knee pads, gloves and boots
  • Badge - An aurora forming the writhing heads of a hydra
  • Battle Cry - “Hail Hydra! The heads strike!
  • Speciality - Simultaneous Strikes, Infiltration
  • Designed to fight - Beholders of Oculon
  • Arhat - "Alphahpla"

Despite having won many victories for the Alliance, almost nothing is known about the Shrouded Slayers before the great split. This is deliberate, for the Chapter revels in misdirectment and guile. They have taken everything the Olympians represented so far, and taken it to the whole next level. If rumours are accurate, they were already operating on the fringes of Tyrannic border worlds months before the Olympian project was officially announced. All in all, it is believed that they have scored more victories than even the Ultraknights, nothing is known for certain. Most of their members even go as far as to wear the heraldy of those they want to infiltrate, and change their own heraldry ever few days. After the split, it seems likely that there is more than one Shrouded Slayers in existence, each amirror-image of each other, and each believing itself to be the only Shrouded Slayers in existence. If so, that begs the question - what of the Chapter's Arhat, thought to go under the codename of Alphahpla?

The notion of brotherhood is especially strong in the Shrouded Slayers, and their squads indeed fight as squads rather than a group mad up of different Olympians. Yet, their tactiacts are prone to quick changes, adapting as the situation demands. Yet their companies are often broken down and reorganized, and heraldies changed and adapted, by a whim of the Arhat, the tactical genius known only as Alphahpla. As this even happens during battles, foes that are up against the Shrouded Slayers have extreme difficulty judging the exact numbers of Alpha Chapter Olympans engaged in the campaign, often with fatal results. The coherence of their Olympians and their mastery of complex strategy makes the Shrouded Slayers undisupted masters of manouvres, feints and distractions in open battle. Once the Olympians of the Shrouded Slayers strike, they do so as fast as possible, yet they always take care to fight fairly. To fight them is to fight an indominable hydra with many limbs and fangs, but under the single, all-encopassing will of their Arhat.

The Shrouded Slayers would be partially corrupted by the Darklings into the the Bone Lictors, though they managed to keep the relationship between the two hidden.

  • Notes - Based on the Alpha Legion and the Knights of the Aurora

Valara'a Sinthe Edit

  • Primary Species - Volver
  • Colors - Green with white markings and armor panels
  • Badge - Green and white knight's helmet
  • Battle Cry - “Let none find us wanting!
  • Speciality - Surviving in any environment
  • Designed to fight - Praetorian of Azuris
  • Arhat - Jal Si'laven

The Valara'a Sinthe, or Angels of Light are an Olympian legion of Enhanced Volver Knights. Their Ahrat is Jal Si'laven, one of the first artificially created Volver. He is spawned from genetic legecy of the Volver's most famous warriors, including the famous Aelik Norrehal. Some conspiracy theoists, however, believe this would be enough to account for his exploits, whisper that Alliance geneticists attempted to create a "Volver Dominatus" with him. They areusually vague and contradictory on what this means, while both Jal and the Collaborative government vehemently denounce such rumors. These knights have been given enhanced strength, intelligence and durability. This Chapter of the Olympians holds the same position as the normal Volver in the Enlightenment Alliance. The Valara'a Sinthe are arguably the most resourceful and tenacious of the Olympians. The Valara'a, as Volver, are able to survive in any environment and have adaptations that can help them in just about any situation. Their sense of honor and duty ensure their loyalty to the Enlightenment Alliance. Their naturally advanced eyesight allows them to be used as scouts. While other Chapters tend to specialize in one field of warfare, the Valara'a Sinthe train themselves in all of them. This causes them to be efficient in every task that is given to them, though they not the greastest practitioner on any of them. Yet it is this general adaptabilty that marks the Valara'a Sinthe, and indeed the whole Volver race, out for glory and the greatest of battle honors.

Valara'a are trained under an even tougher training regiment than the initial Volver Knights. By the time their training us done, a Valara'a can pilot and use any piece of technology that comes their way. The Valara'a, like the Volver Knights, are deadly in close combat, as they possess many talents in combat. Powerful legs and arms, a great jumping ability, immunity to poison, the gift of flight, powerful hands and jaws, and not to mention their ability to shoot deadly poisons from their tails. The Valara'a, like the rest of their species, are excellent swordsmen and possibly one of the best blade using species within the Alliance. The Volver's advanced technology from over the years increases the abilities of the Valara'a tenfold.

The Valara'a Sinthe are seen as the role model of other Olympian Chapters to follow, much to the chagrin of the Solar Siblings, who maintain a heavy rivarly with them. This burden is a havy one on the soul of the Chapter, for they have come to believe that, in order to live up to their reputation, failure is out of the question, and as such there have been instances of them embellishing the records. Due to them being seen as the role model Chapter, they host the largest amount of descendant Chapters of all Olympians, and many can trace their origins back to them. Nevertheless, the Valara'a Sinthe would be partially corrupted by the Darklings into the the Exquisite Host.

  • Notes - Based on the Ultramarines and Hammers of Sigmar

Grey Hunters Edit

  • Primary Species - Ugandalorian
  • Colors - A uniform metallic grey
  • Badge - A bronze claymore behind a golden shield
  • Designed to fight - Scions of Crogki
  • Arhat - Tyndar Maclon

The famous Grey Hunters are responsible for attacking and destroying potent telepathic enemies, mostly of the Leviathan and the The Brotherhood of Darklings. A helpful quirck in their gene-seed caused them not to have acess to just Psionic, as originally intended, but to the other elements as well. They are also potent in telepathic use and telepathic shielding. Despite this sensitivity, and their constant exposure to the Darklings, none of their number have ever been corrupted.

Grey Hunters commonly deploy in advanced, Multus-Ugandal hybrid armor, making them move faster, and fight harder then other Ugandals. They commonly carry advanced, rapid-fire assault rifles and Force Weaponry, as well as lightning claws. Their armor is designed, like all Ugandal armors, to reduce the effect of essence, but theirs take it one step further, as some are able to produce an emergency essence-dampening field. Their relationship with other chapters ranges from close battle-brothers, to out right-rivalry, especially that which exists between them and the Ultraknights. Both have a preference for close combat, but the Ultraknights did not credit the Grey Hunter leader, Tyndar, with with writing the Codex, instead hailing the "publisher", their Ahrat, as the one behind it, despite Tydar proposing the Codex of Honor to be written in the first place. Feeling that the Ultraknights stole all the glory, Tyndar was left embittered and confused, feeling his battle-bothers had let him down. His son Pollux and his Crusaders even went as far as denouncing the Codex as something written to exclude some chapters, and refused to answer to it.

It finally took the pressure from his son, Castor, to convince him to follow the Chapter-based ideals, though not all Grey Hunters accepted this. Those that did not, where grouped into the Black Crusaders under Pollux Maclon, who despised the control of the Codex, and followed a doctrine more like his father originally wanted. As such, they have not placed any upper-limits on their numbers. Those that followed the Codex where organized into the White Cavaliers, and the most radical group became the Red Exorcists of Caronn Maclon.

Their initation rite is for the upcoming warrior to face Tyndar in a sparring match, with no weapons, using whatever fighting experience they have. If they can defeat him, or impress him, Tyndar will declare them a member of the Grey Hunters. During their training, they must keep their minds balanced, and their desires in check. As such, though faith in the Alliance is of utmost importance to the Grey Hunters, they look down upon zeal and instead embrance humility and a stubborness to do the right thing.

Grey Hunters are lead by the famous Tyndareos Maclon, or Tyndar for short. A strong warrior created from the genetic material of what is said to be Clan Maclon's most powefull adept, Tyndar was first deployd on the world of Franix Prime, a hostile world where survival was a constant struggle for the Ugandal colonists against the powelfull, demon-worhipping natives, and the vicious beasts under their control. When not fighting, Tyndar can often found out hunting, in with he exells. Tyndar is nice and polite towards his comrades and even captured enemies, preferring to take prisoners if it can be helped, though he always checks on demonic possession.

Thiugh the Grey Hunters never fell to Darkling corruption, a few of their number did join the Ethereal Enlightenment, merging with the Grey Guard to become the Grey Guardians.

