There shall be peace once more.

Long ago Mirus was a haven for all life. Through our unity, we shall make it so again!

- UAE's declaration upon creation.

The Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, known as the Enlightenment Collaborative, was an attempt by actors in Mirus and beyond to unify the often-chaotic Mirus Galaxy under the banner of reason and progress. After the creation of the Covenant of Mirus, which fulfilled this positionin spite of the Collaborative's attempts due to pressure of the Xonexi Allies, the Colaborative has reformed into a purely non-military organisation. It's members include, though are not limited to, the Waptoria Alliance of Species, the Mendel Pact, and the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation, as well as the alliance of precursors that created them, known as the Multus Esse. They are joined by several of their allies, including the Volver Empire, the Vanara Empire-turned-Vanara Houses, as well as a multitude of other races from the Milky Way, most of which hail from Tyris Major.

Having a great many goals in mind, the Alliance's main goal is to secure peace and stability within the Mirus Galaxy, such as keeping things somewhat amicable with the strongest native power, the United Lanat Empire, and holding back such threats as the Alpha Cyber Collective and the Brotherhood of Darklings. Their other goals include keeping stability in Tyris Major, and helping their allies through whatever means needed.



In the past, we oversaw the creation of peace in our galaxy. Now, we shall see to it again.

  • Name - Multus Esse
  • Role - Technological advancement, protection of territory, accessing precursor tech.
  • Government - Confederacy, Council of Elder Visionaries.

Multus Esse, and their remnant states where one of the first members to found the Enlightenment Collaborative, and actually had a hand, or where directly involved in the creation of many of it's member states. As such, they are believed to have laid the ground work for the creation of UAE millennia before it's birth. A similar super state existed under their domain years ago in Mirus, until it was shattered by the Alpha Cyber Collective.

Years after their reawakening, the Multus would help bring together many of their creations, and their creations' allies, into the UAE, in hopes of not only creating a better Mirus, but to assist in helping others across the First Gigaquadrant, such as Tyris Major in the Milky Way, and Cyrannus. While reduced to small Habitat Ships and colonial villages on back water worlds, the Multus still hold a great place of importance within the UEA.

With their advanced technology, the Multus are in charge of helping advance the UEA's technology, and also using their abilities to help their creation's exploration teams find their old relics and devices for study for UEA scientists and researchers. While their population is too small to provide military aid to the rest of the Alliance, the Multus Habitat ships they live in travel their parts of the galaxy, lending aid and using their psychic visions to predict where the enemy will hit next.

Ruled by different Elder Visionaries, as they have lost their Queen, the highest ranking War Marshal, Kossi'valicar, has taken command with a number of advisers and scientists to help lead his shattered and broken race to a better tomorrow, alongside the creations and younger races that chose to stand with them.

Founding Members[]

Mirus Galaxy[]

Listed below are the members of the alliance who are native to or primarily hold territories within the galaxy of Mirus.

Everything for a better Mirus! For Life and Light!


Through honor and faith, we shall all prosper!

The Mirusian Theocratic Congregation is the political-religious organization that was formed by the splintering of several races, all of whom became spode worshippers in some form, before reunifying, despite their many differences. Some once driven by war, others by peace, the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation is trying to find a way to walk the middle ground, and not go back to their past as insane religious zealots again, on a hunt for anything "Heretical".

Other then the Federation, the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation is one of the main military providers for the Enlightenment Collaborative, mostly because all it's members have such large populations, perhaps having to do with their genetic make-up created by the Multus Esse, or just their tough homeworlds in general, and also due to the warrior nature of several of the leading races within the Theocratic Congregation. Their main goal is protection from religions that are seen as corrupting or impure, and helping maintain the right balance between religious devotion, and over-devotion.

The Theocratic Congreegation is highly advanced, thanks to using the technology of the Multus to accelerate their growth and advancement, though are noted for being less imaginative with weapons, and, in fact, being somewhat stagnant as far as technology goes, rarely willing to change their weapons and vehicles if they work. Due to their place as a theocracy, they have taken it upon themselves to crusade for minor members who cannot easily defend themselves from other religious nations, usually those much stronger then the victim.

Ruled by the Council of Prophets and councilors, the GMCS is headed by two rulers, the Prophet of Truth and Loda'Gadem, two capable leaders who guide the Church in matters of state, war, and religion.

Through unity and vigilance, we shall end all threats.

  • Name - Mendel Pact
  • Government - Meritocracy, The Three High Lords.

Sister state to the Federation, and home to the fierce and warlike Ugandalorians, the Mendel Pact has made it their goal to help defend the Enlightenment AllianceE as well, and have down everything in their power to live up to the high-minded goals the Multus Esse, their creators, have set in stone for them. Considered the greatest balance of strength, will, and intelligence among the creations, the Mendel have proven to be dominate among their kin, though balance it out with wise rulers, and keeping their goals practical.

Similar to their allies in the GMSC, the Mendel are made up of many races, some of actual Mendel descent, others, simply warriors who joined them, such as the Orgaat and Kadalians. Despite the different races that call it home, the Pact has a strong sense of unity, and remains a bulwark to adversity.

