The Ulter Empire, also called as the Republic of Cataejana, is a new space empire present in the Carina Nebula of the Milky Way Galaxy. They fight and stand for what is right for the life of the entire universe and they're great diplomats.


The First YearsEdit

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The Ulters are native of the planet Cataejana, located in the Milky Way Galaxy. Their origins are not certain, but it's been told from old traditions and legends that their race was created by an ancient deity "from the eye made of the richest stone and from the thousand arms made of the harder skin", called Daeuis. These tales have been passed down from generation to generation, creating so the oldest religion of the Ulter race, the Crendios, which still exists and still has a strong presence in the entire civilization.

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An ancient illustration of Daeuis appearing in their known form

According to the Crendios, the ancient deity Daeuis created the entire universe by transforming its own body into the universe itself, thus sacrificing its hypothetical existence to create life.

Despite this, they were theoretically still alive and they also could appear under a certain form that, in the course of the evolution of his beliefs, has not changed, which is a huge eye made of stone with tentacles like arms. Some might say their appearance is similiar to the deity Spode, that is why it's been discussed different times that they might be Spode theirself.

In the early years, therefore, their civilization was enormously religious, placing its god always first of all. In the tribal times every contribution to their own tribes was considered a step forward towards the salvation of God, while the opposite was considered a detachment from God himself and a descent towards the condemnation of one's own soul. Therefore the inventors of the time were regarded as true sons of god, and this transfomated them into great tribal leaders, creating then different regions that worked together.


Geographic map of the planet Cataejana

Tribal YearsEdit

The Tribal Years were prosperous, full of great golden periods contributed by the big alliances scattered around the central lands. Everyone helped each other with different roles and works, trying so to reach the salvation mentioned from their god.

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A Tribe of the forests from the planet's central area

It didn't take long for their complete geographic extension, but there were several obstacles and problems in it; both in the north and south the climate was colder than the central area of the planet and the inhabitants of this area were not used to low temperatures, and this led to a continuous evolution of the Ulter organism and therefore to greater resistance to new climates.

Furthermore, not all alliances lasted forever: The extension of the species in the different regions also led to an unfortunate struggle for power, thus collapsing the long gold age and creating so different factions. Unfortunately there were several wars, but they were brought to an end by the sharing of the same religion: the king of the central lands, Stiox, thought that wars were just what God didn't desired and by continuing them would lead the whole species to the eternal condemnation.

According to some uncertain texts, Stiox prayed to the god Daeuis to give him the power to unite all the conflicting peoples so as to create another golden era full of prosperity and sure for eternal salvation. Daeuis responded to his prayers, granting him semi-divine powers so as to restore peace to the whole world, or so the ancient writings say. The certain events were that Stiox called several central peoples to the retreat from guns and invited the leaders of the enemy factions to an agreement, permitted by God himself and that if they didn't come they would be condemned to eternal punishment.

After different disputes, Stiox managed to convince all the factions to hear about this agreement, which was about creating a whole and unique alliance that would only follow God's law. Somehow all the factions agreed to do so and the only known reasons are only the religious ones of the ancient texts, creating a fully religious totalitarian regime, known as the Doxism.

Doxism YearsEdit

The early years of Doxism were a great success. Stiox was considered the true chosen son of God and therefore he was the head of the whole regime, also named the King of Cataejana.


Flag of the Doxism Regime

Several years after the formation of the new regime there was a great industrial revolution, thus creating a prosperous age full of constant inventions. In fact, there was a great increase of the technology: automobiles for transport, production of energy from the earth and therefore electricity and much more, even the weapons had their own process of evolution; The weapons had to be improved not only for hunting but also to keep minor unreligious rebel forces aloof, therefore to keep a better defense for the entire society from possible threats. There was so a great impact of Steampunk-like technology and, as mentioned before, electricity was introduced thanks to the long study of the physics and entire structure of the planet.

The power of the regime was hereditary, because according to the Doxist law "only those who are of the royal and divine blood can lead the whole people of God", so only the descendants of the first head of state can have access to the regime power. Therefore there was a continuous dispute in the royal family.

After different centuries since the creation of the regime, a menace to it became even hugger, the Atheist Rebel Forces: there were several rebellions against the religious regime, all said that the known deity Daeuis didn't actually exist and several other forces had more charges against the Crendios: some even said that Daeuis was invented by the ancient civilations in order to create the actual regime (saying so that it was all a conspiracy), and it wasn't the only reason to go against the religious regime, there were actually different ones. In the age of advanced civilization technology, the rebellions became stronger and more present, so much so that the Rebel Force of Liberty (RFL) was finally created.

