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We are a storm, Lord Meketanor, a storm that the galaxy requires. We are the enlightened beings, willing to make the decisions necessary to extinguish our foes, be it the contagious body politic of the Republic or the resurgent Light. We will wash away the useless, the complacent and remake the galaxy as we see fit. The future may be transient, but if we grasp at the proper moment, it will all proceed as planned—the ruination of the Republic, the final expunging of the Light and the continuation of our rule into perpetuity.

- Tyrómairon, speaking with Meketanor at the close of the Neraida War

Tyrómairon, known as the Vector of Order and later, the Vector of Darkness, is a preeminently powerful Oikoumene, who was feared across the cosmos as the enigmatic Galactic Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, while maintaining a more secret identity as the manipulative Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur.

The details of how this dark figure came into existence remains unknown, however he was revered and even feared among his fellow Oikoumene, with the knowledge that he was the most powerful member of the Tribe being well known. His might was unrivalled and his intellect was matched only by his wife, Libraé. As the supreme leader of the Oikoumene's military, he commanded the military forces of entire galaxies, the most elite of which were the so called "Warriors of the Revelation", which eventually became known as the feared Mornûnendur. Leading this frightening force, he put down countless alien rebellions against the Oikoumene during the early part of the Apotheosis Era in the Oikoumene's history.

When the rest of the Tribe mysteriously vanished, Tyrómairon had his subordinates sealed on planets scattered across the universe, before finally locking himself away on an unknown world, all the while forming an intricate and dark plan. When he finally awakened during the Intergalactic War, he set this plan into motion, being instrumental in various key events throughout the Gigaquadrant in the pursuit of his lofty goals. A machiavellian figure to the very core, Tyrómairon manipulated an entire galactic conflict in order to bring about the fall of the two reigning super powers and replace them with a single Oikoumene-led Empire.

As the Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Tyrómairon became known and feared across the Gigaquadrant for his leadership of the new Gigaquadrantic hyperpower, extending his influence throughout the known galaxies of the universe, bringing order, peace but high levels of suspicion wherever he directed his ultraterrestrial gaze. Despite existing in such a high position of power, Tyrómairon's origins and identity as an Oikoumene remained unknown to all but a select few, with most others incorrectly identifying him as Miluiel. Nevertheless, behind this exterior lay Tyrómairon's true motives; the domination of all sentient species under Oikoumene, or more specifically his, rule.

Tyrómairon’s long rule over the Empire came to a sudden end during the Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, during which he enacted the final stage of the Grand Plan, gathering all of his enemies in one location and unveiling the might of the Mornûnenduran Fleet, which had been worked upon by his lieutenants for almost twenty years. However, through the actions of Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá and his great enemy Apolithanatár, the Dark Lord’s counterpart Libraé returned, putting an end to the Mornûnenduran Lords, and engaging in a final confrontation with Tyrómairon. During this battle, the Dark Lord’s might proved overwhelming, but through Apolithanatár’s sacrifice, he was banished from corporeality and forced to linger on as a shade of his former strength.

While believed to be dead by most of the Gigaquadrant, the power of the Darkness was not so easily snuffed out, and while seemingly unable to return, the Dark Lord’s presence, both tangible and intangible, continued to influence the cosmos.



You provide all the more reasons for us not to falter in our loyalty to the beliefs that have kept the Oikoumene strong since the beginning. We must teach these primitives to stand with us, not against us. We must maintain order in the mother galaxy.

- Tyrómairon

Like his Oikoumene kin, Tyrómairon arose in the timeless Lost Aeons prior to the formation of the Onuris Universe, materialising from, and consisting of, the energy known as Uvalyë—which itself came to be at the beckon of the true Orders.[1] In these early days, the Oikoumene were led by the First Born, Apolithanatár, who guided his people through humility and service to those who required Oikoumene protection. Born as the fabled Vector of Order, Tyrómairon was a willing believer in this balance, becoming ever more powerful even as the Lord of Light mysteriously faded from Oikoumene histories, into legend and ultimately myth. Wed to the great champion of life, Libraé, Tyrómairon would grow to become the most powerful of his kind, though as his power grew, so too did his arrogance.

Tyrómairon with the Adjunct during the Apotheosis.

