Tyris Major is an average sized spiral galaxy within the Ikawa Eropisii Group of galaxies within the First gigaquadrant. Tyris Major is the largest galaxy within the Tyris Cluster. It is orbited by a few smaller irregular dwarf galaxies, the largest of which is known as Tyris Minor. The cluster is gravitationally bound to the much larger Mirus Galaxy in much the same manner as the Quadrant Galaxies are bound to the Cyrannus Galaxy, orbiting Tyris Major rather tightly which in turn orbits Mirus in a wide arc. Due to this, Tyris Major is not expected to collide with Mirus, except perhaps when perturbed by another passing galaxy.

Tyris Major appears to be the only galaxy within the cluster that sports well developed galactic alliances and empires, while it's satellite galaxies are either mostly uninhibited or never develop life intelligent enough to spread further than a few star systems. The Galaxy itself has been host to various empires, alliances, cultures, religions, species and various conflicts.

The primary language used by the inhabitants of Tyris Major is called Tyris Basic, which believed to be a sort of amalgamation of the languages used by long established species of the galactic community. There is no official galactic religion, though many species share the same beliefs.

Galactic Powers Edit

Superpowers Edit

This is a list of alliances that are made up of multiple empires that qualify as the superpowers on the galactic stage.

The Grand Republic of Tyris Major Edit

The Grand Republic of Tyris Major (GRTM), also known as The Grand Republic or simply "The Republic", is the oldest alliance of galactic powers in the galaxy. They typically do not involve themselves in the conflicts of the Gigaquadrant, though they are known to fight if the need is great enough. They have a rather formidable military and the best trade network in the Tyris Cluster. Their goal is to bring Tyris Major together via diplomacy and eradicate the Infectant Horde in the process.

Members Edit

The Lavatuft Republic is one of the oldest galactic powers in the galaxy. They are the military backbone of the Grand Republic and are considered to be one of the most formidable military forces in the galaxy on their own. They have an intense and deep hatred for the Infectant Horde and have developed technologies that are suited for killing Infectants. They have a navy of moderate strength, but their ground forces are unmatched when it comes to heavy infantry.

The S'actha Republic is considered to be the most religious of the galactic powers in Tyris Major. Their society is structured around religious worship and diplomacy, which aids in negotiations with other factions when representing the Grand Republic. The S'actha are rather poor fighters due to their more pacifist nature, though their diplomatic skills did earn them the protection of the Lavatuft Republic, so they are more than safe from would be attackers. They provide the Lavatuft Republic with much needed trade networks and use their diplomatic prowess to quell internal conflicts before they start.

The Violaven Union, while younger and smaller than their allies, are extremely valuable assets to the Grand Republic. The Violaven Union has a massive trade network that spans the entire Tyris Cluster, allowing the Grand Republic to amass large amounts of wealth. Violaven as a species are also incredibly smart and cunning, and are the lead scientists, spies, scouts, and light infantry for the Grand Republic. They are the most technologically advanced out of the races within the Grand Republic, and use their advancements to support the causes of their allies.

The United Knights Alliance Edit

The United Knights Alliance (UKA), also known simply as "The Alliance", started primarily as a military defense between the dominant warrior cultures in Tyris Major. It later developed into a true alliance focused on military might. Because of this, the UKA is considered to be the most powerful military superpower in the cluster. They have developed very advanced military technologies and have amassed a massive standing military force for the defense of the galaxy and expeditions into other galaxies. While they may seem threatening at first glance, the UKA are almost never the aggressors and mostly provide protection for many of the fledgling empires within the cluster. After fighting in many battles across the Gigaquadrant, the UKA has gained a reputation as a valuable ally to have in any war.

Members Edit

The Volver Empire is arguably the core empire and leaders of the UKA. It was the Volver who proposed the alliance after the War of Tyris Major. The Volver Empire has an impressive naval fleet, a large amount of advanced military technology, and an unyielding military force that is unlike any other in the galaxy. The Volver people are known to be extremely honorable and honest, valuing loyalty and kin-ship more than any other aspect of their lives. Despite this they are also known to be quite distrusting of non-Volver due to their past with the Biskin Empire.

The Volver Empire also has two vassal empires that they protect, trade with, and recieve tribute from known as the Helmore Galactic Conglomerate and the Doopy High Chiefdom. The Helmore Galactic Conglomerate acts as the primary trading network for the Volver Empire, while the Doopy High Chiefdom provides strong heavy infantry and shock troops to accompany the Volver's own infantry units in land battles.

The Soldarian Empire is the largest empire within the UKA and is only second in size to the Biskin Empire on the galactic scale. The Soldarian Empire sports the largest and arguably the most powerful naval fleet in the galaxy with an impressive infantry force to back it up. The Soldarians themselves are strong and industrious and have spearheaded many wars and technological advances over the course of galactic history. Though, whether their technological advances are ethical is another story.

The Soldarian Empire exports metals and minerals across the galaxy due to their affinity of colonizing ore rich worlds, though the the best stuff they dig up gets fed into the Soldarian Military Industrial Complex. The Soldarians know war, and they do it well.

The Hyperon Grand Khanate was forged in fire and war over many generations. As a result, the Nataak people and their empire are not only very tenacious, they are also extremely centered around war and battle, moreso than their allies within the UKA. In fact, the Hyperon Grand Khanate actually fought wars against both the Volver Empire and the Soldarian Empire long ago.