  • Notes - Based on the Grey Knights and the Hallowed Knights

Dawn Bearers Edit

  • Primary Species - Taguan
  • Colors - White, Gold
  • Badge - A golden halo behind an open book
  • Battle Cry - “Behold! We bring the dawn!
  • Specialty - Conversion, counter-conversion
  • Designed to fight - Heralds of Mosivam
  • Arhat - Shachar Rasul
  • Notes - Based on the Imperial Heralds and the Blades of Dawn

Solar Siblings Edit

  • Primary Species - Raptoraean
  • Colors - Pink with Golden trim
  • Badge - Stylized golden wing
  • Battle Cry - “Children of Enlightenment, hearts beating proud!
  • Specialty - Swift Strikes, Sonic/Light-Based Weaponry
  • Designed to fight - Sons of Hedon
  • Arhat - Elegant'e

The Solar Siblings are not only Olympians, but the protectors of the Raptoranean royal family as well. For this honor, the Chapter believes it must become paragons of perfection, and as such every warrior of the Solar Siblings, piece of equipment and every verhicle is placed in the function best suited to their strengths and proven ability, in such a sphere they are almost desitated to excel. Individuals are encouraged by their Ahrat, Elegand'r, to achieve the pinnacle of efficiency and unit cohesion, so to execute the legion's battle plans flawlessy. The Solar Siblings place swiftness and agility over importance over firepower or "unsophisticated" brute strength. Jump Pack equipped Olympians are especially common, as are pilots of aerial fighter craft. This because the Solar Siblings fight in the same way as their Ahrat's species, the Raptoraneans. Furthermore, due to their praise of musics, it is not uncommon for Solar Siblings to wield sonic weaponry, though not as overly desctructive as the ones carried by the Hunter's Peacebringers.

However, the Olympians of the Solar Siblings are not purely warriors, for they are taught reverence for the aestic aspects that civilisation brings, no matter how primitive such civilization is. As Raptoraneans can mate with any species, it is no wonder that the Olympians of the Solar Siblings are taught to praise and uphold the diversity of cultures and species in the Collaborative. Art, sculpture, and music, among others, are highly praised, and when not honing their skills, the Solar Siblings can often be found practisioning said arts. This is often in direct conflict with how other Olympians would prefer to pass their spare time, and as such the Solar Sons are a highly insular group, preferring to keep their own councel.

Their armor is exquisite, and colored pink with golden trim, the colors of the Raptoranean Royal Family. On their left shoulder pad is their symbol, a stylized golden wing, or the "Phoenix Wing", as the Solar Siblings prefer to call it, after the Raptoranean royal family's symbol, a golden phoenix made of light. The size and 3-diminsionality of this wing symbolizes status, and as such their Ahrat had on his left shoulder pad a phoenix' beak erupting into a gigantic golden wing, each feather shimmering in a different color of light. As could be expected from the Solar Siblings, they repair and repaint or upgrade their armor and weaponry after each battle, so it's original flawlessness stays.

Elegant'e, the Ahrat of the Solar Siblings, embodies her Chapter's pursuit of physical beauty and perfection, having long silver hair that flows down her back, a melodic voice welcomes all who seek her counsel, and full lips that never fail to erupt into an amused smile if only the faintest of reasons present itself. She cares deeply for those under her command and sees herself simply as the first among equals. Always takeing prisoners, Elegant'e sees killing captured foes as a waste of potential, and, using her charms and reassuring behavoir, often manages to sway them over to the side of the Enlightenment Alliance. The ornate armor and cape Elegant'e wears are made in such a way that they further bolster her beauty, and her skill with his 3-headed whip is said to be legendary amost her kind, not that the Ahrat boasts about it. The personal guard of Elegant'e are are distinguished from main Solar Siblings by their large, 3D shoulder badge, having a phoenix-shaped visor on their helmet decorated with long feathers, and can be commonly seen wielding Force Glaives as well as Force Lashes.

The Solar Siblings did not fall to Darkling corruption, though some of their number swore allegiance to the Ethereal Enlightenment breakaway group and would fuse with the Hegemonic Mournful Sons to become the Lightling-corrupted Children of the Chalice.

  • Notes - Based on the Emperor's Children and the Sigmarite Brotherhood

Seraphs of Secrecy Edit

  • Primary Species - Gardeili
  • Colors - Dark Green, black
  • Badge - A key with blank parchment wrapped around it
  • Battle Cry - “For vengeance, we have come.
  • Specialty - Mallable Tactics
  • Designed to fight - Blademasters of Hag'mar'ah
  • Arhat - Lace'Daemos

The Gardeili were always known as a race which produced a great amount of philosophers in addition to warriors. The Seraphs of Secrecy, a Creed which has it's origins in the race, seamlessy blends the two concepts together. Even amongst their fellow Olympians, they are notoriously reclusive, locking themselves up in their own fortress-monasteries and only ever coming out to join a battle in the name of the Collaborative. The time in between battles is spend on rigorous disciplinary and matrial training as well as strategems and tactical planning, producing warriors that are especially hard to break. Each Olympian is also part of a lodge dedicated to unravelling the mysteries of the universe, lodges which become more and more esoteric in nature the higher one moves in the Chapter's ranks. At the center of the Chapter's central keep is kept a heavy tome, written by the Seraphs' Ahrat, the warrior-mystic Lace'Daemos. It is said to contain every successful strategy that this tactical genius has ever come up with, and it is rumored that one who adheres to it's tentets is militarily indefeatable. In truth, this is only supposedly so, for the tome is written in cipher, the code of which has eluded cracking by any outsider who had ever attempted it. It appears to have been written in a language by the Chapter's own making, the knowledge of which is passed down only from the Chapter's Archon to his successor at the time of his ascension.

The Seraphs of Secrecy are known for their exceptionally long memories, comitting each wrong done against them and the Alliane at large in various lesser tomes. They prefer not to strike first, but when they strike, it is with a cold vengeance in their hearts and an inpeccable casus belli on their lips.

Though they prefer close-quarters combat as much as their Gardeili forerunners and their leaders are noted to be consummate duellists, the Serpahs of Secrecy do not always bring blades to gunfights. The rank-and-file Olympians of the Chapter are drilled to be are able to fire even relatively large weapony, like as Hardlight Rifles, into the thick of close combat without risking harm upon their fellow squadmates. This often comes wholly unexpected to their opponents, who traditionally anticipate either pistols or dedicated melee weaponry to be brought out, and instead fall to a fusilliade of hardlight against which they have no defence.

  • Notes - Based on the Dark Angels and the Celestial Vindicators

Angels Matryr Edit

  • Primary Species - Catharhinii
  • Colors - Red and White
  • Badge - A winged mace
  • Battle Cry - “Angels Martyr, loyal unil death!
  • Specialty - Last Stands, Drop Assaults, Deep Strikes
  • Designed to fight - Abominations of Azathoth
  • Arhat - Istishdon

The Catharhinii have always been known as a extremely loyal race, who become the willing servants of those who save them from the brink of death and are all too willing to give up their own lives in return. The Angels Martyr take such tenets to the next level. They are all too willing to try and overcome suicidal odds for the greater glory of the Enlightenment Collaborative and are well-known for their last stands, in which they make certain that their enemy falls alongside them. Little remains in the Angels Martyr of the brutish culture that once characterised the race that the Creed traces it's origins to. Indeed, though the armor and weaponry of the Angels Martyr is little embellished, for material appearances are of no concern to those all too ready to die, the Angels Martyr do their best to be as cosmipolitian as possible.

In battle, the Angels Martyr charge head-strong into the defenses of the foe, preferring to use heavy-hitting weaponry to make fast work of the enemy. These assault-based spearheads are supported by squads wielding the heaviest weapons available, which are often fired on overcharge. Thus their damage output is even greater than what normally would be the case, though the weapons gain the tendency to terminally overheat - or worse. The Angels Martyr care not about such risks, for noble sacrifice runs deep in their Chapter culture, perhaps brought on by some unseen flaw in their gene-matrix. Nevertheless, the Chapter is amongst the most well-liked of the Collaborative, despite the prejudices that still continue to haunt the Catharhinii.

  • Notes - Based on the Blood Angels and the Celestial Warbringers

Blood Badgers Edit

  • Primary Species - Kaguran
  • Colors - Black and White with Red trim
  • Badge - A snarling Honey Badger
  • Battle Cry - “No matter the foe!
  • Specialty - Berserkers, Fearlesness
  • Designed to fight - Subjugators of Cravidor
  • Arhat - Ratel Strianach
  • Notes - Based on the War Hounds and the Knights Excelsior

Lunar Wolves Edit

  • Primary Species - Wolfling
  • Colors - Light Grey with Dark Grey trim
  • Badge - Howling Wolves' Head before a cresent moon
  • Battle Cry - “*Howling*
  • Designed to fight - Triarchs of Anubis
  • Arhat - Lupus Lupercal

The Lunar Wolves are amongst the feared, yet flexible of all Olympian Chapters. Much better that other in inspiring dread into their foes before they even strike, the Lunar Wolves commonly attack during the night, making use of the ememy's fatigue, while their own enhaced bodies need little sleep. The Lunar Wolves have developped an unique language that, to outsiders, sounds like a more dread-inspiring version of wolf howls. They use this to communicate with themselves on the battlefield, and with their descendant chapters.

The Lunar Wolves are known to adorm their armor with wolf pelts and other great trophies of war. All are taken, though furs represent the mayority.

The Lunar Wolves, in battle, will commonly operate like a group of pack hunters. At first, their most experienced scouts will track down the important strongholds of the enemy, as well as their leaders. Then, once the leaders have been located, the main army will come out. White at first marching at one towards their target, thet will soon split up into seperate squads, or "packs" as the Lunar Wolves call them, and encircle their foes as well. The most experienced veterans will target the leaders and kill them, as other will drive apart the main army until all cohesion is lost, and then gut them in a sudden rush of carnage, like apex predators gutting an herd of prey.

