Bunsen Galaxy (Adriana Nebula)
We are a galaxy of peace and prosperity for all.
Anyone who wishes to disrupt that may kindly go throw themselves into Inferno Realm.
Are you ready to ROCK?!
We're taking the multiverse by storm!
Divine Races of the Twin Galaxies
There are things beyond your comprehension...
...that are like simple math problems to us.
Portea Galaxy
We welcome you to the Portea Galaxy.

The TIAF has established a strong and powerful economy which has fueled the Federation throughout its lifetime.


The TIAF maintains a semi-capitalist, semi-post-scarcity economy. Although the TIAF has the technology for it, the TIAF does not live a true post-scarcity life. The reason for this is that the TIAF believes that a post-scarcity society puts most citizens out of work, other than military and educational occupations. Some industries have taken on a post-scarcity system, most notably fuel companies, who use the quantum replicator technology (a gift from the Tokzhalan) to create endless supplies of Sporillium and some fossil fuels (though most fossil fuels are now obsolete in the TIAF). The government only gives the quantum replication technology to industries that are deemed free of manual labor, and thus not harmful to the job force. Because of this, the TIAF will slowly become truly post-scarcity, but until then, most citizens still work for a living.


Trade is one of the main catalysts of the TIAF economy today, allowing goods to get between planets of the TIAF or for exporting TIAF goods to other nations.

Domestic Trade[]

Domestic interplanetary trade makes up a major portion of the trading department's contribution to the economy, with the tax revenues gained from domestic trade bolstering the federal treasury and enabling some planets to obtain supplies and goods that they normally could not produce on their own. Interplanetary trade mostly happens along federal trade routes, while planets not along trade routes usually obtain goods via trade with trade route planets.

Federation Central Circuit[]

The main trade route in the Heartland Territories, the Federation Central Circuit runs between Javion in Anthalti and Etermayla in the Core, with the loop completed via the Anthalti-Core Portal. The circuit also connects to other Bunsen trade networks, such as Caigiancia Run (via Broly) and the Bunsen Galactic Trade Network (along the Core planets). The circuit runs a route straight through Anthalti, Jaylisia, Tyrus-Kylessa, Erion, and the Core, stopping at most major industrial, population, and trade planets in the Heartlands.

The Circuit has been in operation since the beginning of the Golden Age, originally running between Coporius in Anthalti and Penium in Erion (the original loop is still visible in the branched path the circuit takes between Anthalti and Erion). The circuit expanded south to Caldrez-Deider after the Erion Wars, and took on its current route during the First Bunsen War. The circuit is cited as having been the main reason some TIAF trade planets, such as Kawkis and Achoence, accumulated so much wealth.

Transgalactic Trade Circuit[]

Encompassing most of the TIAF's Intergalactic Territories regions, the TTC is one of the longest trade circuits strictly within TIAF space. Its connections to other galaxies makes planets along the TTC the main connecting points for trade routes with other nations. Every TIAF Intergalactic Territory has several posts in the circuit (except for minor territories like the Magellanic Relay Outposts). With such a large scale, hyperspace lanes are used for much of the travel between galaxies. The circuit, for this reason, has also sometimes been recognized as creating the necessity for better hyperspace technology and a great advancement for the TIAF transportation and interstellar travel department.

The TTC was officially established during the beginning of the Twilight Age, connecting TIAF territories in the Quadrants, Cyrannus (before it was destroyed), Borealis, Kraw, Andromeda, the Milky Way, and Bunsen-Portea. The circuit is routed to avoid crossing into any local nation's territorial space (since the hyperspace lanes and the space around them are claimed by the TIAF) especially in galaxies such as Mirus (where the TIAF holds minor outposts for maintaining the route to the Quadrants) and Borealis where the residents are not on excellent ground with the TIAF. In recent years, the connection to the Quadrants has been threatened by the growth of the Cyrannian Empire, especially recently when the ULE was pressured by the Empire to expel the TIAF outposts in Mirus.

International Trade[]

The TIAF also relies on international trade to import resources that are rare in the Bunsen Galaxy and to export surplus goods and resources for sale. International trade usually also promotes good relations with nations the TIAF holds trade contacts with.