In the absence of Apolithanatár's guidance, Uvalyë, and the Oikoumene themselves, were gradually sundered. The great virtues of Tyrómairon, a love for order and coordination in a chaotic universe, led him to secretly study Uvalyë's dark aspect, Valin, in the hopes that his growing power would protect his people from division. Over countless millions of years, the Oikoumene became increasingly heavy-handed and aloof in their treatment of less advanced beings. Tyrómairon, as the leader of the Oikoumene's military Mornûnendur, was at the forefront of this shift, battling for influence with the so-called Vector of Chaos, the crafty Primercer.

The conflict between the Vectors of Chaos and Order came to boiling point during the early stages of the Apotheosis era, when Tyrómairon and the Primercer battled with such intensity that the very fabrics of existence became sundered, as the Annals of Valin'uvalyë had predicted. Through guile and the superior power of Valin, Tyrómairon emerged victorious. Though he was tempted to end the Primercer's existence, mercy stayed his hand, and the Primercer was locked away to ultimately atone. In his place, Librae became the leader of the Oikoumene, the First Elda, and sought to rebalance the Oikoumene by dedicating her people to peace and devotion to the old way of the Lord of Light—and in so doing, dissolved the Mornûnendur. While Tyrómairon initially supported Librae's efforts, his obsession with order would come to gradually overshadow his love for her.

Rise of the Dark Lord[]

My husband is the Vector of Order against whom stood the Primercer, the Vector of Chaos. I do not understand. The confrontation occurred so long ago, surely I must ask, what influence does it have on the flow of the Ad Infisacyran? Does the sundering which we have all felt relate to that bout? We, to whom all paths are seen, are blind.

- Libraé

For centuries, Tyrómairon would experiment with the unknown energies of Light first conceived by Apolithanatár, perverting them to his own ends. He would come to recognise his fundamental truth, that he was not merely the Vector of Order, but the Vector of the Dark too, the mirror-image of the lost Lord of Light. When the day of this realisation came, Tyrómairon felt a gravitic shift, for the power of the Dark he came to embody had anointed him. Where the great champion of the Oikoumene had once stood, now stood the Dark Lord, emerging from Tyrómairon's shadowy depths, contorting his once noble aspect into something which had always existed beneath the surface—a being of dreadful strength and cruel wisdom. Only he could bring order to unruly existence, and so dominion over all became the sole object of his dreadful intent.

Tyrómairon returns during the Intergalactic War.

Thus the stage was set for the confrontation between the Darkness and the Light. Guided by a mysterious Messenger, Libraé travelled to Aldár, where she discovered the pocket dimension forged by the Lord of Light in eons past. Hopeful that her husband could be redeemed, she travelled to Apolithanatár's realm, where she hoped to convince him to return to the cosmos. Little is known about the resultant conflict, although the Great Struggle of Light and Dark ended inconclusively. The Oikoumene underwent the Apotheosis, vanishing from corporeality and ending their direct involvement in the affairs of the Onuris universe. Apolithanatár returned, though only briefly, for he secluded himself once more within Aldár, contemplating the seemingly inevitable rebirth of the conflict between the Vectors of Chaos and Order. Whether by punishment or their own design, Tyrómairon and his followers, seemingly vanquished, hid themselves away on unknown worlds, from which Tyrómairon regained his strength and plotted his return.

Millions of years after his exile began, Tyrómairon's power had reached a point where even from his planetary prison, his dark shadow began to spread. Conflict and anarchy spread, and the peaceful era of the Federation of United Worlds came to an end. During the Intergalactic War, a Republic shuttle, drawn from across the stars, landed on Tyrómairon's world, inadvertantly resulting in Tyrómairon's awakening. Free from his prison, Tyrómairon began influencing the galaxy's affairs from the shadows, awakening many of his chief Mornûnenduran lieutenants such as Apeligateza, and influencing the politics of the mundane world to prepare for his inevitable ascendance.

The Grand Plan[]

This war will ensure our ascendancy and will mark the beginning of a new era. From chaos, order will arise under my careful tending.

- Tyrómairon

In the following years, Tyrómairon began to amass more and more power and followers, even managing to will a new powerful servant into existence, Agonânghâsh. Far more notable however, were the first steps he took to achieve his Grand Plan. In utter secret, Tyrómairon began to plot a war that would destabilise Cyrannus' political environment, thus paving the way for a new era under his command. Tyrómairon organised two terrorist attacks on Orbispira, capital of the United Republic of Cyrannus and Carindes, capital of the newly formed secessionist faction the Confederacy of Allied Systems respectively.