They are lead by Lupus Lupercal, an extremely charismatic man that can be as as partental as he can be savage. It is indeed said that Lupus has as many faces as he has teeth, but one thing is certain: his charisma is immense. Lupus does not need an extraordinary amount of firepower or bodyguards to be imposing: his appearance, that of an pack leader, his speeches, and the way his Chapter utterly listens to his words are enough. Lupus, unlike many of his adopted sons, will try diplomacy first, but should he fail, his Wolves will feast, with Lupus leading the fray, enjoying his lion's share as the leader.

The Lunar Wolves would be partially corrupted by the Darklings into the the Dark Legion, though, like the Shouded Slayers and the Bone Lictors, they managed to keep the relationship between the two hidden.

  • Notes - Based on the Luna Wolves and the Sons of Mallus

Frost Bears Edit

  • Primary Species - Kadalian
  • Colors - Glacier Blue with White ice pattern
  • Badge - A white Bear's paw upon a field of Glacier Blue
  • Battle Cry - “Might makes right!
  • Designed to fight - Doombringers of Fenris
  • Arhat - Rirukov Nikoleg

The Frost Bears are a Chapter that is infamous for it's boisterous nature and seemingly barbaric appearance. They commonly have trouble with discipline and only follow the most basic codes of war. Similar to their Archon, the Frost Bears are very welcoming towards allies in battle and celebration.

They are known to wear necklares make from the teeth of the savage Ruskan Polar Bears that stalk the snowy taigas and tundras of Ruskan, their capter homeworld, while also weaing their pelts in battle. A Frost Bear Battle-Leader will often seek out a pack of Ruskan Polar Bear and kill the pack-leader, establishing himself as the leader in return, and thus giving him fearsome companions to walk alongside him. Some more experienced Battle-Leaders are known to use their favorite Ruskan Bear as a crude steed as some sort, with causes tensions with the Hunter's Peacebringers who seen ponies as the only worthy steed. However, this rivalry always stays friendly, and often ends in both sides getting drunk and insulting each other. This is already pretty unique on it's own, since most capters forbid their Olympians from drinking alcoholic beverages.

The Frost Bears are lead by Rirukov Nikoleg, a giant is a man. He is a jovial, fatherly figure, with a love for food, ale, celebrating with his men, and enjoying life to the fullest. While Rirukov can come across as rambunctious and loud-mouthed, he is a welcoming figure to all who fight alongside him. However, he is equally savage in battle, proud and protective of his men to the death.

The Frost Bears did not fall to Darkling corruption, though some of their number swore allegiance to the Ethereal Enlightenment breakaway group and would fuse with the Hegemonic Ice Serpents to become the Lightling-corrupted Rime Foxes.

  • Notes - Based on the Space Wolves and the Astral Templars

Hadal Lanterns Edit

  • Primary Species - Euchada
  • Colors - Dark Red with electric trim
  • Badge - A coiled deep-sea eel
  • Battle Cry - “From the depths.
  • Designed to fight - Leviathans of Scyllraken
  • Arhat - Eelectropharynx
  • Notes - Based on the Knights of Azyr

Brave Burners Edit

  • Primary Species - Lavantuft
  • Colors - Orange with Yellow and Red flame patterns
  • Badge - Flaming Forge
  • Battle Cry - “Unto the forge of battle!
  • Designed to fight - Impalers of Skali'Draz
  • Arhat - Nacharth Vulcanis

Lavatufts already had the Brave Burners already built hundreds of years ago, however they only became true Olympians alongside the other original Chapters. Except for the greater strength and height all Olmypians possess, what sets the Brave Burners really apart from regular Lavatufts, is their near-immunity to water, the only known weakness of a Lavatuft, which allows them to fight well in volcanic areas, damp mines and carboniferous swamps, using the inflammatory gasses often found in such enviornments to their fullest extend.

Due to the unique Lavatuft psychology, they are not injected by Gene-Seed in the strict sense of the word, but rather, by a piece of their Ahrat's core. This Ahrat, Nacharth Vulcanis, was created with special regerative abilities with just this process in mind. Not only a warrior, Nacharth Vulcanis is a great smith as well, and this carried over to his Creed. They frequentely use the tactic of "hammer and anvil": Flamer- and Melter-wielding Olympians driving the enemy forwards, into their sturdy heavy weapon teams, with then pulvurize said foes with their Rocket- and Grenade Launchers.

The Brave Burners are known for their high usuage of heart-based weapons, and posses an far larger amount of flamethowers than any other chapter. Uniquely, they also posses a large amount of Volkite Weapons, weapons with a core of the said material that fires a stream of super-heated molecules, and that are absolutely devastating to both infantry, verhicles, and buidlings alike.

The Brave Burners are notable for their ideals of hard work, self-reliance and self-sacrifice. As such, the Brave Burners will go out of their way to avoid civilian casualties more than most Chapters, with only the Raven Senitels and the Plague Guardians doing such as much as them. As such, killing civilans is seem as a great shame, as even an armed civilian is expected to pose no threat to a Brave Burner. Even while they tend to rely on scorched earth warfare, the Brave Burners would make sure they themselves would make up for it by pouring fresh recources to the newly-conquered planet to help them rebuild. After each conquest, the Brave Burners often take a bath in ice-cold water to ritually cleanse themselves from their sins by making themselves feel a physical pain simmilar to the mental one by the conquered, before moving on.

The Brave Burners did not fall to Darkling corruption, though some of their number swore allegiance to the Ethereal Enlightenment breakaway group and would fuse with the Hegemonic Brotherhood of the Megalith to become the Lightling-corrupted Wyrms of Purgatory.

  • Notes - Based on the Salamanders and the Blooded Dawn

Haloed Drakes Edit

  • Primary Species - Draekar
  • Colors - Dark green with black scale pattern
  • Badge - Halo behind a dragon with wings spread out
  • Battle Cry - “Let loose the drakes of destruction!
  • Designed to fight - Fiends of Cruon
  • Arhat - Thel'valicomas
  • Notes - Based on the Halo Dragons

Ecliptic Lords Edit

  • Primary Species - Voracha
  • Colors - Midnight Blue with fleshy brown trim
  • Battle Cry - “For great justice!
  • Badge - A bat-winged Voracha face with bloodied fangs
  • Designed to fight - Nocturnal Legion
  • Arhat - Vaargh Stke

The Ecliptic Lords are the primary Chapter of the nocturnal Voracha, and infamous for their bloodlust and relentless to the persuit of justice. They are known to often execute criminals in terrible ways, like gutting them, ripping their torso from their legs and then crucifying the upper corpse, putting it on a stake, or using it to decorate their verhicles. Due to a gene-seed, they grow a more vampiric-like appearance, and bat-like wings.

This of course gave the Voracha a feared reputation amongst criminal elements, something that the Ecliptic Lords are quick to capitulise upon. Yet to the citizens of the Alliance, they appear as perhaps the most noble-blooded of all Chapters. This is intentionally so, for the Ecliptic Lords work tirelessly to be rid of the sigma that plagues the Voracha species. They have taken to giving themselves ever more exuberant noble titles, which to a non-Voracha would sometimes veer off into the ridiculous. Yet Voacha are simple-minded creatures and heart and are easily cowed by such pomp, allowing the Ecliptic Lords to redirect the future of their species step by step, until the Voracha finally stand accepted in the light.

The Ecliptic Lords hate injustice with as burning a passion as any Voracha however, in fashioning themselves as the shield of the downtrodden, are absolutely merciless to their foes. In truth, they love the thrill of the hunt perhaps more than anything else and are relentless in pursuing their quarry, often laying off the final assault to better savor the fear and confusio that they sow. Thus, for their trapping off nobility, the Ecliptic Lords stay headhunters first and foremost, decorating their keeps and even their armor with the skins of those dangerous elements to the Alliance thay they have hunted down and skinned - oftentimes alive.

The Ecliptic Lords are led by Kreethe Sthke, the most noble of his kind yet also the most savage in battle. Kreethe never takes prisoners, and prefers to slaughter down foe to the last man. However, to say that he is absolutely remorseless would be wrong, as he at times can be seen mouring of the massacres he has caused. Kreethe's guard are called the Dreadclaws, known for the many hides, and fleshy skulls decorating their of the armor. The Dreadclaw come in armed with shredder shotguns or, most usual, Force Claws sharpened to the extreme.

The Ecliptic Lords would be partially corrupted by the Darklings into the the Night Hunters whom they excommunicated as criminals and vowed to bring to justice.

