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Tyton Sialis, also just known as Tyton is an Avilian Admiral working for CAAON. He is a growth, made from the artificially combined DNA of other Avillians. However,his vocal cords are modified to the point where he can mimic almost any sound, including his infamous sonic screech, which can stun anything that hears it. Most people working around him wear sonic earplugs to avoid being affected.



Tyton was grown rather than born to make a child for the unmarried asexual admiral Coriax. From a young age, Tyton expressed the wish to follow in his adopted father's footsteps and join the space program. Until he was old enough to, his father did some training with him to ready him for the fateful day.

Joining the Space programEdit

When Tyton was 14, he enlisted in the trials for the space program. There, he was supposed to do book tests to prove he knew the material. He worked hard and graduated with a GPA of 3.4.

The academyEdit

After graduating the trials he went on to join the academy. There he did a combination of book and hands on learning to become an officer. He graduated when he was 19.

Bridge officerEdit

After graduation he was assigned to be a bridge officer on the C.S.C Irix. He worked there for a long time when tragedy struck. While he was leading a ground team scanning some radiation resistant rocks The Irix was attacked by the Enklima force. All personnel aboard the ship where either captured and sold into slavery or killed. This left Tyton as the highest ranking officer left, promoting him to Captain by default.


Tyton's career as captain was eventful. he laid down many colonies, convinced many people to join CAAON, and fought many members of the Enklima force. All the while, he worked to quickly rise up the ranks, eventually being promoted to admiral.

Chaos TimesEdit

During this time period, the war with the Enklima force is at an all time high. With trade routes being raided and colonies being enslaved, Tyton must work hard to ensure CAAON's survival. If not, he will lose everything he's ever known.

Quadrant ExplorationEdit

During this time, Tyton travels to the Quadrant Galaxies in hopes of contacting new allies, far away from the Enklima's reach. The Quadrants hold new dangers, but the real threat may be closer than anyone ever guessed.



Tyton is a large Avilian. due to his mixed genes, he is one of the few naturally multicolored Avilian, having a green body and blue markings. He is also very tall for an Avilian, three inches taller than the average female (which are taller than males). Due to his training, he is also very muscular. He is also rare in that he has bat wings rather than the usual bird-like wings.


Like most Avilian, Tyton is very serious and dutiful. However he is also very compassionate possessing a great deal of empathy for others. He also tends to be sarcastic, especially when someone is annoying him. While by no means antisocial, he is introverted and finds talking to strangers uncomfortable, though he tries his best to hide it. He also prefers to get things done rather than debate. When under stress, or in unfamiliar circumstances, he becomes darker and more negative, more sarcastic, and even more introverted. He also tends to get annoyed when people tell him to do something without telling him why. He's also slightly paranoid, and finds it hard to trust people he just met, and doesn't like doing things that he doesn't think he's prepared for. He also has a distinct distrust of things with magical properties, regarding them as untrustworthy, due to not growing up around them. He is devoutly Spodist, though has a dislike of zealots because he thinks that they give Spode's followers a bad name. His fatal law is probably his sense of responsibility. He is used to being in charge, and thus has a habit of taking responsibility for every thing that goes wrong.


Tyton is a very competent admiral. He is skilled in various weapons, and knows many survival techniques. He is also good at making plans, and leading people. However, he is bad at improvising, and isn't very good at mechanics. He also has genetically modified vocal cords, giving him the ability to mimic nearly any sound. He has developed a sound that can make anything that hears it dizzy and off balance or in some cases stunned.


Parvus is a Dvottie that Tyton bought from a traveling merchant during his days as a crewman. Parvus, despite his name (which is Latin for little)is rather large for a Dvottie, being bred that way to be more compatible with large races like Avilian. He is inquisitive and friendly, with a natural curious charm that is often said to bring out the best in Tyton.

Tyton got these little creatures from an Enklima smuggling ring. They are Earth Goldfish, genetically modified with DNA from lifeforms ntive to the Avilian homeworld of Cypsy. They all look radically different. Tyton's favorites are called, Speedburst, Froglegs, Suction, and Stalkeyes.



Green face-“I trust them with my life

Coriax Sialis-My father, you are my life and inspiration

Odyss-As far as vice admirals go, I couldn't have asked for a better one


Blue face- “The people I trust


Yellow face- “Not sure about them


Orange face- “Wow. Just wow.


Red face-“I train for the day I meet you again.

Zarveltyr-He's the type who'd scrafice a galaxy to make money


  • His name is based off two geneses of birds: Barn owls (Tytonidae) and bluebirds (Sialis)
  • His catchphrase is: "Wow. Just, wow." which he uses when he thinks something is weird/stupid
  • He is based off Roy Greenhilt from the order of the stick


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I wouldn't sacrifice a galaxy just for some money. I'd only sacrifice a galaxy to make allot of money. Get it right you spoilsport.

- Zarveltyr

Oh he seems to like my voice! Giggle!

- Osha Stefani

A brave and noble officer! I would be honored to fight besides him at any time against any foe!

- Kloplyna
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