Twilight of Divina



Activity on the Metruia Nebuale
Singularim fleet nebulae

The Imperial images of the Singularim fleet amassing in Metruia caused an uproar in neighboring systems.

Clicking and blinking, imperial monitors on the nearest stations to Metruia saturated with incoming signals. For decades, that nebulae had sprung with vivid scavenger and civilian cruisers that enjoyed the lucid and incandescent lights formed by the great cloud's cosmic properties as a touristic attraction in the times of the fallen Rambo Nation. Today, it was a natural wall for the imperial defense facing a full uprising on behalf of the Loyalists. So when those listening posts triggered with multiple contacts suddenly appearing there without traces of hyperspace or warp residuals, Imperial authorities sought to investigate the occurrence further.

At first, they believed it to be a simple anomaly within the Nebula, possibly going through some unforeseen combustion within its shrouded territory, but just then the signals kept coming and remained poised within. Furthermore, civilian outposts sanctioned by the government to monitor Metruia showed the same results as them. It was a matter of time before the Empire sent their first patrol to probe the clouds. It was a simple squadron of fighters escorted by two frigates and a destroyer in order to make a presence in case it turned out to be illegal exploitation of Metruia's natural resources. With these turmoiling times, you never knew.

The ships departed from Rambo Prime itself due to the system's proximity to the Nebula. High ranking officers were watching the monitors connected to the scouting fleet, which were transmitting their activities live.

Their eyes widened and their mouths gasped for air as the initial static cleared, and they saw the imposing presence of a Krassio fleet stationed there, immobile and silent, yet majestically floating within Metruia.

The Singularim fleet did not fire upon the scouting party and they were allowed to leave with the news of the impending danger. Even the Rector Provinciae fell to his chair upon receiving the news, as they expected the Singularim to face the Imperial fleet farther than the actual threshold of Legatus core systems. The Krassio had brought the battlefield right next to their doorstep and now they had to move quickly or else see Kharzhamarhi Nui, Rambo Prime, and Ramgotheria fall swiftly.

The Krassio did not wait to mobilize, and soon the empire knew their first target in the following series of conflicts: Karzhamarhi-Nui.

Part 01Edit

5 September 2820, Ser Rayria Mary Ramelzen looked stern at the tactical display in front of him, she was dispatched by her brother, Lord Ramelzen to participate in the second battle of Ramgotheria while commanding the Tirith-class corvette HRSS Arthrastral and a B-wing escort. She didn't feel much for aiding other Houses or the Rambo Loyalist while his own homeworld, Karzhamarhi-Nui still suffered an Imperial occupation. Yet she did as her Lord commanded and now found herself battling Imperial and Legatus forces together with elements of Lusitania Squadron and House Ramcelsior. It seemed governor Ser Trasram Ramcelsior went againt the wishes of his uncle, Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior. Issuing command over the Gozanti-class cruiser HRCS Ambassador Ram'Tras, he led the HRCS Lord Ramcelsior and the HRCS Ser Ramniels into battle. Lusitania Squadron dispatched the Mer Mirea and the Cruandai.


Second Battle of Ramgotheria, September 2820

Onboard the Arquitens-class ICS Raptor, captain Veloci Onychus looked amused. This was the second attempt to liberate the planet by the resistance forces and he was eager for battle. Issuing commands to deploy the fighter squadrons stationed in the Yurrus-class carrier and the ICS Provocateur the battle soon erupted in full. The other light cruiser, ICS New Dawn fell back to protect the carrier.

ASP-fighters were engaged in dog fights with Tiger-class fighters while the larger ships opened fire at eachother. The HRSS Arthrastral managed to inflict considerable damage to the Yurrus-class carrier before the New Dawn came to its aid. While the two vessels managed to damage each other, the cannons of the Arthrastral managed to hit the magazines of the New Dawn that exploded in a bright flash. Ending the live of captain Vertac Uiana. The Raptor and the Mer Mirea were locked in combat as well, while the Ambassador Ram'Tras took damage from ASP-fighters. As the battle continued none of the ships involved were able to take the upperhand and to the frustration of both sides it seemed the battle turned into a stalement.

After three hours, the Sinleri Tandava-Class cruiser HFS Bloodwing Fury arrived as to reinforce the besieged Loyalist and allied forces. Upon arrival, Lord Aethas Fingolin was surprised to see hostilities ceased between the two parties. Before able to open a channel, the Legatus/Imperial forces left the planet.