While the Federation is the main provider of the military forces to the UEA, thanks to it's massive clone legions, the Pact is considered the 3rd largest provider. While it's population is smaller then the Church, it's warriors compensate by all of them being warriors in some form, not just a few. This means, while the Pact forces are smaller, they are far more deadly in combat. Another thing they specialize in, is scientific advancement and growth, helping the UAE reach higher and higher in advancement, though mostly in the fields of starships and weapons.

Ruled by the Three High Lords, Barda Clett, Casio Lwerian'ca, and Comacar O'kariin, the Pact's rulers rule with a strong hand in times of war and in peace, each one having expertise in certain fields to help the other lords out.

The glories of Democracy shall remain alive and well with us.

The Unified Federation of Glory, is the sister state of the Mendel Pact, and often considered the military face of the UEA. Through her legions of Clone troops, the UAE is safe-guarded, and through the UFG's massive, monolithic fleets, it is kept in order, against the chaos of outside empires and forces that would seek to undo all they have accomplished.

The Federation, however, is not merely a military arm through which the Alliance makes it's power known, it is also a powerful industrial provider, building most of the vehicles and weapons used by other members, and helping lay-down the groundwork for new colonies and buildings. Their scientists are among the best all around, not being overly specialized in anyone field, and capable of filling many niches.

It is a common mistake to assume the Federation is merely subservient to the Mendel Pact, due to the existence of it's clone legions, through the Pact had a hand in creating. Many colonies in other galaxies could simply not have been laid down in time if the Pact had not been helped by their sister state.

Tyris Major Galaxy[]

Listed below are members of the alliance who are native to or primarily hold territories within the galaxy of Tyris Major.

Later Additions[]

  • Name - NOVA Alliance
  • Role - Colonization, Exploration, Terraforming
  • Government - Mutualist Diarchy

The MOVA Alliance was the earliest addition to the then-Enlightenment Collaborative, joning the nascent federation only a few months after its founding. They are thus sometimes consiedered to be the last of the founding states, a belief mainly propagated by the NOVA Alliance itself. The NOVA are a meritocratic diarchy, formed of two nations -The Bio-Nation and the Tech-Nation- who were formerly at odds with one another. The Tech-Nation was a cyberocratic technocracy ruler over by the Tech-Council, while the Bio-Nation was an anarcho-tribal commune loosely ruled over by a Bio-Lord. The two halves woudl eventually meet each other head-on in the Globling Civil war, resulting in the death of both the Bio-Lord and the Tech-Council as the Tech-Nation's senior admiral Coscerto ttok over and unified both halves. To the surprise of many, he gave the former Bio-Nation an equal say to the former Tech-Nation in the reformed NOVA Alliance, stabilising it from the outset.

A synthetic race with limited control over their own body growth, Globlings are easily moldable into both lumbering war-beasts and walking weapons platforms. Both serve the Enlightenment Collaborative to some degree, as the Globlings are a xenophilic species who love nothing more but to meet other aliens, to which the Collaborative lends itself perfectly. The NOVA Alliance is also renowned for it's extensive fleet. Though it is mainly used for trade as the NOVA Alliance functions as a rather odd megacorporation based on mutualist principles, the NOVA also donate a portion of their navy to the Collaborative Fleet that is significantly higher than usual. Their admirals, including Coscerto, are also often recruited to serve in such fleets.

A nation controlled by the Four Dreacorran Races, the Draekars Remnant have been one of the oldest members of Mirus, migrating to the galaxy in 105,000 BC. The Remnant is an extremely militaristic empire, focusing on military development and expanding their influence across the known Gigaquadrant. Their most powerful ships can be over 50 miles long - a testament to the military prowess of the Draekar. Despite their military, they are not evil and are happy to defend weaker nations from threats as the Races revel in bloodshed.

Their advanced technology, connection to Crys'Irith ruins, and desire to advance technologically have made them one of the UAE's researcher members, advancing the technological might of the UEA. The Draekar also donate fleets to the UAE to aid fighting against the Imperium of War and similar nations.

Their vast territories across space are each governed by a Mandator - extensions of the Drakan and technically, the UAE. Each Mandator, except for the one controlling Andromeda, is happy to help UEA nations.

The Algolourn Popular Republic is a statist communist government hailing from the Milky Way, where they allied with the Waptoria Alliance of Species and numerous other power besides. Until the year 2805, they were only a federation associate without territories in Mirus. That year, though, they gained the Eschaton Collectivity in return for switching sides from the Civilisation to the Xonexi Allies during the Great Xonexian Schism. The Waptoria wasted no time inviting the Eschaton Collectivity into the Collaborative proper, which the Algolurns graciously accepted.

After the fall of the Imperium of War some years later, the Algolurn Popular Republic made inroads to occupty the now-vacant spot of the main arms dealer in the Mirus galaxy, though were ultimately beaten by the Mendel Pact. Luckily, this did not create any strife between the two members who managed to get on cordially. The APR continues to produce much of the weapons extorted to the Collaborative, of which their Klak and Tro Klak lines are the most famous, though the Ghost Torpedo is in even higher demand ever since they were floated by the Collaborative's Board of Eight as a close-range counter to the Xonexi's dreaded Angelfire missiles.