"The War for Liberty"Edit

Rebel force of liberty

Flag of the Rebel Force of Liberty

And have you ever wondered who this famous god was? Have you ever wondered if this regime really fights for eternal salvation? Have you ever wondered if this salvation really exists? My dear brothers and sisters, we have long been in total ignorance of ourselves, of our freedom. We have always relied on a figure that never seems to be there, thus closing us in a hope that in reality is false. This regime in which we live is created with lies, lies that have tormented us throughout our lives. They say that we will be truly free at the end of our earthly lives, but as time passes we become more and more aware that this is all nothing but a big bullshit. We are not free now, and we will not be at the end of our days. And that's why I'm standing here, screaming for the whole people of Cataejana the pain we've hidden for centuries. The cities around us grow but we do not. The time has come to change all this, to come out of the darkness to find the true light. It's time to fight for the precious light of freedom!

- Naxht, Head of the RFL

With the creation of the RFL, the entire planet goes to war. Almost half of the entire civilation lost the trust for the regime and the royal family and joins the rebel force, all this with the aim of bringing down the Doxism and establishing a new form of government centered on the power of the people, therefore a democracy. The struggles were everywhere: they started from the north and from the south and then progressed slowly towards the central territory, where the capital of the planet, Silvox, is, as well as the home of the royal family.

Spore 2018-04-01 17-19-01

A siege battle by rebels in the northern battlefields

The current head of state at that time was King Athmiv, general of the armed forces and younger brother of the former King Nihgut II, who died of a fatal disease. Athmiv was a great strategist both in the defense forces and in the attacks of rebel bases, and this did not help the RFL at all. In the strategy the rebel forces were certainly at a disadvantage compared to the armed forces of the regime, until the ex-commander of the southern army Sevmux ran to the rescue of the RFL and flanked Naxht in the assaults. Sevmux was obviously considered a traitor as the entire southern continent, but soon the south wasn't going to be alone: many battles in the north were finally won by rebel forces, thus leaving the central territories circled by the enemy.

Naxht knew that the rebellion would succeed in its goal, and therefore he asked King Athmiv to surrender and renounce the title of head of state by avoiding any other deaths. Despite this, Athmiv didn't give up, he thought that the whole ulterian race would have been without meaning without the Doxism. There was nothing to do, the RFL had to conclude the conflicts with its last battle.

The Battle of Silvox and the end of the warEdit

During the last battle there was a great resistance from the armed forces of the city that lasted until the end. There was a huge encirclement of several armies across the plain that had been turned into a big battlefield. The counterattack lasted a long time but eventually ceased, letting rebel forces enter the city.

Spore 2018-04-02 00-23-08

The Battle in front of the city hall of Silvox. Those were the last moments of the Battle of Silvox.

With the main defenses now destroyed, Silvox's fate was sealed, but the battle didn't stop. The city was full of soldiers, the citizens evacuated already for quite a while, and the resistance of Silvox was diminishing more and more. It did not take long for the final encirclement at the town hall of the city, where King Athmiv was at that moment, and right here Naxht asked again to the king to surrender to avoid his death and of his last soldiers. Athmiv responded with a grenade thrown towards his army, thus ascertaining his fanatical and last resistance. At this point Naxht did not hesitate to the siege of the town hall, destroying it and killing the king with it. At the end of the battle, Naxht found the dead body of Athmiv and dragged him to the square in front of the city hall, as he was finally acclaimed by all the survivors of the rebellion in that attack. The war was over, now it was time to restore the damage.

Several days after the fall of Silvox, there was a gathering by the head of the RFL Naxht with the officers of the old regime who had surrendered to the rebel forces. With the death of the king the Doxism had collapsed, and that was how a new democracy was created as promised by the RFL, creating so the Republic of Cataejana. With several votes from the people, the former commander Sevmux was elected president of the new republic.

The Republic years and the Space ArrivalEdit

With the creation of the republic all the people of Cataejana lived in prosperity and finally freed from the limitations of the old regime. With a new government now based mainly on the people, the Crendios was considered less but instead of being practiced it was actually studied, thus creating new centers of study to better understand the religion and later on also to look for the true origin of life and the sense of it, and so Academies based on the study of philosophy were founded.