Celebrating the victory at Ramsoria, September 2820

Moments before, captain Veloci recieved new orders from admiral Apticyus to withdraw from the planet and rendesvouz at Pauvenris. The raptor captain was furious, though the admiral wished to hear nothing of it. The Loyalists and their allies had proven a point that they were a force to be reckoned with and the Imperials required to withdraw to rally their forces against them. Sighting and reluctantly captain Veloci followed orders and issued a retreat.

After the retreat, Aethas, Trasram and Altus Mirea met on the surface of Ramgotheria. Though the governor and Rayria were overjoyed by the liberation of Ramsoria- the citizens used fire works for their celebrations. Aethas and Altus were less convinced by the Legatus and Imperials actions, ever since losing the battle of Rambo Prime the enemy forces seemed reluctent or preoccupied. Altus smiled at the citizens that were celebrating, but wondered if the Empire was holding back for a final strike.

Part 02Edit

Lendinnas and his worries

Lendinnas, flanked by Carnthuendi arches and Winteria guards, September 2820

06 September 2820, the Serindia Winteria Lord Lendinnas Le Rambo, grandson of Ramannis Le Rambo was flanked by female Carnthuendi and Winteria guards during a patrol. Since their arrival five days ago, he grew fond of the purple elves for their skills, cunning and their deadly beauty. Skilled archers and druids aided the Winteria of Ramar Shadda as his grandfather forces had finally arrived to liberate Ramar Shadda from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus occupation. Yet the battle in the snow was fierce, and neither side managed to gain the upperhand. Lendinnas contact the Rambo Loyalist for reinforcements but they were unable to send large numbers due to them battling at other places as well.

They did dispatch a member of Raven Team to aid their cause, a girl known as sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera. That was five days ago and they hadn't defeated the ground forces of the Empire. To make matters worse, yesterday after the liberation of Ramgotheria Imperial and Legatus reinforcements had arrived in orbit. It included the Interdictor-class ICS Eternal Empire, a Yurrus-class carrier and the ICS Crimson Talon under command of the (in)famous Lady Astrosia. Following their arrival, Lendinnas had followed Yvene's advise to deploy the Winteria-Class corvettes of House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda against them though to no avail. They were locked in hour long combat while his corvettes were meant to take on star destroyers without the presence of capital ships. In the distance he saw an explosion and smiled, Yvenne struck against the Empire with succes.

Yvenne's burning wrath

Yvenne moments after she hit a Sentinel-class

Yvenne took cover when an ASP-fighter passed overhead. She went ahead the patrol as she didn't want to risk the live of Lord Lendinnas Le Rambo, he was after all the grandson of Lord Ramannis- leader of the Rambo Loyalist. She was escorted by a female Carnthuendi- who Yvenne didn't even bother to ask her name to her own regret. She already saw to many Loyalist forces die in an attempt to liberate the Ramboidae Realms from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Not knowing their names made it easier to sleep- without the need of excessive amounts of honey rum. The Carntuendi signals the coast was clear, and Yvenne move forward to the cliff. After making observation she knew this was the way the landing route of Sentinel-class shuttles of the Empire. In the corner of her right eye she saw one of those shuttles approaching, she knew they would pass close by to minimise turbulence of the icey winds. Taking breath and taking aim, she smirked.

"Take this, you buggers" Yvenne said aloud the moment she pressed the trigger. Yvenne felt a slight feedback when the grenade left the grenade launcher. Seconds later the Sentinel class exploded in a bright light and Yvenne felt the heat of the blast washing over her.

Turning around she saw the Carnthuendi taking shelter behind a tree, covering her ears. She couldn't blame the girl, after all she was an Elf like creature who fought with magic and arrows. What did they know of the gruesome power of modern weapons. Swinging the grenade launcher over her shoulder she walked away. Yvenne never like the smell of burning metal and bodies as ashes slowly fell down the sky.

Space Battle of Ramar Shadda

Battle of Ramar Shadda

In orbit the Imperial fleet clashed with the forces of House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda. The ASP-fighters launched from the Yurrus-class carrier already destroyed various Tiger-fighters and were now menacing the slower yet durable Winteria-class corvettes. Though backed up by the Resurging Starfire- the rebel fleet was losing. To make matters worse, besides its cannons the gravity wells of the ICS Eternal Empire prevented an escape as it drew ships out of hyperspace.

Out of a sudden an unknown dagger shaped vessels dropped out of hyperspace, as well as a Star corvette.