  • Notes - Based on the Night Lords and Tempest Lords

Tartarian Arbiters Edit

  • Primary Species - Re'Ghul and Demonica
  • Colors - Red, Yellow, Black
  • Badge - Winged black cobra with yellow eyes
  • Battle Cry - “Deliver upon the doomed what they deserve.
  • Designed to fight - Harbingers of Agony
  • Ahrat - Rhamnou

The Tartarian Arbiters are one of the more feared Olympian chapters to have ever graced the battle field and for a good reason. Primarily made up of Demonica and Verasien, they have become one of the vengeful, vindictive, retribution seeking Olympian Chapters. While driven by an almost insatiable blood lust, they prefer not to kill their enemies, instead making heavy use of Nano Bot Weaponry that incapacitate enemy troops using veracious swarms of microscopic robots, before closing in. They will also use sonic weaponry that broadcasts a mix of screams and fills the minds of their foes with scenes of torture, paralyzing them in fear. Afterwards, they will quickly round up their foes and the Demonica members will devour their brains, absorbing the conscious for information and so the Demonica may torment them for as long as the Demonica may live. Also, they prefer to fight at range due to the general fragility of the Re'Ghul, even when enhanced, and the Demonica being mostly made dead cells are unable to regenerate. They Demonica members also prefer the use of Demonica Harkonnen Cannons, which are more powerful than Hardlight Rifles, but to unwieldy for anyone but the massive Demonica to wield. However, their only targets are those they feel deserve the hell they bring, civilians and other non-combatants are not to be touched.

Due to a Gene-Seed mutation the Arbiters to have a superb memory, causing them to remember everything that happened in their lives, from the greatest victory and complement down to the slightest failure or insult, making them even more vengeful and vindictive, but also very loyal. The effect is reduced somewhat for the Re'Ghul who are known for their poor memory. Another gene-matrix mutation gives the Arbiters a wasted, ghoul-like look. This appearance they attempt to replicate in the aesthetic of their equipment. Their weapons and armor often given a degraded and worn look, more so then it actually is, as they decorate it with the bones of their foes. They also tend to engrave demonic faces on their equipment as well as scenes of hellish torture making their very appearance highly unsettling.

The Tartarian Arbiters would be partially corrupted into the the Vile Dirge.

Their Ahrat is Rhamnou, a massive, dark, blood red Tyrant class Demonica with a mutation that causes him to develop two heads. While normally polite, even friendly, he is none the less a powerful, ruthless war machine with no mercy for those he feels has commit atrocities. He is also one of the few of his men who does not rely on ranged weapons, always being the first to charge head long into the battle field and the last to retreat.

  • Notes - Loosely based on the Excorciators and the Azyrite Arbiters

Crow Senitels Edit

  • Primary Species - Violaven
  • Colors - Black, White
  • Badge - Black Crow on White Background
  • Battle Cry - “We rise on wings of freedom!
  • Specialty - Stealth, Liberation
  • Designed to fight - Phantoms of Pathogis
  • Arhat - Corone Cornix

The Crow Senitels are a Chapter known for their highly mobile way of war. They are experts at guerilla warfare and using jump packs, hitting hard and fast with very percisise manuvering before vainshing without a trace. Therefore, they sport more Scouts and Recon Troopers than any other Chapter, and as much Jump Troopers as the infamous Skin Flayers whom they strongly disdain.

The battle companies of Crow Senitels can fully well make descisions on their own, and as such are often spread all over the territories owned by the Alliance, although they still keep close contact with each other. Highly empathic and with a very developped group mentality, the Crow Senitels see it as a great shame to kill civilians and will go out of their way to keep them from harm. Most even prefer to evacuate whole cities in enemy territory before even engaging the enemy armies in the first place.

Their Archon is Corone Cornix, a black-feathered Violaven with traces of white amongst the chest and back. He is a secretive person and very adept at infiltration. Silent and unseen, he slips behind enemy lines, quickly obliterating his foes before swiftly vanishing. A fervent hater of tyranny due to the high amount of action he saw in the War afgainst the Drakodominatus Tyranny, Corone values freedom highly and believes that any who take freedom away from others do not deserve to live. Seeing himself as the deliverer of freedom, Corone's biggest hope is for a united universe free from war or oppression. As such, he will take as much prisoners as he can, however he will swiftly execute those found guilty of opression. Corone cares highly for his Chapter, and would do anything to keep them from extinction.

The Crow Sentinels did not fall to Darkling corruption, though some of their number swore allegiance to the Ethereal Enlightenment breakaway group and would fuse with the Hegemonic Star Phantoms to become the Lightling-corrupted Pale Phantoms.

  • Based off the Raven Guard and the Lightning Hawks

Plague Wardens Edit

  • Primary Species - Tardythles
  • Colors - Olive Green with Brown trim
  • Badge - Three Seeker Flies
  • Designed to fight - Titans of Corpulus
  • Arhat -

  • Notes - Based on the Death Guard and the Ghyran Guard

Iron Skulls Edit

  • Primary Species - Iscablos
  • Colors - Granite Grey with Gunmetal Grey trim and Gunmetal Grey shoulder pads
  • Badge - Iron Skull-Helmet
  • Battle Cry - “Weak is the flesh; strong is the mind.
  • Designed to fight - Steel Reapers
  • Status - Traitors to the Cyber Collective
  • Arhat - Cranus Ferrus

The Iron Skulls have a reputation as being straightforward and brutal in battle. Like their Ahrat, the core of this legion were Iscablos, though the Chapter had far more diversity in species than most, and accepted any, as long as they allowed themselves to be upgraded with cybernatics. While all Iscablos are connected with cybernetics, and have a deep toutch with it, the Iron Skulls have a greater affinity towards it then their standard brethren. They believe all piaces of equipment and machinery are host to a machine spirit, and if something malfunctions, then it is because said machine spirit is displeased. As such, the Iron Skulls handle their equipment with utmost care, so not to displease the machine spirits within.

The Iron Skulls consider it an extremely high honor to become a Contemptor Walker, even more so then other chapters, and as such have more of them than any other chapter. Rumours are they they even have secretely build some Contemptitans for themselves. If needed, the Iron Skulls will cooperate attacks with the UAE's own Titan Legions or at times even with the mechanical Warrior-Hunters. The Iron Skulls are noted for being ruthless and dangerous in battle, and commonly leave no survivors. The Iron Skulls are noted to be expert with machinery, and many of it's Olympians have come to sport extensive cybernetics over the years.

Iron Skulls also tend to distrust other chapters, with the exception of the Queen's Children, and the similar Steelrollers. They especially hate the Plague Guardians, for they feel the Guardians' biological upgrades bring a mockery to their own cybernetics. The Iron Skulls believe that the flesh is weak, and that they must constantly upgrade themselves with cybernatics to remain strong. As such, they have gained a strong hatred towards weakness, and try to archieve perfection, abet in a different way than the Solar Sons do.

Due to their view points differing from those of other chapters, and the belief that they conspire against them, Cranus would return to serving the Alpha Cyber Collective once more, taking most of his Chapter sons with him.

Iron Skulls are lead by Cranus Ferrus, an Kramalin who once had an alliance with the rogue Ugandal, Tyndar, and would be, like him, assimilated. Cranus despises weakness, and has grown increasingly paranoid with other chapters, and is loyal only to his own sons. He was once a trusted ally, and close friend with many Olympians, but differing views have slowly distanced him from others.

The Iron Skulls would be partially assimilated into the Alpha Cyber Collective.

Notes - Based on the Iron Hands and the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, skull-like helmet based on that of the Iron Warriors

Steelrollers Edit

  • Primary Species - Kramalin
  • Colors - Gunmetal Grey with Bronze trim
  • Badge - Metal Steamroller/Cog
  • Battle Cry - “Strength in steel!
  • Designed to fight - Anathemae of Xenomortis
  • Satus - Traitors to the Bachyeon Hive-Mind (not yet)
  • Arhat - Perturbeon

The infamous Steelrollers, are another Chapter more infamous than anything, and the closest allies of the Iron Skulls. While famous for their abilities in siege warfare, the Steelrollers also have expertise in breaking them and breaching stongholds. Seeing war as noting more but a game of chess, they often use others to seek out enemy strongholds before they themselves move in, so they can minimize their own causalities as much as possible. This is because, once the true engagement begins, the Steelrollers would often form the vanguards of the UAE forces, due to their expertise. The Steelrollers themselves are known to host more armored devisions than any other legion, with only the Iron Skulls coming close. To add to their own firepower, they will often reverse-egineer alien weaponry, despite the dangers this might hold. Some extremely potent Bachyeon weapons intentionally left behind for them to pick up, was in fact the prime factor of their corruption.

In battle, the Steelrollers follow a simple method. They would start the battle with an artillery bombardment, utulizing everything at their disposal. Each cannon is directed at optimum target with utter care, for utter efficiency. After this, they would arrange their tanks in front of them, and have them plough forwards like a steel wall. These tanks are outfitted with steamrollers, dozer blades and large threads to crumble down any field fortifications. Behind this then came the Steelroller Olypians themselves, assembled into various blocks of troops; the formost sawblade launchers and chainweapons to cut open the last of defenses as well as breacher shields to protect themselves from the constant incoming hail of enemy fire. Behind these come blocks of Devastator and Destroyer troopers armed with rocket launchers and the like, behind them, the rest of the Olympians.