  • Name - Kingdom of Agethime
  • Role - ???
  • Government - A mix of Monarchic, Communistic and Democratic

A state likewise located mostlt in the Milky Way, the Mirusian colonies of the Kingdom of Agethime are nevertheless a part of the Enlightenment Colmlaborative. Since these colonies are not at all numerous, the Kingdom mainly relies upon the Collaborative for military protection, though also collaborates in its scientific program to some degree. The reason they applied for full membership rather than associate staus was because they believed it would grant them better protection.

Despite satrting out humbly, it's two Mirusian territories, the Paladin and Omega subsectors, are powerhouses despiet their relatively small size, and, as stipulated by the Agethime articles of membership, are fiercely defended by a Collaborative fleet at all times. It's inhabitants have one of the most pro-Collaborative attitudes of all, eclipsing even many founder states in this regard. Given that the Kingdom does not involve itself in Tyrisian or Mirusian politics independently, the Kingdom of Agethime is likes by many members and distrusted by none, making it a natural hub for Collaborative meetings. Indeed, Matrukoris could often be found in the Paladin subsector before the Great Mirusian Conflicts. Though it has since been located to the less tumultuous Tyris Major sattelite galaxy, the Mirusian Colonies of the Kingdiom of Agethime continue to serve as the prime neutral meeting groudn for the Mirusian member states of the Enlightenment.


These beings, while not officially members, are known for their strong support of the Enlightenment Alliance, vocally or otherwise. While they hold no vote, their represenatives are fully enabled to attend official meetings and speak for the intrests of their respective governments. This system is meant both to encourage further fraternity and to discourage the Alliance from taking actions contrary to those of it's allies.

The oldest and staunchest allies of the NOVA Alliance, the Serpentaxy became a federation associate as soon as the NOVA Alliance joined the Enlightenment Collaborative. As a long-time and trusted associate, the Serpentaxy fulfill all the criteria required for full membership, but their leaders, having adopted a stance of staunch neutrality following the disastrous Serpentaxy-Quadrantia Grox Wars, have declined each time. The Serpentaxy government has a mix of corporate and fuedal characteristics, ruler over by a king who larely functions as a figurehead while a influential trade guilds and their aldermen hold true power. This makes the Serpentaxy much more oligarchic than a first glance would indicate, and even gives their government some popular representation.

Follwing the loss of their territory to the Quadrantia Grox, the Seprntaxy migrated to the Nebulon star cluster, home of their NOVA Allies. They still retain strong links to the Quadrant galaxies though, and even though they are a diaspora, have found a vital role in bringing Quadrantia goods to Mirus and vice versa. This has only made Serpentaxy leadership more apprehensive of joining the Enlightenment in recent years, as they fear such a thing could possibly compromise their extensive trade network.

Allies of the Waptoria ever since the Bastnliues Civil War the shortly before the Great Deciver conflict, the Troodontid Empire plays a vital role as teh eyes and ears of the Collaborative in the Cyrannus Galaxy. It is a role these secretive people are more than happy to play...in return for favors, of course. A rather isolationist state, the Troodontid Empire is apprehensive of joining any sort of federation, though there have been numberous times where they nearly joined the Collaborative after the latter shifted it's focus to scientific coöperation, only to back off at the last second. Once a government where the true power lay in the hands of the scientific special forces, their current government is less cryptocratic and far more open.

Nevertheless, the Troodontid Empire has a standing research agreement with the Enlightenment Collaborative as a whole as the two entities regularly share notes of their discoveries. Not all members of the Collaborative share as much, of course -the Grand Republic of Tyris Major is infamous for withholding information- and it has been suspected ever since the old Tyranny-Troodontid alliance came to light in the aftermath of the Cyrannian Cold War that the Troodontids have not shared everything they knew, either. As a result, numerous nations within the Collaborative -the Tyrisians and the Vanara Houses in particular- have become more distrustful of the Troodontids, though deep Waptorian trust still offsets this at the moment. After the Cyrannian fleets of the Collaborative were shattered by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in the Second Great Cyrannus War, the Troodontids uncharacteristically offered anchorage to what remained, restoring Collaborative trust in them to a large degree.

Close allies and partners of the Troodontids, the Bastnliues Republic became a federation associate of the Enlightenment Collaborative at the same time as they. They have however always been more focussed on Cyrannian affairs than extragalactic dealings, and as such never came close to joining the Collaborative in an official capacity. Indeed, while the Bastnliues Republic has always send at least one envoy to the Collaborative to keep relations high, these envoys rarely speak up during meetings and are mostly content to listen. The only time they do give their advice is in matter regarding the Cyrannus Galaxy. On such matters, the opinions of the Bastnliues are often given disproportionate weight due to their status as a local power there.

  • Name - Order of Zaraturai
  • Government - Unknown
  • Status - Are not officially known by many members

Long considered one of the Enlightenment Collaborative's chief enemies, the Zarbania Powers have since become one of the UEA's chief supporters and allies, leading their vast military force and experience to help the UAE combat any enemy force that threatens it, as well as assisting in colonization and expansion thanks to their advanced technology and abilities in manufacturing.

While considered for membership at one point, it was believed distrust between the Zarbanians and many members of the UEA would still be too high for such a thing to work, and as such, it was decided between the two to keep the two empires separate, but still work together and be allied with one another in future conflicts and events. Zarbania even engages in limited trade with the members of UEA, which both sides hope it will lead to increased relations and create further trust between each other.

