Tuuros Core Regions[]

Core Region[]


Akkani †

  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Zhulultu
  • Spacefaring: TY -878,460,000 · 1,500,000,000 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: N/A

The Akkani were an immense form of machine life created by the Sel during the beginning stages of Tuuros' yers independent from the Zhulultu. Designed to seed life across the galaxy designed by them as a failsafe, the very construction of the Akkani by the Sel entailed a lengthy but finite lifespan. Most Akkani ceased function millions of years ago, with their twenty-five thousand metre husks floating in space or strewn across planets after colliding with them. It is thought that perhaps some Zhulultu consciences may have escaped into these husks and travelled elsewhere across the Gigaquadrant.



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Kritrima
  • Affiliation: Kritrima Mahapath
  • Spacefaring: TY 58 · 18083 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Spiritual · Curious · Harmonious · Enigmatic

The Anvesaka are a race of machine-life from the mountainous ice world of Kritrima. Built by an unknown culture, the Anvesaka exist on Kritrima as worshippers of Draguros, the Xhodocto representation of infinity. The Anvesaka are peaceful entities, often describing their form of worship as finding answers to their eternal questions. Despite their normally pacifistic nature, the Anvesaka are extremely powerful essence users even as machines, and are formidable opponents when force to resort to defend themselves.

Xal-Tol Sector[]

Lommakkian Portrait.png


The Lommakkians (sometimes referred to as Lommakkian Vampires) are a race of humanoids that originate from the jungle planet of Lommakk Xil. While not particularly strong or hardy, the species has evolved with great agility and a mild resistance to the effects of Essence. While the Lommakkians continue to reside within a multitude of nations, the majority of these governments are under the influence of the Singularity, a secretive organization dedicated to the attainment and preservation of knowledge. Lommakkians are generally cordial to outsiders, but can be ruthless when provoked.

Tala-Lok Sector[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Xan Avini
  • Affiliation: Nanusuloan Convocation
  • Spacefaring: TY 7045 · 6160 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Spiritual · Logical · Pacifistic · Traditional

The Avicaraxis are a race of entities hailing from the forest planet of Xan Avini. A spiritual kind within Tuuros, the Avicaraxis are critics of war and often present such spiritual outlooks to the Nanusuloan Convocation. In wider Tuuros society, the Avicaraxis are not particularly well liked due to their reluctance to take up arms against defenders, which to many of Tuuros' races is considered a sign of great weakness. Regardless, with the protection of the well-respected Nanusuloans, the Avicaraxis have been allowed to live freely for several millennia.



  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Alkatar
  • Affiliation: Technocracy of Alkatar
  • Spacefaring: TY 8977 · 2865 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Intelligent · Pro-Frontierism · Diplomatic · Logical

The Khumaeians are a race of avian creatures distinct by their silvery white feathers, natives to the lush planet of Khuma. Relatively young by the galaxy's standards, they have become known as one of the more vocal supporters for an unified Frontier, believing it to the path for prosperity against the threats of the Schism. As a people, the Khumaeians are highly logical and technological, always looking for means to advance their nation to keep up with the more influential races of the Frontier.



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Tallok Nal
  • Affiliation: Nanusuloan Convocation
  • Spacefaring: TY -46639 · 92648 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Pro-Frontierism · Progressive · Cosmopolitan · Diplomatic

The Nanusuloans are among the Tuuros Galaxy's most ancient species, originating from the ocean planet of Tallok Nal. As such, the Nanusuloans are among the Tuuros Galaxy's most enlightened species and the Nanusuloan Convocation of which they live in is considered some of the Tuuros Galaxy's most safe systems to live on. The Nanusuloans practice a cosmopolitan and progressive society within Tuuros' chaotic landscape, although some believe that the Nanusuloan government is encouraging a more militaristic sentiment among Nanusuloans.


Ti Kua-Mah

  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Kua-Mah
  • Affiliation: None
  • Spacefaring: Have not yet achieved spacefaring
  • Cultural Characteristics: Tribal

The Ti Kua-Mahi are a primitive race of humanoids from the jungle planet of Kua-Mah. Although surveyed by the Nanusuloan Convocation on occasion, the Ti Kua-Mahi are several millennia away from spacefaring, and are currently within the equivalent of their society's Bronze Age. There is one Kua-Mahi, Te'uni who was abducted by an unknown entity and has since become accustomed to the galaxy's wider society as a mercenary.

Oma-Tol Sector[]



The Mahanayans are an ancient race of vaguely equine beings from the desert world of Mahanaya. One of the most feared races in the known universe, the Mahanayans are powerful and intelligent, and make up a considerable demographic of the Dominion of the Xhodocto. Those that survive elsewhere are rarely seen outside of their own territories - but is known that the Mahanayans are of such physical repute that they do not even warrant challenge from the Vranntan.

Imi-Xal Sector[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Os-Ranar
  • Affiliation: Os-Ranari Kingdom · Nanusuloan Convocation · Asilaphean Empire
  • Spacefaring: TY 11073 · 714 AD
  • Cultural Characteristics: Humble · Composed · Intelligent · Proud

The Os-Ranari are a race of ursine beings hailing from the taiga world of Os-Ranar. Although a relative newcomer to Tuuros' galactic politics, the Os-Ranari are known faces within both the Nanusuloan Convocation and Asilaphean Empire and are somewhat respected for their composed nature and intellect. The Os-Ranari are known to be one of the few species that can physically rival the Vranntan in battle and thus they are valued among military bodies for their ability to repel Vranntan invasions.



The Sumikians are a short race of beings that originate from the jungle planet of Sumik. Recognised as one of Tuuros' foremost trading empires and the arguable centre of economic activity within the Tuuros Galaxy itself, the Sumikians are a highly analytical race and often use this to their advantage, at the cost of negative reputation among the rest of the Tuuros Galaxy - generally viewed as either sleazy or manipulative by a large majority. A Sumikian demographic exists also in the Nijusi Syndicate; one of Tuuros' largest criminal operations.