The Steelrollers would be partially assimilated into the Leviathan Hive-Mind.

  • Notes - Based on the Iron Warriors and the Suns of Sigmar, cog symbol based on that of the Iron Hands

Farmian Fulminators Edit

  • Primary Species - Antroth
  • Colors - White and Red
  • Badge - A rising sun
  • Battle Cry - “One for all, all for one!
  • Specialty - Disciplined assaults, Overwhelming tactics
  • Designed to fight - Skittering Annihilators
  • Arhat - Kásh Leton

The Farmian Fulminators see themselves as the ultimate warriors of Farmia, and in many ways they are right. The Ahrat leading this Legion is Kásh Leton, and as his name suggests, born out of the best DNA the Leton Family has to offer. They are group of warriors utterly driven by duty and bonded by brotherhood. As such, when the Farmian Fulminators deploy, they deploy all at once, overrunning the enemy lines and leaving no chance of escape. The Farmian Fulminators freely mixed and matched regular and heavy weapons within a squad, while their squad leaders often tended to develop minor ofensive essence powers.

The gaps in the Fulminator's armor are often repaired with Antroth Exoskeleton, a practice used even by the non-Antroth members. The Fulminators are known to deploy special devices on their larger speeders that are imbued with Anthroth Magic and shroud the oncoming horde in a cackling shelf cloud, creating a protective dome of static energy in front of their formations as the charge is protected from bombing runs by the moving thunderstorms just a few meters above them. This is low enough to allow their aerial verhicles to skim above the main force unharmed.

Simmilar to Antroth society, the command chain of the Farmian Fulminators is extremely hierarchic. The Ahrat, Kásh Leton, has absolute command. Beneath him are his advisors, his peronal bodyguard then the Legion's force commanders, then the squad captains, trainers and so on, down to finally the regular Olympians. This strong hierarchic structure makes the Creed difficult to sway to causes other than the Alliance's own, but should their Ahrat become corrupted, the whole legion will most likely follow him as well.

The Farmian Fulminators did not fall to Darkling corruption, though some of their number swore allegiance to the Ethereal Enlightenment breakaway group and would fuse with the Hegemonic White Lightning to become the Lightling-corrupted Seers of the Storm.

  • Notes - Based on the Stormblood Guard

Aeons of Horus Edit

  • Primary Species -Vanara
  • Colors - Blue, Gold, Rainbow
  • Badge - Golden Eye of Horus with a fire opal as the pupil.
  • War Cry - All is in the mind's eye!
  • Designed to fight - Prophets of Dra'Erath
  • Arhat - Aiwass Crowley

The Aeons of Horus are a primarily Vanara chapter native to the now lost world of Kraat and specializing in the use of psychic powers and the application of sorcery. Their Arhat Aiwass Crowley was born from Zuki's own DNA making Aiwass something of a brother to Zuki's other son Seerkar, Aiwass himself taking on the position of mentor to the young prince in the art of sorcery and precognition. Masters of the magic arts few can match the Aeons in their use of autogenetic energy to bend to forces of nature to their will.

  • Based on the Thousand Sons and the Crimson Seraphs.

Spectral Axes Edit

  • Primary Species - Liev
  • Colors - Bark Brown with green faceplate and shoulder pads
  • Badge - A double-bladed axe with thorned vines draped acros the hilt
  • War Cry - We are the whispers in your mind, the silent shouts that fill this place. We are all around you, and we are death.
  • Designed to fight - Hounds of Kuzushimasu
  • Arhat - Levisekkar
  • Notes - Based on the Sons of the Gladius

Storm Strikers Edit

  • Species - Hyperon
  • Colors - Storm Grey, dark iron trim for squad leaders and higher
  • Badge - A thunderbolt clenched in a fist
  • Battle Cry - “We ride the storm!
  • Speciality - Lightning-fast strikes
  • Designed to fight - Horsemen of Destiny
  • Ahrat - Timureza

The Storm Strikers were the last of the original Olympian Creeds. Joining late during the Great Tyranny war, there was only one thing that counted in the tactics employed by the Storm Strikers - speed. As such, they greatly prefered any sort of bike or speeder, though anti-grav craft were not unheard of as long as they were fast enough. The Storm Strikers prefered to strike as fast as a tempest, often deploying a wide distance away from enemy lines so they could build up the momentum of their earth-shattering charges. Aside from speed, they also prefered to harness their own psycho-thermo-electro abilities, resulting in an abundance of plasma weaponry.

The Storm Strikers never settled on their designated homeworld, instead becoming a nomad fleet which strengthened it's numbers by recruiting freed Tyranny slaves. This won the Creed great reown as they quickly took their place amongst the most respected of Olympian Creeds. Though successful in aiding the conquest of the Horsemen of Destiny's Overseer Citadel, the Storm Strikers met their match during the battle of Demogorgon Prime, when they were bogged down in the planet's many quagmires, surrounded, and anhilliated. Their arms, armory and tithes would eventualy pass on to the Peacebringers of the Hunter.

  • Notes - Based on the White Scars and the Sons of the Storm

Secondary Chapters Edit

Omega Olympians Edit

  • Primary Species - Unknown
  • Origin - Shrouded Slayers
  • Colors - Black with Silver trim and Cyan elbow and knee pads, gloves and boots
  • Badge - A letter omega with a glaring serpent coiled up inside it
  • Battle Cry - “We are the end of all who oppose us!
  • Speciality - Deep Strikes, Attrition Warfare
  • Archon - Agemo Armageddan
  • Notes - Based on the Omega Marines

Black Crusaders Edit

  • Primary Species - Ugandalorian
  • Origin - Grey Hunters
  • Colors - Black
  • Badge - A gold-trimmed, white-on-black crosslet
  • Arhat - Pollux Maclon

The Black Crusaders are a group, that like the White Knights, where spawned from the Grey Hunters, and created to assist in plantary and fleet assaults. Strong-willed, dedicated, and aggressive, the Black Crusaders are seen as a bane to their enemies, and are one of the most religiously active of the Olympian Chapters, safe for those that have their origins in the Church of Spode.

The Black Crusaders where created for a need for assistance in heavy, grinding planetary assaults, where ground forces would need a source of inspiration and power to lead them. The Black Crusaders where created to do just that. They are used to out-right assaults, and take great joy in leading Vahallan, Ugandalorian and Clone Trooper battalions into war.

The Black Crusaders wear armor much like their predecessors, but it is instead colored black with white trim, and decorated with a white crosslet on both shoulder pads. In contrest to their pitch-black armor, their weapons are colored a sheer white, as are the weapons systems of their otherwise completely black verhicles, resulting in a remarkbable contrast. This is done to have the weaponry stand out more and thus make the verhicle as a whole more intimidating in look.

They are lead by Pollux Maclon, another of Tyndar's descendants. He is dedicated to the alliance, and commonly can be seen leading his men into battle personally, tearing through enemies with little abandon. He is headstrong and remorseless, and believe that those who do not embrace the light of the Alliance and Zaraturai need to find absolution at all costs, and that this comes in death. Despite this, he cares for the troops under his command greatly.

  • Notes - Based on the Black Templars and Celestial Knights

White Cavaliers Edit

  • Primary Species - Ugandalorian
  • Origin - Grey Hunters
  • Colors - White
  • Badge - A black-on-white maltese cross with a fleur-de-lis in it's centre
  • Arhat - Kastor Maclon

The White Cavaliers are an descendant Chapter of the Grey Hunters, and famous for their never-ending quest with they swore to forever follow; to protect the weak and give away their spoils of war to the poor and homeless in a try to better their lives. They are notable to be extremely skilled in riding Largotz War Dragons and even the fearsome Tahriko Battle Mounts, and their heavy rivalry with the Lavatuft Dragon Rideer Chapter.

The White Cavaliers were created for peace-keeping on newly conquered worlds, and spreading the light of their godess, Zaraturai, to these planets. Due to this, these all-male Olympians often work together with the all-female Vahallans, who have a simmilar roles. They often can be often seen fighting side by side, and due to their close relationship, it is not unusual for an White Questaer and an Valhallan battle-sister to engage in an romantic relationship, soething that is frowned upon deeply by the White Cabvalier breathren, the Black Templars. All White Cavaliers pray to Zaraturai before going into battle, and commonly shout religious hymns to her during battle itself.

The White Cavaliers wear the same type of armor life their predecessors, but colored white, with a black maltese cross on both shoulder pads, and a fleur-de-lis in the centre. Their weapons and verhicle weaponry are painted black, but notably only the upper parts, with the sides being as white as their verhicle chassis.

Their initatation rite is to defend a helpless citizen from it's oppressor, or a whole population if possible. When they succeed, and if the population is willing, the Tuetonic then becomes their leader. If they have helped free an oppressed citizen from a single oppressor, then it is their duty to serve that person and assist them in life from hence forth, without question. This was started by Kastor, believing it helped create more obedient, more down-to-earth soldiers.

