Tyrius Varian is the General and commander of the Tirithian Guard in service of House Ramelzen of Ramalivua Tirith. A long time friend of House Ramelzen, he acts as the chief advisor to Ramjon, his liege lord.

Skilled in using the sword, he prefers defensive tactics instead of facing his enemies in open field, and though he doesn't want to admit it, his advanced age makes him faster tired in combat.


Bolgrash faces Tyrius in personal combat

Tyrius Varian is born in 54 BQF at the planet Ramalivua, born within the walls of Ramalivua Tirith. His youth was one well educated, learning the history of his planet (at least that was recorded in the libary) and the history of House Ramelzen, his liege lord. Tyrius joined the Tirithian Guard at the age of 18 (in 36 BQF) and remained in service ever since, eventually becoming a lieutenant until he became the commander of the guard itself, the General and chief advisor for House Ramelzen.

When the parents of his lord and lady, Ramjon and Rayria were killed when they were visiting the Rambo Capital in 0 BQF, during the outbreak of the Second Galactic War, Tyrius became a father figure for the Ramelzen twins, a duty he takes serious but sometimes find difficults as he has to correct the teens as well even though he swore servitude to their House.

During the Battle of Ramaliuvua in january 08 AQF, he led an assault at Skull Temple though was forced to retreat after warlord Bolgrash Bloodhammer managed to use the powers of the Atlantican Orb. During the retreat, Tyrius faced the Orc Warlord in personal combat, managing to wound the brute sending him to his knees. He offered the orc to surrender, though taken by surprise was hit in face by one of the orcs fists, breaking his lower jaw. As he lied in the mud, Tyrius saw Bolgrash lifting his hammer before his world went dark.

Personality and Traits[]

Tyrius Varian is a noble and gentle being, proud of being the General of the Tirithian Guard and care taker of the Ramelzen Twins, he sometimes fears what might happen to them with all the dangers at Ramalivua. Tyrius likes reading books or ancient parchments, knowledge that helped him before. Tyrius prefers to remain on the surface of Ramalivua and rather leaves the space fleet and station in hands of Rambo Nation/Rambo Command and his lieutenant, Valeeria Stormcarver. Tyrius is skillfull in wielding a blade, though prefers organising defense positions, as he would rather not face enemies in the open field

He wears a Tirithian Guard armor.



Blue face.pngMy sword shall defend thee!


Orange face.pngFace my sword of judgement!


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