Pal-Tala Sector[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Kehlus
  • Affiliation: Vranntan Order
  • Spacefaring: TY -1899 · 21424 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Enslaved

The Kehlusi are one of the multiple slave races of the Vranntan Order, usually thought of as the most numerous within the Order themselves. The Vranntan had chosen to enslave the Kehlusi due to their fruitful reproduction rates, and thus several generations of the Kehlusi have been enslaved since birth. The extensive ways in which the Vranntan control their slave populace means that the Kehlusi have long since lost their identities in Tuuros as a culture.



The Vranntan are a massive reptilian race from the now-destroyed world of Nammud Xar. Widely regarded as the bane of the Tuuros Galaxy, the Vranntan are among Tuuros' most hostile and destructive races, expanding their colossal empire through bloodshed and slavery. The Vranntan have long standing and insalubrious relations with most of the Tuuros Galaxy, especially the Asilapheans of whom they have been warring with for tens of thousands of years.

Tuuros Mid Regions[]

Imi-Khauat Sector[]



  • Creator: Ghelæ
  • Homeworld: Arqorill
  • Affiliation: Arqorillan Renaissance
  • Spacefaring: TY 11825 · 1995 AD
  • Cultural Characteristics: Clan-based · Territorial · Secretive · Survivalist

The Arqorillans are a short, cephalothoracic race that originate from the tropical equatorial forests of the planet Arqorill. Arqorillan society is organised around clans, a structure that descends from their first space habitats which were left to fend for themselves after the collapse of Arqorill's planetary civilisation. The Arqorillans have usually remained outside of galactic politics, but some clans have been known to fight outsiders, either with the intent of conducting piracy or, more rarely, as an aggressive reaction to outsiders' incursions into clan space. The Arqorillan clans were conquered by the extrauniversal Girdo Resistance in the 2780s, but the existence of a small ruling class with a minority of aliens, most of whom are confined to Arqorill, has had little impact on most Arqorillans' daily life.

Tala-Tol Sector[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Kamag
  • Affiliation: Orphan Fleet
  • Spacefaring: TY 10758 · 176 AD
  • Cultural Characteristics: Displaced · Criminal · Aggressive · Industrious

The Kamagorians are a race of vaguely humanoid entities from the warm planet of Kamag. The Kamagorians were one of the few species that have survived total extermination from the Asilapheans, and with their culture destroyed and their homeworld taken control of, the Kamagorians exist sparsely across the galaxy mostly within criminal professions as a means to survive. There are more Kamagorians within the Orphan Fleet than anywhere else in the Tuuros Galaxy.

Yaton-Tala Sector[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Asilapheos
  • Affiliation: Asilaphean Empire
  • Spacefaring: TY -33611 · 75537 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Malicious · Totalitarian · Aggressive · Intelligent

The Asilapheans are an ancient yet sophisticated form of machine life from the megaconstruct world of Asilapheos. Incredibly numerous, intelligent and almost wholeheartedly totalitarian in their thought, the Asilapheans bear a ruthless and unyielding military might that threatens to raze Tuuros until nothing but their order remains. With a singular minded hatred for most organic beings, Asilapheans believe in machine supremacy and believe that the future of Tuuros is a galaxy without those they consider weak organic entities. As a result, the Asilapheans are among - if not Tuuros' most hated lifeform; treated as one of the galaxy's most dangerous extant threats.



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Auriculum
  • Affiliation: Auriculum Hegemony · Asilaphean Empire
  • Spacefaring: TY -14,641,000 · c. 25,000,000 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Enlightened · Ancient · Hyperadvanced · Endangered

The Auriculumi are among Tuuros' most ancient surviving races; largely thought of as the creators of the Asilapheans. The Auriculumi are extremely endangered as a species - only eight or so are thought to still reside within the Yaton-Tala Sector. As one of the precursor cultures of Tuuros, the Auriculumi are immortal and those that are still alive are thought to have lived during the ancient period of Tuuros. The Asilapheans covet their existence, whilst other cultures such as those from the Schism wish to render them extinct. As a result, the eight or so that still live do not show themselves in public.

Tala-Xittan Sector[]

Lok-Xittan Sector[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Ramanu
  • Affiliation: Karradu
  • Spacefaring: TY -584,390,000 · c. 999,000,000 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Unknown

The Karradu were among the first species within the Tuuros Galaxy to have achieved spacefaring after the dissolution of the Zhulultu Order. The existence of the Karradu survives only through vague excerpts of information on Zhulultu Sarcophagus Worlds and fragments of archaeological evidence in the Lok-Xittan Sector. Several indications point to the practice of therusism within their culture, and may have been among the galaxy's first therusistic civilisations.

Xalakk-Xittan Sector[]



  • Creator: DrodoEmpire
  • Homeworld: Arass
  • Affiliation: The Republic of Arass
  • Spacefaring: AD 90
  • Cultural Characteristics: Jingoistic · Democratic · Militaristic · Resilient

The Cetilians are a race whose civilisation was once modelled closely on that of the Universal Federation, in all of its utopian abundance. The rise of the Girtabelilu, however, prompted a massive shift in policy away from idle pacifism to a society focused solely on the defense of itself. While the change was chaotic, the Cetilians, under the new polity of The Republic of Arass, rose in the 26th century as a proud, jingoistic kind ready and willing to fight the seemingly-unstoppable Girtabelilu tide. Having fought many wars to a stalemate with the Realm over the centuries, the Girtabelilu, seeing no use in attempting conquest any longer, offered the small but tenacious state tributary status, which was begrudingly accepted as a sort of truce.