"This is captain Jiarn of the Dinotopian Yarchadia-class carrier DSS Yarchadia. Hang in there guys, the cavelry has arrived" it sounded over the intercomm. The Yarchadia launched a swarm of small and highly manouverable fighters- focusing fire at one of the gravity spheres of the Eternal Empire. Overloading, the sphere crumbled and disabled the Eternal Empire.

"All ships, focus fire at the Interdictor" Jian ordered.

Onboard the Crimson Talon, Lady Astrosia made a fist in anger, as her own ship came under fire. Nearby she saw one of the hanger bays of the Yurrus-class carrier go up in flames.

"Withdraw" Lady Astrosia ordered, she had lost this battle.


Yvenne let out a sigh, she loved these hot springs near the edge of the main fortress at Ramar Shadda. Even though the planet was always cold, freezing and harsh these pools made life comfortable. Yvenne had donned a green-golden bathing cloth- the only remnant and memory of her live at Altena. Besides honey rum once in a while, the hot spring actually let her forget the war and all the horror in it.


Yvenne enjoys the hot springs of Ramar Shadda

Closing her eyes and leaning back, Yvenne fell a sleep until she was woken by approaching footsteps and the peeping of armor. Sighting, Yvenne opened her eyes and to her suprise saw general Jar'Dris and Lord Lendinnas. Blushing, Yvenne dipped further underwater.

"M'lords, my apologies for not being in more appropiate attire" Yvenne said.

Lendinnas snorted.

"Ha! What I heard about you sergeant you couldn't care less about that" Lendinnas boomed. Yvenne raised an eyebrow in surprise- what foul talk for a noble lord. She started to like him even more because of this, as he had also proven himself in battle.

"Sergeant, we just came by to thank you for your efforts. Without your bravery and efforts we might not have won the battle" general Jar'Dris replied.

"Indeed, well done sergeant! I expect you for diner in an hour to celebrate after your quality time with yourself" the Serindia lord said to Yvenne. Yvenne smiled and nodded, the Serindia lord understood why she was here in the pool alone. The general and the Serindia Lord walked back towards the city and Yvenne closed her eyes once again- for now live was naice.

Part 03Edit

Intrique at Boreas

10 September 2820, Rector provinciae Schlimm Eklig Statthalter scratched the underside of his chin and chuckled. The two Mandators inside his throne room kept silent, and Schlimm hoped they didn't notice his nervousness as his plans came to fruition. With the formation of the Dinotopian Republic, the losses at Ramar Shadda and Ramgotheria an impending assault on the Rambo Capital was imminent- it was clear to him the western sectors were lost. Yet sector command, Imperial Grand Amdiral Valindor Palenix though otherwise. A brave, loyal puppet of the Tyrómairon who commands the Executor, a Super Star Destroyer. Palenix continues to believe in the might of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Schlimm knew better, as did the two mandators in the room with him- with the death of grand admiral Tector Decimius the Imperial and Legatus might had endured losses over all their holdings.


Schlimm and Mandator Ramveral and discuss their final plan

“Rector” Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral said to draw his attention away from his view at the skyline of Boreas.

“Yes Mandator Ramveral” answered the Rector.

“We are pleased to inform you that all is set in motion. By your command, we can execute our plans. The Empire and the Rambo Loyalist won’t see this coming” said Ramveral in clear confidence.

Mandator Maketh Triggant nodded and smiled. “Indeed, no more province of the Empire, but a state of our own. I can inform both of you our assets both within the Quadrants and the Space in Between are operating and peek efficiency. Now is a better time than at any time your excellencies” the Elen'Nanethian said politely. Schlimm nodded, and walked down the platform.

“Very well you two, set the plan into motion. Let the Loyalist and Imperials draw their attention to Pauvenris while we secure our territories. And call back Lady Astrosia- she is not an asset I am willing to lose”.

Both Mandator bowed and rushed of to execute the final stages of the Quadrantia Contingency Plan.

Astrosia recieves new orders
TwilightofDivina19 Valindor Palenix

Grand Admiral Palenix summons Astrosia

Lady Astrosia entered the office of Grand Admiral Valindor Palenix of the Super Star Destroyer Executor. Clearly annoyed to be called back from the staging ground at Pauvenris he cold demeanor even unsettled the Libertus Grand Admiral.

"You summoned me Grand Admiral" Astrosia spat.