The Hyperon Grand Khanate lacks a powerful navy like their allies, but they do bring an experienced and unrelenting infantry force. They Nataak are not very good diplomats or traders, so they leave that to their allies as well. Some other empires even refer to the Hyperon Grand Khanate as "the dumb muscle of the UKA". While this is meant to be an insult, the Nataak pride themselves in being an invaluable member of the UKA.

The Antroth Empire, while initially a member of the now defunct Galactic Triad, is considered to be the most industrious of the four major members of the UKA. Efficiently bureaucratic with a shamanistic culture, the Antroths as a people value utility, loyalty, and respect. Due to their homeworld and colonies having fertile soil and healthy livestock, they a major exporter of foodstuffs throughout the UKA and even the Tyris Cluster as a whole. The Antroth Empire also has a unique military force that utilizes the Antroth Mystic Arts in both their light and heavy infantry units.

The Antroth Empire is also one of a kind, being the only major galactic power to be what they call a "Utilitarian Matriarchy". Each Antroth believes that they are born to serve the empire, and they all have an instinctual desire to serve their queen and help the empire prosper.

Major Powers Edit

The Biskin Empire Edit

The Biskin Empire is the largest singular empire in modern-day Tyris Major. This Biskin Empire has a long history of conquering, enslaving, and even exterminating weaker empires within Tyris Major. They are also responsible for a few of the galaxies most horrible atrocities. They have even allied with the Infectant Horde in the past, which was seen as a near impossible thing to do. The Biskin Empire boasts a medium-sized but efficient navy with as similar sized infantry to boot. This is backed up by the fact that the Biskin Empire are arguably the most technologically advanced empire in Tyris Major in regards to military, industrial, and recreational technologies.

After taking serious losses during the War of Tyris Major, the Biskin Empire began to shift from being an antagonistic great galactic power into a more neutral party in galactic affairs. Then, after participating in an event known as The Return (Void War), the Biskin Empire showed signs of truly trying to change their appearance to gain support from the rest of the Gigaquadrant. As of now, the Biskin Empire is using their advanced technology to help other empires throughout the cluster and Gigaquadrant. Despite this, there are still tensions between the Biskin Empire and the United Knights Alliance.

As a species, the Biskin value control, scientific advancement, and are considers to be very perfectionist, even though they have a famously short temper when things do not go their way. They are originally from Tyris Minor, but a conflict there drove them into Tyris Major.

The Raptoranean Matriarchy Edit

Crammed in between the Antroth Empire and the Violaven Union, the Raptoranean Matriarchy never had much room to expand. Instead they have become famous as consumnate explorers who mapped much of Tyris Mayor in the modern era. The Matriarchy is composed of the Raptoraneans and closely related species, and is mostly self-contained to the Kindleflame Nebula and surrounding areas. The Matriarchy has always preferred diplomacy over battle and have a reputation to be almost as good negotiators as the S'acta Republic, though they are notably more fickle. Indeed, before their absorbtion into the Waptoria Alliance of Species, many empires of Tyris Major steered clear from the Matriarchy for that reason, uncertain of their intentions. While the Matriarchy is extremely welcoming towards outsiders and characterised by an egalitarian xenophilia, this serves them just fine as they prefer going to others, rather than let others come to them. The Raptoranean spy network troughout Tyris Major is notably extensive, composed of both Raptoraneans and those infatuated by their pheromones. Truly, little goes on in the galaxy without their knowledge.

The Raptoranean Matriarchy is composed of various semi-independent solar systems who all owe allegiance to one single queen. In the past, this queen was seen as divinely-inspired, and though this is no longer the case today, she still serves as an important chief of state, leader of the diplomatic corps, and is mandated by law to be trained into a formidable warrior.

The Matriarchy has traditionally pursued good relations with the Violaven Union, and after a short vassalage, with the Hyperon Grand Khanate. Due to their influence reaching as far as the courts of most other empires within Tyris Major, they have historically had little enemies, with the exceptions of the Antroth Empire and the Infectant Horde. The Antroth use their own set of pheromones to communicate which easily overpower those of the Raptoraneans, while the nature of the Infactants also renders them immune.

The Infectant Horde Edit

The Infectant Horde is a tenacious and deadly galactic menace. As an organized faction, the Infectant Horde is the oldest remaining great galactic power in Tyris Major. While there have been many leaders of the Horde over the centuries, the goal of the Horde has remained the same: infect everything. When the infection is small, they are not much of a threat, but they can reproduce and spread rapidly among the stars, making them a very formidable foe. While they do sometimes ally with other empires, the Infectant Horde typically relies on its own strength. And with this strength they have threatened the likes of The Republic and the UKA. It is unknown where the Infectants themselves came from, but what is known is that they did not originate in Tyris Major, and it is possible that they are not even from this Gigaquadrant.

They are notorious for being one of the main reasons why the powerful Nyarqaeshian Empire and Nebulorian Empires collapsed. The Grand Republic of Tyris Major are the primary enemies of the Infectant Horde, and are extremely vocal about how dangerous is faction can be if left unchecked.