The Xylon Empire are proud allies of the Zarbania Powers and as a result were enemies to the UEA for a fairly long time. After Zarbania and the Imperium of War had their falling out, the loyalties of the Xylon Empire became divided as Xyln fought Xylon. Eventually, the Zarbanian-loyal nationalists triumphed over the militarists, who fought for the Imperium of War. With this, the Xylon Empire followed the Zarbania Powers into becoming a federation associate.

Though the Xylon Empire desires closer relations with much of the UEA, they have forgiven numerous War-Imperial loyalists and re-absorbed them ibto their government. This caused some friction with many more pacifist UEA member states, as such individuals ahev clearly not sworn off their warmongering beliefs. It thus seems that, at least for the moment, the Xylon will remain an associate of the UEA as opposed to transitioning into a full member.



Return of THEM[]

Great Deciever[]

Attero Dominatus[]

Coming of Eternal War[]

Great Mirusian Conflicts[]

Mirus Front[]

Coalition Wars

Many members of the Collaborative, mostly within the Mendel and Waptoria, where involved in the Wars of the Mirusian Coalition, fighting against the Xonexi allies alongside their two former enemies, the Imperium of War, and the Zarbania Powers. Their goal was to resist what they saw as Xonexi imperialism, though many members objected to it. The Persan where one such group, while the Volver and other races from Tigris Major only gave support in the form of military equipment and other supplies, while remaining neutral in the conflict. This caused the UAE to declare that any individual members could fight if they wished, but the alliance has a whole would remain neutral.

With the victory against the Xonexi, spear-headed by Mendel, GMSC and Zarbanian forces, the UAE leaders felt a mix of fear of Xonexi reprisal, and pride that they had stood up for themselves and stood against at least three powers that had threatened their borders with Imperialism and subjugation.

Such celebrations and ideals would not be shared in the Second War, in which France and Eldarisia arose to try and reclaim their territories. This time, the Vanara would rejoin the fight, though the leaders, in a case of foresight, chose to keep the alliance has a whole still neutral. This war would see the Imperium of War return to it's roots of seeking war with the other powers, though, in a dramatic turn, saw Zarbania stand with their enemies and fight at their side. As such, when the war, despite all their hard fighting, ended in a victory for France and Eldarisia, the Mendel, Vanara, Zarbanian and Waptorian faced losses of the territory they had gained, and would be forced to return certain marked territories to the Xonexi when they where conquered from the Imperium.

War with the Imperium

The Enlightenment Collaborative face almost total disaster in the War against the Imperium. The Dragowar legions stormed and conquered the Mirusian holdings of the Waptora, Federation, and Church, overwhelming their fleets and forcing them to retreat into Mendel, Zarbanian, and Persan territory. These fleets would form a rag-tag support within the Allied fleets, which now included members of the Eldarisian, French, Hegemony, Xilic, Algolurn, Draekar, and Troodontid Empires. Resentment between forces was high, especially between Mendel, and Eldarisia and Hegemony. The Mendel did not respect genocide, and the Hegemony had gone out of it's way to slaughter Koatria, beings practically scared to the Mendel for their abilities. Zarbania likewise, felt both had acted too harshly, and did not wish to deploy alongside them. The Multus Esse would rejoin their creations in an attempt to help heal the Dragowar and guide them back to the right path.

Another disaster hit when the capital of Matrukoris was overwhelmed and sucked into the Darkling home dimension, and a majority of it' population corrupted by the Darklings. The Rebel Darklings, Grey Hunters and many Koatria fought their way out, many of the latter 2 dying in the attempt, though, with the the help of the Greatr Mirusian Church of Spode, managed to liberate a heavily damaged and vacated Matrukoris. In turn, this rescue operation would leave their own borders undermanned, allowing the Imperium to take the territories of the Mirusian Spodist Church as well.

Despite this, the sides did manage to put aside most of their differences, in order to defeat the Imperium of War. This victory was not without it's costs however. The Federation, Waptoria, Church and other worlds where left heavily damaged and with refugees needing to be moved back to their homes. The Cloning stations had been overwhelmed and almost re-constituted for War-Imperial use, with forces needing to be deployed to reoccupy these stations until they could be repaired.

Thousands of Koatria where slaughtered by Hegemony Strike teams and Darkling Hunters, many of them still teens learning their powers, and leaving only about 560 active Koatria Commandos left. More then half the Olympian chapters had gone rogue or joined the Darklings, and of those that remained loyal, many where left undermanned after betrayals by the Hegemony, with the possible exceptions of the Peacebringers, Black Templars, and Breaker Dragons, due to their distrust for the Hegemony Astartes. Attempts to reconstitute these losses where moderate at best.

Even members who did not suffer as badly, namely the Mendel, Persan, and a small enclave of Waptorians, still felt the sting of defeat and a pyrrhic victory. Many a parent, hopeful of their children's future as Koatria, where left devastated by the news theirs' where among the dead, the Collaborative unable to pursue any way of making the Hegemony pay. Forced to join the Covenant of Mirus did nothing to sooth these ills, causing many resentment and anger towards the Xonexi. The dissappearance of Zaraturai, Light Goddess of the Mendel and considered something of a center of peace and order in the alliance, in the chaotic Taking of Matrukoris, with her bodyguards, the Olympia Custodes, caused further discord within the alliance.