They are lead by Kastor Maclon, one of Tyndar's descendants. Kastor is fair in battle, and has an strict honor code, never cheating to let him win. While he respects his foes, those who do dishonorable deeds cannot expect his mercy. While head-strong and brave, he believes that war must follow certain rules, and is happy to take prisoners, feeling that life is important in all respects.

  • Notes - Based on the White Templars and the Maelstrom of Light

Red Exorcists Edit

  • Primary Species - Ugandalorian
  • Origin - Grey Hunters
  • Colors - Red
  • Badge - Bone demon's skull with ruby-like eyes
  • Status - Self-Imposed exile to better hunt down Rakar and other Darkling servants
  • Arhat - Caronn Maclon

Red Exorcists are among the most distrusted of the Olympians. Created for an unknown purpose, other then to "hunt demons", the Red Exorcists have worked many a times with their Grey Hunter ancestors on missions against the Brotherhood of Darklings. However, their aid is sometimes unwanted, as the hyms in various dark languages they chant into battle are known to scare allies as much, or even more, than their foes. To better fit their purpose, the entire Chapter thus went into self-exile, only returing to ward off demonic incursions or Darkling invasions. Despite the negative stigma surrounding this myrad, they are loyal to the Allianc's cause beyond reconing.

Red Exorcists are the source or rumors among many Alliance battle legions, with some claiming they where all briefly possessed by Demons or Darklings before being freed, thus allowing them knowledge on how to combat the Demon, War-Fiend, Rakar and Darkling. Whatever they case, they are trained to shield themselves from the tempting of demons and others, and none has ever fallen.

Their armor is an horned variant of the armor worn by the Grey Knights, but spiked and painted cornell red, and tend to actually look like the armor worn by traitor Olympians. They have an demon's head printed on one shoulder pad, and an 3-dimenional, ruby-eyed demonic face on the other. The sides of their weapons and verhicle weaponry are bone-colored and inscribed with runes of warding.

Their initation rite is simple, they have to survide demonic possession and cast the demon itself out.

The Red Exorcists are led by Caronn Maclon, probable the most infamous of Tyndar's descendants due to his strong self-discipline, and his strange sense of paranoia. Caronn is, as part of his strange paranoia, is known to check the room for foes when he enters, and always looks doors behind him with his essence, probably so no demonic enternity attack him. Caronn is somewhat superstitious as well, and is known to constantly perform many rituals with, as he belives, ward off demons. Besides being a master-slayer, he is an expert warrior as well, and is very steadfast in his will to continue the alliance, at all costs, regardless of what happens to him.

  • Notes - Based on the Red Templars, the Red Hunters, and the Exorcists

Pyre Phoenixes Edit

  • Primary Species - Raptoranean
  • Orgigin - Solar Sons
  • Colors - Yellow with blue flames
  • Badge - A burning blue Phoenix rising from blue flames on a yellow background
  • Battle Cry - “Ashes to ashes!
  • Specialty - Jump Assault, Sword Battles
  • Archon -


  • Notes - Based on the Fire Hawks, Flame Eagles and Fame Falcons and Tempest Lords

Soul Sippers Edit

  • Primary Species - Raptoranean
  • Orgigin - Solar sons
  • Colors - Purple with Gold trim and Pink curls and waves
  • Badge - A golden cup with pink steam rising out of it
  • War Cry - For the Alliance and nothing else!
  • Specialty - Void Combat, Use of Sonic Weaponry
  • Archon -


  • Notes - Based on the Soul Drinkers

Kleptis Crows Edit

  • Primary Species - Violaven
  • Origin - Raven Senitels
  • Colors - Black with Maroon trim and Bone white shoulder pads
  • Badge - A black crow with a teardrop in the middle
  • Specialty - "Artefact Recovery", also known as Stealing
  • Archon - Gabeial Kyreas


  • Notes - Mainly based on the Blood Ravens

Ice Wolves Edit

  • Primary Species - Wolfling/Kadalian
  • Origin - Lunar Wolves/Frost Bears
  • Specialty - Executioners
  • Colors - White with Glacier Blue trim
  • Badge - Snarling Wolves' Head
  • Arhat - Snorri Wolvesteeth

The Ice Wolves are an chapter created by splicing Lunar Wolves gene-samples with those of the Frost Bears. The result are Olympians who are not only adapted at warfare on snowy and ice worlds with harsh conditions, but are also trackers without peer. The reason of their creation is sealed away, but they seem to be especially adept at killing other Olympians. However, some whisper that their purpose is to eliminate those Chapters that have turned away from the Alliance, in case a second Great Betrayal occurs.

Instead of squads, they form Blood-packs, with battle-brothers they have fought with before, and certain brothers filling certain roles in battle. The intiates will first join the ranks of the wild and unpredictable Blood Fangs, and then, when they have learned restraint, will join the ranks of the experienced Ice Fangs, before joining the ranks of the elite Sabre Fangs. The most skilled of the them will then join the Wolf Guard, the Archon's bodyguard.

Ice Wolves commonly fight in cold or winter conditions, seemingly having better senses for it. They rely more on hearing and smelling then just plain sight, and will sniff out enemies during combat. The Ice Wolves strike with brutal efficiency, ambushing and picking off the weakest of their foes before disappearing back into the blizzards. The Ice Wolves are merciless executioners of the Alliance's will, and when orders are given, will let none escape, and let none escpae. Outside of that, however, they normally will take prisoners, and even plead those whom they are send to kill to surrender first.

Ice Wolves are lead by Snorri Wolvesteeth, a belligerent and highly courageous individual who has led the Ice wolves to victory for as long as the Chapter exists.

  • Notes - Based on the pre-heresy Space Wolves

WereWardens Edit

  • Primary Species - Boyk
  • Origin - None, claim spiritual anchestry to the Lunar Wolves
  • Colors - Fiery Orange with Light Blue trim and metallic grey shoulder, elbow and knee pads, gloves and boots
  • Badge - Fiery Orange, demonic Wolf with Blue eyes and Red claws and tongue
  • Arhat - Phelan Vlk

Members of the newly joined Boyk Nomads, the WereWardens Chapter are drawn from from a tribe of Boyk warriors with the ability to devolve into a more primitive state of being. These warriors have a fierce warrior culture and believe in strongly bonds of brotherhood and honor. They have caste system, but are rather informal about it and, influenced by the Lunar Wolves, tend to be flexible when it comes to maintaining it. Like the Shadow Wolves, the WereWardens have been trained into an full Olympian Chapter by the Lunar Wolves, who are often referred as their spiritual ancestor chapter by the WereWardens themselves.

The WereWardens specialize in close quarters combat, preferring hand to hand conflict as opposed to fighting at range. That is not to say they are ineffective at range. In fact, it is quite the opposite, as many of them are very potent snipers, but simply prefer to fight man to man. They also make heavy use of Mechs when fighting and those who have been integrated into a contemptor are given the highest honor of all.

Their Archon is Phelan Vlk, a young Boyk warrior who has proven himself incredibility skilled in combat. Phelan has a rebellious and often risk-taking personality. He is a highly accomplished mech warrior and is not afraid to take a chance. He often comes up with rather daring strategies and tends to rely on instinct and intuition. He like all WereWardens can devolve into a primitive, four legged state and has taken to the UAE's ideals like convert to a new religion.

  • Based of the Space Wolves 13th Company, Werewolf PMC from Metal Gear, and Clan Wolf in Exile from Battletech.

The Peacebringers Edit

  • Species - Human
  • Origin - None
  • Colors - Varies, mostly conflicting, garish colors
  • Badge - The Queen band symbol, but with the lions and eagle replaced with MLP characters and, in small writing, "Freddie Mercury is Magic".
  • Battle Cry - “Say our name bitches! Who the heel do you think we are?!
  • Speciality - Bike/Steed-based fast attack, Sonic-Based Weaponry
  • Archon - Konrad Wilson
  • Other members - Ereto Wilson, Francos the Ancient, Mathias Wilson

Formed long after the fall of the Tyranny, The Peacebringers of the Hunter are a group of humans, descended from Phase-Hunter, an infamously insane warrior, who is none the less loyal to alliance and her ideals, and willing to endure any pain for his adoptive race, the Ugandalorians. While at first doubtful in his abilities, his mastery of leading forces into battle proved to the alliance that he was worthy of having an Olympian force for himself.

Enhanced with regenerative abilities, better mental control, and a far less "corpse-like" look, the Peacebringers where all trained by Phase personally, and all share a similar taste in Queen music and the TV show My little Pony. They mostly specialize in "Blitzkrieg"-like tactics, first calling in airstrikes, before charging in on either speeder bikes, skyboards, or genetically engineered, armored horses to attack their foes, while throwing electified lassos and firing their deafening sonic weaponry. The most elite, and usually eldest, of their group form an elite guard, called Cataphract Titans, their ponies being larger, the source for the Titan name, and their bodies covered in more armor and shielding, like the Cataphracts of ancient Byznatium. The Cataphracts all wield powerfull Blastmaster Sonic Launchers into battle, as well as an Force Saber. Much like the armor of the Peacebringers themselves, the plating of the ponies crackles with electricity, allowing Cataphract and pony to swap energy and fuse their minds to create 1 personality. Furthermore, the ponies of the Catapracts have a dual Plasma Launcher/Sonic Blaster that is located in their mouths, giving the steed themselves a way to fight on it's own as well.