Tyrómairon contacts famed bounty hunter Éaltar Gauisa to conduct a terrorist act on Orbispira.

Contacting famed bounty hunter Éaltar Gauisa by use of a disguise, Tyrómairon hired him to conduct the attacks. The plot was ultimately a resounding respect, with the already volatile relations between the Confederacy and the Republic erupting into the Great Cyrannus War, with both sides blaming the other for the initial attack. As the months of the war dragged on and got even more bloody, Tyrómairon watched intently, watching both sides with great interest. By the time the first year of the war was drawing to a close, Tyrómairon began to gain an interest in a certain Mortalitas general.

Great Cyrannus War[]

In secret, Tyrómairon began to gain control over the secretive Majestic agency of the United Republic of Cyrannus and gained control over the construction of the "Terminus" project, a massive moon-sized battlestation with enough power to destroy an entire planet. During the Second War of Black Fog, Terminus under the command of President Apollo destroyed the demonic entity known as Okastana, resulting in a counterattack by Arrtkar Crowart. The demon managed to cause damage to Terminus and defeated Meketanor in battle, only to be banished from the galaxy by Tyrómairon, who restored the damage caused to the station and healed those injured.

During the battle of Capricaerón, the Confederacy under the command of the villainous Zillum managed to gain orbital supremacy over the Republic Fleet, at least until Willelmus Cretacea arrived over the planet, along with a great fleet of Star Destroyers. In a direct broadside battle between the two commanders, Zillum's flagship the Benevolent lost structural integrity and violently crashed into the ocean. All hands, including Zillum were killed. However, Tyrómairon, who was impressed with the Mortalitas' prowess in battle decided to intervene. Using his ultimate powers over the art of manipulation, Tyrómairon stole the mighty general's corpse and brought it to a secret location, where he breathed life back into Zillum and translocated him back to Confederate space, blanking his memory in the process, until a time when he would be needed.

Tyrómairon contacts Confederate Chancellor Dastirius during the closing stages of the war.

As the second year of the war went on, Tyrómairon continued to secretly work his way into galactic society, making many allies on both sides of the war, who were of course unaware of the Dark Lord's true identity. He contacted Éaltar Gauisa on several more occasions, including for a mission to break into the omniscient Library of Apailiana in the hopes of gaining more information.

Tyrómairon began to make his presence known among Cyrannus' political circles during the third year of the war, becoming a relatively famous, respected, yet enigmatic figure. Yet his goals from the very beginning remained the same. As Zillum continued his reign of terror, Tyrómairon contacted him and offered him many new abilities by increasing his brain power, thus unlocking many new dangerous powers buried deep in Zillum's brain. Without knowing it, Zillum had become a pawn in Tyrómairon's greater plan.

By the time of the Battle of Orbispira, the final battle of the war, both the Confederacy and the Republic were on the very cusp of destruction, playing perfectly into Tyrómairon's plan to unite Cyrannus. With both fleets smashed over the galactic capital, Tyrómairon finally revealed himself as the leader of an impressive fleet made up of thousands of species that finally helped the Republic forces rout the Confederacy.

The Dark Times[]

A New Empire[]

The new Emperor dissolves the Republic Senate and replaces it with the Imperial Senate.

Arriving at Orbispira, Tyrómairon managed to manipulate his way into the Senate Chamber of Corunnia, where he delivered a rousing speech, condemning Apollo and the old ways of the United Republic of Cyrannus. As senators shouted in support, in a single stroke, he created the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, becoming an Emperor over the new hyperpower. In the early months of his rule, the new found Emperor began to instate his new Imperial order. Loyalty to the ideals of democracy and the old ways of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems were quickly dropped in favour of the promises of the Declaration of the New Empire. Soon afterward, Tyrómairon arrived on Capricaerón, unbeknownst to the general public. The Mornûnendur, Ekrillium located an ancient wormhole device that would grant the Empire a secret backdoor into the Quadrant Galaxies on Capricaerón. Showing his master Tyrómairon the portal, the Dark Lord gave the order to Zillum to enter the portal, and to bring the Quadrants to their knees.