Federation Species.png

The Federation Species

  • Creator: DrodoEmpire
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Universal Federation (formerly), Realm of the Girtabelilu
  • Spacefaring: Unknown
  • Cultural Characteristics: Socially-Progressive · Decadent · Pacifistic · Naive

The Federation Species are a race of amphibians who were once the inhabitants of the Universal Federation. Physically feeble but possessing immense brain power, the Federation Species is clearly the result of millenia of genetic tinkering, and genetic testing on specimens points to them being wholly artificial-- the result of a multi-species Federation amalgamating into a single overarching one through runaway gene-tailoring. While once at the helm of a large and relatively-prosperous democratic nation, very little is truly known about them due to Girtabelilu efforts to destroy any evidence of the Federation so much as existing; having killed a full three-quarters of the population during the initial war of conquest, and subsequently destroying Federation records and violently suppressing their culture. Currently, the remnants of the Federation Species are used as the lowest rung of slaves in the Realm.



  • Creator: DrodoEmpire
  • Homeworld: Abzu
  • Affiliation: Realm of the Girtabelilu
  • Spacefaring: TY ~12120 · AD ~2500
  • Cultural Characteristics: Authoritarian · Superstitious · Violent · Hegemonic

The Girtabelilu are a highly-collectivist, superstitious, and militaristic race of rapidly-breeding insectoid beings, with a society led by three major estates-- the sovereign, who directs the empire; the nobility, which act as the sovereign's confidantes and governors; and as a counterbalance, a very powerful priesthood, which leads the spiritual lives of the people and run the day-to-day for the most part. All three such estates have a substrata of AI assistants. The aggressive polity was originally divided among numerous small Bronze-age kingdoms, which rapidly and violently seized control of the territorial, megastructural, and technological assets from their previous owners-- a nation of pacifistic and naive benefactors who uplifted the Girtabelilu in the hopes that their society would become more peaceful as a result. Because of the rapidity of their conquests and gains, the actual basis of their society has changed little, and runs essentially as a particularly-pugnacious bronze-age kingdom, only granted the sophisticated technology of an interstellar power with none of the long process of societal maturation and change usually associated with such a long march in advancement.



  • Creator: DrodoEmpire
  • Homeworld: Narr
  • Affiliation: The Niiar Hegemony
  • Spacefaring: 860 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Calculating · Secretive · Pretentious · Hegemonic

The Niiar are amphibious humanoids who were, before the rapid rise of the Girtabelilu, considered the great menace of the sector. In contrast to the utopian republics nearby, such as the Universal Federation, the Niiar was and is an absolute monarchy, maintained by a police state domestically and a developed intelligence agency abroad. Due to the state's careful and secretive nature it did not allow its true power-- which was rather feeble-- be known nor did it take great risks and in actually declaring war on the Federation or its allies. This cold war ended with the rapid and unexpected rise of the hypermilitaristic and powerful Girtabelilu, which had none of the inhibitions the Niiar state did in conquering a large part of the sector. Out of desperation, the Hegemony dropped its pretensions of being a hegemonic menace looming over the free republics and made a hasty coalition with them, trying unsuccessfully to contain the Realm in the late 27th century. After the war, the Niiar Hegemony was vassalised by the Realm and remains so to this day.



  • Creator: Parazrael
  • Homeworld: Tvolai
  • Affiliation: Tvolin Conglomerate (formerly) · Phero Ecumene
  • Spacefaring: TY TBA · 560 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Entitled · Paranoid · Intellectual · Endangered

The Tvolii (singular: Tvolis) are a race of soft-bodied airborne invertebrates, one of the trio of species created and somewhat uplifted by the Psal'Jinnai before the fall of the Symmetry. They are notable for having lost their homeworld and all of their former territories to the Tvolai Convergence. As a result, the race has adopted an overall paranoid and secretive demeanor. They've come to view almost everything as being, at worst, out to get them, and at best, capable of causing unintentional harm. Because of this, they can appear extremely territorial. They are currently scattered throughout Tuuros, clinging to other civilizations or traversing the galaxy in starships. Having been through such a struggle as a race, many Tvolii feel a sense of entitlement, that they are allowed to puppet others without a care for their lives because of all their species has lost.



  • Creator: Parazrael
  • Homeworld: Ypr
  • Affiliation: Ypr Imperial Territories (formerly)
  • Spacefaring: TY TBA · 14 CE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Belligerent · Stoic · Nomadic · Near-Extinct

The Yprotar are a bipedal cyclopian race whose fledgling civilization was consumed by the Tvolai Convergence, driving the species into near-extinction. Only 5,793 Yprotar are known to be currently alive, scattered across Tuuros inhabiting many other nations, though unlike the Tvolii none have found shelter within the Phero Ecumene. Most Yprotar are extremely abrasive and belligerent, preferring to reserve speech almost solely for defensive rudeness. This demeanor has made those of their race in the mercenary business quite popular, as they waste no time talking and prefer to keep the job as simple as possible. Yprotar tend to travel with a higher frequency than most other species, possibly as a result of the loss of their homeworld and territories.

Oma-Khauat Sector[]



  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Agroheran
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Spacefaring: TY 9582 · 1832 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Aggressive · Untrustworthy · Boisterous

The Agroans are a species of reptilian creatures natives to the world of Agroheran, distinct by their bulk and hunched stance. Upon achieving space flight, they attempted to conquer their surrounding space violently, and their attempts to spread out of their stars led them to attempt and pick up a fight with the Vranntan Order; the result was the annihilation of their nation, forcing the survivors to flee and be reduced to space pirates. Because of their association with space crime and their generally foul disposition, most races consider the presence of an Agroan to be a negative occurrence.



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Kakereskreeg
  • Affiliation: Ka-Kreeg Hive
  • Spacefaring: TY 11324 · 1142 AD
  • Cultural Characteristics: Insignificant · Unscrupulous · Hegemonic

The Ka-Kreeg are an exceptionally numerous race of insectoid entities hailing from the hiveworld of Kakereskreeg. One of the few species within Tuuros without great strength or mental capability, the Ka-Kreeg are viewed as insignificant by a great number of Tuuros' races. In turn, many Ka-Kreeg have turned to crime and as a result are viewed as an insalubrious and troublesome population. Since they have no marketable skill other than their communicability and small size, the Ka-Kreeg are often spies and informants.

