This is a universe of infinite possibles, and the fantastic is always a plausibility.

- Unknown

Barely anything is known about the Ultraterrestrials, but the majority of them are believed to have been something similar to an alliance of races who ascended by technological means some time in the distant past, unlike the Essentials, who were created at full power by Essence godforms, but both fall under the category of "godraces". They are more advanced than the rest of the universe by at least as much as the most advanced non-godraces are than the average pre-spacefaring civilisation, having mastery of spacetime and dimensional engineering and (if rumours are true) are even able to change the laws of physics.

With few exceptions, they consider less advanced races beneath their notice; their own intelligence, technology and goals are far beyond what most others can comprehend. The Ultraterrestrials are not united, though, and there are many breakaway factions that work against the others' goals.

Types of Ultraterrestrials[]

The Ultraterrestrials are known by many names, and artifacts and myths from across the universe link many ancient races together. Each of these races has similar traits. Their technology is greater then most if not all empires can even begin to fathom, and it is sought after by lesser races, even though the scope and advanced designs of it are far beyond the comprehension of nearly all other civilisations. Many Ultraterrestrials have little or no interaction with other civilisations.


By NorthCacique

The Aeon Enigmas are a race of extradimensional and enlightened godforms that held a multidimensional civilization that spanned various timelines and planes of realities. One of the earliest presences in the universe, the Enigmas made their presence in the universe through the creation of an "outpost galaxy" that would later become known as the Eupherion Galaxy. The Enigmas were profound masters of the arts of elemental energy, and through the hybridization of elemental energy and psionic energy, the Enigmas had produced a power that would later be known as the Dreamweave.

While the Enigmas originally sought to expand their "protection" and dominion over the universe, the presence of the Zhulultu had caused them to forgo plans, and the arrival of the Ozax order of chaos monsters had eventually forced the Enigmas to leave the galaxy and reality altogether. The legacy of the Enigmas remains in the Ilacairen AIs that they left behind, the Dreamweave, and the various deific marks they left on the galaxy that continue to be a major aspect of many Eupheric religions. With the absence of any known Enigmas, the status of the Aeon Enigma civilization is vague and unknown; though those aware of the full extent of the Enigmas (and their full capabilities derived from their godform nature) still believe that the Aeon Enigmas exist in other planes of realities.

By Dinoman82

Atlantica (QS).png

The Atlantica are a race believed to be deities by many inhabitants of the Quadrant Galaxies. Their original home is unknown; they were created by the Ultimate One to seed the Quadrants with life and have had a connection with them ever since, although they now reside in the Realms of the Gods.

After they left the mortal realms, the Atlantica left behind various artifacts and former planets. One such planet is the mythical Aecor. A planet believed to shelter all against any that threaten the Quadrants and the place that keeps the protective barriers up that surround the Quadrants.

One Atlantica, Artmyris, created and led a force of demons against the rest of the Atlantica before he was defeated in the Clash of the Gods. Even before the Clash of the Gods began, the Atlantica numbers dwindled and they lost most of their former influance and power due to their small numbers still alive.

Sanktanaar Divin-Ra, a Venhokwe Mali'Nar.

By TheImperios

The Eola'Nar, also known as "Spodelings", are a large group of both Ascended and Descended beings - they were originally all purely Ascended, but one group were corrupted during the Second Coming, and the Eola'Nar split into the loyalist Isio'Nar and the Legion of the Deathmarch-aligned Mali'Nar. The Eola'Nar have traditionally manipulated various less advanced civilisations, creating various religions such as the worship of Spode.

The original Eola'Nar were composed of multiple races; one of the founders were some of the Venhokwe, and the Eola'Nar is one of their few legacies.


An Interdimensional Being.

The "Interdimensional Beings" are an unknown race of Ultraterrestrials native to another plane of existence. They are often seen as the most common appearance of the Ultraterrestrial.

Most modern Ultraterrestrial artefacts are attributed to these entities. Alleged works of the Interdimensional Beings include devices that could change the state of space and time locally, grip over the gravitational constant of entire galaxy clusters, the exploration of different spacetime geometries, configuration space that can warp reality, technology that can work down to the planck level, and the ability to transverse the Manifold into other quantum realities and universes with different physical constants.

The most well-known trace of the Interdimensional Beings is Steve, a powerful machine that inhabits the supermassive black holes in the centers of many galaxies, presumably due to an intergalactic wormhole network between these cores. Steve only appears to those he deems to be special, and gives them 42 charges of the Staff of Life as a gift. Steve is never seen outside the galactic cores of galaxies, and can only ever be seen once, ignoring cries for help even during the War of Ages. It is possible that Steve in a black hole intelligence, a powerful computer that uses the Galactic Core itself, and that the robot that visitors will contact is Steve's avatar.

Statues alleged to be of Steve can be found around the Milky Way Galaxy, often millions of years old, and Steve may have been somehow connected to the original, biological Interdimensional Beings. It is unknown what other powers Steve has, but he mentions that he exists on another plane of existence, to which he owes superior processing power.

