One who controls the technology of the Creators is one of great danger. Such power should not be given to those who do not serve them.

- Vulusc N'naluk

Unathi, widely known as Archmonitor Xolani XXIV, is the highest authority of the Lommakk Singularity, and a practitioner of Essence. Unathi formerly served the Singularity as an Arbiter, renouncing it during the Hyperspatial Revolution after the discovery of Zhulultu tecnology. He has since taken control of the institution, although his identity remains a secret.


As is true of all Arbiters of the Singularity, the circumstances under which Unathi was selected for his role are unclear. He underwent extensive training in diplomacy, combat, and use of Essence, specialising in the former. During the mid 23rd century AD, he was responsible for averting a number of crises among the colonies of Lommakk Xil in the buildup to the Hyperspatial Revolution.

It was during this time that he uncovered an unknown number of Zhulultu artifacts, which he studied extensively. Months after war broke out in 2271, he was driven to rebel against the Archmonitor, finding support among several Dynasties that feared the loss of their influence to revisionists. After a series of rapid strikes against several of the Singularity's outermost colonies, Unathi established a strong foothold, fortifying in preparation for inevitable counteroffensive.

While Lommakk Xil and most of its colonies were too occupied with infighting to coordinate any meaningful response, the Singularity itself wasted no time in mobilising their forces, attacking Unathi's holdings sooner than he had expected. Unathi ordered the entirety of his fleet to regroup near the edge of Lommakkian space, hoping to lure the Singularity's navy into a decisive confrontation. They took the bait. While Unathi's forces greatly outnumbered those of the Singularity, the latter's Arbiters soon begun to turn the tide in their favor. Attempting to use a Zhulultu weapon, he unintentionally devastated the remnants of his fleet. Taking refuge in a fortified installation on the surface of a nearby moon, Unathi was shut in when the subsequent orbital bombardment triggered an automatic lockdown.

Using Essence and the Zhulultu artifacts to preserve his own life, Unathi spent the next five centuries mastering both his own abilities and the technology in his possession. Allowing the Singularity to find him, he made use of a time-manipulating device to escape their agents and ascend to the position of Archmonitor, taking on the identity of Xolani, after his family name. Continuing to use the device, he began to experiment on the Arbiters under his command, in the pursuit of transcendence.



Unathi is arrogant and manipulative, often playing with enemies that he believes he could easily destroy. While he doesn't actively pursue the suffering of those around him, he is willing to take advantage of them for his own benefit. He cares little for loose ends, confident that his abilities will always allow him to avoid any potential repercussions. Nonetheless, he rarely underestimates a serious threat once he has recognised it as such.


Although he is virtually powerless when it comes to physical combat, Unathi is a master of Essence, particularly when it comes to misdirection. He has also learnt to use Zhulultu artifacts without immediate danger to himself, less so to those around him. The most powerful device in his possession allows him to send the memories of himself and others back in time. This seems to have a corrupting influence on the surrounding environment, building up with successive uses.



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