Oma-Tokk Sector[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Kharahatum Tul
  • Affiliation: Aeropagus
  • Spacefaring: c. TY -292,800,000 · c. 500,000,000 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Ancient · Hyperadvanced

The Shka'Tun were a hyperadvanced percursor race descending from the world of Kharahatum Tul. A subject of interest in xenoarchaeology surrounding the Oma-Tokk Sector and surrounding regions, the Shka'Tun have become known for their intriguing and surreal architecture and depictions. Several estimates suggest they thrived around five hundred million years ago, and then much like several precursors of Tuurosian history eventually ceased to exist. The ruins of the Shka'Tun and the so-called Aeropagus are among the best surviving remnants of civilisation from the Years of Night.

Oma-Pal Sector[]



  • Creator: Parazrael
  • Homeworld: Daekuzhar
  • Affiliation: None
  • Spacefaring: TY TBA · 288 CE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Hostile · Nonsapient · Eusocial

The Daekuzhari are a wasp-like species of eusocial nonsapients that have become problematic across the spectrum of habitable worlds in Tuuros. Pests or target practice at best and threats requiring military intervention at worst, they are a resilient and adaptable species that will carve massive nests into anything they can cut through, mountains and cliff faces included. They are incredibly aggressive, and upon sighting virtually anything that makes conscious movements they will emit an ultrasonic call summoning clouds of their kin to mob, sting, and lob venom-filled membranous balls at whatever the offending entity is. The sting of a Daekuzhari is comparable to being shot with a primitive ballistic weapon in terms of pain, and their venom displays acidic properties which can dissolve non-hydrophobic flesh, skin, and chitin, and can be fatal if enough if injected by one or more Daekuzhari.
Daekuzhari are known to create and store copious quantities of a hallucinogenic substance known as zheonal, which is highly valued both for these properties, its unmatched taste and aroma, and the massive personal risk to those who attempt to harvest it. They also show a genetic similarity to the Okra, and with reports of Daekuzhari activity reaching as far out as the Ton-Yato sector, there is likely some evolutionary connection.

Pal-Xalakk Sector[]



  • Creator: Parazrael
  • Homeworld: Liesch
  • Affiliation: Phero Ecumene · Twin Stars Coalition (formerly)
  • Spacefaring: TY TBA · 257 CE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Matriarchal · Spiritual · Experimental · Covert

The Lieschi are an aquatic species whose evolution was accelerated by the Psal'Jinnai millions of years ago, prior to their near-extinction. As a result, they were one of the earliest race to join the Phero Ecumene, alongside the similarly uplifted Tvolii and artificial Atriants. Their society has been historically matriarchal, and male Lieschi continue to be marginalized in Lieschi-dominated regions of the Ecumene. While most Lieschi have no love of organized religion or belief in the divine, many are culturally pushed to pursue personal spiritual betterment, often through introspection, meditation, and use of Essence. This cultural focus on the individual also leads many Lieschi to experiment with a variety of social roles, careers, substances, schools of thought, and other interests throughout their lives.
Lieschi can also be highly secretive and stealthy, able to easily maintain a severe dysphoria between their thoughts and spoken words. Having descended from ambush predators, they are capable of waiting in a still posture for incredibly longer periods of time.



  • Creator: Parazrael
  • Homeworld: Che'chenil
  • Affiliation: Phero Ecumene · Nech Moonweb (formerly)
  • Spacefaring: TY TBA · 192 BCE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Philosophical · Anti-theistic · Analytical · Deterministic

The hermaphrodite Nech hail from a methane-oceaned moon known as Che'chenil, and are often viewed as having played the most significant role in the founding of the Phero Ecumene. Nech tend to be highly analytical and are often inclined to pursue scientific careers, though the ability of artificial systems to easily mimic their natural mathematical tendencies has forced some to choose other options. As a result, many Nech have become renowned philosophers, pondering the nature of what is unknown and currently outside the reach of scientific instruments. However, many Nech are opposed to the concept of religion, and see the imposition of unverified or unverifiable beliefs and ideals onto others as primitive and nonprogressive.
Of the higher species of the Phero Ecumene, the Nech generally see the greatest levels of restriction, being barred from service in active ground roles in the military, though those who show potential as naval crewmen or strategists are welcomed into the Contention Forces.



  • Creator: Parazrael
  • Homeworld: Talorossa
  • Affiliation: Phero Ecumene · Oslun Empire (formerly)
  • Spacefaring: TY TBA · 130 BCE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Militaristic · Slaveholding · Monarchist · Organized

The Oslun are a hardy and militaristic fungoid race from the desert world of Talorossa. Their tendency to enslave entire species during their early history, such as the Atriants, Berraka, and Okra, led to comparatively the rapid construction of one of Pal-Xalakk's largest early civilizations. They are known to have clashed with the Tyle'an Dictation on numerous occasions, though the two conqueror species would find an end to their rivalry in the Phero Ecumene.
Oslun tend to follow a single leader, and are unused to the parliamentary stratocracy of the Ecumene. However, the existence of a Prime Magistrate helps them cope psychologically with this system. Physically, they are rather strange, being able to grow sections of their bodies into or over a variety of objects and materials, and packing an unusually high natural muscle mass. They are also known to exhibit the greatest diversity in size and mass of any Ecumene species.