Not everything went south for Collaborative, however. Zarbania, once one of their traditional enemies, now was considered a powerful ally, and, indeed, began to help repair the damage and lent aid in trying to reconstitute the Praetorian Congregations, as well as sending their own cadets to the Koatria to help stem the lose.

Ultimately, the Enlightenment Collaborative became little more than a near-empty shell, having failed in it's goal to unify Mirus, and thus it's power and prestige reduced greatly. In it's stead, the Xonexi forced the creation of the Covenant of Mirus, which promised to create a galactic government in Mirus where the Alliance had failed to do so. The declaration of the Avalôtur Covenant by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, which sought to counterbalance the Covenant of Mirus, only led to further discord. Many feared that the Collaborative would simply be dismantled or torn apart between the two Covenants, and those fears are not completely unfounded. This left the Olympians and many Koatria wondering what do should the Collaborative ever be dissolved.

The Mendel, the most extreme voice, felt the Covenant was a thinly veiled attempt at Xonexi Imperialism, with the Persan and Zarbanians sharing similar fears. The Waptoria, however, represented a different side, believing the Covenant could be used to bring the Enlightenment Collaborative back to full power and could execute it's stated goals once more. This view was shared with the Greater Mirusian Church slightly, being a moderate voice between the two.

After so many years, the UAE and the Covenant of Mirus would be reorganized and it's resources put together to create the Federation of Free States and Alliances, replicating the unity brought by the New Cyrannian Republic and other forces, and meant to protect Mirus from imperialism and attacks by other powers.

Interlude and Limbo[]

Operation Phoenix[]



The UAE is a multinational federation that was originally created as a research and diplomatic forum but evolved into a more centralized organization devoted primarily towards diplomatic and political unification of several native powers of Mirus and its satellite galaxy Tyris Major. The UAE is run by a council with all members having equal standing with one another and reaching decisions via a majority voting system. The council is headed by a chairman who serves as a first among equals of the councilors. The position of chairman changes hands every twenty years and rotates between the various members in a preordained manner.

The UAE as a political body holds moderate to low levels of centralization over its member states as it is able to pass laws and policies that all members must follow and demands around twenty percent of its naval and armed forces to the UAE's collective military efforts. However, it has no ability to decide what form of government or economic model its members must follow and allows them to have separate treaties and obligations outside of the UAE.

The UAE still maintains much of its form function as a forum for diplomacy and research (with trade now included) even though its primary goals have changed.


One of the unique challenges that UAE has set out for itself is helping to create a universalist society that all its member races can contribute to and take part in through its capital of Matrukoris and the surrounding space. This presents a rather novel series of hurdles to overcome in regards to many aliens having different biological needs, cultural histories, and psychological mindsets. Part of the solution to the system has been Matrukoris's sector system which divides most of the station into different environmental regions based on its associated element, and its wards which can house microclimates for their inhabitants. Within these sectors and wards, communities based around cultural identity are allowed to form.

The Office of Culture&Society acts to help establish these communities, resolve conflicts between them, and promote cultural exchange across them. All of this serves to further the ideals snd original purpose of the UAE as a forum for the exchange of ideas and concepts across nations, as well as its newer purpose of furthering the continued collaboration between the powers of Mirus and Tyris Major.


As mentioned before the UAE has the ability to pass laws that all members must adhere to and follow. However, this is far from absolute and there are limits on the UAE's power to pass member universal laws. The UAE can pass both public and private laws, but only if they pertain towards interactions between states (both member and outsider), or if they will have an effect on UAE collectively owned ground. Laws that will only affect individual states themselves cannot be passed by the council. What laws to pass are decided in a majority vote by the councilors and chairman of the UAE.


The UEA is dedicated to creating as much livable space as it can for its member races. This is done in several ways from its system of sectors and wards in Matrukoris to its massive terraforming project to its construction of habitats and ringworlds as part of its megastructure building project. When one of its member states seeks to colonize a new planet or establish themselves is a system they can pull upon pooled resources and labor from the UEA to help terraform that planet to there liking or construct habitats of ringworlds in or from that system respectively. Carefully collected records of each species environmental needs and preferences are collected and kept to assist with these projects.


The UEA fitting its universalist policies practices a policy of religious tolerance towards nearly all faiths in the Gigaquadrant. As a whole, the UEA takes an agnostic and henotheistic view when it comes to matters of religion. The alliance claims not to know if any one religion is true or not, but considers all to have equal potential to be true in one shape or form. Few religions are ever actively banned with the few that are being things like Darkling worship, at least the more hostile forms of Void worship, and Scelus Xenoseeder Cults. When a conflict between religions arises the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation is usually called in to help sort things out.


Due to the rather diverse number of economic systems found among the members of the UEA, the UEA has a challenge promoting trade among its various member states. Challenges the UAE seeks to overcome none the less so that the wars between economic ideologies, that all too often lead to pre-FTL species being consumed in a nuclear fire of their own making, do not play out on a galactic scale. To help in this mission the UEA has established the Enlightenment United Conglomerate which acts as an economically neutral forum and a third party go-between for more privatized and more socialized economies.