The Galactic Protection Agency Edit

Widely believed to be the inspiration for the Enlightenment Collaborative, the Galactic Protection Agency arrived in Tyris Major during the last stages of the War of Pirates and was instrumental in ending it. Once, it rivalled the UKA and Grand Republic in almost every domain, and indeed was capable of holding back the combined military of the UKA and Grand Republic during the Great Deciever Conflict, albeit without the Volver navy, which had slipped trough the cracks of the GPA blockade to go after the Khilai. The subsequent Great Tyranny War would hit it hard though, as the main Drakodominatus force first struck and then overwhelmed the GPA's colonies in Tyris Major. Ever after, the Galactic Protection Agency has been a shell of their former selves and has not involved itself in Tyrisian politics, though still remains respected for their indirect role in founding the Enlightenment Collaborative, even if they aren't members themselves.

Members Edit

The founders of the Galactic Protection Agency, the Duthidanians possess a spy network second only to that of the Raptoranean Matriarchy, though unlike them will go for intelligence gathering first, and diplomacy second. The Duthidanians as a species are starkly regionally divided, with place of birth determining the professions available to an individual. Their economy is entirely command-based as each region produces goods needed or desired by the others. The Duthidanian Empire itself is a dictatorial state where a single individual rules for life, though is elected democratically by a shadow council of the highest-ranking intelligence officers. Fascination with the occult abounds in the upper echelons of the Duthidanian Empire, and while no dabbling in the power of the Void has been observed, the Antroth Mystic Arts are very much a topic of great interest.

While the Cathonians possess a nomadic warrior tradition, their Cathonian Collective is a stangely pacifistic and harmonious entity, though highly authoritarian. The head of state also leads the military and serves as the chief shaman in charge of internal conflict resolution, two nominally clashing roles. The Cathonians however believe balance will come to the individual that holds them both, as the head of state should be equally knowledgable in matters of peace as in matters of war. The Cathonians make up the main army of the Galactc Protection Agency, though vote against going to war unless it is absolutely necessary. This had prevented the Galactic Protection Agency from engaging in vengeful behavior against the likes of the UKA and Grand Republic, and agruably allowed the GPA to remain in Tyris Major after the Great Deciever Conflict.

A state from the long-destroyed Wental Galaxy, the Skarling Allied Systems came to be after the destruction of their home galaxy and the death of their ruler. After assuming control, his son overthrew the old order and purged its supporters, turning the Skarling state from determined exterminators to servitors preoccupied with sheltering organic life from the harms of existence. In this capacity, they joined the Galactic Protection Agency and form the main component of its combined navy. The Skarling remain somewhat distrusted due to their past, but are a reliable producer of cybernetics, which are considered by the inhabitants of Tyris Major to be of great quality.

Minor Powers Edit

The Khilai Empire Edit

While a minor power compared to the likes of the UKA and the Grand Republic, the Khilai Empire, hailing from the planet Kavous in the Nexous system, is notable for its use of Void Energy. This has made the species a longstanding nuisance to the nearby UKA, especially since the first Void War. Yet the Khilai have never truly been defeated, in part because their empire is located in a dense and well-fortified cluster of stars, and in part because they make for fearsome warriors. A Khilai in full battle plate is nigh-indestructible compared to many other races, capable of surviving an orbital drop and able to fight as fiercely afterwards. Despite this, the defensive seige mentality of the Khilai Empire makes them expand but rarely. As they tend to be only an offensive threat when spurred on by outsiders and all attempts at conquering them have turned into unwinnable wars of attrition, the other empires in Tyris Major are content to leave them be.

While the Khilai Empire is not malicious, their reliance on Void Energy has left them shunned and in poor relations with the rest of the galaxy. As a result, they have consistently been forced to ally themselves with powers such as the Hegemony, the Drakodominatus Tyranny, the Void Eye Empire and even Ada the Empty himself. Individually, the Khilai Empire is as powerful as many of the states which make up the UKA and Grand Republic, but their lack of a wider coalition limits them to be but the most powerful of the minor powers.

The Borlord Republic Edit

Located north of the galactic core, the Borlord Republic is considered by many to be an unofficial member state of the Grand Republic. A monarchy which reformed itself into a constitutional republic, the Borlord state was once much closer to the UKA than it was today. It is one of Tyris Major's minor powers, and was involved in the War of Pirates. Though heavily damaged by the Nebulorians in the Nebulorian-Alpha War, the Borlord Republic recovered enough to aid in the containment of the Infectant outbreak during the Infectant War. They joined much of the galaxy in the Enlightenment Collaborative, of which it remains an honored albeit largely inactive member still. Their military, though small, fought bravely against the forces of Ada in the First Void War.

A mostly peaceful empire, the Borlord Republic makes use of state-of-the-art clone armies produced by a corporation known as the Micro Cloning Band. Numerous variations of this cloning process are known to exist, from highly aggressive clones produced in a matter of weeks, to more slowly gestating clones that form the bulk of the Borlord army. These clones can be modified in gestation, and as such a small contingent of genetically-engineered Borlord space marines also exist. Generally though, the Borlord Republic prefers diplomacy over violence, and has only gone to war as a last resort.