Tyrómairon then returned to Orbispira, where he summoned the fierce Tiranozark, Tyrant to him. Discussing the condition of the galaxy with the Grand Admiral, Tyrómairon gave him a task to hunt down Taros Cassynder, a newly revealed Adlapuspino rebel, who wishes to return the ideals of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. In the aftermath of the massive Battle of the Rambo Capital, Zillum, Nirndal and Garlboz managed to capture Empress Ramashe. Knowing that the Empire had won this round, Ramashe surrendered and was brought before Tyrómairon, who had travelled to the Quadrants. Ramashe was surprised by the awe inspiring Emperor, who managed to destroy the Empress' uncooperativeness by threatening to kill her people.

Ramashe reluctantly knelling before Tyrómairon.

Ramashe eventually agreed to the Emperor's demand, turning the glorious Rambo Nation into a protectorate of the Empire. Ramashe herself signed the so-called Nim-Glaré Concordat, turning her into a puppet ruler under direct Imperial control from Garlboz. Tyrómairon remained on the Rambo Capital in the aftermath of the signing, preparing to announce the victory to his new subjects. After appearing before the Rambo public and indeed, the entire Cyrandia Cluster, he officially began Rambo Nation's status as a protectorate. After this, he returned to Orbispira.

Rumours of War[]

In the time after he returned to Orbispira, Tyrómairon learned of a rebellion against his rule coordinated by Agnassana, who planned on killing the Mandator of Nex, Nenabie in order to gain more power. The Dark Lord sent his acolyte, Meketanor to kill Agnassana's assassin and Grand Admiral Carandial with an Imperial Fleet to lay siege to Agnassana's capital of Miragna in order to depose the troublesome Mandator. Meanwhile, Tyrómairon surveyed his plans from the past year, confident in the Empire's future in Cyrannus.

Tyrómairon continued to rule with an iron claw during the second year of the Dark Times, despite outwardly appearing as a benevolent emperor. In the end however, he truly believed that what he was doing was right, and in truth, had the support of the overwhelming majority of Imperial subjects. Nevertheless, during the first few months, he ordered many rebel and disobedient planets destroyed in order to crush potential threats. However, he also met with the leaders of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth to Orbispira, the first state visit since the Empire's formation. He also grew weary of the Mornûnendur's hostilities toward the Atlantica. Appearing before the Atlantica, Tyrómairon managed to convince them in dropping the war against them, thus ending the Clash of the Gods.

Tyrómairon punishes his acolyte.

When he returned to the mortal realm, he began watching the Hunt for the Zevian Skull from afar, as the discovery of such a powerful artefact would surely interfere with his rule in the Quadrantia Province. Soon after returning to Orbispira, Tyrómairon summoned Tyraz and his son, Kezoreg, who were visiting the planet. Assuming the persona of a benevolent leader, Tyrómairon managed to place an imprint on the young Kezoreg, where he planned on using him for his own purposes.

During this time, many dissidents began to prepare for a war against the Empire, all under Tyrómairon's watchful gaze. Curiously, Tyrómairon began to gain a strong sense of respect toward the former President of the Republic, Apollo and recalled the Imperial fleet chasing him and his "Republic Remnant", concentrating on the Confederacy of Free Planets and their new Outer Rim War. Despite this, the Empire eventually captured Apollo and brought him to Orbispira, where Tyrómairon agreed to let him go free, having something special planned for him.

Conflict with the Primercer[]

Basileus Rebellion[]

There is no mercy.

- Tyrómairon

As the third year of the Empire began, Tyrómairon heard that his acolyte Moranonúngur failed in his task to infiltrate the Cognatus Empire. When Moranonúngur arrived at Tyrómairon's throne room on Orbispira, the Emperor punished his follower with torrents of blindingly hot lightning before finally relenting when Moranonúngur told him that he failed because an Oikoumene AI known as the Licent ousted him. Tyrómairon was incredibly surprised by this revelation and indicated that it was a sign that an ancient enemy was about to emerge. When Moranonúngur left, Tyrómairon began contemplating his next move.

Tyrómairon kills his former Grand Mandator.

During this time, Tyrómairon learned of a plot concocted by Imperator Tyranus, Mar-Júun and various other Imperial Basileus to overthrow him and bring about Basileus rule over Cyrannus. Tyrómairon watched and waited for the perfect moment to spring his trap. When the conspirators met for the last time, Tyrómairon himself arrived at the meeting. He quickly destroyed the Mandators Rachalia and Santanan and dispatched Mar-Júun by flinging him out a window. Cornering Tyranus, Tyrómairon lifted him into the air and crushed his throat. With this rebellion crushed before it began, Tyrómairon returned to his lair, where he continued to contemplate the possible return of a far more dangerous threat from the past.

