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The Unified Nation of Ottzello

Conquest will be eternal. Stand down and die!

- Kralgon Emperor

The Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello, or USO, is the direct successor to the Unified Nation of Ottzello. An imperialistic and powerful empire, connected by the System, USO are less a state like UNO was, and more a hive mind. In fact, the individualism of USO's people is almost null, as they live in total autocracy with complete control over everything. Power mad, USO's goal ultimately is to conquer.



The Ultimate Sovereignty were made out of an evolution of the UNO Omega Commander's progression. A demand for more power caused the Omega Commander AI to go through a restructuring, as the democratic nature of UNOL was, according to the AI, hindering progress. The result was a restructure that would get rid of unnecessary individuals and species, including the Loron and many members of UNOL. The process ever since was geared towards making USO stronger.

War of the Cleansing Fire[]

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In general the member races that make up USO have a very strong and tough physiology. The weakest members, the Grox, have strength equal to 150% of a human. This is due to their past experiences; they have survived through a dystopian/third world state, resulting in gang crime being extremely high and near-starvation. This overall made the old UNO tougher. Due to the Second and Third Ottzello wars, they are incredibly strong and tough, making them incredibly efficient in combat.

Engineered enhacnements

The nanomachines that UNO once employed to give their citizens engineered enhancements are also used by USO, to a very similar extent. However, overtime, USO is trying to make them even stronger. These include enhanced muscles and tougher skin, which is forced on their people, and should they reject, they are either brainwished or terminated, as there is no place for weak members of USO.

Collective consciousness

USO's citizens and robots are all a strict hivemind, bound by UNOS's nanomachines and controlled by the AI. The nanomachines monitor everything from their thought process, their physical fitness, body temperature, body energy, emotions and the like. Unlike the original UNOS system for UNO, the nanomachines will not hesitate to actively change USO thought patterns. They are also frequently used to kill anyone who tries to oppose them, and even the slightest thought of hating USO results in the individual's death and a wipe from the memory of anyone who knew them (or a brainwash move that makes people welcome their death).


The Ultimate Sovereignty have all of UNO's technology, but it is used to a greater extent. As USO reached a post-scarcity level and have no need for a currency, due to the use of quantum repliactors, USO's resources are all but unlimited. This means they are capable of creating weapons of mass destruction at no cost, and using nanomachines, are able to easily create them in a matter of seconds. USO continue to develop even stronger, more powerful tools in which to destroy their foes, and the military is prioritized over any research level.


USO society is incredibly strict. Propaganda exists everywhere, and whenever there isn't a screen showing the latest news of USO's achievements, its people receive it in nanomachines as well. In total contrast to every single Ottzelloan society before it crime is completely non-existent, as any criminal is instantly terminated the second they recieve any thoughts of it. Despite a total lack of freedom, the people of USO completely enjoy their society, brainwashed.

One could describe USO as communist or as post-scarcity, but this is inaccurate. What its people live in is essentially not a society, but more a controlled simulation by the AI. It is wrong to call USO a state, or an empire, because it is merely an AI-controlled collective of slaves which fulfill the bidding of the AI until their use expires. Unlike many similar empires, USO do not make the slightest effort to cover up their dark nature, to anyone but their people.

The people of USO live essentially within a virtual reality created by nanomachines. What they see before them is not real, but it is merely sense data fed to their brains; their senses completely deceive them and all of their people believe they are living in utopia. While they are made to believe they have some sort of individualism and that their world is perfect, it is far from it in reality. In fact, this virtual reality is created by the AI purely to keep USO's people in check, and to give them a reason to perform their work at their absolute best.


Basic capabilities[]

USO's 'base' capabilities are identical to those of the old UNO, although they became much stronger later on.

With a heavy focus on nanotechnology, widely regarded as one of Ottzello's defining features, USO technology is geared for the sole purpose of war and destruction. Showing not the slightest remorse, USO are unstoppable in their quest for domination and the total annihilation of their foes, meaning that many of their superweapons are almost identical to those that UNO possessed, but if anything, have been amped up. USO also have little reason to conquer a planet due to their unlimited resources from quantum replicators, meaning they will not hesitate to destroy stars. USO have great social/domestic technology, but it is fairly irrelevant.

USO often use Dark Chronoscopic and Chronoscopic reactors primarily as a power source as well as all USO members learning to channel the Chronoscopic in their bodies (although they also have an electronic battery), as both an ID and for portable devices, such as the tablet computers, but also using solar energy. Dark Chronoscopic and Chronoscopic reactors work best on planets; while both energies 'reproduce themselves', it's faster to use other power sources mixed with Chronoscopic to create much larger energies in reaction, in a similar way to nuclear energies, and with Taldar designs this is safe; this is done easier on planets than in spaceships. It's also better to be on Ottzello planets, as this is the only galaxy with planets containing the energy.