By The Valader

Ancient depiction of a Krass, drawn in a temple dedicated to the "Life-givers".

The Krass were Ultraterrestrials found in the Tigris Galaxy, perhaps the first lifeforms to reach sapience in Tigris. Their control and hegemony spanned three galaxies, including the Kaas Galaxy and Chandras Galaxy and were renown for their mastery at genetic manipulation and terraforming capabilities. The Krass considered themselves to be a progenitor race. Not much is known about their physiology and culture, only that it survives through the civilization known as the Krassio, but they are presumed to be a precursor race for many of the reptilian races found in said galaxies, as well as improving the Krassio's brain waves to imbue it with psionic power at the early stages of their evolutionary process. They went into extinction after a destructive war against the Zhuhultu in times immemorial.


Ataien, Draconians, Ashtar, Greys and Pseudomorphs.

The First Ones of the Milky Way Galaxy are a collection of races which ascended at various times over millions or perhaps billions of years. The final First Ones remained in the Milky Way to guide the younger races, eventually ascending to leave the galaxy in the hands of the Civilisation.

The oldest of the First Ones are the mysterious Xyanxes, also known by other names such as "Nagilum", "Q" or "Xeelee". They were one of the greatest civilizations in the universe, and left their mark on the universe's cosmological structure, notably creating sentient "World Sancturies" that spanned galaxies (which survived in the form of Fahler), galaxy-encompassing pocket universes, constructing wormholes which stretched across the universe, and "Sporehenge", which leads to eleven other dimensions. The Girdo Galaxy, a sentient gravitational computer, was their most well-known creation. The Xyanxes tended to abandon certain technologies, perhaps in great wars, and the remains of these are often squabbled over by lesser races. Not much else is known about them, and it was believed by many across the universe that they were destroyed by the Xhodocto, until their brief reapparence in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Like with the Oikoumene, nearly all of what is actually known about them is mostly mythological, such as their liking for pink geodes, with comparatively few artefacts providing any real information.

The Xyanxes are possibly derived from the Naucean race, who were said to have existed millions of years ago, but became so advanced that they ascended. They were highly skillfull with both nano- and biotechnology. However, as little trace of them exists today, they are regarded as mythological by many. Alternatively, they may have come from the Screebles, said to be the greatest civilization in the universe, but whether this refers to technological, economic or even military power, or even if this is pure speculation, is not known. The last peice of evidence for their existence is the "Screeble's Column", which stated that many had "escaped mathematical oppression" to an unknown world. Whether the other Screebles ascended technologically or became their own end is told in various tales. A popular theory is that they in fact found a hyper-advanced life too complex and opted for a quainter, simpler lifestyle, reverting back to an Iron Age stage of development.

The "Sperwdorbuwkani" (an Apalose term meaning "Eaters of Galaxies") are possibly the enemies of the Xyanxes. Sperwdorbuwkani are sapient spacefaring creatures that are believed to be mostly or entirely composed of a weakly-interacting material such as dark matter, more "truly alien" than godrace, and live in the cores of gravitational wells. Unfortunately for most species, they tried to xenoform the universe on the grandest of scales, and many fear that they will attempt to do so again in future.

Other First Ones include the insectoid Ataien, reptilian Alpha Draconians and Chitauri, some Pseudomorphs that were introduced to the Milky Way, and offshoots of Humanity known as the Ashtar and Greys. Before their ascendance, they were already many points along the sentience quotient higher than many younger races, and left behind many advanced technological artifacts sought after by others, including engineering feats that still have yet to be replicated. Many of these, such as Corona Space Station, still exist, and still little is known about them. Not all of the First Ones were benevolent; some were simply mysterious timeless civilisations which the average empire stayed away from.

The First Ones finally left the Milky Way and ascended during the climax of the Imperial Civil War, leaving the Delpha Coalition of Planets instructions to set up the Milky Way Cooperative, which led to the emergence of the AI Netspace, both new and dormant cosmic-sized artificial intelligences and swarm communalities finally burst onto the galactic scene. The galaxies of the known universe were at last becoming a super-community, and perhaps in a few centuries, the great Gigaquadrant powers will rival the Elder races.

Credit goes to the creators of various works of science fiction. Some elements of the Xyanxes were based on the Xeelee Sequence by Stephen Baxter, the Ataien are partially based on the First Ones of Babylon 5, and the Archaeohuman races (Ashtar and Greys) were inspired by the Four Great Races of Stargate and Ancient Humanoids of Star Trek. The Ataien, reptilians and Archaeohumans are also inspired by features of ufology such as "alien abduction" entities and the palaeocontact hypothesis.


By Cyrannian

All this has happened before and all of it shall happen again.

- Unknown

The Oikoumene, also known as the Thirteenth Tribe, are a race of enlightened Ultraterrestrials that held a presence throughout the universe millions of years ago, centred in what is now known as the Cyrannus Galaxy. Originating countless years ago, the Oikoumene quickly attained a level of technological, biological and sociological superiority over their contemporary species, naming themselves the caretakers of life.