Later, Tyrómairon was contacted by Apollo who wanted to ask the Emperor's permission to establish a conference in the hopes of reconciling the hopes and dreams of those who want a return to the Republic and those who wish to continue living under the Emperor. Tyrómairon agreed to let the conference go ahead and was impressed with Apollo's courage and charisma. However, the Dark Lord had more important things on his mind. Snarling, he translocated himself to his lair in Orbispira's core, where he spoke to Ekrillium about the threat from the past and its imminent awakening. As he anticipated, the Primercer eventually rose again thanks to the machinations of the Cognatus Empire, leaving Tyrómairon and his Mornûnenduran kin to plot to fight against their ancient adversary. Determined not to allow the State or the Primercer disrupt the Grand Plan, Tyrómairon began to amend many details of the Plan until he once again became confident that events would play out as he anticipates.

The Vector of Chaos[]

And we arrive at your problem, Ekrillium! When I desire you to think, I shall ask you to think!

- The Emperor voices his annoyance at Ekrillium's opinions.

As the New Cyrandia Wars raged throughout the Outer Rim, the Emperor continued to lead the Empire to many great victories, wiping out lingering institutions of the Old Republic and replacing them with Imperial organisations loyal to his will alone. Perhaps the most notable example was the creation of the Imperial Inquisition in 04 NE, which gave the Emperor a loyal cadre of agents devoted to his will alone. Several months into the war with the Imperial State, the Emperor decided to visit Rambo Nation in order to show the benefits of the introduction of the Nim-Glaré Concordat.

In a lavish ceremony, the Emperor met with Apollo and Ramashe, before granting the Empress the title of Grand Mandator of the Quadrant Galaxies as well as appointing the deadly Inquisitor Chi Chodecra to the position of Hand of the Monarch. After returning from the highly successful visit, Tyrómairon was informed by Ekrillium that the individual responsible for giving Senator Guolivian the information needed to cast down the Republic during the final year of the Great Cyrannus War was finally discovered.

Fall of Lanat Prime and the Awakening of Thaurlathron

The Galactic Emperor dealing with Aoblix.

Some time later, the Emperor was approached by Captain Tector Decimius of the Chimaera, who informed the Emperor of his plans to invade the United Lanat Empire. Though somewhat sceptical that the plan could be realised successfully, Tyrómairon was impressed with the initiative shown and gave the captain his approval. Thus began the Fall of Lanat Prime, which ultimately ended with the Lanat Empire becoming a protectorate of the Empire. The Emperor himself dealt with Emperor Aoblix, snapping the neck of the former dictator as the old order crumbled. However, as the Emperor suspected, the protectorate was not universally accepted and indeed, he considered it inevitable that the central region of Mirus would fragment and so long as the Empire maintained the balance of power, that would be inconsequential.

Later, the Emperor was pleased to welcome the return of his loyal Oikoumene friend Thaurlathrón back into his circle. Informing his followers that the final confrontation with the Primercer was near, he assured them that they would be victorious and that a new era of peace and order would be assured.

Fall of the Primercer[]

You are not Oikoumene. You are an insect struggling to contemplate the void of space. For too long have you hounded the Grand Plan but that all ends now.

- Tyrómairon taunting the Primercer during their encounter.

As the power of the Primercer grew ever closer to threatening the designs of the Grand Plan, Tyrómairon finally deigned to address the threat directly as the closing shots of the New Cyrandia Wars were sounded. Informing his subordinates that he would face the Primercer alone, the Dark Lord travelled to Cognalorilos, where the Empire was engaged in a bloody battle alongside the Unified Order of Cognalorilos against the Cognatus Empire. While on the way to the Primercer's chamber, Tyrómairon was faced by Qulmé, the loyal Lieutenant of the Primercer. Though he attempted to reason with her, the Dark Lord quickly ended her corporeal existence when she defied his offer of surrender.

Emperor Tyrómairon addresses the Empire as the New Cyrandia Wars draw to a close.

Making his way into the Primercer's sanctum, the two powerful Oikoumene spoke for several minutes before a colossal battle broke out between them. Evenly matched, it was only through Tyrómairon's intellect and cunning that the Primercer fell. However, while being tortured by the Dark Lord, the Primercer spoke of another whose time was coming. Fully aware of the identity of this threat, Tyrómairon finally all but destroyed his enemy, banishing him forever from existence. After the battle, Tyrómairon returned to his followers, where he told them of the Primercer's demise. However, he did not inform them of the coming threat to their plans.

