Bastion 59, a key installation with the Hellspace

May Auxvor guide all who venture there.

- Beurahl Goh Djazor

It says everything about this universe: What links the universe together is twisted by the dark lords that shadow it, servants prey on the unwary and if that's not bad enough they sometimes come through, spilling like a mass of fangs into the real. Whatever sick mind created this place, I hate them!

- An unknown captain

The Tuurosian Hellspace is the region of hyperspace that exists within the Tuuros Galaxy. Named after its appearance and severe danger, the Hellspace is a warped region of hyperspace of where a greater concentration of same energy of the Schism permeates, and the regularity of Samut'angar attacks within also. Although convenient for long-distance travel, the Hellspace is the most dangerous domain of the Tuuros Galaxy. It is largely regulated by the Hellstrider Division, which has repelled the encroaching Samut'angar attacks for over seven centuries.


Hyperspatial Features[]

The Hellspace is largely characterised by being a specific region of hyperspace that has been altered by an intense degree by so-called schismatic energy; an Essence-like source of power that the Zhulultu harnessed several billions of years ago and is the purported origin of the Schism. As schismatic energy has warped the very nature of hyperspace underneath the Tuuros Galaxy, certain qualities of common hyperspace have become uncharacteristically aggressive; hyperspace fog (called hellspace fog in the Tuuros Galaxy) for instance not only has a negative effect on visual technology, but deep concentrations of hellspace fog actively 'gnaws' at shielding and materials, causing potential catastrophes for spacecraft travelling through the Hellspace.

To combat the aggression of hellspace fog, several precursors constructed the Hellspace's safe zones by shaping vast spaces of spacetime and the use of essence; most safe zones within the Hellspace are approximately 250 to 500 light years wide. These zones are connected by narrower Hellspace lanes and are commonly regulated by past machine life installed in the Hellspace. The peripheries of the Hellspace zones are almost entirely littered with Samut'angar-created debris from several centuries worth of invasions.

The Hellspace underneath the Schism is the most dangerous region of the Hellspace; whereas the Schism itself is already submerged in schismatic energy, it is thought that the well of the energy sits in the Hellspace directly underneath the Schism. There is little insight given to the nature of the Hellspace underneath the Schism, although it is thought that the largest and oldest surviving Samut'angar rifts to Inferno exist within it. Though much of the Frontier is susceptible to the warping nature of the Hellspace, the denizens of the Schism are thought to be immune, and thus some hyperspatial trading networks do indeed contain life from the Schism in Frontier Hellspace.

Hyperspatial Astrography[]


Frontier and Schism[]

Almost all of the Hellspace's megaconstructs were built several hundreds of thousands of years ago by cultures long since forgotten by the Tuuros Galaxy - many surmise that the last of these cultures were destroyed by the Asilaphean Empire. Only a very a small number of constructs have been built in Hellspace in the modern age - a majority of which have been built in the Hellspace that lies underneath the Schism. In more recent times, the territorial distribution of the Tuuros Galaxy has further extended into the Hellspace and thus whatever items exist in the relative Hellspace territory has been claimed. The Hellstrider Division however, dislike the concept of technological ownership in the Tuuros Galaxy as megaconstructs potentially provide a plethora of knowledge of the Hellspace altogether.


Though common, Zhulultu megaconstructs are inaccessible by most means as they exist in the deeper Hellspace. A majority of the Zhulultu megaconstructs in the Hellspace that are known are situated in the Core Regions, similar to how most realspace megaconstructs of the Zhulultu are also situated. Most of these are thought to once been constructs designed to harness the energy radiating from the galactic core, although the Hellspace megaconstructs are situated there also for lesser known reasons. Like the nature of the Schism, hellspace fog has no effect on the structural integrity of Zhulultu megaconstructs, and thus whilst they exist in the deepest regions of hellspace, remain intact and as pristine as the day they were made. They are an extreme source of interest from the Antiquarian Collective who have been known to go almost suicidal measures to access these constructs.


Largely attributed to an extensive presence of rifts from Inferno, the Samut'angar have also constructed a number of monolithic and unusual megaconstructs in the Hellspace. The purposes of these are not entirely known to either the Hellstrider Division or those who have witnessed them, although it is largely assumed that these monoliths provide a strengthening source of demonic energy. Several of these megaconstructs lie in ruin in the safe zones from unsuccessful invasions, alongside innumerable Samut'angar corpses.

Known Megaconstructs[]

Bastion59 2017.png

  • Name - Bastion 59
  • Date Built - At least 110,000 years ago
  • Architects - Bastion Culture
  • Owned by - Nanusuloan Convocation
  • Length - 59,429 m (194,977 ft)
  • Location - Tal Zone; Tala-Lok Sector

Bastion 59 is one of the several identical megaconstructs built by the so-called 'Bastion Culture' over 110,000 years ago. Thought to be one of 62 known Bastions, Bastion 59 is the most intact and well known of these particular megaconstructs. It has been controlled by the Nanusuloan Convocation for several millennia, and was one of the first discovered megaconstructs in the Tal Zone. Since the inception of the Hellstrider Division, the Nanusuloans have been highly reluctant to reveal whatever information Bastion 59 might contain. Although it is thought to ultimately function as one of several research facilities built by the Bastion Culture, the Nanusuloans primarily use Bastion 59 as a re-fuelling station. It also sees traffic from the Asilaphean Empire and it is thought of as one of the most fortified locations in the Hellspace.



Fundamentally anchored into the Infinity. Tuuros belongs to the Ouroboros.

- Sethzak
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II