The Ciniade Coalition of Sentients Edit

Relatively isolated south of the galactic core with hegemony over the Dumbinz Cluster, the Ciniade Coalition of Sentients is a liberal-minded state with a long and chequered history. Founded by the Chrian species, it took part in the War of Pirates alongside the Borlord Republic and United Knights Alliance. Yet the Coalition of Sentients had always harboured suspicion towards the Rapotoraneans that migrated to their space, many of whom turned out to be spies of the Raptoranean Matriarchy. Such tensions persisted even after the Raptoraneans joined the Waptoria Alliance of Species. In a fateful act of revenge, the Coalition of Sentients began to fund the Matriarchy revel group known as the Citadel of Sapients, after which the Matriarchy retaliated by fermenting division with the Coalition itself. As such, the Coalition of Sentients found itself on the side of the Citadel and the Nebulorian Ascendancy during the Nebulorian-Alpha War. In the First Void War though, they joined with the rest of the galaxy against Ada. Despite its past alliances, it holds no resentment against the superpowers of the galaxy and in fact seeks to trade with them. The backing that the rebels from Enlightenment member states recieved from the Ciniade Coalition remains fresh in the memory of many though, resulting in these offers being turned down. Yet in the aftermath of the Claim of Thorns, the Ciniade Coalition has recently allied itself with their old rivals, the Waptoria Alliance of Species.

Though wishing to expand their borders and sphere of influence, the Ciniade Coalition of Sentients is held back by its low recruitment rate. Due to this, its organic component of its military is negligible and it mostly uses synths for combat.

The Separatist Republic of Ciniade Edit

A state within a state, the Separatist Republic of Ciniade was an isolationist and xenophobic state inhabited solely by the Chrian species, as aliens were expelled from the Seperatist Republic. Despite its xenophobia, the Separatist Republic was remarkably egalitarian, guaranteeing a high standard of living for all its citizens despite its poor economy and industry. This was done trough the confiscation of alien belongings and the plundering of trade routes leading in and out of the Coalition of Sentients.

Despite its isolationism and xenophobia, the Separatist Republic of Ciniade was mostly backed, ironically, by the highly xenophilic Raptoranean Matriarchy out of retaliation for the Coalition of Sentients' backing of the Matriarchy rebels in the Citadel of Sapients. As such, the Separatist Republic of Ciniade fought against their kin and the Nebulorian invaders in the Nebulorian-Alpha War, but would be reconquered by the Ciniade Coalition of Sentients shortly before the First Void War, marking their end.

Galactic Timeline Edit

The galactic community of Tyris Major have chronicled their histories here. This timeline is divided in eras for easier organization.

  • Before 5,000,000 BC - Not much is known about the galactic stage before 5 million BC. Though it is speculated that the religion of Voidism was founded by Padunas Ori before this.
  • ≈ 5,000,000 BC - The Nyarqaeshian Empire is established by Xizouyu Moa.
  • ≈ 4,750,000 BC - A mysterious race from the dawn of life terraforms early Raptoranea in the image and ecosystem of their unknown homeworld. Other planets in the Kindleflame Nebula are also terrformed, though not to such extend.
  • ≈ 4,550,000 BC - Xizothano Ada of the Nyarqaeshu Empire is born.
  • ≈ 4,500,000 BC - Xizouyu Moa begins a massive galactic conquest.
  • ≈ 4,450,000 BC - The mysterious terraformers of early Raptoranea are wiped out by Moa. All that is left of them is a part of their name: the W-llos-r.
  • ≈ 4,300,000 BC - Xizouyu Moa finishes his conquest. The entire Tyris Cluster was under the rule of the Nyarqaeshian Empire.
  • ≈ 4,200,000 BC - The first instance of the Infectant Virus is recorded.
  • ≈ 4,000,000 BC - Xizouyu Moa is killed by the Multus Esse during his campaign into the Mirus Galaxy. The Nyarqaeshu declare Xizothano Ada as their leader after the death of Xizouyu Moa.
  • 3,500,000 BC - Xizothano Ada is officially declared the strongest user of Void Energy to ever live. He slowly becomes disillusioned with the empire his predecessor built.
  • ≈ 3,300,000 BC - The Nyarqaeshu begins to loose their grip on their massive empire due to Xizothano Ada's focus on the Void. Wars break out between them and the other fledgling empires they conquered.
  • ≈ 3,000,000 BC - The Infectant Virus, now known as the Infectant Horde becomes a true threat after spreading throughout the Nyarqaeshian Empire.
  • ≈ 1,000,000 BC - The Nyarqaeshian Empire collapses entirely due to Xizothano Ada's lack of conscern for his people and their failure to truly stop the spread of the Infectant Virus. The Virus manages to infect all of the few intelligent species in the galaxy, wiping them out. The Nyarquashu are forced to abandon their territories outside of Tyris Major and barely eradicate the Infectant Horde.
  • ≈ 900,000 BC - The Nyarqaeshu go into hiding in order to rebuild their remaining strength. The massive Infectant Horde dies off due to a lack of food. Xizothano Ada begins submerging himself in the Abyssal Domain for longer periods of time, slowly driving himself mad.
  • ≈ 899,000 BC - Xizothano Ada returns from the Abyssal Domain, and plunges what remained of the Nyarqaeshian Empire into it. It is unknown if any Nyarqaeshu aside from his handful of students survived this, as Xizothano Ada seems to be the last of his kind.

