August 2820, after the disastrous orbital bombardment at Rambo Prime by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus under executive orders of Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral the Rambo Loyalist's, the Singularim Pact and the Kingdom of the Netherlands witness the Empire's cruetly first hand.

Realizing that for every system they take the battle will be difficult and the consequences for its inhabitant severe, the allies must plan their next move and dicate whether or not their current strategy is the right one. With the conclusion of the Dawn of Divina-storyling, the Twilight of Divina chronicles the start of rebuilding of what was once the glorious and proud Rambo Nation or signal it's end and fixates the domination of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus of the former Ramboidae Territories.


Chapter 01Edit

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20 August 2820, the dust has settled upon Rambo Prime after the cataclysmic conclusion of the battle between the Singularim Pact and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Imperial forces under Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral leveled the major city known as Rambo Prime, reducing it to rubble and killing thousands during its orbital bombardment. The Civatron and the Rambo Loyalist forces aided those dozen survivors but few escaped the onslaught.

The repurcussions of the Empire frightens the population of the Ramboidae Realms and not all the leaders of the Serindia Noble Houses support the Loyalist cause. The remaining days of August saw the Empire trenching themselves at various positions to await Loyalist and allied assaults. Meanwhile, the Loyalists ranks were strengthened with the joning of Santa Company and the Sinleri. By the end of the month, the allied forces managed to capture Legatus rear-admiral Stutgrat and disable the ICS Autokrator. News reaches the allied forces that Imperial Grand Admiral Tector Decimius perished in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Chapter 02Edit

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September 2820, the month of bloodshed and struggle has begun for both the Empire and the allied forces. The Loyalist in their continuing struggle to free the Ramboidae Realm as they launch campaigns at Ramgotheria, Ramar Shadda and Karzhamarhi-Nui. Yet the Empire anticipates their moves and regroups in an attempt to deal a crippling blow to the Loyalists and allied forces, resulting in severe consequences for both.

With the added might of the Singularim Pact the Imperial and Legatus forces buckled and lost their hold over the former Rambo Nation Inner and Mid Colonial regions with the loss at Karzhamarhi-Nui and the liberation of Ramanei Joy Feather at Pauvenris. Yet the Legatus was far from defeated, as they trenched themselves in the easter sectors the Legatus rose and considilated their power at their capital of Boreas. The chapter concludes with the battle at the Rambo Capital where the sparks of hope reignite!

Chapter 03Edit

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With the Rambo Capital liberated, the newly crowned Ramanei Joy Feather faces new difficulties as not all the Serindia Houses are pleased with a new monarch that is still considered of bastard blood by some. To complicate matters further, the battle against the Empire in the Cyrannus Galaxy is far from over! With the liberation of the capital, the Rambo Loyalist fracture while the Dinotopian Republic, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Singularim Pact hope to strengthen their ties between each other and with the Cyrannus Galaxy.

In hopes of succeeding the once proud and noble Rambo Nation, three nations unite to realise the legacy of Rambo Nation.

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