The Grand Admiral chuckled, clearly unimpressed by the enforcer attitude. Eyeing her with disgust he always disliked personnel from the Legatus Finduilica- often finding them undisciplined and ruder compared to the Cyrannian Imperials.

"Yes, I am to inform you that you are to dispatch for Boreas at once" the Grand Admiral informed her. As Astrosia remained silence, clearly taken by surprise Valindor smiled, revealing his teeth.

"You are dismissed Lady" he said in amusement.

Astrosia saluted the admiral and left without saying another word, furious to be taken from battle once again.

The Battle for Khazamarhi Nui

Dedicated and organized, the Imperial military sought not to commit the same mistakes against the Singularim Pact as it had in its previous engagements with them in the past. High Ranking Officers poured their knowledge and expertise in dire situations, which had been minimum, to the test. Never before had they faced a race of the so-called Essentials. However, the Empire had still to reveal the bulk of its forces. The Rector Provincae of the Legatus made sure that his forces were distributed well between the Capital and Karzhamarhi-Nui so to bear as much resistance for the upcoming siege. On the surface and low orbit of the water world, the Grand Mandator ordered the full concentration of his heavy guns and ships on cities and bases of key importance in order to drive the battle into the open field: the Sea. He knew that the Krassio were honorable warriors and that they would not risk what had happened in the closing stages of the battle for Rambo Prime.

Krassio military

The Singularim break through the Glaciar of the Northern Pole and march towards the Imperial Base.

The Singularim Pact played just as he had predicted. The psionic warships descended almost with no opposition into the planet's oceanic surface and dived into the depths. Imperials were impressed by the amount of reconnaissance the Krassio could pull in a matter of hours using highly advanced forms of telepathy before the Imperials closed their minds using psychic wards across the planet. Yes, they had learned their lesson, but they were still slow in terms of psionic mastery.

The initial stages of the battle were mere skirmishes between scouting parties, as the bulk of both forces avoided each other on purpose due to strategic positions. Armies moved across the deep seafloor of Khazamarhi Nui, dancing a strange tactical battle of wits in which a commanding officer's skill at commanding their troops was all that mattered.

Lord Psantik grew tired of hit and run tactics, although he wanted to beat his adversaries at their own game. After some deliberation with Lord Civlrozed, he directed his troops towards the North Pole, which they knew it contained a large imperial base. If the Singularim could wreck the Imperial forces stationed there, the battle for Khazamarhi Nui would be shorter than expected.

Loyalist plan their next move

Assembly at Ramsoria, September 2820

12 September 2820, Ser Ravaris Ramcelsior of Ramsoria entered the Arena, smiling at what he saw before him. Within the arena a large group of individuals gathered to strike against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in an attempt to liberate the former capital regions of Rambo Nation. Amongst them high ranking individuals from the Rambo Loyalist- including general Doohan and Ravencrow, Commodore Malegras, captain Sajin, commander Mirea and his lieutenant Vanguinar. In addition, Ser Lendinnas and Lord Ramannis Le Rambo were present, representing House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda, his own family members Lord Ramtterson and Ser Trasram. Other attendees included Lady Rayria of House Ramelzen and Lord Civlrozed of the Singularim Pact.

All assembled were surprised by the presence of Gokyvax, a Miklee Nosisan who informed them the Creeper Cabel had been dissovled after the Yudimaran seemingly return to Yudumarth and joined the Legatus.

Though reports about the Legatus were unconfirmed, Loyalist command rather focused at the task at hand, the liberation of the capital regions. All present agreed to engage the Imperial fleet at Pauvenris as the Singularim on Karzhamarhi-Nui broke through the Glaciar of the Northern Pole.

Battle of Karzhamarhi-Nui
Battle of the Northern Pole

Lord Psantik watches how the Pact and the Empire clash across the icy and rocky landscapes of the Karzhamarhi-Nui Northern Pole.

Meanwhile, Kazhamathra-Nui began to suffer the worst of the Loyalist Uprising. The Krassio had rushed their troops towards the Northern Pole Imperial base, which was a critical shipyard for imperial forces as well as a large manufacturer of weaponry and other military assets. Of course, the Legatus forces did not stand idle and pressed the advance of most of their forces on the planet towards the North Pole. This meant that the battle for the Northern base would be the final skirmish in the long-standing struggle for the planet, as well as the largest and deadliest.

