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"The Kraw Galaxy has some issues around. Most of them lie in how the galaxy is currently acting against its issues. Kies may care about the Kraw Galaxy's safety, but he's willing to go to extremes to bring safety to it, even if it means risking its safety. I for one, believe that without my intervention, there will be no future for the Kraw Galaxy. I must make a stand." - The Tahar Collective Commander in 408 KRE

"There shall be conquest... there shall be blood, all for the perfect race..." - New Iteok Glory in 410 KRE


Welcome to Tzhrhokia! (Spelled: T-zh-rh-okia, Pronounced: Tzh-rrhokeea)

Started in Jan 01 2012, this is a war designed by Irskaad from the remains of Xho's plot for the cancelled Terminal Point. Taking a diffrent path from the Terminal Point format with the Kraw Galaxy beings you may know, this story was featured in June 2012, and is known as Irskaad's biggest story yet. Blood will be shed. Ships will be destroyed, Space and Time will feel the pain! Will you join in?

Part 1 - Operation: Freedom Edit

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Kies has had enhough of the constant bullying of the Kraw Galaxy, and now he embarks on a mission to restore respect to the Kraw Galaxy, however, many empires then rise up against Kies's radicalism, and Mahedore infecting the Tahar Empire is not helping the Kraw case. Will Kies restore respect for the Kraw Galaxy, or will the Galaxy fade to nothing?

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Varshk's Quest
Rotacid War
Zazanaarg Spy
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Part 2 - The Commander's Mission Edit

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The Tahar Collective has arrived to the present day, hailing from the far future. They come with excellent intentions, however, some empires don't agree with the Collective's plans, still in disgust at Kies's actions in the past. And a mysterious but extremely powerful force is watching over the Collective, and will make their move soon...

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Other things

Part 3 - The AI Invades Edit

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Unknown to the Commander himself, what they did find after they "killed" the Iteok monarch was a cruel and determined AI bent on taking over not just the far future, but the present day as well. It's time the universe combines and faces this threat. Will the universe push to take out POOTIS, or will POOTIS gank everyone else?

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Minor Invasions
Too Soon!

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Timeline for Part 1!

Timeline for Part 2!

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  • This is Irskaad's first mass-scale collaborative fiction! Imperios has one, Um2k9 has one, Xho has two, so why not him! >:D
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