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What the hell did they put in those drinks? Alcohol? I thought this was a clean glass of wine.

- Tyrolox, at a younger age.

Mister Tyrolox, Wine contains alcohol by itself.

- His butler explaining.

Tyrolox Ytroalo, also referred to as Tyro (Tyrone, though this nickname he hates.) and other names was the 500th emperor of the UROG. Self explanatory, at best.

Biography. Edit

Formerly a geneticist graduating from the finest college on Mutypla, he grew up rather spoiled, as always. He often gave political speeches back in his days as a prince to the people, commonly to opposing the lack of defensive tactics in the military.

However, his father and other scientists didn't take this lightly- and thus he was taken to an experimental lab to be "cured".

The result ended up in his brain and DNA being completely rewired to the point of bipolarity, hallucinations, and severe ADHD. Little to anyone actually knows about this- but those who do lie to themselves about his conditions.

Tyrolox has recently chosen to resign as his position of Emperor and is now undergoing therapy to help his conditions.

Personality Edit

Regarding his personality; Tyrolox is extremely bipolar. He is a genius at heart, but fails to show off or showcase his intellect due to his sudden mood swings or terrible executions in his ideas or presentations which makes him hard to take seriously or seem like a comedian.

I have considered being one, but then I realized nobody would take me seriously.

- Tyrolox, considering choosing comedy as a career choice.
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