Going from largest to smallest the ships are:

Nebula-Class Titan[edit | edit source]

The Nebulas are the pride of the TUCOT fleet. Only one exists due to the immense amount of resources needed to build them. This is the Supernova.

Reckoner-Class Battleship[edit | edit source]

The Reckoners are massive ships, twice the size of a Star Destroyer. Reckoners are used primarily as orbital assault craft, pounding through blockades and turning cities into slag. They were introduced as successors to the Firestorm-class (Then) capital ship.

Firestorm-Class Heavy Cruiser[edit | edit source]

The Firestorms are assault ships that are the equivalent of a Star Destroyer. They have been in service since the dawn of spaceflight for the Turtles. Having gone through several wars and impressing even ther doubters, the Firestorms are the core of the fleet.

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