The bulk of the Singularim forces created a large line of attack, spreading their forces thin, in order to create a strategic encirclement across the base and prevent reinforcements. Lord Psantik directed his fleet to intercept any enemy reinforcements that would attempt to break the siege from the air, and ordered his light frigates to bombard any ground troops closing in to protect the base. Nevertheless, the Northern Base in Karzhamarhi-Nui had a strong artillery line of turbo-lasers and heavy weaponry, as well as a full stock of imperial walkers. Without hesitation, the Legatus deployed their entire arsenal on the icy plains of the glacier, and all-out war soon broke.

Up in the sky, the Singularim cruisers rammed and unleashed their psionic fire upon the iron-heartened imperial navy, managing to take a few of them and sink them across the ice, which caused the battle on the ground to turn even more chaotic. On some occasions, the artillery fire was so intense that the ice broke on its thinnest layers, sinking countless troops on both sides and drawing the battle to deep underwater surfaces.

After three days of heavy fighting, the outer walls of the base had been breached. The battle soon turned into close-combat corridor fighting until the high ranking officers in the base surrendered, but not after heavy losses on both sides.

With the Northern base secured and imperial forces already evacuating the system thanks to pursuing Singularim forces, Psantik left the culmination of his siege in the hands of his commanding officers and left with the bulk of the fleet to rejoin the main Loyalist force.

Karzhamarhi-Nui had been liberated, this time without the loss of civilian lives.

Part 04Edit

Siege of the ICS Provocateur

Provocateur under siege, September 2820

Late in the evening of 14 September 2820, nine days after the liberation of Ramsoria, the Arquitens-class light cruiser ICS Provocateur patrolled the outskirts of the Pauvenris system. Captain Nanda Tessala hated the news she received, the Imperial and Legatus forces were pushend back deeper into the former core territories of Rambo Nation. While back in the Finduila Sector the Legatus faced heavy losses and retreats at the hands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who resumed their assaults due to the Legatus breaking their promise as Legatus forces continued their assaults, albeit within the Quadrant Galaxies at first. Luckily the Legatus Navy still had their Autokrator-class star destroyers that managed to keep both the Dutch and the Rambo Loyalist at bay. However, rumors were the ICS Autokrator, flagship of rear-admiral Schlahs Stutgrat went missing within the Metruia Nebula with all hands, including the rear-admiral.

Nanda her thoughts were interrupted when the ship violenty shook and steered right. Consoles exploded and the red alert sounded, bulkheads and ceiling plating fell down while the light flickered. “Damage report” Nanda ordered.

An injured helm navigator responded with a painful voice. “Ma’am, we have extensive hull damage, systems rebooting. Leaking atmosphere”. Nanda looked confused, did they hit a mine? Suddenly her attention was drawn to a nearby screen where she saw Loyalist troops-specifically Raven Team boarding her vessel.

Battle of Pauvenris Begins!

15 September 2820, Yvenne was nervous, though the siege of the ICS Provocateur proved a succes- the next phase of their plan was near insane. Corporal Oakster placed a hand on her shoulder- “Sarge, the subspace mines are armed and placed”.


Yvenne and her team onboard the bridge of the Provocateur

Yvenne nodded, they captured the crew of the Provocateur and replaced them with only a handful Loyalist humanoids and herself, if the Imperials would scan the vessel they would believe all none humanoids perished during the attack earlier. Looking at her datapad, Yvenne noticed they were still within the time limits, this carefully coordinated plan was the only shot they would have at Pauvenris. According to intel it was lightly defended and held some prisoners vital for the Rambo Loyalist and their cause. Sighting, wiping away the sweat from her forehead she signaled Oakster, Phoebe and Yosh to be ready. Taking their seats, the Provocateur jumped into hypespace, followed by the Loyalist forces behind it.

Yvenne lost her footing when the Provocateur rocketed by impact fire from the Bismarck. Hitting her head she asked aloud if the Commodore realised they were still onboard. Oakster pointed at the Imperial/Legatus fleet formation ahead. Yvenne’s eyes widened, there were more star destroyers than intel suggested. She counted three Autokrators, the Yurrus-class ICS Raptor Nest and 4 Arquitens-class light cruisers. Narrowing her eyes she realised the Loyalist task force tasked to siege Pauvenris was heavily outgunned. Luckily she had a back-up plan, that deviated from her original orders.