  • ≈ 700,000 BC - The Nebulorian Empire is formed and guided by the remaining Nyarqaeshu.
  • ≈ 450,000 BC - The Grox Meta-Empire under Mortox II invade the galactic core after being forced to abandon the core of Mirus to the Alpha Grox.
  • ≈ 400,000 BC - Creation of the Lavatufts. Grox interference has never been proven conclusively.
  • ≈ 350,000 BC - Lord Ne'yon of the Nebulorian Empire is born.
  • ≈ 340,000 BC - The Spoxid establish a small empire near the galactic core of Tyris Major.
  • ≈ 330,000 BC - The Spoxid begin seeding a few planets with the building blocks for life.
  • ≈ 320,000 BC - The Grox attack the Spoxid over their seeding of life.
  • ≈ 310,000 BC - A fleet of Spoxid seed ships goes adrift into Tyris Major, and the AIs onboard guide them to the Kindleflame nebula where they crash into habitable planets.
  • ≈ 390,000 BC - The Spoxid are all but driven extinct by the Grox. Mortox II declares victory and retreats to the Galactic Core.
  • ≈ 200,000 BC - The remnants of the Spoxid are wiped out by the Nebulorians. The work on the blueprints for the Spear of the Apocalypse is begun.
  • ≈ 150,000 BC - The Infectant Horde experiences a resurgence and attacks the Nebulorians.
  • ≈ 149,850 BC - The Nebulorians defeat the Infectants, but suffer a heavy blow to their population.
  • ≈ 135,000 BC - The majority of Nebulorian Empire is forced into hibernation due to an energy crisis and the plague caused by fighting the ancient Infectant Horde.
  • ≈ 90,000 BC - Xizothano Ada is believed to have created the Volver around this time. He disappears soon after, leaving stewardship over the Volver to his pupil Draedan.
  • ≈ 80,000 BC - Eons of continental drift and climate change transform Raptoranea beyond recognition. The Raptoraneans evolve around this time by hybridisation between a Multus creation and a compatible native species.
  • ≈ 20,000 BC - The Lavatuft Empire is established by a long forgotten Lavatuft.
  • 9900 BC - King Lavern of the Lavatuft Empire is born.
  • 9780 BC - King Lavern usurps King Firoth. The Lavatuft Republic is established by King Lavern.

  • ≈ 7500 BC - The Ancient Biskin Empire is established by the Biskin within Tyris Minor
  • ≈ 6500 BC - Nebulorian pirates attack the ancient Biskin Empire. The surviving Biskin flee from Tyris Minor and settle in Tyris Major.
  • 5390 BC - The S'actha Republic is established.
  • 5572 BC - The Psiteon species quite accidentally develop sentience and quickly become spacefaring. Upon discovering the truth of their creation, they collectively bury their ties to the Spoxid and begin to guide their creations in the Kindleflame Nebula according to their own designs.
  • 5278 BC - The Hyperon Grand Khanate is established by Great-Khan Hyperon.
  • ≈ 5000 BC - A Spydorian named Queen Sil'Cana is born.
  • 4947 BC - An outbreak of the Infectant Virus takes place on planet Floo. The inhabitants are mostly wiped out by this plague.
  • 4890 BC - The first Antroth is created.
  • 4870 BC - Grand Empress Vi'Serra of the Antroth Empire is born.
  • 4832 BC - The Antroth Empire is established by Grand Empress Vi'Serra.
  • 4800 BC - The Lavatuft Republic and S'actha republic are attacked by the Infectant Horde, sparking the First Infectant War.
  • 4780 BC - The Grand Republic of Tyris Major is established by the Lavatuft Republic and the Holy S'actha Republic after fighting against the Infectant Horde together for decades.
  • 4596 BC - High King Mi'Kron of the new Biskin Empire is born.
  • 4473 BC - The new Biskin Empire is established by High King Mi'kron.
  • 4430 BC - The Biskin Empire officially began conquering the outer rim of "northern" Tyris Major in a series of wars known as the Biskin Rim Wars
  • 4394 BC - The Biskin Rim Wars end. The Biskin Empire controls northeaster Tyris Major.
  • 4000 BC - The Antroth species wipes out the Spydorian species.
  • 3578 BC - A Soldarian named Varrus Pulpor, who would later known as Emperor Pulporious I, is born on planet Militora.
  • 3545 BC - The Soldarian Empire is founded by Emperor Pulporious I.
  • 3145 BC - Emperor Pulporious fathers his third son, Crestus Pulporious, who would later be known as Emperor Pulporious II.
  • 3078 BC - Emperor Pulporious I dies at the age of 500 years old. Crestus, being the only living son of the late emperor, is crowned Emperor Crestus Pulporious, more commonly known as Emperor Pulporious II.
  • 3039 BC - The Raptoranean Matriarchy reaches into space. They quickly absorb their fellow legacy species in the Kindleflame Nebula.
  • 3022 BC - The Volver Empire is founded by a Volver known as King Holreb.
  • 3000 BC - The First Infectant War ends with a victory for the Grand Republic of Tyris Major.
  • 2892 BC - Emperor Pulporious II fathers a son named Kadius Pulporious, who would later be known as Emperor Pulporious III.
  • 2862 BC - Emperor Pulporious II is killed by his son Kadius after failing to kill the young prince. Kadius would be crowned Emperor Pulporious III soon after.
  • 2848 BC - The Soldarian Empire's Age of Conquest begins. During this age, Emperor Pulporious III aggressively expanded the borders of the Soldarian Empire from the 300 systems during his father's reign, to 736 by the end of the age.
  • 2538 BC - The Soldarian Empire's Age of Conquest ends.
  • 2292 BC - Emperor Pulporious III fathers a son named Tytos Pulporious, who would later be known as Emperor Pulporious IV.
  • 2254 BC - Emperor Pulporious III passes away at the age of 638 years old. His son Tytos Pulporious would succeed him as Emperor Pulporious IV.
  • 2150 BC - The Soldarian Empire experience a massive economic boom thanks to Emperor Pulporious IV's conquests and imperial stewardship. He began redistributing we
  • 2044 BC - The Violaven Empire is established by Violaven Emperor Levio Daxis.
  • 1809 BC - High-King Nano of the Biskin Empire is born.
  • 1755 BC - High-King Ziskin of the Biskin Empire is born.
  • 1644 BC - The Helmore Galactic Conglomerate is established.
  • 1637 BC - The Volver-Biskin War begins.
  • 1635 BC - The Volver-Biskin War ends. The Biskin execute King Holreb of the Volver Empire.
  • 1630 BC - King Zirux of the Volver Empire is born.
  • 1613 BC - A young Zirux rallies his people against the Biskin Empire in an event known as the Volver Rebellion, killing High-King Nano and freeing the Volver.
  • 1612 BC - King Zirux is crowned king of the Volver Empire.
  • 1610 BC - King Zirux establishes the first Volver Knight legion.
  • 1015 BC - Empress Xi'Qui of the Antroth Empire is born.
  • 661 BC - Dr. Talihar Que of the Volver Empire is born.
  • 612 BC - King Zirux dies. Gartoom becomes the new king.
  • 302 BC - The Skairen Revolt causes a faction of Violaven to break away from the Violaven Empire.
  • 299 BC - Raptoranean Matriarchy explorers are beset upon by the Grand Hyperon Khanate. Hyperon invasion of the Raptoranean Matriarchy under Khan Jodeige.
  • 298 BC - Raptoranean Matriarchy forced to become an Hyperon vassal under Khan Jodeige. Khan Jodeige becomes Ilkhan as lord over Raptoranea.
  • 296 BC - The Raptoranean later known as W'tze is born.
  • 294 BC - The Hyperon Grand Khanate begins expanding into the territory of the Violaven Empire. This causes the Violaven-Hyperon War.
  • 288 BC - The Violaven Empire plunges into civil war.
  • 263 BC - Future queen Petrang'y is born from a union between Queen Astang'y and Khan Jodeige.
  • 163 BC - Petrang'y comes of age. Her cousin, a Raptoranean pureblood calling herself the "Queen of Thorns", questions Petrang'y's right to rule. First Raptoranean Civil War. Queen of Thorns exiled.
  • 160 BC - Queen of Thorns and her loyalists find the Psiteon Father-Brain. The Citadel of Sapients is established by Father-Brain.
  • 44 BC - The Violaven Empire collapses.
  • 40 BC - Queen Si'daal of the Antroth Empire is born.
  • 30 BC - Marriage between Petrang'y and W'tze.
  • 20 BC - Empress Xi'qui, queen of the Antroth Empire, is assassinated. A young Si'daal becomes the new queen.