Several days later, the Emperor received word that the Siege of Vasuband and decided to make a rare public appearance on Orbispira to announce the Empire's victory over the Cyrannian Imperial State. Claiming that the Empire will now march to retake the galaxy from those who challenge Imperial resolve, the Emperor rallied the citizens of the Empire into a patriotic fervour as parties and vast military parades occurred throughout the Empire. When his speech ended, Tyrómairon returned to his lair beneath the city world's surface where he informed his followers of the coming threat - one that would constitute a far greater challenge than the Primercer and the Imperial State did.

Second Great War[]

The Resurgent Light[]

There are but two paths: resist or serve. And for those who resist, a single rule: submit or die.

- Tyrómairon during the Fall of Terrae

In the aftermath of the New Cyrandia Wars, Tyrómairon orchestrated the outbreak of the Cyrannian Cold War with the New Cyrannian Republic, though retired from the everyday governance of the Empire to deal with the threat posed by the resurgent power of the Light, which increased exponentially as the Primercer predicted. When the Osteolan Master Ryen recruited Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá, he was particularly troubled when his vision of the mysterious world known as Aldár was clouded from him.

Nevertheless, he prepared for the inevitable day as best he could, though found himself shaken when he finally felt the return of the Lord of Light—Apolithanatár, the only being he knew could challenge him. Simultaneously, Tyrómairon began his final transformation of his Empire, dissolving the Imperial Senate and stamping down on dissent within Imperial space. With Thaurlathrón, Imperials such as Grand Admiral Tector Decimius and Phaedric Lords such as Venatorius and Meketanor, he accelerated his final plan—which began with the "Operation", the destruction of the New Republic's capital on Mou'Cyran, sparking the beginning of the Second Great Cyrannus War.

The Phantom Emperor[]

Adelheidis lies dead at Tyrómairon's feet.

Throughout the conflict's opening stages, Tyrómairon remained in the shadows, working with the Mornûnenduran Lords to enact the final pieces of the Grand Plan. However, he took a direct hand in the war on numerous occasions. Upon the Fall of Terrae, which saw the capitulation of the Allied Terran Republic to Imperial rule, speaking before the assembled population of Terrae and making an example of Aidan Collins by telepathetically strangling him when he spoke out against Imperial rule. To the terrified populace, the Emperor declared that, "there are but two paths: resist or serve".

Later in the war, upon the defeat of the so-called True Republic, the disgraced Republic rebel Adelheidis was brought before the Emperor, and attempted to regain her lost power by ingratiating herself with him. Regarding her as little more than an insignificant insect, Tyrómairon telekinetically lifted her into the air and killed her without mercy.


You escaped the Empire's birth because I willed it so. The New Republic rose from the ashes of the old, because I allowed it. All in preparation for this day. It was by my design that you gather my enemies here, at the end of all things. Know this, Apollo, of the patronois of Oikoumene-kind, you have earned my singular admiration. But you are patronois nonetheless. Your kind have ruled these stars without wisdom, and what has taken you millennia to achieve, I will erase in the work of a moment.

- Tyrómairon to Apollo, during the Great Battle of Orbispira

In 20 NE, after the defeat and subsequent rebirth of the New Republic under Apollo's leadership, Tyrómairon put his plan into motion. Buoyed by their victory in the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds, the New Republic led their allies into a daring attack on the Imperial capital Orbispira, seeking to rally the entire galaxy against the Emperor's dark rule. Though Imperial forces held firm, they began to flounder under the intensity of the allied attack, though for the Emperor, his Empire was ever a means to an end. During the subsequent Great Battle of Orbispira, the Emperor personally dragged the Republic flagship Resolute out of orbit and sent it smashing into the planet's surface, where his forces captured President Apollo and brought him before the Emperor.

Apollo was soon joined by his daughter Kara Inviá and her companion Aoirtae Valaeris, sentinels of the Aldárae Order who had proven to be thorns in the Empire's side since the Cold War. Recognizing their potential, the Dark Lord unsuccessfully attempted to induct them into the Phaedric Order, and when that failed, he revealed the existence of the Mornûnenduran Fleet—a vast armada of ancient Oikoumene dreadnoughts which the Mornûnendur had spent the entirety of the Empire's reign attempting to retrieve from the galactic core. The beleaguered skies above the capital were darkened by the vast armada, with Tyrómairon revealing that he had allowed the Republic to reform, anticipating that one day, Apollo would lead all of his enemies to him, where they would be destroyed in one fell swoop.