The basis of all USO technology, Chronotech is the study of Chronoscopic energy as a science, not as a magic. This gives USO the opportunity to use 5D capabilities to their will. Eseentially, USO get the powers of not just time, but all of 'holospace'. Based upon the Holographic Principle - the idea that the 3D world is a mere projection of 5D space - USO's technology works purely on theory. But the results allow them to bend time to their will, meaning that they can speed up and slow down any production. However, it is highly reliant on Chronoscopic energy, so the full extent of most of these powers remains in the Ottzello Sector, which has worlds full of Chronoscopic energy.

The truly dangerous part of Chronotechnologies are the material, and the ability to warp not just time, but reality. The 5D manipulation gives USO the ability to have unlimited resources and powerful weapons far beyond what many others use. It renders limitations of most spacefaring civilisations irrelevant. The extent of territory USO controls is meaningless due to the literally unlimited resources and ability to bend reality, but also due to being able to speed up production in time. The extradimensional technologies are very much scientific, far removed from the Ioketa practice of Chronoscopic Energy. They are also far more reliable.


USO's vehicles are rarely piloted, and most are controlled by AI. For this reason, they are often referred to as AI Weapons rather than starships. Their fleets are identical to UNO's old fleet.

Main fleet
Other ships in the fleet

USO has an incredibly strong fleet, identical to that of UNO. Their fleet uses Kralgon Attack Pods, as well as a mix of Kralgon AI weapons (unmanned vehicles) and manned ships. USO ships also tend to contain some incredible superweapons, mostly Dark Chronoscopic missiles, as well as incredibly huge laser-like weapons that can destroy cities or planets. This is for the larger ships, however.

USO's vehicles are of a generally high standard, made to suit most/all terrains. This was helped by the Ioketa; not only are their energies useful for boosting/maintaining vehicles and ships, but their mastery of outdoors is unrivalled, and they often design other land vehicles to suit all terrains. The Ottzel also helped in this.


USO's travel around the Borealis Galaxy works based on slipstream drives, known in Borealis as Cold Relay drives. Cold Relay drives are part of Borealis Cold Relay travel network.

In addition to the network, the Unified Nation uses the SUSYdrive, which converts a ship into supersymmetrical particles. When the supersymmetrical particles revert back to normal fermions, they are displaced from their original location due to the subatomic particles' superposition. Even if this is a few feet from the ship, quantum effects can travel far faster than the speed of light. Theoretically, infinite speed could be achieved, were it not for some quantum uncertainty. The SUSYdrive was a reverse-engineered version of a device usd by the late Delpha Coalition of Planets, discovered in Operation Colonization.


USO devices are almost completely irrelevant. Most of USO solve general problems with mechanised suits, robots or nanotechnology. The need for any devices is almost null, and the desire for them is completely surpressed.


Main article: UNO weaponry

USO also have several biological weapons, using UNOS, which can prevent breeding, or kill a species.


The Emperor[]

Supreme Leaders[]




Yellow face.pngLet's see how useful you can be.

  • None


Yellow face.pngStay clear of our territory.


Orange face.pngPrepare to be obliterated.


Don't you mean surrender OR die?

- Yogtam


- Rebaris

dun care wat yoos called IMMA STILL KILL YOO UP

- Fre'kloar

They are not a state, they are not a nation, they are a virus. An uncaring and unfeeling parasite.

- Lord-Admiral Larnus Vontarion

One in machine, absent in soul, abusive of body. The trinity is unbalanced. With imbalance, comes collapse - the natural order will balance the flaws and restore the harmony.

- Develani Thranga

This is an unexpected development and one that demands constant vigilance. However, it is my hope that a mutually beneficial diplomatic agreement can be reached.

- Apollo

Hmph, what a disgusting cultural wasteland.

- Deoclet Caesarius



  • The phrases "One Ottzello" and "Ottzello Unity" were created by Imperios and Monet respectively.
  • The old Unified Nation of Ottzello was referred to as UNO, which is Spanish for "one". The Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello is referred to as USO, which is Spanish for "use" (and with an accent on the "o", is spanish for "used"). Put these together, and you have "one use".
  • USO is inspired by the Patriots from the Metal Gear series and by the film The Matrix.
  • Thanks to Charles Murray for the flag ^.^
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