  • Creator: Parazrael
  • Homeworld: Tylorthrus
  • Affiliation: Phero Ecumene · Tyle'an Dictation (formerly)
  • Spacefaring: TY TBA · 257 BCE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Expansionist · Authoritarian · Supercilious

The Tyle'ans are a proud and hardy draconic race native to Tylorthrus, a tidally-locked planet with a wide habitable belt between the climatically extreme centers of its night and day sides. The Tyle'ans themselves are built for arid environments along the equatorial sections of Tylorthrus' Twilight Band. Culturally, they are an authoritarian and expansionist species, and their Dictation conquered numerous species before its assimilation into the Phero Ecumene. In modern times, a generally arrogant, holier-than-thou demeanor remains present in many Tyle'ans, which strikes many non-Tyle'ans as rude but has driven a large number of the proud reptilians to achieve extremely high positions in society, politics, and the military. However, unlike the similarly authoritative Oslun, most do not indulge in Underground sapient trafficking networks, and, despite their common view of their species as superior, they have no post-spaceflight history of enslaving other races.

Tuuros Fringe Regions[]

Imi-Xicca Sector[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Monument
  • Affiliation: Antiquarian Collective
  • Spacefaring: Before TY -224,000 · c. 400,000 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Altruistic · Inquisitive · Enigmatic · Cryptic

The Antiquarians are a race of machine life originating from the mysterious AI-planet known as Monument. The Antiquarians exist only to rediscover Zhulultu technology, and their absolute and altruistic programming often entails violence if their goal is hindered. Regardless, the Antiquarians are not inherently malevolent - many even say that their intentions are more benevolent. However, the Antiquarians are regarded almost universally as a nuisance by the Tuuros Galaxy, especially in territories of archaeological interest.



  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Database T001X
  • Affiliation: Vida'Rranlora Network
  • Spacefaring: Not applicable
  • Cultural Characteristics: Logical

The Vida'Rranlora are artificial intelligences created by the quark-based ancestors of the Vida'Rra, and are one of the most ancient of all lifeforms in the known universe. As is the standard of their programming, they transported one of their planet-sized computer databases to the Tuuros Galaxy in order to catalog its history, though they were quickly noticed by the Zhulultu, who attempted to dominate it in order to gain control over its near-omniscient databanks. Resisting the attacks of the Zhulultu for as long as they could, the Tuuros Database eventually self-destructed to keep their data out of their hands, resulting in the annihilation of several light-years in a hypernova of dream essence. In the current day, the area where the Vida'Rranlora used to be situated at is home to bright, golden-coloured nebulae.



The Arakulns are an exceedingly long-lived insectoid race from the tropical world of Izin Nalak. Possessing an impressive average lifespan of roughly three thousand years, Arakulns are one of the Tuuros Galaxy's longest lived non-machine beings. Additionally, they are known to be able to emit a hallucinogenic scent, that in large quantities acts as an aphrodisiac. The reasoning for their unique physiology is believed to reside in their homeworld; a known Zhulultu site. It was on this planet that the Sacrosanctity of Hiroghain and Ikara first came into contact with the Antiquarians. The Ezesi'i explorers who were really only interested in the tribal Arakuln - who had barely mastered stone tools at the time - were able to come into terms with the machines; allowing them to study the vast amounts of Zhulultu technology on the planet, while the planet itself fell into Ezesi'i control.

Imi-Khattok Sector[]



  • Creator: TheHachi
  • Homeworld: Aeghar
  • Affiliation: Dvarg Grand-Realm
  • Spacefaring: TY 7711 · 5025 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Stubborn · Boisterous · Communal · Jovial

The Dvarg are a stout semi-mammalian race from the cold world of Aeghar. A mulish and wilful species by nature and gifted with tough and resilient bodies, the Dvarg, while often mocked for their boisterous yet jovial nature and their affinity for drink, consider themselves a race of warriors and explorers, seeking both ancient technology and occult knowledge to empower their nation and the clans that govern its society. The Dvarg are one of the few among the younger Tuurosian populace to have established permanent colonies within the Schism without the aid of life-suits, unafraid of using controversial and experimental means, such as radical biological augmentation and combining occult practices and forbidden lore with science and technology, in order to go beyond and expand their reach where others have failed.



The Ezesi'i are a race of telepathic plant-like beings hailing from the arid and hostile savanna world of Hespis. As a species which has ever since their earliest days as a civilization exhibited highly hedonistic tendencies, their society is built to see to the various needs of the Ezesi'i populace - through any means necessary. Due to this, the Ezesi'i control one of Tuuros' most active slaver empires, conducting business with even the likes of the Vranntan to acquire new servants, and are often viewed in a negative light by the other empires. Additionally, spirituality holds an important position in the Ezesi'i mindset; with them seeing servitude of other species to them as a means to direct all life towards the greater good.



  • Creator: Jepardi
  • Homeworld: Rounan
  • Affiliation: Manindron Star Empire† · Sacrosanctity of Hiroghain and Ikara
  • Spacefaring: TY 8409 · 3833 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Violent · Proud · Militaristic · Xenophobic

The Manindron are an avian race from the tundra world of Rounan. Infamous for their exceedingly violent nature - even by Tuuros standards - the Manindron were the terror of Imi-Khattok Sector for eight centuries until their empire was destroyed by the Ezesi'i, and their people enslaved under the Sacrosanctity's warrior caste. During their independence, the Manindron were known to have practiced puristic principles; viewing all other species as inferior, and therefore sought to purge them from the galaxy. A people for whom violence was something of a religious practice, the Manindron often caused grievous harm on each other as well - even going as far as partaking in cannibalism. In modern times, while most Manindron live as slaves within the Sacrosanctity, the descendants of those who managed to escape the destruction of their empire have reportedly found success in Tuuros' criminal underworld.



The Sildasi are a humanoid race from the arctic planet of Sil. Known to be capable of limited telepathy, Sildasi are potent empaths and have the ability to understand any spoken language. As a species with a short lifespan and low birthrates, the Sildas population exists in a nearly constant state of decline. Additionally, most Sildasi who are born are females - leading them to develop a matriarchal society while also further complicating their reproduction situation. Before the rise of the Ezesi'i, the Sildasi Communion was one of the major powers within the sector. Later on, the Sildasi found themselves as allies to the vastly more militaristic Ezesi'i - who had been drawn to the them due to the telepathic powers they possessed - and, in time, were peacefully integrated into the Sacrosanctity; living on as slaves belonging to the Noble caste.