The Emperor confronts his enemies.

On the cusp of Tyrómairon's total victory, however, Apolithanatár arrived in the throne room, followed by the one figure Tyrómairon feared: his wife, Libraé. Both Libraé and Apolithanatár pleaded with Tyrómairon to abandon his path of Darkness and Domination, and once more embody his true self as the Vector of Order. Though he appeared to be momentarily swayed by their words, the Dark Lord intensified his power and unleashed it upon his old friends, almost overpowering them. In the great clash which followed, the other Mornûnenduran Lords were undone by the superior power of the Light, though the Dark Lord himself was unassailable. As he prepared to destroy his foes, Tyrómairon implied some regret, and admitted to Libraé that he had never stopped loving her. With a tinge of sadness penetrating through the intense darkness, he prepared to deal the final strike, only to be caught unaware when Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá, seemingly strengthened by the will of Valin'uvalyë, joined their power with Apolithanatár and Libraé and enveloped the Dark Lord in an orb of Light.

Even so, Tyrómairon's power was too powerful to contain, prompting Apolithanatár to release his physical form and embrace incorporeality, entrapping the Dark Lord in a seemingly eternal struggle between the Darkness and Light. Unable to withstand the power unleashed by Apolithanatár's sacrifice, and with a thunderous yell, Tyrómairon's form collapsed in upon itself, becoming an orb of darkness which vanished alongside the vestige of Apolithanatár's Light. Tyrómairon, the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur and the Emperor of Cyrannus was defeated.


Aoirtae: "You think the Dark Lord might come back again?"
Libraé: "Perhaps. Evil always rises, young one, but I trust in Apolithanatár's judgement. He believed that the cycle would be broken, and perhaps it has. For as long as there is the Darkness, the influence of Tyrómairon may yet be felt."
Aoirtae Valaeris and Libraé after the fall of the Dark Lord

To the people of the Gigaquadrant, the once omnipotent Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was proclaimed dead, resulting in widespread celebration and marking the beginning of the end of an Empire which had once dominated the entire Cyrandia Cluster. In the years which followed, the New Republic liberated most of the Cyrannus Galaxy, undoing Tyrómairon's age of oppression and inaugurating a new era of galactic history—free of Oikoumene influence. Oikoumene cannot truly die, and Tyrómairon is unique even among his kind. Though Apolithanatár's sacrifice robbed the Dark Lord of his ability to take form and directly influence events in the cosmos, he lingers on as a spirit of malice and darkness, albeit seemingly unable to return.


Tyrómairon is a being of great power and as such, can freely change his appearance to suit his own needs. For example, he appeared as many different influential figures in the opening stages of the Great Cyrannus War in order to manipulate Éaltar Gauisa into doing his bidding. In his most commonly used form, Tyrómairon uses the same general appearance of a typical Oikoumene, though with many other features that clearly distinguish him from other members of his species, including a more massive size, a darker colouration as well as an aura of darkness.

Personality and Traits[]

Emperor Antediluvian.png

Everything is transpiring according to plan.

- Tyrómairon

Tyrómairon is a force of power, unlike any seen in the Cyrandia Cluster. However, he is not often considered to be a force of chaos and destruction, instead he uses charm, manipulation and an incomprehensible degree of intelligence to achieve his goals. Though theories about his origins are the source of gossip across the Gigaquadrant, Tyrómairon is a hyper-powerful Oikoumene, a member of the Ultraterrestrials. To his supporters, he is seen as being a new hope for a chaotic universe, while to his opponents, he is viewed as the embodiment of evil.

Often known as the Dark Lord, this foreboding title is loosely translated from the Oikoumene word "herus", his official name to his followers among the Mornûnendur, the ancient warriors of the Revelation. Tyrómairon commands the use of a highly mysterious energy force, unknown to even his kin in the Oikoumene and indeed, the other factions of Ultraterrestrials. The origins of this power are ultimately unknown, though theories include a technological advantage Tyrómairon invented himself, or that it has origins in a higher power.

