We have remained in the dark, fearing to explore the unknown further for too long. But now, we are ready.

- Empress Luxia Tenebra XI

The Umbris have existed as a united empire for 300 years, but have kept to their small sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. After a long period of colonization, they ceased expanding and began to interact with the other nearby civilizations. Ultimately however, they were brought to war and defeated and assimilated all nearby cultures into their own empire. For decades they have had minimal interaction with the Galaxy due to wanting to avoid further conflicts, but a time is fast approaching when they feel that they must begin entering the galactic stage or be swept under the tides of a changing universe. Their homeworld is known as Siliothis, and they are located in a cluster near the Orion arm.


Early HistoryEdit

No. And I kindly request you do not ask about this topic again.

- Grand Ambassador Riconditus

The history of the Umbris before they became a space faring empire has more or less been lost to the ages after a global war in the past. It was such a dark time, that they wanted to forget it entirely, preferring to focus on the current times rather than live in the past. Relics still exist, here and there but the majority of this period is currently unknown and forbidden to be researched by the Emperess. Some speak in hushed whispers that only she and her closest advisors know the truth. But these appear to just be rumors that quickly fade away.

Exploring the StarsEdit

When the Umbrians first began sending ships out into the vast emptiness of the Milky Way Galaxy, they had found themselves nearby a few other empires whilst they began to colonize other worlds. The brutal and harsh insectoid race known as the Sharathi, a group of scientist-like race known as the Ulathed and the zealous followers of Spode called the Oauan, who were at war with both the former and latter empires respectively. The obvious choice of choosing who to contact would be the Ulathed, odd four-legged shark-people. They had advanced much farther than the Umbris did. However, they were fighting a losing battle against the Oauan. Interested in their advanced technology, a deal was struck. In exchange for the help of the Umbris, the Ulathed would share what technology they could.

What would follow was a fierce war that ended with a three-way battle between the newly formed Ulathed-Umbris alliance, the Sharathi (who, in their lust for bloodshed began attacking the Ulathed and Umbris as well, resulting in the loss of many colonies and worlds) and the Oauan. The Alliance emerged victorious, but at a high cost. The Ulathed would be weakened from all the fighting. The current Empress Luxia Tenebra V offered them a place in the Umbris empire, where they could continue their research in peace and security. The offer was at first declined, but was accepted at a later date.

The scars of war would haunt the Umbris for a very long time however. The conquered peoples of the Sharathi and Oauan rose up in rebellion several times, despite all efforts to maintain peace. Piracy also became a major issue as they began to expand further. Combined factors led to the Umbris stopping their expansion early and focus on securing what they had obtained so far, whilst continuing to make advancements in technology. Due to this, they remained unaware of most happenings in the galaxy and even began to fear further exploration. While most of the issues have been resolved and an uneasy peace was formed with the subjugated races, pirates continue to be an eternal thorn in their side.

After many years of remaining isolated and doing their best to remain hidden, the controversial Empress Luxia Tenebra XI has called for another era of expansion and interaction with alien races. How such a goal will play out is currently unknown.


The Umbris (or High Umbrians, as some refer to the original species) are a race of bipdeal bird-folk. Most range from 6 to 9 feet tall, with females usually being shorter than males. The majority of them have purple feathers, but rarer colors include white, red, dark blue, green and the extremely rare teal, gold and silver colors. However, no matter what the primary color of their feathers, always present will be a pattern of black stripes. When they are hatched, the stripes are not initially there, but at the age of 10 they begin to appear. Umbris reach maturity at age 16 and general have the same lifespans as humans.

Clothes that the Umbrian's wear are usually seen as bizarre by outsiders, though they are well known for their fancy looking headgear.


Citizens of the Umbris Empire are allowed to follow whichever religion they wish as long as it doesn't end up causing trouble, although they remain cautious of those that worship Spode due to bad past experiences. However, the majority follow the philosophy of "Fading Light". While having no formal gods, it speaks of balance, cycles of endless renewal and the 'best' aspects of light, darkness, order and chaos. Using technology, most Umbris colonies are shrouded in perpetual. artificial twilight which they believe helps them attune themselves to the nature of the universe.

With Light comes hope, beauty and renewal. Even if it fades temporarily, light will always return.

With Darkness comes comfort, peace and quiet. It is eternal and has always existed, and always will. It will be there when all else has left.

With Chaos comes freedom, creativity and inspiration. While most see it for having potential to be 'bad', chaos has many good qualities to it as well.

With Order comes Unity, law and security. Holds everything together and brings balance to the rest, while the rest balance it out.

The Umbris believe that too much of one of these traits is what leads to them becoming corrupted, bringing out their worst aspects. Balance must be kept, lest they become distorted and warped. There are no formal holidays related to this.


Race does not matter in the Umbris empire, as all are technically referred to as 'Umbris' or 'Umbrian'. However, outsiders usually separate the 'High Umbrians' from the rest, as they were the original species. And indeed, what led to this distinction is the fact that the cities of the main species are built on massive perches connected to each other using bridges, while other species live at the base of the perches. However, they are not treated poorly and live quite comfortably. The buildings on the perches themselves are more of an 'upper class' area, and anyone may purchase a house there - though the majority that live there are the High Umbrians. In all cities, the main city hall is located in the center and rests on the largest perch.

Of note, both on and below the perches, clubs are very popular for social gatherings. Music, drinks and general good times are valued greatly. The clubs on the perches tend to be renowned amongst the empire as being a source of famously wild parties. A few other attractions include fine Umbrian cusine, flight tours, fighting arenas that resemble the human sport of MMA, casinos, hotels and many more. Strategy games are popular and the Umbrians have a wide selection of them available. How they respond to other cultures is currently unknown, but may change soon.


We will fight and we will win. No matter what odds stand before us!

- General Noctos Onsori

The Umbris are a well trained and fierce military, skilled, practical and experienced. They might use some 'underhanded' tactics at times but they always fight like their Empire is on the line. Having a ruthless approach to warfare helps, but sometimes they can dishearten any allies they might have with their strategies. The Umbris make heavy use of stealth technology and guerilla warfare to defeat enemies. They excel at close to mid-ranged combat on the ground, while being weaker when fighting at a further distance. There are different branches of the military, including Soldiers, Defenders and the notorious Void-Stalkers. Vehicles and ships used by them tend to be hard hitting and fast, but fragile or well balanced. Notable vehicles include the Abyssrunners, Nightmares and Screamers to make up the main sea, land and air transports respectively.

Notable starships include the massive Shadow Star Dreadnaughts and the Stealth Fighter-MK3.

For all their skill military-wise however, each soldier is difficult to replace. They have trouble when forced to fight against an enemy with higher numbers than they have. Those that can easily replace their losses will be troublesome for the Umbris Empire to combat. It should be noted that they refuse modifications, as they believe it prevents them from reaching their full potential. Every soldier is taught to fight dirty as well, if they can get away with it.


Green face Allies Edit

"A rare friend in the Galaxy. We welcome you gladly."

Blue face Friends Edit

"We look forward to future cooperation."

Yellow face Neutral Edit

"State your business to the Umbris Empire."

Eldarisian Empire "Our first contact in a long time. We shall see how this turns out."

Orange face DislikedEdit

"Our eyes are on you."

Red face Enemies Edit

"You've made a grave decision."

Crossed Swords At war with Edit

"The light of your existence shall be snuffed out forever."


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