The Umbraxians are a flat backed lizard race. With spikes coming from their arms, legs, and back, they where the top predator of their moon world, orbiting a gas giant. In tribal stage, they slaughtered many opposition, but made peace with a few other tribes to ensure food supply. Nothing really interesting happened to them then. Made a civilization, took their planet by storm of might, so on and so forth. Only when they went into space stage did things move quickly. Their captain, General Umbrak, led them in a colonization spree, which allowed them to find the mighty Antoran race, whose technology helped them further their goals. After finding a way to the center of the galaxy and taking it, they declared war on the other major power in the galaxy, a race of avian cyborgs called the Crongatos. A 50 year war raged between the two super powers, aided by the larger Antoran and Grox empires (the crongatos being allies with them.) Only when in a desperate charge the ship commander Umbuluk smashed through the Crongatos defenses and took their homeworld, did the war end in the Umbraxians winning. As part of the treaty, the Umbraxians where allowed to destroy an earth-like planet unhindered. Several years of peace followed, until General Umbraka (Umbraks son) decided the Grox could not be tolerated any longer. He took the mighty fleet and cut through the Grox easily at first, but pressure from their own government and the large empire, forced them to fall to their core colonies. It wasn't long until using captured Grox technology fused with Antoran, Crongatos, Vallaghuain, and a strange purple interface they found while on a patrol mission, allowed them to create the first ever Galaxy Eater. A huge mechanical monster, with 3 planet buster rays, a black hole generator, and a modified Vallaghuain death weapon, they easily annihilated the Grox. But then, they turned their sights to the rest of the galaxy. Within 2 weeks, the whole galaxy was at war. The Galaxy Eaters sheilds and weapons unconquerable. Unfortunately, the mighty Antoran empire, who in the past fell to them in a surprise attack (later Antorans won) didn't take the shattering of the Tedrian Allience due to the weapon easily. They, along with a fleet of Ahmorians, attacked the mighty ship and the entire fleet. The fight took 16 hours, but it was won. The Galaxy Eater set to self destruct, thousands of beings dead, and the last Antorans dying on board the beast, it was over. Not yet. As the Eater self destructed, it sent its parts through many portals, and then unleashed a growing black hole. It absorbed many planets, and killed many more beings, but the Antoran king Zoler managed to stop it with his dying power. Now, they lay low as the new super powers, the Magorians, Eratrians, and Necormians all stare each other down in a cold war.

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