Republic of cataejana

Flag of the New Republic of Cataejana

We have always thought that a government based on something that its existence is not certain is purely insane, especially a regime that ignored the rights of its people and forced them to worship something that does not exist. With the new republic, however, we do not want to don't let the people think of the origin of everything. We managed to free ourselves from the chains that made us bleed, and honestly now there is nothing wrong with understanding the philosophy of life. Indeed, that is absolutely correct. I invite everyone to begin to study the world around us with their intellect, in order to find something that is worth believing. In any case, what we must surely believe is ourselves, we as a united people. Because if we aren't united there is no people, and if there is no people there is no life.
- Sevmux, First President of the Republic

In the following years the Ulters followed mainly the philosophy of Diplomacy, and in the meantime the race itself always pointed upwards, towards space. With several attempts, they succeeded in creating a way to reach the other planets and this was a great step for the entire Ulterian race.

I always thought that once we reached the space we would find all the answers we have always looked for.

- Naxht
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An FXA-68, the first early device used to consume energy from the stars

Over time, the Ulterian race found a way to exploit the energy of the stars so as not to completely consume them (thus reaching a tier 3 degree) and this had allowed them to conquer other solar systems and get in touch with other alien races.

The Current YearsEdit

The Republic of Cataejana is recognized as the Ulter Empire by the other empires and is continuously expanding. They've proclaimed themselves to not to be intent on any offensive towards others in their current galactic expansion. The current President of the Republic is Xajit Sal.


Ulters' technology is pretty much advanced, of tier 3. They're mostly focused on the military and space technology, secondarily on civilization.


  • Cycle Mobile Type V

The Cycle Mobile Type V is a automobile used by the civilians to move around the land. It's the last installation of this vehicle and it works thanks to some old steam energy concept, through a widespread gas present on the home planet. It has only one wheel which is pretty stable and capable to hold all the weight of the rest of vehicle. It's door is actually the windscreen, it opens sideways.

  • Mercop

The Mercop is van used by workers to transport goods and everything that is commercial-related on the land. It's a vehicle that's been used for centuries and changed rarely. The power used by it is the same used by the Cycle Mobile. It has claws to be used in cases where it has to dig a subterranean tunnel.

  • VGL-Blue Type

The VGL-Blue Type is a vehicle used by the police forces. Its technology is more advanced and is almost always used by military forces; it is designed to be capable of both standing on land and leavening to a great height, until it overcomes the first layer of the planet's atmosphere. However, it is not considered as a mainly air vehicle.

It is equipped with light-laser canon type weapons and a sonar able to detect possible crimes in the radius of its area. The only way to transport yourself inside it is the teleportation, given to the officers to whom the vehicle has been given.

  • VGL-Yellow Type

The VGL-Blue Type is a military vehicle used for quite serious emergency situations where rescue is also required. Even though it has advanced technology, it used the same concept of claws used for the civilians vehicles. It's not capable to fly but only stay on land and it's strong enough to remove every obstacle that is in front of it.

It's equipped with mini laser cannons that are also capable of throwing plasma grenades and a sonar similar to that of the Blue Type but with a larger radius. It also uses teleportation technology. Its large size is capable to carry more than 50 people.

  • VGL-Delta Type

The VGL-Delta Type is military mecha that is rarely used, mainly for to a great threat to an entire city or worse. It's the most advanced used vehicle on earth; Its robotic legs are able to jump for a huge height up to overcome a huge skyscraper, it is also equipped with rockets that allows it to levitate for a while. It also has sonars whose radius is large enough to hear everything that is present in an entire region.

It has different weapons, such as cannons that are capable of throwing plasma granes and laser cannons. This one actually doesn't use teleportation to get inside it, but to use it you still have to access to its data through a fast DNA-check. So every Delta Type is given to only one person.

  • Water Mobile Type V

The Water Mobile Type V is ship used by civilians to reach underwater bases. Along with the last Cycle Mobile, it's the last installation of this vehicle and has the same kind of energy. Unlike the Cycle Mobile, its door is on the top of it.

  • VGL-Sea Unity

The VGL-Sea Unity is a ship used by military forces for possible threats regarding the water regions. Its technology is advanced just like the Delta Type; it has sonars that can reach the bowels of earth and it can also go underwater without any problems and can stay like that for hours.

It's equipped with canons that can launch to the sky and with missiles for when it's underwater. The only way to get inside it is teleportation.