“Oakster, signal the two nearest Autokrators we are in need of assistance, and are forced to evacuate the light cruiser!”. Oakster looked confused but send the message anyway. From the bridge of the Bismarck, Commodore Malegras slammed his fist at his arm chair and cursed. “We are outgunned, we must withdraw!” He informed the rest of the fleet. To his surprise, the captured Provocateur replied negative and informed them to continue their attack. When Malegras asked what Yvenne had in mind, she simply chuckled and asked him to wait and see. Meanwhile, the Autokrator-class ICS Thanatos advanced and began opening fire at the Bismarck, as Malegras struggled to keep his footing he hoped she would be quick about it.


The Athena and Poseidon collide during the Battle of Pauvenris, September 2820

The two other Autokrators, the ICS Poseidon and the ICS Athena advanced to attempt a pincer manouvre while shielding the Provocateur. Exactly as Yvenne had hoped they would do. Closing her eyes a single tear rolled down her left cheek as she asked the others to evacuate Provocateur using the docked Imperial shuttle. All looked confused when she replied one had to commandeer the vessel to pretent their Imperial disguise. Oakster placed a hand on his chest and made slight bow, Phoebe nodded and exited the bridge. Only Yosh remained and to her horror drew his blaster and stunned her. Shaking his head he ordered Oakster to take Yvenne and leave.

Yosh piloted the Provocateur between the two Autokrators and detonated the subspace mines. As the Provocateur exploded the subspace implosion of so many mines drew in both Autokrators, forcing them to crash into each other. As the Poseidon carved through the hull of the Athena, internal explosion and engines failiures caused the Athena to explode, taking the Poseidon with it. The Imperial shuttle was hit by the shockwave and spiralled towards the surface of Pauvenris.

Onboard the Bismarck, Malegras was shocked and pleasently surprised. “All hands, open fire at the ICS Thanatos and call in the reinforcements”.

Second Stage of the Battle

Loyalist fleet arrives at Pauvenris

The moment the order was given, ships from House Fingolfin, House Ramelzen and House Ramcelsior dropped out of hyperspace and engaged the Imperials as well. Other Loyalist vessels were present as well from Lusitania Squadron, the Loyalist One and the Eendragt. As the Bismarck and its escort kept the Thanatos busy, the Serindia houses engaged the ICS Raptor Nest and the remaining Arquitens-class light cruisers. However, the Imperial defence was strong and fought valiantly, even with aid from the starfighters of Santa Company the Loyalists were unable to break the strong blockade.


Loyalists face heavy casualties

“I can’t shake them….” Were the last words of pilot RN-2242 when his Cobra-class starfighter exploded by incoming fire from ASP-fighters. “They are everywhere….” Jolene’s voice was heard over the intercom while attempting to evade the swarming ASPs. The Serindia-class starships HRCS Vietara was destroyed in the process as well- a sad reference to the planet House Ramcelsior lost in the past. Even the Sinleri vessels were in trouble, while the Tirith-class HRSS Laioro was already heavily damaged and positioned herself to evade enemy cannons.

Even though the Imperial and Legatus forces lost two Autokrators- a surprise for Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral, the Imperial/Legatus blockade held. Surrendering the planet would mean losing their vital prisoners, including Ramanei Joy Feather and that was something that Ramburgo couldn't allow.

Conclusion of the Battle of Pauvenris

Raven Team crossed the distance between their crashsite and the crater leading to the salt mine without relative ease. Upon approaching the salt mines borders they were taken under heavy fire though by Imperial surface troops and various walkers. “Bloody hell, these troopers shoot more precise than those on Impaerusqiantia” Oakster swore. Phoebe shook her head, Yvenne was reckless after the loss of her friend Yosh- who sacrificed himself when he detoneted the subspace bombs. “Forward, teach those buggers some pain” Yvenne said with tears in her eyes. Phoebe cried when a nearby grenade exploded and schrapnel hit her legs. Falling to her knees Oakster kneeled next to her, applying a potion against the pain. “Yvenne” he brisked with teeth clenched. Yvenne looked back and crawled to their position. “We need air support” she yelled in her COMM badge.

Malegras rolled his eyes. What air support? He required reinforcements- the Loyalist and noble houses fleet were pinned but none managed to break through. And Malegras wondered if they would succeed at all, as after an hour the Imperial reinforcements arrived as Malegras mood turned sour when he witnessed the arrival of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Executor dropping out of hyperspace. Abandoning its guarding position at the Rambo Capital, it rushed to the aid of the Imperial and Legatus forces in need at Pauvenris to defend the high profil prison planet and deal a crushing blow to the resistance forces. Now the Loyalists and their allies were not only overpowered but heavily outgunned.