The UEA is primarily based out of the Mirus galaxy and its Tryis Major satellite galaxy. However, its reach and influence extend beyond that for the UEA is not specifically intended to be a Mirusian galactic government solely (though it certainly performs such a function), but is open to any extragalactic willing to embrace its ideals. The UEA does posses a space of collectively own territory found at the conjunction of the borders of its Mirusian founder's territories where its capital Matrukoris lies, and every capital of every member species as a district set aside that is considered collectively owned by the whole of the UEA.

Beyond this, the UEA extends its power further via softer methods such as its unified fleet, trade networks, and forums. It also has a megastructure project which pools resources to create gateways, habitats, ringworlds, dyson spheres, science nexuses, sentry arrays, matter decompression, mega art installations, strategic coordination centers, interstellar assemblies, and mega shipyards. All interconnected to create massive transport, habitation, power, research, communications, manufacturing, trade, and strategic grid that some might consider being a form of megastructure unto itself, a sort super-megastructure.


More coming soon!

  • Name - Matrukoris
  • Importance - Alliance Capital
  • Location - Mirus

  • Name - Ugandalore
  • Importance - Ugandalorian Homeworld, Ship producer
  • Location - Mirus

  • Name - Ascon
  • Importance - Volver Homeworld, Military Academies, Weapon Production
  • Location - Milky Way

Ascon has proven to be a vital planet during the UAE's operation. Homeworld to the Volver, this swamp-like planet has managed to raise one of the Milky Way's most resourceful races. Due to it's strategic position on the outer arms of the galaxy, Ascon has been used for weapons production and training soldiers for its military. The Volver training academies, while not as great as the Soldarian academies, have produced fine warriors.

  • Name - Militora
  • Importance - Soldarian Homeworld, Military Academies, Weapons and Army training
  • Location - Milky Way

Militora, a rocky world named for the strength of its people. Soldarian military academies are the best in the UAE, training the majority of the UAE's armies. Students in he academies also recieve weapons training with weapons imported from Ascon.

  • Name - Farmia
  • Importance - Antroth Homeworld, Food production, Medicine, Magic
  • Location - Milky Way

Farmia is known to be an arid planet, though it produces plenty of food to support the UAE. The Antroth have no problem sharing their plentiful harvests with their allies. Though the Antroth lack an esteemed military academy, Farmia makes up for it by growing plenty of herbs and ingredients for medicine. Because of Farmia's ties with magic, those who are raised on the planet have the potential to be powerful Shamans and Mages.

  • Name - Volcanis
  • Importance - Lavatuft Homeworld, Ore Production, Military Stronghold

Volcanis is a lava world and home to the Lavatufts. Dispite its barren appearance, Volcanis has a plentiful array of wildlife and flora that have adapted to the hostile environment. Precious metals, ore, and minerals can be mined from this world. These metals are later shippe off to different empires, mainly the Volver for weapons production and the Ugandalorians for ship production. Volcanis also serves as a military outpost in the Milky Way. Due to its close position to the Meeno Grox, former Biskin, and former Infectant territories, Volcanis is used to keep an eye out or trouble. King Lavern, former ruler of this world, protects it from anyone who dares enter its territory.

  • Name - Raptoranea
  • Importance - Raptoranean/Raptorian Homeworld
  • Location - Milky Way

  • Name - Viel
  • Importance - Liev Homeworld, Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Location - Mirus

  • Name - Euchadios
  • Importance - Euchada Homeworld, Bioweapon production
  • Location - Mirus

  • Name - High Sanctuary
  • Importance - Mirusian Church Capital, Justicar Academies, Ship Producer
  • Location - Mirus

  • Name - Ataro
  • Importance - Mirusian Church secondary capital
  • Location - Mirus

  • Name - Vanara World Ships
  • Importance - Vanara Capitol, military production.
  • Location - N?/A

The three massive, living, mobile home worlds of the Vanara named Leviathan, Behemoth, and Ziz.

  • Name - New Dreacorra
  • Importance - Drakaran capital, military production, GITO trade center, military stronghold
  • Location - Mirus

New Dreacorra is a gigantic ecumenopolis around twice the size of Earth. It has three levels - the upper, middle, and lower levels. The upper levels are where the rich reside and where the majority of traders frsom GITO reside. The middle levels are where the middle-class reside. The lower levels are qhere the poor and criminaks reside. People avoid the lower levels, as it festers with crime.

New Dreacorra is the capital of the Draekar Remnant. The legendary Golden Spire houses the Drakan and the Mandator of Mirus, and is the tallest construct in the planet. Shipyardsa and space stations litter the orbit, both defending the planet and providing starships and shelter. The star has numerous Dyson Habitats, providing shelter and a home/resort for alirns who wish to live inDraekar territory.


Federation Clone Troopers are among the most common soldiers in the Alliance.

The land military is composed of mostly Federation Clone units, Vanara soldiery, Waptoria Bio-weapons, Mirusian Church Crusaders, and Enlightened One Knights. All serve different roles, with Mirusian Church Crusaders and Clone troopers doing most of the frontal fighting, while Waptoria do mostly stealth and recon roles. The Enlighthened Ones also do a lot of fighting, though, mostly hitting targets while the clones and EO draw out the enemy, due to their low numbers and elite training.

Land forces are focused on personal skill and mass coöperation, in aid with infantry assault. Most verhicless are fast moving, heavily armored assault tanks, with massive, monolithic walkers assisting in enemy suppression and siege.