The Oikoumene were hailed as gods by their "Patronois", the name given to the races in which they protected and despite some fleeting rebellions made against them, they were generally held in high esteem. The Oikoumene mysteriously disappeared during the end of the Apotheosis Era of history, with only one individual, (with the exception of surviving AIs) known to be active in modern times.

The Oikoumene's legacy has a significant impact on the universe, in particular the Cyrannus Galaxy, where they are still worshipped as gods by civilisations such as the Cognatus Empire.

By OluapPlayer

A Seireniar.

The Seireniar are an extinct race of Ultraterrestrials who once inhabited the Borealis Galaxy's Geriamias Sector, believed to have existed between 3 to 1 billion years before the current day. A species of monstrous and incredibly cruel entities, equally beautiful as they were malevolent, they ruled over their space by feeding on the terror of lesser races, considering themselves goddesses. However, once they ascended to a position which rivaled true Ultraterrestrials, they were immediately hunted down by the Borealis Grox Empire and devoured by the god-like Regnatus.

To ensure their legacy would continue, the Seireniar created the Rovegar in their image. The latter worship the creatures as their pantheon, though details of their existence are limited to the rulling members of the Rovegar Matriarchy's Sisterhood caste. In the current day, only one Seireniar - named The Dancer - is known to still exist, avoiding Regnatus' wrath by slumbering within a Dyson Sphere.

By OluapPlayer

A Vida'Rra.

The Vida'Rra were a legendary race of angelic Ultraterrestrials who are presumed to have been the very first inhabitants of this universe. They were among the most advanced civilizations in history and once had influence through most of the First Gigaquadrant, their Imperium lasting for five billion years before its fall.

Descendants of Quark-based lifeforms born moments after the Big Bang, the Vida'Rra were the first civilization to harness the power of the Dream Essence, which served as basis for their existence and society. One of the original heroic races of the Onuris Universe, the Vida'Rra have long since been rendered extinct, though their legacy lives on through their super-computer megaconstructs and descendant races which hold parts of their genetic structure, such as the Bonio.

By Xho

A Zhulultu

An interdimensional order of Ultraterrestrials, the Zhulultu were immensely powerful beings that controlled a vast hegemonic system that spanned all corners of the Gigaquadrant. Their centre of power was the dystopian Tuuros Galaxy, inhabiting the space surrounding it before its formation. The Zhulultu are known throughout modern times by the tyrannies of Lord Zhuleshxi, the last known surviving Zhulultu who was known for the destruction of the Tigris Galaxy. The Congregation was a machination of his design and has survived as the fearsome Dominion of the Xhodocto in modernity.

Comparisons with other advanced civilisations[]

The First Gigaquadrant is now at a time where the "young races" are beginning to rival their "elders", including the Milky Way Cooperative, Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Grox Empire, the Federation of Free States and pre-ascension Krassio, especially after the Milky Way Precursors ascended leaving many of their technologies behind.

There are several enigmatic civilisations which are more advanced and alien to the major political powers of the Gigaquadrant, and are possibly considered "Elders" or "Precursors", but simply not Ultraterrestrial. These include the Omega and Guardians of Time's Gate, the Dacean Ecumene, the Junction and Xeranbha. It is unknown if the Dacean survived their final battle against the Xhodocto, and it is presumed the Omega and Time's Gate had the same fate. The Catharsis may well be related to the Interdimensional Beings.

The Superordinates of the Technoosphere are cosmic-sized intelligences that recently emerged. Some were created by Ultraterrestrials, and others evolved from the Milky Way Cooperative's infrastructure, activating the ancient AI's from dormancy. They can use the resources of entire interstellar sectors (rigged by wormholes) to create vast processing networks. Their intelligence is backed by the computing power that tends to be on a scale billions of times larger than that of the average sapient (comparing the mass of a star-sized Matrioshka brain to that of a brain that could fit in a Human's cupped hands). Some AIs are hostile, others self-referential with incomprehensible goals and ignoring any life that may tread in their way, and some AIs are beneficial to civilisations, occasionally becoming ruling entities or guides. But unlike some Ultraterrestrials, the benevolent Technoosphere tends not to dominate.

Finally, there is the Big Collective Consciousness, which only exist in one possible future timeline. Free to roam all configurations of the universe, and all versions of time of the universe, it is possible the BCC is aware of the current timeline, but not the other way around, and thus are not considered Ultraterrestrial for never being witnessed.


There are things in the universe, so vast and timeless, walk reality beyond our experience like giants, to them we are the scum which collect around stars for warmth, still much dependant on our evolutionary needs and are limited by the tools of our minds it granted us.

- Philosopher, Delpha Coalition of Planets

Such great beings. So ancient. Such majesty. Such power. We greatly admire them.

- Emperor Mercuris

Powerful, yes, but invincible? Soon I will make my mark on this universe, and absorb every last one of you Ultraterrestrials, and give myself greater power!

- The Dark One

Someday ... Someday ...

- Vankalian



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