  • Air Mobile Type V

The Air Mobile Type V is a public vehicle used for civilians. Unlike the others, it can't be directly driven by the citizens but only by official drivers for them. Still, it uses the same technlogy of the Cycle Mobile; though the work of old steam energy concept it uses gas energy and also the consummation of materials from the inside of the planet (manly minerals) to then carbonize them.

It has doors on every side, but it's also capable of teleportation. This vehicle can carry about 60 people.

  • VGL-Aria

The VGL-Aria is a military vehicle used most of the time for regulars check but also to protect the planet from possible air threats (or even an invasion). Its technology is almost comparable to the one used by the Delta Type; it flies perfectly and can even go out of the atmosphere, even if it's not recommended to actually do that. It has radars that have the datas of the entire planet.

It's equipped with high-technlogy weapons that is similiar to the ones used by space ships. It has an omega canon, a special type of laser canon, and it can drop or launch electromagnetic bombs.

  • Drone EXPL Type Y

The Drone EXPL Type Y is, as called, a drone used for space investigations and exploring. They're small but they can actually expand at every size. Unlike the other vehicles, this drone is drived by Artificial intelligences. Of course its technlogy is sci-fi like, like the rest of the spaceships.

  • Merco Zeta

The Merco Zeta is like an advanced version of the Mercop; it also used to tranport commercial-related goods, most of the time to thread materials with other empires. It carries a box made of a very resistant material, where all the goods are deposited. It can pilotated by both individuals and AIs.

  • Ploud

The Ploud is a spaceship used to send special agents to colonize entire planets and terraforming them in a few weeks. This vehicle is pretty powerful, it can teleport every material from a close main ship without any problems and it can also modify the entire, transforming itself into a base. It can only be drived by individuals.

  • Flixm

The Flixm is a spaceship that is often used by the military forces in space. It works like an assault carrier but it's often used by captains to move around easily, since it's also considered one of the best ships to pick. It's endowed of powerful sonars and radars of every kind and of weapons that can use lasers that are faster than light itself. They're the best in assaults.

  • CR-Gher

The CR-Gher is the main Capital Spaceship used by military forces. It's the largest and most powerful ship of the entire empire and can carry an entire civilization. It's equipped with heavy-laser canons that can be hidden or not and most of the time they have built-in factories to produce eventual materials for colonization or military purposes.

They're drived by different pilots but mainly guided by captains of high ranks. There are also different variations of these spaceships, all depending on the style of the captains themselves. If you ever see an Ulter fleet, these big guys always make their show.


Over the centuries there have been several types of factories that used different types of energy. At the moment two types of factories are used for different environments:

  • FXA-Low ED: this type of factory is used for for colonized planets without an atmosphere, waiting to be terraformed. It draws energy from the stars and also creates mini tunnels that are able to reach the center of a planet, all this to study the structure of it and obtain materials that can be useful.
  • FXA-Atus: this is the main factory used on planets. It's the most efficent factory that can draw stars energy in an enormous quantity. It also collects all types of gas and materials on the planet to exploit them in the best possible way.


Spore 2018-04-05 19-47-25

Politus, an ancient philosopher.

The culture of the Ulters is based primarily on the philosophy of diplomacy and "on wanting to know the curiosities of the universe with discretion": this statement means that the Ulterian race is based primarily on wanting to be curious about what is new and unknown to be able to study it but in a rash way, so they do not risk to give in to the blind danger of curiosity itself. So we can say that the Ulters are a species that treat everything discreetly so as not to risk anything dangerous for themselves, so besides being diplomatic they also try to be patient and moderate in everything.

Those who embrace the curiosities of the universe are the true scholars of life, but those who imprison curiosity are lost in internal corruption.

- Politus, ancient philosopher

A culture of exploration in the mysteries of the universe and of attention in it has led the Ulterian race to be more perspicacious and understanding.


Note: there will be a main article about the religion.

The only known religion has always remained the Crendios, consisting in believing in a divine figure, known as Daeuis, as the creator of everything. The Crendios is a religion that is not widely practiced but rather analyzed by scholars. It is considered only as an ancient phase of the Ulterian race that could lead to discover more details about the future: this was affirmed by scholars who tried to compare the Crendios with other religions of other species. For example they have noticed that there is much similarity with another deity known as Spode, both from the physical description and from that of his thought, and this has led to a greater analysis of ancient mysteries concerning their galaxy.

So it can be said that the Ulters are no longer religious but atheist. If we want to talk about the origin of the universe and so on, the Ulterian race's thoughts about them are based mainly on philosophy.