A Federation vessel under attack by Zarbanian Marauders.

Starfleet is the massive organization in charge of surrounding a planet, destroying it's defenses, and sending landing forces to conquer the planet. Each faction, like their land military, uses their own type of fighting style, similar to above.

Federation and Church military ships are massive, resilient, and extremely powerful vessels, used in complete enemy destruction. They do most of the main fighting and defense, and are the most common ships of the alliance, other than the Waptoria ones.

Waptoria ships are, like their Bio-weapons, sentient, and made of Bio-Mass. While able to regenerate like all bioweapons, they are more fragile than Fed/Church battleships as a downturn. Thus, Waptoria ships are used to support the less agile, slower Federation ships, with are generally speaking much more useful in all-out offensive battles. However, a few truly titanic Waptoria ship types also exist, with are much harder to destroy, but very difficult to produce due to the amount of biomass needed to produce them. Thus, these titans are only used when a larger vessel, like a dreadnought or space station needs to be saved for study or information extraction, or when a planet needs to be terraformed or de-terraformed quickly.

EO ships are the most powerful, with even fighters being considered among the most deadly. However, they are limited in number, and very difficult to produce. Kossi'Valicar has hinted that the EO have not completely reawakened, and the rest of their battlefleet could be waiting somewhere, not "hearing" the signal.

A series of captains of the Alliance command the ships, coming from the finest military academies within the Alliance territory.

Freelancers are the Privateers of the Alliance. Traveling in groups called Companies, Freelancers conduct raids on the UAE's enemies, with their own privatly funded fleets.

The Hunter-Warrior Project is a program by the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment to create a corp of gigantic, titan-sized war machines to counter the Zarbanian Powers' Project:Warrior-Beast.

They come in both an organic and mechanical form. In case of the organic form, the pilot is mentally uplinked with it's Hunter, but in case of the larger, mechanical units, two pilots, controlling one halve of the mecha, are linked up with each other instead.

The Praetorian Congregations is the term that refers to the corps of supersoldiers shared loyal to the UAE itself, rather than to their member nations. They were originally formed to combat the Overseers of the Drakodomintus Tyranny, but have since become the prime guardians of Matrukoris and the like. The Praetorian Congregations are divided into the all-female Vahallans and the all-male Olympians. However, these two groups work so closely together that many concider them to be just two sides of the same coin, and they are right in that assumption, as the two groups were designed to reinforce one another.

The Vahallans, also knowm as the Daugthers of Enlightenment, are an all-female group of warriors dedicated to re-educating worlds conquered by the UEA.

Fast and flexible, the Vahallans wear feathered, angelic armor and come in armed with Flashbang grenades, as well as Sonic, Laser, but most commonly, Light Matter weaponry. Being gifted enhanced beauty to "persuade" enemies to follow the path of light, the Vahallans do not refrain from flirting to archieve their goals. Seen as the female counterparts to the Olympians and also can be seen as the visible arm of the Intelligence Agancy, seeking out threats from within the Alliance as the Olympians take care with outside threats. Masters of persuation, they are often deployed behind enemy lines, turing the native population upon the enemy themselves.

The Olympians were the result of the UAE trying to create enhanced soldiers from their own species to counter the Tyranny's Overseers, Zarbanian Centurions and the like.

Olympians are extremely durable, and sheathed in a shell of advanced powered armor, while also using various EO reversed engineered weapons. Commonly, Olympians are used to lead assaults on ground and taking care of the most hardened veterans their enemies can offer.

The Hegemony's Supersoldiers are sometimes ranked as part of the Praetorian Congregations. However, as their name states, this corp is loyal to the Hegemony first and foremost, and the UAE second, instead of the other way around. This, at least officially, makes them not part of the Praetorian Congregations, and a slight rivalry exists between the two.

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With the rise of the Brotherhood of Darklings, it was descided that essence users would be trained in an UAE-wide program, so to refine the use of essence. For this reason, the Essence Academies were set up, where those in the UAE that show essence abilities go to to train themselves.

The Essence academies are highly known for their refinement of Elemental Energy, having managed to brach it off into a series off scools. The use of other types of Essence can also be honed here. There are special Colleged for Koatria-in-Training, Anthroth Mages, and strangely, Vanara Psychokinetics. The latter, howver, is more of a ruse than anything else, as Psychokinetics are non-essence troops, and the UAE only pretend to foes they are.

Formerly used by the UFG and the Mendel Pact, the Koatria all have control over a certain element. More elite than even the Olympians, they preffer to work on their own forming small, coherent teams. Koatria are trained in a special sub-sect of the Essence Academies, known as the Koatria Colleges, and have a long and righteous history protecting others.

The Vanara Six, on the other hand, are a team of the six most elite Vanara, and the only ones who made it to stage three of the Vanra life cycle. Due to them lacking an elemnt to control, they are not considered Zotria, but still consider them brothers and sisters, and work alongside them for most of the time.

Weapons and Equipment[]

Armor for troopers ranges from Waptorian Organic armor to Lavantuft anti-cold armor. Weapons worn by them ranges from Waptorian Biomass, Laser and Particle Beam weapons to Mirusian Church Plasma weaponry and UFG weaponry. Because weapons based on Enlightened One design are scarce, they are usually given to army leaders and Spec.Ops. soldiers.