  • 228 AD - The Violaven Union is formed from the remnants of the Violaven Empire.
  • 300 AD - Emperor Pulporious IV fathers a son with a mistress named Rexus, who would later be known as Emperor Pulporious V is born.
  • 306 AD - Emperor Pulporious IV is assassinated by a jealous son at the age of 2,597 years old. He was killed by a jealous son. Since there was no designated heir, Pulporious IV's many children fought over the throne in a conflict known as the Template:FIction.
  • 1060 AD - Great-Khan Vaas of the Hyperon Grand Khanate is born.
  • 1066 AD - The Soldarian Succession War ends. After reuniting the Soldarian Empire, Rexus, the youngest son of the late Emperor Pulporious IV, is crowned as Emperor Pulporious V.
  • 1087 AD - A series of conflicts known as the Great Hyperon Wars begins.
  • 1095 AD - A conflict between a young Vaas and Khan Naak known as the Vaas-Naak War begins.
  • 1099 AD - Vaas kills Khan Naak, ending the Vaas-Naak War.
  • 1100 AD - Vaas is granted the title of Khan by Great-Khan Kanok.
  • 1123 AD - The Biskin-Hyperon War begins.
  • 1124 AD - The Biskin-Hyperon War ends after the Grand Republic of Tyris Major demands that the Hyperon Grand Khanate and Biskin Empire cease hostilities.
  • 1148 AD - The Soldarian-Hyperon War begins.
  • 1152 AD - The Soldarian-Hyperon War ends with a Soldarian Empire victory.
  • 1155 AD - A conflict between Khan Vaas and Great-Khan Kanok known as the Vaas-Kanok War begins.
  • 1157 AD - Khan Vaas kills Great-Khan Kanok and his allied Khans in battle.
  • 1158 AD - The Vaas-Kanok war ends and Great-Khan Vaas is officially declared by his people as the new leader of the Hyperon Grand Khanate.
  • 1159 AD - The Great Hyperon Wars officially end. Raptoranean submission to Hyperon Grand Khanate ends.
  • 1160 AD - Return of the Queen of Thorns with aid from the Citadel of Sapients. Second Raptoranean Civil War. Citadel of Sapients and Queen of Thorns repelled.
  • 1166 AD - The Violaven Union joins the Grand Republic of Tyris Major.
  • 1168 AD - Raptoranean Matriarchy colonies are transferred to the newly-formed Waptoria Alliance of Species. The Grand Republic of Tyris Major officially allies the Waptoria Alliance of Species.
  • 1213 AD - The Biskin Empire officially allies with the Antroth Empire and the Infectant Horde.
  • 1238 AD - King Glynn of the Volver Empire is born.
  • 1236 AD - Bengo Flett is born.
  • 1246 AD - The Soldarian Enhancement Program is started and led by Zard Beets
  • 1254 AD - The Soldarian Enhancement Program is shut down after Emperor Pulporious V discovers the horrors of Dr. Zard Beets' facilities.
  • 1272 AD - The Battle of Minera begins. Battle of Minera ends. The Helmore Miner's Guild becomes a vassal of the Volver Empire.
  • 1275 AD - The War of Tyris Major begins. As the name suggests, this war was waged across the entire galaxy of Tyris Major between the Biskin, Infectants, and Antroths (the Triad) against the Volver, Soldarians, Hyperon, and later the Grand Republic (the Allies).
  • 1277 AD - The War of Tyris Major ends with a victory for the Allies.
  • 1370 AD - King Gartoom dies, making King Glynn the new king
  • 1373 AD - The United Knights Alliance is established by the Volver Empire, Soldarian Empire, Hyperon Grand Khanate, and Antroth Empire.