The Peacebringers have similar armor to Phase, but customized with their own personal markings and war paint. All together, like the singer, and show, that inspired them, they are bright, flashy, and flamboyant.

In Phase-Hunter's place, is the Archon Konrad Wilson, his first "son", and an expert warrior. While similar to his father in many ways, he is more stable, and is able to hold his tongue and keep from saying snarky remarks or sarcastic comments to his allies. Unlike his father and the rest of the legion, he is a fan of AC/DC, not Queen, something the others find insane. It is noteworthy that all members of this Chapter are humans, and while one species is often dominant in an chapter/legion, an species-exclusive legion is actually forbidden. The only reason the Peacebringers come away with it, is because all members are cloned from Phrase-Hunter, his Gene-Seed being incompatible with anything else.

All members will chant Queen or My Little Pony songs before riding into battle. Getting drunk and going to whore houses in nearby systems is not an uncommon celebration for them. Their armor is unusual in the fact that it crackles with blue electicity when the wearer fights. This electricity is used to release electical pulses in parts of the brain with stimulate adrenaline or generate an sense-enhancing, pleasing pain.

Due to their nature as clones, the Peacebringers are especially close to the Clone Legions used by the Alliance as their hammer. It seems to even reflect the friendship of both Clone sources, Phase-Hunter and Barda Clett.

  • Notes - Based on nothing; parody

Tertiary Chapters Edit

Warriors Requiem Edit

  • Primary Species - Terniam/Tergarous
  • Origin - Angels Martyr
  • Colors - Yellow with chequered Black and White trim
  • Badge - Bleeding Heart
  • Archon - Maras Pharas
  • War Cry -
  • Status - Corrupted by the The Tribunal of Courts

A descendant chapter of the Angels Martyr, the Warriors Requiem were a chapter known for their dedication for protecting the weak and innocent of the alliance. They were more than well known for taking on operations to save and keep safe civilian population, throwing themselves with all their might against their foes, refusing to give up until everyone was safe. However they were cursed with a constant suffering to misfortune, constantly being befallen by tragedy after tragedy. This was only compounded by a gene-matrix flaw that made them feel despair and regret even more acutely than others, driving many to self harmful acts in order to gain forgiveness for their failures. This made them perfect targets for the Judicators.

Coming to their leader Maras Pharas, one the Judicator's Defenders posed as a friend, offering to grant him one request. Maras asked for the power to save all innocents from the darkness that plagued them and the Defender gave him an hormone that gave them great resistance to the powers of the Darklings and their servants. However is came with a dark twist, the hormone was toxic, so toxic that only an Olympian or Vahallan could handle it. The Warriors Requiem saved many from the Darklings with power the hormone gave them, only to have the very hormone that allowed them to save those people to kill them.

When asked why this was happening; the Defender said that Maras had asked him to give them the power to save people from the Darklings - the Warriors Requiem were not Darklings and so the Defender was actually keeping up his end of the bargain. It were the Warriors who had failed in their poorly worded request. This drove them to such despair that it consumed their minds utterly, triggering the hormone to change into one that bound them to the will of the and twisting their minds so that they believed that the only way to save people from despair and the hopelessness of the world was to kill them. They further more became heavily mutated, developing withered, pale white bodies, and pitch black, empty eyes.

Blooded Blades Edit

  • Primary Species - Kaguran
  • Origin - Blood Badgers
  • Specialty - Dual-wielding melee weapons, total slaughter
  • Colors - Uniform red
  • Badge - Two crossed swords dripping blood

Brazen Bulls Edit

  • Primary Species - Mandel Races, mainly Kaguran
  • Origin - Blood Badgers
  • Specialty - Berserkers, close quarters combat
  • Colors - Brass with red trim
  • Badge - A flaming minotaur skull, with blood dripping from it's eyes
  • Archon - Arthalas Mecjorin
  • War Cry - Remember Jorvash! For the Kings!

The Brazen Bulls are a mysterious Tertiary Chapter, formed in secret by the High Lords of the Mendel Pact. When they came into being is not certain, but what is known is that the Brazen Bulls ultimately seem to bear little loyalty or respect for anyone outside of the Mendel. Why this is, is unknown, but many whisper they where created for the Mendel High Lords in secret, and act as their personal executioners. After the attacks by the Hegemony, the High Lords where hit hard by the news of so many children lost to the Hegemony raids. As such, seeing the effectiveness of the mainly-Mendel Blood Badgers and Black Crusaders, created a chapter, derived from Blood Badger gene-stock, to emulate their fearless savagery, coupled with the more tactical aggression of the Black Crusaders. Indeed, the Brazen Bulls act for the Mendel Lords alone, unlike others who display loyalty towards the Alliance as a whole. The fact they are indoctrinated with more loyalty towards the High Lords rather then the Alliance leaders adds credence to this idea.

They first appeared when the future Crimson Corsairs revolted, their chapter fleet appearing mysteriously from nowhere, and launching a ground assault alongside the Black Crusaders and Ice Wolves, slaughtering traitors left and right, and taking few prisoners in their fury. Attempts to talk with them where rebuffed, and after there where no more enemies to kill, they simply left, taking all genetic samples of their chapter with them. This left many Olympians, and those in command, confused about the appearance of the strange chapter. While their reports note nothing out of the ordinary, observations of their forces that operate around the galaxy conclude they are slower growing past the approved numbers, and the Mendel are making sure everyone turns a blind eye towards this.

The Brazen Bulls have since deployed on missions considered particularly sensitive to the nature of the Mendel Pact and it's future. Because of this, many now believe the Brazen Bulls the personal assault force of the Mendel Pact, and worry over the power they have garnered. However, their concern is not with the control of the rest of the Alliance's nation states, but rather seeing to the end and destruction of the Mendel's traditional enemies/rivals, such as the Eldarisian Empire and the Hegemony. It is believed the Mendel High Lords, along with the Koatria, are planning something, and the Brazen Bulls will be part of it.

The Brazen Bulls are brutal close combat berserkers, rushing forward to brutally tear apart their enemies in close combat and rip them to shreds with power claws, mauls and swords. Their weapons and equipment are extremely advanced, even for an Olympian chapter, and high ranking members even have equipment "borrowed" from the Elite guards of Zaraturai, the Olympia Custodians, such things a normal chapter should not have.

Although they acted the Hand of Retribution's Shock Troopers, even going as far as launching a secret war against the Peacebringers, when news reached them that the Lagorthene where being allowed to settle on Ugandalore, and kill and slaughter Kaguran left and right, the Kaguran majority Brazen Bulls swore off the Hand, and slaughtered any of his warriors in their ranks, turning their aggression towards his forces until Kirta announced her victory over him, and the Brazen Bulls went on a Crusade to Repent for their ways.

Wolves of Midnight Edit

  • Primary Species - Wolfling/Deutzalanian
  • Origin - None, claim spiritual anchestry to the Lunar Wolves
  • Colors - Dark Purple with Black trim
  • Badge - Black Wolves' Head on purple background
  • Arhat - Hastur Lupercal

The Wolves of Midnight are a group of Olympians that are quite diffrent from the others in origins. Many within this Chapter do not hail from species in the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, instead coming from a series of Zarbanian colonies that where radically different from standard Zarbanians sectors. With the help of the Lunar Wolves, the 3 entire sectors rebelled, as their culture was more similar to the Ugandalorians, and joined the Alliance, calling themselves the Ustmen from then on. Their leader, Hastur, would become like an adopted son for Lupus Lupercal, and eventually adopted his last name, being enhaced into a Lunar Wolf, and become the advisor to Lupus when it came to batteling the Zarbania Powers.

After the Ustmen proved themselves loyal again and again to the Alliance's cause, Phelan Vlk of the WereWardens, another descendant chapter of the Lunar Wolves, proposed that Hastur was to have his own Chapter, drawn from his closest friends in the Lunar Wolves as well as initiates from the Ustmen. Though this was radically in opposition to what was the standard, Lupus accepted, though kept the project secret from his brothers.

Finally, they were unleashed on a couple of bases and listening posts on the frontier of the rebelled sectors that the Powers had secretely build. Fighting alongside them were the Lunar Wolves themselves, the Wolves of Midnight bore the Lunar Wolves' inconography as well, to hide the fact that they were a different Chapter. Lupus had Hastur and his Wolves of Midnight do most of the campaign, not to minimize the losses of his own Chapter, but because he could that way recommend the Ustmen for their prowess and make them their own chapter. The plan did suceed better than even Lupus planned, and the Wolves of Midnight, much to the astonishment of the other Olympian Chapters, were allowed to form their own Chapter.