Attacking the forces at Pauvenris Prison

Meanwhile on the ground, Sinleri guards managed to reach the surface and assaulted the prison itself. Joining with Raven Team, the group entered the prison and fought the Serindia guards. Approaching the estate, multiple Serindia Ramveral guards held the line and fought fiercely. From her right, Yvenne was to late to react when one of the guards used his whip against her, leaving a bad scar at her back. Other Serindia drew their swords and closed in while the Sinleri desperately tried to hold their own line.

A second crack was heard and Yvenne fell to her knees after the whip hit her face. Feeling dizzy and in agony, she saw one of the guards approaching her ready to strike her down with his swords. To her surprise, the guard split in two when a massive hammer crushed the unfortunate guard. Civlrozed reached out with his hand and helped Yvenne to her knees. “We will not surrender half-aelfe” the Civatron said firm.

Twenty minutes later, the Loyalist forces breached the estate defences and managed to liberate the prisoners and her highness, Lady Ramanei Joy Feather from captivity. While above, in space the Imperials didn’t gave ground, various ship were seen crashing into the surface of the planet. Not wishing to wait for a ship crashing on their position, Yvenne ordered to evacuate the planet and allowed the Imperials and guards to leave as well, she did not have room for prisoners after all.


Eendragt rams the Executor engines

To her surprise, amongst the prisoners were Rambo officers like rear-admiral James Rambo, captain Mykera K'rell and captain Ramickon Ramglover who all fought with them to liberate the prison. Much to her dismay and surprise, former Marscalcus Sinhai Kakharis left with the Imperials.

In space, both sides pressed their advance but the heavy weaponry of the Executor didn’t allow the Loyalists and their allies a chance of victory. The brave officers and crew of a Dutch cruiser Eendragt sacrificed themselves to turn the tide of battle after it rammed the engines of the massive super star destroyer. Though crippled the star destroyer limped from battle while the Eendragt was mostly destroyed in the ensuing explosion, though admiral Tasman and a qaurter of the Eedragt's crew managed to survive as the bridge section was left mostly intact. With the super star destroyer crippled the remaining Imperial vessel withdrew to the Rambo Capital.


Ramanei is recognised as the future Ramboidae ruler!

Hours after the battle, Lord Ramannis Le Rambo met with his niece onboard the bridge of the Loyalist One and bowed to recognise her status as the daughter and heir of the late Empress Ramashe. Ramanei cried and hugged her uncle, finally freed from her frozen prison and terrifying nightmares. To both their surprise King Willem IX of the Kingdom of the Netherlands entered the bridge and informed them the Legatus Finduilica was no more and that all Legatus vessels had withdrawn from the Finduila Sector to the eastern sectors of Quadrant 82 and had formed the Legatus, trenched in the eastern sectors. Before matters could be discussed even further, various leaders of the Ramboidae houses entered the bridge as well and bowed for Ramanei, showing their loyalty and intention to crown Ramanei as their new ruler. Even the Sinleri lord Fingolin bowed as well and pledged his loyalty and servitude to her.

Part 05Edit

Prelude to a Siege

20 September 2820, Mandator Camron Dar arrived at the bridge of the ICS Raptor Nest, strolling to the bridge window he placed his right hand on the glass. Sighting he wondered how it all went sour after the death of Grand Admiral Tector Decimius. After the Rambo Loyalist returned to the Quadrant Galaxies in August 2820, Imperial command assumed they could destroy the Loyalists in one fell swoop. However, to his horror the Loyalists recieved aid from the Singularim Pact, thought to be vanished. After their union, the Loyalists and their allies managed to siege Starbase 25, Rambo Prime, Ramar Shadda and Karzhamarhi-Nui. More recently they managed to cripple the Imperial/Legatus forces at Pauvenris and managed to liberate Ramanei Joy Feather from captivity.


Siege for the Rambo Capital about to start!

The siege at Pauvenris happened at the 15th of September, that was five days ago, even since Camron hadn't slept at all for fear of the inevitable siege of the Rambo Capital. To make matters worse, the Executor super star destroyer was crippled and was unable to return to the Capital. In addition, many of the Arquitens-class light cruisers were either damaged or lost in battle, the Legatus seemingly formed their own faction in the eastern sectors of the Quadrant. Admiral Apticyus} was bound to protect the Capital and keep it within Imperial hands, commanding the last Interdictor within the Quadrants.

