Let us revel in the destruction of our enemies. Let us burn that which wronged us. THE EMPIRE IS FOREVER!”

-The Script of Eternity

The United Coalition Of Turtleoids (Also known as TUCOT or the Turtle Coalition) is a small empire composed of densely packed allies who share a single government. They have relatively few worlds compared to other empires, but they have each world be as technologically advanced and developed as allowed (E.G. a T2 planet would be maxed out in cities, probably with one being factories and the other turrets, they would be right next to each other so the turret one would protect the industrial one.) They have large technology causing them to be fearsome sights in battle. (See Fiction: Turtle Military for details.) However, you would think a Chaotic Neutral empire would be crazy. The TUCOT’s species are Honorbound Warriors, so if they make a promise, they will fulfill it to the best of their ability. Still, they may declare war on you to expand their empire.

Origin[edit | edit source]

See Creature: Turtle, Creature: Bacteria, Creature: Decimator, Creature: Cruncher, Creature: Hydrabeast, and Creature: Smasher for details.

The TUCOT came about when the Turtles, Crunchers, and Decimators joined together in 783567-TY due to their political closeness and trade routes. About a decade later, the Bacteria joined. However, the Bacteria brought war to the Coalition. The start of a war with the Grox, whom the Bacteria were fleeing, brought the end of several TUCOT colonies nearer to the center of the Galaxy. The Coalition responded by “busting” several Grox planets, in reality terraforming them to become habitable. This continued for about a hundred years, until a deadlock was reached that lasts until the present day. Hydrabeasts came in the midst of this stalemate, and after seeing the Coalition’s state, joined them. The last empire to join,(Smashers) were forced into the Coalition. They would be used as shock troops in the years to come. This was around 786937-TY.

Current Time[edit | edit source]

The current time has been semi-rough due to many wars. Some historians think the modern era started with the Bingfish war, but others think it started with the development of the Nebula Titan. The Bingfish war was unorthodox at most, involving a series of terror attacks from both sides. The BIngfish couldn’t compete with the massive, frequent attacks from the Coalition. The Bingfish put up a good fight, and the Coalition lost almost an entire fleet due to every last Bingfish fighting.

Almost a hundred years later, the Supernova was commissioned. The massive ship used it’s cannon, which was as big as an entire ship, to choke planet Crilon. The Supernova was devastating to that poor test planet. With the birth of antimatter weaponry, older models of ships and vehicles became much more powerful, able to destroy massive ships in mere minutes. This era extends to the modern day.

Entertainment[edit | edit source]

The Turtleoids have sports, which they take very seriously. This does not prevent them from losing graciously.

List of sports:



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