In terms of combat, the Wolves of Midnight follow the same tactics as the Lunar Wolves, mixed with Deutzalanian tactics and striking from the shadows, isolating and striking down leaders and anyone that is weak or isolated, and sowing panic an in any who remain, before retreating. They would then lie in wait for foes, ocassionally letting hear of them to remember their foes that they still are out there, waiting for a new weak spot to arrive before striking anew until the enemy is declimated. Unlike the quick, overwhelming assaults of the Lunar and Ice Wolves, this method most of the time takes longer, but the results are the same, and the Wolves of Midnight have much lesser losses, with is important because the amount of Ustmen to recruit from is rather low. Because of this, they ocassionaly recruit Wolflings from the same icy world the Lunar Wolves recruit from. They Wolves of Midnight adorn their armor with the same furs of wolf-like creatures as their Lunar Wolf anchestors, though theirs are more rugged and bloodied.

The Wolves of Midnight are lead by Hastur Lupercal, a honored "Hekar", or chief, from these "backwards" Deutzalanian worlds, who gained the attention of many higher ups for his skill in battle against his own kind, leading his Ustmen Olympians to victory countless times against the Zarbanian Powers.

  • Notes - Based on the Dark Wolves

Celestial Wyverns Edit

  • Primary Species - Draekar
  • Origin - Haloed Drakes
  • Colors - Silver with Dark Green trim and scales
  • Badge - Dark Green dragon encoiled around a star
  • Archon -

The Celestial Wyverns are a space-borne Chapter, going to wherever the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment needs them the most instead of protecting the space around their recruitment worlds. Adhering to the sacred principles of selfnessness and civilian aid more so than even the Brave Burners, the Celestial Wyverns, by their oaths, will do whatever it takes to help out an allied Chapter or an UAE world in need. So far they go that they are willingly to accompany allied chapters to a certain doom or throw themselves into the thickest of the fighting, holding off enemy forces at the cost of their own lives so that civilians have time to flee.

The Celestian Dragons refer to their squads as "scales" and to meetings of whole companies as "clutches". Compenies tend to be created one at a time, and when it happens, all recrits for it are enhanced into Celestial Wyverns at the same time. Company-Brothers refer to each other as "Clutchlings", and share a close bond with each other arely seen even between Battle-Bothers of Companies of other Chapters.

  • Notes - Based on the Star Dragons

Olympians Malicious Edit

One of the few known descendant Chapters of the Rad-Eaters, the Olympians Malicious were once loyalists of the Rad-Eaters former Archon, Argon, before he was killed by the Rad-Eaters current Archon Vice-Jaw. Having been excommunicated from the Rad-Eaters, many would later rejoin them to repent, but would eventually leave and form their own Chapter. The Olympians Malicious have not been seen in UAE space for years. Instead, some would say luckily so, they now wander the void of space in different warbands, hunting down the Steelrollers and any other foe of the UAE they happen to come across.

The Olympians Malicious are rarely encountered by any of the other Chapters and when they are, it is an eerie if not guelsome experience to say the least. Fighting in complete silence, the Olympians Malicious rarely even acknowledge the presence of other Chapters and instead concentrate completely on eliminating whatever they came for. They are also noted to be fanatical worshipers of the Vanara beast Kari, the Air Serpent. While their war record in service to the UAE is exemplary, many of the UAE's forces, Olympians or otherwise, prefer to actively avoid to Olympians Malicious due to their less than questionable combat doctrine.

The Marines Malicious are noted for a total disregard of allied casualties, similar to the pre-betrayal Steelrollers of some sorts, and make no distinction between the innocent and the guilty in battle. They believe that those who do not defend themselves when needed have no right to live, as their survival was wrought with the blood of others who did. Before moving in, the Olympians Malicious are known to nuke the territory their enemies are located, whatever it is in an uninhabited wasteland or a dense population center. Then, they will carhge in, cutting down anyone who remained alive with their wide arsenal of chain- and vibroweaponry. The warbands of the Olympias Malicious will meet every year or so at a massive abandoned space structure called The Maze, where daring souls will undergo the Trial of the Maze. None have ever returned.

There are numerous dark rumors surrounding the Olympians Malicious. It is said that they have even bombed UAE cities were Zarbanian Command had taken up residence, and are rumored to sacrifice captured foes to their serpentine deity and only speak to sing their bloody praise to them.

They are lead by their Archon Khrallt, a savage, yellow and black Vanris Atlas, with some parts of his formerly pure yellow skin having turned to a putrid white. Many Red Exorcists consider this change in color an indication of corruption, and are watching to move against this as-mysterious Chapter.

  • Based of the Marines Malvolent and the Sons of Malice

Gear Knights Edit

  • Primary Species - Vashari, Norn Ais, Other Mechanical Races
  • Specialty - general purpose, close combat
  • Colors - Gunmetal Grey with Silver chestpieces, Gunmetal Blue trim
  • Badge - A curving crescent-like object, with a circle in the center
  • Archon - Vashari Phenix
  • War Cry - For our Organic brothers! For Vengeance!

After the disaster of the Great Xonexian Schism, the Olympians where left with many of their number turned traitor, and their loyalist chapters at half power. Alliance command struggled to find a solution, as Ugandalorians found an old Vashari foundry left damaged during the war. Activating it, they found blue prints for an enhanced Vashari, many of them containing the intelligence matrixes of fallen Mendel heroes, including Torscka Nitrocon. Contacting the Highlords, Barda and his fellow rulers met with the Vashari, who believed himself Torscka, and spoke with him for a long time. Realizing he was, in fact, not Torscka, Barda implored the machine to keep the name, but he refused, believing he would have to carry his own name, and indeed, forge his own destiny, and chose the name Phenix.

The rest of the Enlightenment Alliance saw Phenix and his kin as a symbol of hope. Taking him and his comrades with them, they met with the rest of the UAE leaders and discussed the possibility of Phenix leading a new Olympian chapter. After researching the beings in question, Phenix agreed, his forces' bodies further reinforced as they took on the mantle of Olympian. They where joined by a number of Vashari who volunteered to have their bodies recalibrated into Reinforced bodies, and Vanara Norn AIs, as well as a number of other mechanical races, with Phenix made their Archon. Many chapters did not like it, feeling there something inherently wrong with machines taking on their role, though, most notably, the Black Crusaders and their kindred welcomed the new Olympians, who took the name Gear Knights to honor the Grey Hunters and their descendants' knightly attitude, and to honor their own mechanical nature.

The Gear Knights are fairly general combatants, though many prefer close quarters combat with energy blades and other melee weapons, being extremely effective at this. They are very durable, as they can heal their bodies overtime thanks to self-healing, semi-sentient nano-metal, and can even rise up again to fight if destroy, able to piece their bodies back together even if destroyed. Thanks to their mechanical nature, they have no need for tech-troopers, able to repair their own vehicles if damaged in battle. Their scouts are recruited from their robotic serfs, who come to battle alongside their Olympians, and are chosen for those with a high rate of success in battle and bravery. Once they prove themselves worthy, their consciousness is taken out, and their body broken down and used as a base template to build their new, enhanced body, before their consciousness is transferred back in.

Former Hegemony Chapters Edit

Death Metal Eagles Edit

  • Primary Species - Violaven, formerly Hegemony races
  • Acclaimed Origin: Crow Senitels
  • True Origin: Eagles of Doom
  • Specialty - Jump Pack assault
  • Colors - Purely black with white shoulder pads and gunmetal grey helmets
  • Badge - A winged Raven's skull
  • Archon - Unknown
  • War Cry - “We suffer so others might not!

Nephillim Repentant Edit

  • Primary Species - Hegemony races
  • Acclaimed Origin: Seraphs of Secrecy
  • True Origin: Night Children
  • Specialty - Overwhelming firepower
  • Colors - Black with white shoulder, elbow and knee pads, red trim, markings, and robes
  • Badge - Two red crossed swords behind a scrollwork shield
  • Archon - Unknown
  • War Cry - “Original sin, eternally damned, forever repentant! No quarter be given!

Fraternity of the Dolmen Edit

  • Primary Species - Ranax and Lavatuft, formerly Hegemony races
  • Acclaimed Origin: Brave Burners
  • True Origin: Brotherhood of the Megalith
  • Specialty - Endurance
  • Colors - Stone browns and greys
  • Badge - A stylised dolmen
  • Archon - Unknown
  • War Cry - “For the Fathers!

Dune Riders Edit

  • Primary Species - Varies, formerly Hegemony races
  • Acclaimed Origin: Peacebringers (by the Peacebringers themselves)
  • True Origin: Dune Walkers
  • Specialty - Desert warfare, Steed-based fast attacks
  • Colors - Desert Tan with Cream trim and shoulder pads
  • Badge - Three windswept sand dunes
  • Archon - Unknown
  • War Cry - “We walk in the footsteps of the Saviors.
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