  • 1375 AD - The Volver ally the Ugandalorian Empire
  • 2700 AD - King Blaize Moltran is born.
  • 2712 AD - After the devastating Q-Grox War, Waptoria, NOVA Alliance, Xylon Empire and Serpentaxy flee trough a wormhole connecting the Quadrant Galaxies to Tyris Major. The Violaven Union is hired to collapse it and prevent the Q-Grox from entering. The NOVA Alliance invites the homeless Serpentaxy to settle in the Nebulon cluster, a wormhole plateau part of Tyris Minor.
  • 2713 AD - Mikiang'y is born months after the Q-Grox Wars end. Fears she is a Q-Grox hybrid are unfounded.
  • 2718 AD - The Grox under Mortox II attack the Grand Republic of Tyris Major. With aid from the NOVA Alliance and Serpentaxy, Mortox II killed by king Lavern. Tyrisian Grox partially assimilated into the Alpha Grox Collective. Mortox III is created.
  • 2721 AD - Reathe "Crimson" Desaa is born.
  • 2722 AD - Aela Flett, daughter of Bengo Flett and Norra Ling is born.
  • 2730 AD - Kyaan Desaa of the Volver Empire is born.
  • 2731 AD - King Brygon of the Volver Empire is born.
  • 2744 AD - The War of Pirates begins. The War of Pirates ends. The Galactic Protector Agency strikes a treaty of friendship with the United Knights Alliance, while the Borlord Republic allies with the Grand Republic of Tyris Major.
  • 2754 AD - The Lord Ne'yon and his Nebulorians reemerge from hibernation. The Second Battle of Minera begins. The Second battle of Minera ends. The Nebulorian-Alpha War begins.
  • 2755 AD - Bengo Flett is killed by Lord Ne'yon during the Nebulorian-Alpha War's 'Battle of Militora'.
  • 2758 AD - Nebulorian-Alpha war ends. King Glynn perishes in the final battle and the Nebulorian super weapon, the Spear of the Apocalypse, is destroyed. King Brygon is crowned the new King of the Volver Empire. Most of the remaining Nebulorians retreat into Tyris Minor.
  • 2760 AD - The Infectant Horde returns led by The Hive Mind. Omega of the Infectant Horde is born. The Second Infectant War begins.
  • 2764 AD - Omega and the Hive Mind are slain. The Second Infectant War ends.
  • 2770 AD - The Second Ascon Civil War begins with an attack on King Brygon staged by Crimson. The war ends within the year.
  • 2771 AD - The Enlightenment War begins.
  • 2773 AD - The Enlightenment War ends with the establishment of the Enlightenment Collaborative. This multi-galactic alliance finally brings the Grand Republic of Tyris Major and the United Knights Alliance under a single banner. The Borlord Republic joins shortly thereafter.
  • 2779 AD - Xizothano Ada returns and attempts to drag Tyris Major into the Abyssal Domain. Draedan and the Enlightenment Collaborative oppose Ada, starting an event called the First Void War.
  • 2780 AD - The First Void War ends with a Enlightenment Collaborative victory. Xizothano Ada is banished into the Void.