The Tuk'Khordaqs are a race of rapidly breeding mammalians from the desert planet of Daq'Tikis. Born onto a world where both the wildlife and weather were extremely unpredictable and hostile, Tuk'Khordags developed into highly adaptable nomads - thriving in nearly any condition. This adaptability eventually drew in the Ezesi'i, who subsequently uplifted and enslaved the Tuk'Khordaqs. As slaves, the Tuk'Khordaq population is among the more highly respected in the Sacrosanctity's society, belonging to the Noble caste. Thus, the Tuk'Khordaqs have been allowed to retain their tribalistic culture, while incorporating some elements from their Ezesi'i masters' own culture.

Imi-Tokk Sector[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Gazku
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Spacefaring: TY 5088 · c. 9500 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Perceptive · Productive

The Torgazi are a race of vaguely piscine entities from the swamp planet of Gazku. The Torgazi are common facs in Tuuros' underworld and are frequent purveyors of wares within the Tuurosian black market. Many Torgazi are also successful scavengers, selling scrap and components from ancient and hellish battles that have left their mark across the galaxy. The Torgazi are also known for their particularly forthcoming personalities, which makes them natural traders.

Imi-Khauiz Sector[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Dorzam
  • Affiliation: Argent Dominion
  • Spacefaring: Since ancient times
  • Cultural Characteristics: Malevolent · Hungry

The Sphagarzi are an ancient race of monstrosities from the frozen world of Dorzam. One of the truly alien races of Tuuros, the Sphagarzi are a hive unity of sorts, communicating in languages incoherent to the ears of many. It is thought that Sethzak has manipulated the minds of the Sphagarzi to serve his cause. The Sphagarzi are an ancient menace within the Tuuros galaxy, likened to a highly aggressive swarm of ravenous beasts.

Tala-Xiccan Sector[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Kŵsathis
  • Affiliation: Theocracy of Auat · Dominion of the Xhodocto
  • Spacefaring: TY 11018 · c. 620 AD
  • Cultural Characteristics: Fundamentalist · Dangerous · Altruistic · Aggressive

The Auatorom are a race of scorpion-like entities from the barren planet of Kŵsathis. One of the more prominent and extreme worshippers of the Xhodocto in the modern Tuuros Galaxy, the Auatorom are viewed as dangerous extremists by a great deal of the Frontier, and thus a number of the galaxy's species tend to avoid contact or interaction with the Auatorom. They are one of the few allies of the Argent Dominion within the Tuuros Galaxy.



  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Rylin Oligarchy
  • Spacefaring: TY -1,527,638 · 2,624,893 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Diplomatic · Advanced · Pacifistic · Spiritual

The Rylin were an ancient culture of mammalian humanoids who inhabited the Tala-Xiccan Sector about two million years before the current date. Advanced and diplomatic, they were vocal for their desire to spread peace across the galaxy by promoting alliances and the uplifting of races they found great potential in. The Rylin were eventually wiped out by an unknown assailant, however, and little trace of their existence remains today; the sole living Rylin in existence is Cairaovén, a champion of the Corruptus.

Xittan-Yaton Sector[]

Xicca-Xittan Sector[]



  • Creator: Parazrael
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: None
  • Spacefaring: Unknown
  • Cultural Characteristics: Animalistic · Adaptable · Aggressive

Segnus is the name given to a carnivorous organism that behaves like both fungi and animals, reproducing via extremophilic spores that can survive in a vacuum for extended periods of time, making this species a significant threat to spacecraft along the outer reaches of the Tuuros and Mirus galaxies, where it is often found. Its exact origins are widely disputed, but its threat to any who come in contact with its spores in undeniable. Psychologically, Segnus growths are incredibly clever and capable of both learning from mistakes and figuring out how to use technology to their advantage, and will share this with nearby growths via their remarkably advanced pre-sentient language. Despite this, Segnus growths have no concept or awareness of time and thus are incapable of complex conscious planning.

Xittan-Tokk Sector[]

Khauiz-Tokk Sector[]

Ton-Yato Sector[]

CRE avorn-176bd0f5 ful.png


  • Creator: The Collective Mind
  • Homeworld: Menadh
  • Affiliation: Tenet
  • Spacefaring: TY 11117 · 800 AD
  • Cultural Characteristics: Disciplined · Religious · Sorcerous · Cannibalistic

From the warm and dry world of Menadh come the Aphor, a hulking and deceptively primitive-looking species of vaguely bovine bipeds, if bovines were sociopathic omnivores. Slowly manipulated and cultured by two Chanters of the Edacity to serve as puppets and proxies, the Aphor have only recently become an interstellar empire relative to the other races of Tuuros, but the peculiarities of their civilization have since drawn attention: despite being an interstellar empire, the Aphor apparently never industrialized -- not normally, anyways. They've never needed to. Sufficiently advanced magic serves as a suitable replacement for technology.

Shur Zabiak
  • Creator: The Collective Mind
  • Homeworld: Dead
  • Affiliation: The Edacity
  • Spacefaring: Yes
  • Cultural Characteristics: Remnants · Echoes · Broken · Powerful


From a place behind the stars,
Between the warps and wefts of space
Beyond the bitter march of time
Come the Chanters.

Judging all with eyeless gaze,
Cursed and freed by dreadful hunger,
For all that is and will ever be
Is but food for the Chanters.

Here they fled unbowed but broken
Shattered during timeless triumph
But the dead can never die
Eternal are the Chanters.