If facing enemies with organic tech, they will use a infamous Waptorian weapon, the Eradicator Carbine, with is designed to destroy organic enemies. If facing a synthetic enemy, they will simply use Mirusian Church electrical weaponry. Persan Vector guns are popular anti-personal weapons due to even the smallest wounds they cause being deadly, while their helical railguns tend to be used against vehicles especially aircraft.

When going up against heavy artillery, the Volver Storm Rifle is an affective weapon. These rounds of bullets and hot plasma can burn right through the armor of heavy troopers and machines. Antroth armors are as tough as they come, some made from recycled Antroth exoskeletons. For those who prefer a less organic approach to defense, Volver armor as well as Soldarian armor is composed of Asconium. This hard material can take heavy damage, leaving the wearer almost unscathed.



Green face.png These empires have prove to fight for the rights of all beings, and therefore, we stand by them.

  • Troodontid Empire - We once believed them to be traitors working for the Tyranny. We're truly glad they've proven us wrong.
  • Pseudopath Empire - Former enemies of the Multus, and now some of our closest allies. We're glad they have put aside their differences with us.
  • Scythe of Glory - The same goes for them, and we're glad to accept any help against the Imperium of War as we can.
  • The Zarbania Powers - With peace, we can give Mirus a bright future.


Blue face.png Peace and prosperity, friend.

  • Ioia Clans - Their cause is to be admired. However, recently, all contact with them was lost...
  • Centapedus Empire - They are the proof that one a great unity with others can be archieved simply by working together closely.
  • Katar Sector Alliance - Many allies of the Waptoria are inside this alliance. We have no idea what they as a whole think of us however.
  • Comet Republic - Allies of the Waptoria.
  • Mercuris Federation - Friends of the Ugandalorians.
  • Vadyadhara Empire - Formerly a formidable foe. Now, we are on good terms. Though they are still a bit distrustful, we are glad for their help.


Yellow face.png Greetings.

  • United Lanat Empire - Expansionists...
  • Ormentha Trade Republic - Let's hope they do not choose the wrong path, but so far, it looks good.
  • Masul Holy Union - Some species in the Mirusian Church of Spode take a liking in this group. We'll see were it goes.
  • Peraki Confederation - Absorbed most remnants of the Mudwort Space Corporation. They seem to blame us, but contact has been minimal.


Orange face.png You tread a thin line...

At War[]

Red face.png We will not stop until you are done for.

  • New Grox Empire - A remnant of the old Grox Empire.
  • Alpha Cyber Collective - You are the disease of the universe, and we are the anti-bodies.
  • Morphling Horde - The dead will be send back to their graves.
  • Grox Followers - Followers of the Grox, they are beyond redemption.
    • Cult of Attzerry - Misguided by the Grox followers into serving the Grox 'gods'.
  • Bachyeon Hivemind - Insane creations of the Ones, and brothers of the alpha.
  • Zua-Zaoi Empire - Nightmarespawn!
  • Imperium of War - If War is what you want, War is what you get!
  • Gigapedus Dominion - Allies of both Unitech and the Imperium of War, they believe they must alter beings and turn them into savage warriors.
  • Drakodominatus Tyranny - Galaxy-conquering tyrants, your doom comes closer, and we will deliver it!
  • Khilai empire - Tyranny pawns, your fate is tied to the Dominatus!
  • Brotherhood of Darklings - They seek to bring ruin. They will find it.
  • Nyarqaeshu - Multidimensional conquerors, who are finally put down.
    • Nebulorains - Extradimensional warriors and troops of the Nyarqaeshu that have perished alongside them.
    • Infectant Scourge - Twisted creations of the Nyarqaeshu that have perished alongside them as well.
  • Vanara Singularity - None of us are inferior traitors!
  • Blood Brotherhood - A sinister combination of the Proditkar Movement and Brotherhood of Darklings. They must be destroyed for the good of the universe.
    • Aeba Shuka - Worse than Unitech. They turn their own people into mindless drones.
    • Ta'adhartha - The Blood Knights were bad enough. Turns out the real power behind the throne is almost as good of a manipulator as the Darklings.
    • Hive Of Mirus - What a fascistic, disgusting lot you are!
    • Suicide Watch - Fanatical version of the Dead Watchers, and no better than their masters.

Quotes from others[]

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Mirus...mostly dominated by tyrants and expansionists. So, amongst them, an alliance of peace and justice must rise.

- Kossi'Valicar

The only hope this galaxy really has anymore. I will do what I must to support and fight for it.

- Gridlock

Time was once on your side, my little playthings. Now, it abandons you. It twists to my needs, and so shall you.

- Dark One

A alliance of mostly double standard natives, their spite and hatred is shockingly amazing. You constantly challenge us outsiders, instead of yourselves, that fact will eventually kill you and undo everything you have accomplished.

- Elka Cloden


  • The "Enlightenment" in their name comes from the Enlightened Ones. However, the "Unified Alliance" in their name has nothing to do with the Waptoria Alliance of Species or the Unified Federation of Glory.
    • The correct abbrevation of the Unified Enlightement Alliance is the UEA, not UAE (though it initially was). With the fleshing out of Humanity, this was done to avoid any confusion with the United Arab Emirates.
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