As part of his Grand Plan, Tyrómairon united the Cyrannus Galaxy, and indeed a great deal of the Cyrandia Cluster under his dark grasp, outwardly appearing as a benevolent and incredibly intelligent Galactic Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, each day gaining more and more power. Indeed, this serves as a testament to Tyrómairon's cunning, even more interesting considering that the creation of the Empire was merely the first act of a wider play. In regard to lesser beings, Tyrómairon, like many Oikoumene, sees them as being inferior. However, he also sees their purpose and power, as seen in their many victories against vastly more powerful foes. His true intent toward his Imperial subjects is unknown. Though many of those who have come into contact with him as Emperor feel uneasy when around him, only Zillum and Tyrómairon's acolytes know of the Emperor's true form as the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur and indeed, as an Oikoumene.

While outwardly being considered a devious figure, Tyrómairon has experienced love. His wife, Libraé, a peaceful woman with a great love for all life was considered by many to be the polar opposite of Tyrómairon, and yet they valued their mutual love as much as they valued life itself. After Tyrómairon awoke from his hibernation, it is unknown if their love has any role in his current motives, or if he has forsaken it.



Blue face.pngMost impressive.

Servants and Subjects[]

Yellow face.pngAllegiance is your duty. Do not waste your life thinking otherwise.


Orange face.pngAmbivalence is allied with foolishness. Remember that.


Orange face.pngYour transgressions will not go unpunished.


Red face.pngJoin me. There is no other way.

  • Primercer - Such is the fate of all who oppose me.
  • Apollo - You impress me, Libertus. But your Republic shall die, nonetheless.
  • Apolithanatár - The darkness is eternal.
  • Libraé - My equal.


I am glad to see you again after so many years. I missed you.

- Libraé to Tyrómairon, during Apotheosis.

As much as it pains me to say it, there is much I could respect about him. If only he didn't butcher the ideals of freedom and the tenets of democracy.

- Apollo

I will serve you until my dying breath, my lord.

- Zillum

The Dark Lord's enemies shall fall before my might!

- Moranonúngur

I will serve you while it is within my interests.

- Tyranus

Devil! False one!

- Vos Adamae

Oh! Hello, master!

- Adjunct

Interloper. The mantle of the Oikoumene shall never be yours.

- The Primercer

Peace is our objective. You are not as bad as many of my compatriots think.

- Apaltar

Your attitude sucks.

- Captain Lorrelas

You deserve my respect, something I do not hand out lightly.

- Medusa Heimdall

Pffff! I bet he's not even the one in charge of that Empire of his! I bet he puts some poor sod in charge and spends his day watching Dvottie videos over the extranet. I know I would.

- Koluap

...No way. No way.

- Iovera IX

A potential ally.

- Lamenar Reminocles

You taunt us. Our patience for cooperation runs short. We would much rather benefit from your kin's screams of terror. Brezank will not be the last.

- Shu'wokerama

Fiend! The Basileus will not stay under you forever! Let the Devourer's dark tentacles engulf you!

- Mar-Júun

I can only hope he does not find us here...

- Tyton Sialis

I like his attitude.

- Admiral Jaysmoth of the Levisala

Gorf could beat him up with hands strapped around his back!

- Gorf



  • Tyrómairon was originally known as Antediluvian ever since his inception in 2011. However, Cyrannian has long been dissatisfied with this name, a word synonymous with "out-dated", and decided to give him a more original identity in 2014. "Tyrómairon" was chosen from a list of possible names by the community, resulting in Antediluvian's renaming on the 26th of December 2014.
  • Tyrómairon's alternate names "Tāi-romai'ronís" and "Tyrro'maironis" were chosen by Xho and TheImperios respectively.
  • Despite only becoming a major character on the wiki on June 21st 2011, his earliest origins and concept date all the way back to June 10th, 2010 during a battle in the Intergalactic War.
  • The Emperor's Theme from Star Wars serves as his theme.
  • Along with Apollo, Tyrómairon is Cyrannian's most popular character.
  • He is affectionately known as "Anteddy" amongst the users of the Fiction Universe, a reference to the old name "Antediluvian".
  • Tyrómairon's equivalent in Cyrannian's Fantasy Universe Erde is the mysterious Malinorendór.
  • Though an original character, Tyrómairon was created and developed with many inspirations in mind, ranging from Palpatine, Sauron and the The One Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken.


  1. According to the seemingly seemingly omniscient Annals of Valin'uvalyë


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