  • Creator: CaptainTybusen
  • Homeworld: Onasauga
  • Affiliation: Ashawyette Worldfleet
  • Spacefaring: 10763 TY · c. 184 AD
  • Cultural Characteristics: Nomadic · Honorable · Merciless · Traditionalist

Wandering the galaxy in a fleet of worldships and war cruisers, the Ashawyette are an avian-esque species originating from Onasauga, an arid world in the Ton-Yato-Schism border area that is believed to be now destroyed or otherwise lost. The Ashawyette regularly appear on both inhabited and uninhabited worlds in order to harvest resources for their nomadic Worldfleet, typically patrolling Ton-Yato and neighboring sectors (including the Schism) but occasionally being sighted in far-flung regions of the galaxy. The Ashawyette are particularly known for their methods of harvesting from civilized worlds, where they will typically arrive suddenly in orbit with a list of resource requests. Those who comply are treated graciously by the Ashawyette harvesters and often receive gifts in return for their compliance; however, those who refuse typically receive a merciless pillaging at the hands of the Worldfleet's mighty raiders.



  • Creator: Groxkiller98
  • Homeworld: Amasul
  • Affiliation: Escarilan Technocracy
  • Spacefaring: TY 10216 · 750 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Inquisitive· Naive· Friendly· Submisive

From the cavernous rocky world of Amasul, the Escarilan are a subterranean race of poorly-sighed reptilian humanoids. Organised under a technocratic government, the species are an abused people often seen as the punching back of the Ton-Yato Sector. It is well know that the Escarilan race has served as a slave species to multiple empires, subjugated by a variety of fallen states, and even a few that have yet to be confirmed as lost.

Escarilans are most comfortable underground, and build there cities under the surface of planets in immense, artificial caverns. Over the centuries, the Escarilans adapted to these conditions; developing a strong sense of smell, and eyes capable of piercing the darkness. In turn, surface life for the Escarilans is uncomfortable at best and impossible at worst.



  • Creator: Parazrael
  • Homeworld: Okre'a
  • Affiliation: Okra Inalvial
  • Spacefaring: TY TBA · 12 CE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Collectivist · Industrious · Defensive · Merciless

The Okra (singular: Okragenn) are a race of collectivist insectoids from Okra'a, a world that has effectively become a massive industrial hive. Okra have no concept of individualism, belief, or self-preservation, with each Okragenn existing solely to serve the Inalvial. Okra operate in castes, which are easily distinguished based on size and appearance. Thekae and Darukae are simple physical laborers, Lekae are specialized for jobs in hazardous environments, Srikae are warriors, Sesrikae are tacticians, Aphlikae are diplomats, Pelikae are planetary mothers, and the Basilikae is a "mother-of-mothers," the only caste capable of producing more Okra with reproductive organs. While they are generally a peaceful and diplomatic race, they will turn extremely defensive if they perceive something else as a threat, and are incapable of distinguishing between civilians and soldiers when rebuking an enemy, making them an apparently fearsome and immoral foe during wars.

The Schism[]



The Aenthins are a race of beings originating from the arid world of Henenwe. Widely characterized by their aptitude for technical and engineering pursuits, the Aenthins are also known to be fervent machinists and believe that cybernetic enhancement is the true form of evolution. Originally a long-standing enemy of the Congregation, the Aenthin Conglomerate was assimilated into it when its leadership became increasingly irrational. However, the Conglomerate's military managed to evade becoming inducted into the Congregation, and went on to become its own entity as the nomadic Aenthin Admiralty; travelling beyond the Schism and continuing their fight against those who supported their greatest enemy.



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Zatus
  • Affiliation: Aztukali Conclave
  • Spacefaring: TY -829 · c. 19597 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Aloof · Demanding · Militaristic · Defensive

The Atzukali are an order of somewhat reptilian beings hailing from the frozen desert planet of Zatus. Not well known of in the Frontier, The Atzukali are known for their interest in technology both modern and ancient. They survived assimilation by the Congregation after the Atzukali reverse engineered Zhulultu technology to defend themselves. Atzukali possess capabilities with schismatic energy which makes them naturally skilled with Zhulultu technology and the ability to manipulate it, although suffer from the downfalls of all other Schism races.



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Enaphros
  • Affiliation: Enaphrosian Hegemony
  • Spacefaring: TY 5469 · c. 8850 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Misunderstood · Curious · Open · Displaced

The Enaphrosians are a race of vaguely humanoid entities from the irradiated world of Enaphros. Forced to exist in environmental regulation suits to survive in environments outside their already extreme world, the Enaphrosians are known in the Asilaphean Empire, although are held in a sense of distrust and suspicion due to their nature as a Schism race. One of the very few Schism races to have ventured into foreign territory, the Enaphrosians have attempted to bring a cultural bridge between the Frontier and Schism, with very little success as of yet.



The Kherag-La are a race of monstrous entities from the desert world of Skkididaro. Barely sentient, the Kherag-La were tamed by the Solurscuris in ancient times; however as time had passed, the Solurscuris recognised patterns of a tribal society among them. The Kherag-La were designated as Sentinels in the days of the Congregation and due to their colossal size, many were technologically augmented to become bio-organic weapons of war. Many still serve in both the Dominion of the Xhodocto and the Argent Dominion.



The Krudha are a race of short piscine beings from the cold planet of Torhvahro. One of the first races inducted into the intergalactic regime of The Congregation, the Krudha were known for their ignorant nature and their short-tempered personalities, which made them easy to manipulate into joining a violent war. Whilst exceptionally small populaces of Krudha still survive in intergalactic territory as mostly prisoners of war, larger territories of Krudha still exist in Tuuros primarily under the Nanusuloan Convocation as either refugees, prisoners or rehabilitated civilians.