Note: this section must still be developed better.

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The cityhall of Silvox might be a simple example of the modern architecture.

Art developed slowly and then created a definitive style in the first industrial revolutions, and it evolved along with technology.

Figurative art, mainly plastic art, has always been the most used way to express something. We can say that there are three phases of it:

  • The ancient style, developing since tribal times, which has always remained simple and devoid of details but always unique in its purity and organization;
  • The engine style, which appeared in the first industrial revolutions. It is mainly focused on the beauty of the machine;
  • The modern style, which is also the actual and definitive style used. It's similar to the engine style but more evolved (creating a sci-fi style) that tries to implement also bases of the ancient style.


The military forces are more or less similar to those of the old regime but more advanced both in technology and in the performance of operations. They are designed to deal with all kinds of threats, both in attack and in defense: they exploit different military strategies both for space fleets and for earthly ones, all implemented with great successes.


The military infantry is formed with different types of soldiers, but the most used in military operations are as follows:

  • Police Generals: They're in charge of the various armies of the local police. They are equipped with heavy and durable material armor to deal with short-distance threats. They are armed with special swords that can change material depending on the situation (from a woody material to stop criminals of minor danger to laser blades to deal with very dangerous threats) and plasma guns that must be used exclusively in cases of emergency.
  • Sphinx Researcher: Scientists specialized in the military field, these soldiers are usually sent to space missions, mainly when it comes to analyzing an unknown habitat. They are equipped with special helmets that allow the generation of concentrating air to infinity, then they have spaulders that allow levitation or a balanced gravity force on a ground to walk on. They are also equipped with special jetpacks used to move easily in spaces where there is no surface. The only weapons they are equipped with are a LZF-Sword, a fulminating blade which can also be transformed into a laser blade, and a long-range laser gun.
  • Assault Soldier: Soldiers in charge of military assaults capable of doing both long and short distance assault operations. They are equipped with armor capable of regenerating the energy of all the weapons they use and treating any wounds. They are equipped with weapons depending on the operation but usually they are equipped with a LZF-Sword and laser guns.
  • Paladin Soldier: These soldiers are chosen primarily for defense operations. They are equipped with armor like those of the Assault Soldiers but heavier and more resistant that makes them real living shields. On their left shoulder they have a spaulder that acts as a shield and is used to push away the enemies. They are also armed with a LZF-Sword and a Poisoned Blade.
  • Commando Elite: They are the strongest soldiers of the entire infantry, chosen for both assault and defense operations. They are equipped with impenetrable armor, which create a defensive barrier around their body for a medium duration and have a faster energy regeneration than other soldiers. Their weapons are laser and plasma guns and LZF-Swords. They mainly lead the armies.
  • Infiltrated Sniper: Special soldiers in charge of tactical operations. They are able to move quickly and silently thanks to their light armor that also allows them to stay camouflaged in the ambient. They are armed with an LZF-Zeta, an heavy sniper laser rifle, and lethal claws able to carbonize enemies.


Green face Allies Edit

"We will stand together for a better future"

  • None

Green face Partners Edit

"We work together for new discoveries"

Blue face Friends Edit

"They fight for good reasons, and that's what matters to us"

  • None

Yellow face Neutral Edit

"We're uncertain about your race. Perhaps you should present your position."

  • None

Orange face DislikedEdit

"You better stay away from our bases."

  • None

Red face Enemies Edit

"You represent a great threat to us, to our allies and to the glorious future of the universe. Do not expect open arms from us."

  • None


  • Originally in the "War For Liberty" Phoetux intended to let the Doxism regime win and destroy every rebellion existing on the planet, to then create a fully religious galactic empire that would go to war with anyone who was in their way. This idea was then discarded to be perhaps used in another space empire.
  • The Battle of Silvox is inspired by the Battle of Berlin.
  • The flag logo has an important meaning: it has the sign used by the ancient tribes to remember their religious past and a star as a sign of freedom and hope, as well as a reference to the Rebel Force of Liberty.
  • The Ulter Empire's Anthem is "See What I've Become" by Zack Hemsey


Fresh lands fresh Bodies to devour in our spread of spread of dominion in our massive hivemind-Monolithian queen

We Can see you we might reach out if your willing to see beyond your normal horizon-Koala Koalian Outsider

The Ulters are an intriguing species, curious and rational as we are. Observing and partaking in their development as they reach beyond their homeworld is a privilege.

- Regent-Palatiness Axech Sel Shisari
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