  • 2780 AD - Timaal Gyssealus of the Volver Empire is born. High King Vonnes of the Biskin Empire is born.
  • 2781 AD - Dione Ardal of the Soldarian Empire is born.
  • 2782 AD - Nu'Iva Shal of the Antroth Empire is born.
  • 2787 AD - The with the destruction of the Grox Meta-Empire all across the first Gigaquadrant, the Tyrisian Grox become fully assimilated into the Grox Grand Dominion. Mortox III becomes part of their Advocacy.
  • 2789 AD - The Great Deciever comes to Tyris Major at the very end of the year. Backed by the Hegemony of Exterioris, the multi-galactic Galactic Protector Agency attacks the Knights Alliance and Grand Republic. The attacks are not truly malicious as the Hegemony and Agency were tricked to believe the Spear of the Apocalypse had been salvaged and re-activated by the Enlightenment Collaborative with genocidal intent.
  • 2790 AD - The deception is exposed by the Waptoria Alliance of Species and the fight taken to the true enemy, the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Fiend of Cruon, Skittering Annihilator and Blademaster of Hag'mar'ah Overseers from the Tyranny bring utter ruin to pre-selected worlds in Tyris Major as a part of a testing run for the wider Overseer program.
  • 2791 AD - The Great Tyranny War begins. Tyris Major blockaded by the Drakodominatus Tyranny.
  • 2792 AD - Tyranny Ground invasions upon the Grand Republic are pushed back with the development and deployment of the first Enlightenment Olympians. Hell-bent on proving Dominatus superiority over all other life-forms, Dominatus Champion Kricht Dzvrak diverts his forces to destroy Olympian production sites within United Knights Alliance space.
  • 2793 AD - After boasting not even the best Volver is a match for his martial prowess, Kricht Dzvrak is duelled and killed by the the legendary Volver knight Aelik Norrehal. The sudden loss of enemy leadership allows the NOVA Alliance and Serpentaxy fleets to join forces with the Soldarian Grand Armada and the Hyperon Star Horde to break the Tyranny blockade.
  • 2794 AD - Having sufficiently recovered themselves, the forces of Tyris Major go on to deliver their beleaguered allies from the Dominatus threat in Mirus. In Tyris Major, the Olympians get sufficiently improved to be able to stand up to the Overseers themselves.
  • 2795 AD - The Battle of Demogorgon Prime. End of the Great Tyranny War.
  • 2796 AD - The trial of the Dominatus. The United Knights Alliance is especially harsh on their foes, King Brygon demanding the death of every Dominatus, Overseer, and Synthetic, as well as the complete destruction of Demogorgon Prime. In short, only the complete erasement of the Dominatus from history would be a due punishment for the misery they had wrought. The Grand Republic felt differently, asking that the Dominatus newborn and Overseer infants be spared while the Synthetics be reprogrammed. The goal, they stated, should be that the old Drakodominatus Republic might rise once more from the ashes of the once victorious Tyranny - likely hoping they could add this ressurected republic to their own federation. In the end, neither power would get things their way, the Dominatus brought to extinction in their totality, while the Overseers and Synthetics were pardoned but their indoctrination was not undone. As a result, every Overseer and Synthetic seeking refuge in the Tyris Major is hunted down and killed instead of employed, as would become the case in other galaxies.
  • 2800 AD - The Great Mirusian Conflicts begin. Rise of the Blood Knights.
  • 2801 AD - The assassination of King Lavern. The Battle of Taurstad takes place, ending in the utter defeat of the Blood Knights.
  • 2802 AD - The Grox Grand Dominion under Mortox III use Lavern's death to attack the Grand Republic. The Grox are eventually defeated, and mostly driven from the galaxy, though star systems directly orbiting the central black hole cannot be taken.
  • 2804 AD - The Hegemony of Exterioris once more attack the United Knights Alliance and Grand Republic, targetting Olympians, Koatria and Warrior-Hunters in what they believe to be a pre-emptive strike to protect their Xonexi Allies. Rallying in defense of their people, the UKA and GRTM destroy the Intergalactic Supercarrier Monument to Purity spearheading the assault, disabling the Hegemony's capacity to launch further purges in Tyris Major.
  • 2806 AD - The Imperium of War invades Tyris Major. They are beaten back by the Soldarian Empire and their homeworld in Mirus is taken. This ends the Great Mirusian Conflicts. The Covenant of Mirus is officially ratified by the Xonexi Allies and many Mirusian states, de facto transferring all power from the Enlightenment Collaborative and isolating Tyris Major from the wider Gigaquadrant.
  • 2808 AD - After vanishing into the Abyssal Domain in 2805 AD, Matrukoris re-appears in Tyris Major, infested with Infused. Koatria, Olympian and Warrior-Hunter strike-teams are deployed to clear out the menace. The Mirusian Triumvirate moves their secret projects to Tyris Major to avoid the scrutiny of the Covenant of Mirus.
  • 2811 AD - The Hand of Retribution asks Tyris Major to stand with him during the Mendel Schism. The forces of Tyris Major refuse.
  • 2813 AD - An all-our push by the Citadel of Sapients against Raptoranean space begins the Claim of Thorns. Third Raptoranean Civil War. The Queen of Thorns conquers the Raptoranean Matriarchy and declares herself head of state.
  • 2814 AD - Refusing the demands of Father-Brain, leader of the Citadel of Sapients, the Queen of Thorns turns upon her former benefactors. Father-Brain destroyed. Citadel of Sapients integrated into Raptoranean Matriarchy. Claim of Thorns ends.
  • 2815 AD - The Mirusian Triumvirate begins a military buildup in support of the Talven Empire's rebellion against the Xonexi Powers.
  • 2820 AD - Talven machinations structurally weaken the Covenant of Mirus. With Xonexi power much limited in Mirus, the Enlightenment Collaborative is reformed as the Unified Enlightenment Alliance. Mirusian Triumvirate dissolved. Tyris Major once more integrated into the pan-Mirusian economy.
  • 2821 AD - Seerkar is out of an extramarital union between King Brygon of the Volver Empire and Zuki of the United Persan Descendants.
  • 2828 AD - The Second Void War between the Void Eye Empire and the Unified Enlightenment Alliance begins.
  • 2829 AD - The Second Void War escalates with the entrance of the Najiim Krassio on the side of the Void. The gods of Tyris Major, including Draedan, become more active as a result.
  • 2830 AD - The Second Void War ends. Arra-Nov, daughter of King Brygon, is born.
  • 2836 AD - The Mirror Crusade begins. The Mirror Crusade ends.

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Cybernetic dominance shall succeed, and nuisances shall be assimilated. Eventually, this place shall fall to the Grox.

- Overseer Xavnox
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