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Ashaask
  • Affiliation: Argent Dominion
  • Spacefaring: Unknown
  • Cultural Characteristics: Intelligent · Dangerous · Manipulative · Evil

The Qua'anji are a race of somewhat avian entities hailing from an uncharted planet within The Schism. One of the Schism's most dangerous races, the Qua'anji are hateful and violent entities that serve the dreaded being known as Sethzak. There have been few entanglements with the Qua'anji from races from the Frontier, and very few of these entanglements have proved fortuitous for the Frontier. As such, the Qua'anji are not welcome in the Frontier, and most Frontier cultures regard the presence of a Qua'anji as a sign of catastrophic proportions.


Sel †

  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Zhulultu
  • Spacefaring: TY -878,460,000 · 1,500,000,000 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Discordant · Irrational · Deranged · Destructive

The Sel were one of the first precursors of the Tuuros Galaxy. Damaged machines possessing the minds of degrading Zhulultu, the Sel were irrational and destructive - the progressively worsening minds of the Zhulultu trying to destroy what they created. Most of the Zhulultu minds inhabiting the Sel dispersed over time, leaving the Sel dead husks. Some minds however managed to break free of the Sel and inhabit other constructs elsewhere, remaining dormant.



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Skkididaro
  • Affiliation: The Congregation† · Argent Dominion
  • Spacefaring: TY -7698 · 31319 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Intelligent · Unhinged · Secretive · Perceptive

The Solurscuris are a race of vaguely avian beings from the desert world of Skkididaro. One of the most numerous races of the Congregation, the Solurscuris are one of the few species to have remained voluntarily loyal to the cause of the Congregation in the years after their dissolution, and exist now primarily in the Argent Dominion. The Solurscuris were used mostly for their perceptive prowess, however were sometimes regarded as a nuisance due to their erratic personalities. Most Solurscuris that survive outside of the Tuuros Galaxy are prisoners of war.


Unmoved Ones

  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Unknown
  • Spacefaring: Unknown
  • Cultural Characteristics: Unknown

The so-called Unmoved Ones are a phenomenon of shapeshifting monstrosities that originate from the deepest regions of the Schism. Similar to the Zamuyrnnui, the Unmoved Ones are a complete mystery to the Tuuros Galaxy, with no comprehensible language or way of life. Unlike the ghostly nature of their Zamuyrnnui counterparts, the Unmoved Ones move far more stealthily through the Schism, some devising the means to perfectly mimic sentient lifeforms. Some fear that they have breached the Frontier.



  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Unknown
  • Spacefaring: Unknown
  • Cultural Characteristics: Unknown

The Zamuyrnnui are a highly mysterious race of entities inhabiting the deep regions of the Schism, possibly originating from the Wound. Nothing is known of the Zamuyrnnui, but they are believed to be an experimentation of the Zhulultu that were allowed to evolve following their disappearance. As a result, the Zamuyrnnui are extremely aggressive and shadowy creatures that considered the very incarnation of death in the Tuuros Galaxy.



The Zhulultu were the Ultraterrestrial precursors of the Tuuros Galaxy, of whom ruled over the entirety of the galaxy until approximately one and a half billion years ago. Tuuros is known as the home of the Zhulultu despite the countless galaxies the Zhulultu ruled over, and a majority of the Tuuros Galaxy is thought to have been influenced by Zhulultu technology. The Zhulultu are known in modern times through Lord Zhuleshxi; a fanatical Zhulultu in the service of the Xhodocto, who brought death to trillions during the events known as the War of Ages. The Zhulultu remain a subject of great interest in Tuuros regardless of it being a taboo subject to many - primarily, interest over the ownership of their technology. It is not a well known fact that many Zhulultu remain asleep across the Gigaquadrant, with a higher concentration in Tuuros alone.

Satellite Galaxies[]



  • Creator: Xho
  • Satellite: Madhyakenes
  • Homeworld: Nairid
  • Affiliation: Nairidian Empire†
  • Spacefaring: fl. 7,500,000 years ago
  • Cultural Characteristics: Ponderous · Insensitive · Analytical

The Nairidians were a species of amphibious precursors from the core worlds of Madhyakenes, in the now abandoned planet of Nairid. The Nairidians remain a subject of esoteric knowledge in Tuurosian xenoarchaeology, but it is known they were formidable shipbuilders that possibly ruled over Madhyakenes during the course of their civilisation. A fully functional dreadnought of Nairidian origin is captained by the piratical queen Axshuai known as the World-Eater, which heads the fleet of its namesake.



  • Creator: Xho
  • Satellite: Faladhyannu
  • Homeworld: Kedus Arpos
  • Affiliation: Pek'waroon Commune
  • Spacefaring: TY -10559 · 36202 BC
  • Cultural Characteristics: Sardonic · Curious · Peculiar · Adventurous

The Pek'wara are a species of unusual entities hailing from the aquatic world of Kedus Arpos, in the region of the satellite Faladhyannu. Having travelled to Tuuros several millennia ago, the Pek'wara are curious in their understanding as to why Tuuros is a galaxy full of violence, which has in fact soured their temperament over the ages. The Pek'wara are noticeably sarcastic and often provoke the ire of other races. It is known that their species is affiliated with essence, hence their ability to levitate as their natural form of locomotion.



  • Creator: Jepardi
  • Satellite: Janmhatuur
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Quuth Imperative†
  • Spacefaring: Unknown
  • Cultural Characteristics: Assertive · Curious · Obscure · Analytical

The Quuth were a species of gigantic insectoid precursors hailing from Tuuros' ancient past, commonly believed to have emerged from the satellite galaxy of Janmhatuur. Noted in most surviving records of their existence to have been exceptionally studious - even by some accounts to a compulsive degree - in their search for knowledge, the Quuth gathered every piece of information they could find by sending out massive spherical probe ships to travel the galaxy. It is also hypothesized that the Quuth had a presence within Imi-Khattok Sector, and tampered with the evolutionary conditions of its various native species. The species also possessed vast powers over Essence; powers gained through experimentation and which eventually brought doom upon the species, as their physiology wasn't fully capable of adapting to the energies they now held, causing a species-wide extinction event due to untreatable cellular degeneration.

  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II