He thoughts were interrupted when a trooper commander disturbed him. "Sir, I regret to inform, Loyalist forces will arrive within moments".

Nodding, Camron looked outside again and saw the Bismarck and the Divina drop out of hyperspace, flanked by various Tigers and a lone Tavada-class frigate. As the alarm rang, Camron knew the decisive battle for the Ramboidae Capital and the Imperial hold over the capital regions of former Rambo Nation had begun.

Siege of the Capital

Raptor Nest falls in battle

The Yurrus-class carrier Raptor Nest suffered tremendous damage by assaulting Tigers and the ongoing barrage of fire of the nearby frigate HFS Bloodknight. Mandator Dar shook his head in disbelieve, the Rambo Loyalist forces managed to break his blockade earlier than anticipated. Taking an escape pod he escaped the doomed flagship of Raptor Squadron before it was destroyed.


Kroc rams the Tenacitatem

Elsewhere on the battlefield, admiral Apticyus cursed his enemies. With the loss of the Raptor Nest the Imperial/Legatus lines buckled as the Loyalist ships attempted to reach the surface of the Rambo Capital. Luckily, the gravity wells of his Interdictor, the ICS Tenacitatem prevented their escape as well. Out of a sudden, the Loyalist One and the Mer Mirea dropped out of hyperspace and destroyed his escorting light cruiser. Looking grim, he ordered his crew to open fire at the two arriving vehicles. Suddenly the Tenacitatem was rocketed by an enormous tremor while Apticyus lost his footing. Crawling to the window, Apticyus saw to his horror that his prized Interdictor shared the same fate as the ICS Autokrator a month earlier as the Kroc, a Singularim dreadnough carved through the hull. As the Singularim dreadnough advanced the Tenacitatem buckled as the ships hull gave way to the powerful shields of the dreadnought. As the bridge broke lose, Apticyus managed to escape into an escape pod as well, his whereabouts after the battle a mystery.

Camron Dar's last move

Camron sighted in relieve, he just arrived at a floating plattform within Tirithsilliana, royal city of the Rambo Capital. With the loss of his own ship and the destruction of the flagship of admiral Apticyus, the battle for the Rambo Capital was over with the arrival of the Singularim forces. As the sun set, Camron smiled as a Gozanti-class approached the plattform, his ride away from the fallen capital.


Camron outmaneuvered Malegras

Suddenly a shadow loomed over while a dropship passed over and a cyborg individual jumped from it. Landing hard on the plattform, Commodore Malegras roared in anger as he approached the Mandator.

Raising his hands in defence, Camron simply laughed maniacally.

"Nice to make your acquintance Commodore" Camron said polite.

Malegras simply snoared as he continued his approach.

"Well well, the Butcher of the Quadrants, Executioner of the Quadrantia Contingency Plan. I'll have your head for your crimes. Victory his ours Imperial scum" Malegras said aggressively.

"No Commodore, victory is mine as you will be the most hated figure within the Loyalists in the ours to come" the mandator said bold.

Malegras stopped his approach and looked confused as he saw the approaching Gozanti-class cruiser. Looking at Camron Dar he understood what he meant, Malegras was to let the ruthless Mandator escape, otherwise the remaining Imperial forces would level the Royal City and reduce it to rubble.

Malegras narrowed his eyes as he realised that in the end, Camron Dar played him for a fool, and he would suffer the consequences for it.


Princess Ramanei Joy Feather walked the halls of the Royal Palace in Tirithsilliana with pride and a regal feeling of nobility. Though not all of the noble houses were currently present, many gave their consent and awaiting her was Lord Ramannis Le Rambo, her uncle and nephew, Lendinnas. Besides that, the Dutch king Willem IX and Lord Psantik were present as well to witness a new step in the Ramboidae history.

Representatives of the Dinotopian Republic were currently not present as they still dealt with some Imperial and Legatus forces within their own sphere of influence and were not to recognise a new Serindia ruler.

As Ramanei approached the throne, she saw many citizens smiling and waving, the Royal Dyansty was to be restored, and with the parchement found of late uncle, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo she was recognised as a Le Rambo. Sitting on her throne, Ramannis placed the crown upon her head and bowed, as did the other Serindia Lords, Ladies and citizens.

The Dutch King bowed his head in respect, as did Lord Psantik. Ramanei closed her eyes and bowed her head as well as she said her vows to protect the people of the newly Kingdom of Serindialiae.


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