I serve my people, but I also serve those who need my assistance.

- Ugandalore the Great

Torscka Nitrocon, known for his title as Ugandalore the Great, was the last leader of the Ugandalorians, and a wise, generous, fair ruler of his people. Considered the greatest of the Ugandalores, Torscka brought a new golden age to his people, bringing them into a new age of science, economics, and learning that has never been scene before.

While a soldier, he understood there's more to life then war, and tried to be an advocate for peace. However, he understood when fighting needed to be done, and was dedicated to ending wars as quickly as possible, with as little life lost as possible.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Perservation[edit | edit source]

Ugandalore The Great[edit | edit source]

Enter Dead Watch[edit | edit source]

Nebulorian War[edit | edit source]

Ugandalore the Great married his old girlfriend, Rav Traniv. Along with His adbotive son Cal Darnosh Nitrocon, Ugandalore had another child namde Reago Nitrocon.

Shortly afterward, he and Barda Entered the Nebulorian Alpha war. He arrivied to fight alongside King Glynn, his good friend, and discovered his enemies of the Dead Watch had returned.

He led a fleet battle against Lorka Gredyc, and dispatched the fleet.

He then returned to plan, and alter fight, in the final battle. He fought with Tox Cano, leader of the Dead Watch, until Tox was killed by Dark One. After this, Ughandalore watched Glynn sacrificed himself, and was left saddened at th loss of his friend.

He over-saw a memorial statue built on Ughandalore. Shortly afterward, he became Presidentail leader of the Federation of Glory, ruling along with King Pixel Spike, a good friend, and various others.

Second Infectant War and Death[edit | edit source]

Ugandalore and Barda arrivied in the war later, but helped non-the less with fresh troops and supplies. He was dealing with a Terminial illness, and would not normally not be able to fight, yet went out any way.

He and Barda fought against the Infectants many times, before the finall battle. During his fight with Ketoi Verboi, he was brutally murdered. Before he died, he imparted the Titla of Ugandalore onto Barda, who lead the Allies to victory with the memory of Torscka in his heart.

The Ugandalorians are distressed about his death, yet hopefull.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ugandalore the Great is a reserved fellow, though generally shows the image of a charismatic, benevolent ruler. While most of this is true, and Torscka has done things for his people that has drastically improved their lives, he can be somewhat ruthless and methodical in nature, and often lets his pride blind him.

However, he later learned to toe in his pride-full nature, and to let his logic guide him. He always listen to others below him in command before acting, and often comes off as a hesitant being. He is very hesitant about going to war, trying to find peace for seeking violence.

Time has done molding of him, seeing his friends and family die in war, he killing beings he did not know, has shaped him into a caring, generous person, who often tries to bottle up his emotions. However, due the Ugandalorians' passionate nature, he often had great difficulty in doing.

Relations[edit | edit source]

Green face.png Allies[edit | edit source]

Whatever you're Ughandalorian or not, I consider you brothers.

  • Barda Clett - He's a tough one. Despite how different we are, we still get along. I have also changed him a bit.
  • King Pixel - A bit...Eccentric.
  • Zill Spike - He is one of the most tenacious beings I've ever met, I'd die for that little guy.
  • King Glynn - Ah, a true brother in nearly every sense of the word.
  • W'tze - You control your urges. Impressive, given how emotional your species are.

Yellow face.png Neutral[edit | edit source]

All beings follow their ideals; some ideals are to be admired, others are to be loathed. Come then, stranger, and let us build an ideal world.

Red face.png Eniemies[edit | edit source]

For the good of Ughandalore, stop you filthy actions or die by my blade.

Quotes from others[edit | edit source]

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You where a great leader, and a greater friend. Rest in peace, Torscka.

- Barda Clett

Though he might not have lived to see it, my friend and comrade laid the first brick to the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. If anyone deserved to have clones created from his DNA, it would be him.

- W'tze

Notes[edit | edit source]

As with most Ugandalorians, Ugandalore the Great was based off two Ugandalorians; Canderous Ordo and Darman Skirata.

His favorite weapon is a short, sword-like knife, a gift from his father on his death bed. It's name is Saei'Gorsd, Ugandal for "Venegance".

Ugandalore is sort of Zillafire's In-fiction Avatar.

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