We are the Tul'kaarin. Though Ada did not create us, we have risen to fight and die for him. It is through death, that we may finally embrace him, and all our foes shall soon embrace Lord Xizothano!

- Overlord Mavarla

The Tul'Kaarin are a cult of personality dedicated to Xizothano Ada, a powerful being who came close to ascending to godhood, before his defeat at the hands of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment and it's allies. After, a number of Volver began to question their believes, with many turning away from worship of Ada. However, many took on the worship further, attempting to continue his ideals. Due to adopting Volver customs into their cultures, many Ugandalorians where left vulnerable to this corruption, and, indeed, joined these rebel and cult movements against the UAE.

While many served loyally, especially among the main faction known as the Blood Knights, many Ugandalorians wished to escape the fate of the failing faction, and splintered off under a demagogue and master warrior known as Mavarla Atrass, taking on the Title of "The Claw of Ada", and leading his forces on his own.

Made up of Ugandalorians, Kodalorians, and a number of Walgolorian that have turn their backs on their Culture and rulers, the Tul'Kaarin also feature a number of other races, from Orgaat, Kadalian, and others, as well as Volver, and maintain a well-supplied and dangerous military force. Though the main faction of the Mendel Pact remain unaware of the Tul'kaarin, their numbers continue to grow, and are becoming a greater and greater threat to the Pact.

History Edit

Early Years Edit

The Tul'kaarin where not actually an entity onto themselves for many years. Although many Mendel of various races followed The Blood Knights and their worship of Xizothano Ada, most where of only moderate rank, due to the Volver's believes in their own inherent superiority, and distrust for alien help. Though not of the same respect as the Volver, the Mendel mostly kept silent of their treatment, mostly out of loyalty, somewhat out of fear, and many for the duty they saw for their god.

As numerous cults and Clans joined, one leader made himself known among the Cult called the Blood Knights, Mavarla Atrass. Although an alien, Volver leaders among the Blood Knights could not help but respect his skill in battle. Though a high ranking figure, Mavarla merely kept to himself, rarely speaking, though his presence was a source of pride among the Ugandalorians among the Blood Knights. Though largely unknown by Anthil Agna, Mavarla did become famous among some of the lesser leaders of the Blood Knights, for his loyalty and command skill, as well as his silent nature and straight forward nature regarding combat and loyalty. All this would change after the battle of Taurstad, where Agna and his Blood Knights would meet their ends.

Formation Edit

As the Blood Knights began to collapse from repeated Volver and allied attacks on their territory and followers, Mavarla and many Mendel questioned the Anthil's right to rule. Would someone else not make a better ruler? Gathering the Mendel leaders, as well as several Volver, Mavarla spoke that he could lead them to glory, that he had been gifted with visions of glory and bloodshed since his joining of the Blood Knights, and had been gifted with such by Lord Ada himself. Gaining the loyalty of the many alien and Volver within the Blood Knights, Atrass split off his forces from the Blood Knights, taking with him a sizeable number of troops, and weakening the Blood Knights further.

After setting up his forces away from UAE holdings, Atrass remodeled his forces and, selecting a group of leaders to serve under him, took the name Tul'kaarin, translating out into a word for a Demon of the Void that haunts the stars in Ugandalorian myth. With his forces firmly rooted and stable, his enemies unaware, and his rivals on the verge of defeat, Mavarla began his plans to make his presence known once more, with the defeat of his foes.

Hand of Retribution Edit

The Tul'kaarin saw potential in the slaughter that would follow in the wake of the mighty king that took command of their rivals in the Pact, Hand of Retribution, and it was then that Mavarla announced the Tul'kaarin would move out and prepare their attack on the wider galaxy, under the pretense they where soldiers under the Mendel Pact, thus avoiding any suspicion. Their plan, simply put, was to unleash their massive armada upon the unwitting inhabitants, partially out of sentiment for their Mendel kindred and the Covenant of Mirus, partially out of religious zealotry and a need to gain favor with Ada. However, in secret, his second-in-command, Altraak, made plans of their own to regarding her position, and began to prepare her forces for the Ritual that would grant her command of the Tul'Kaarin. But first, she had to wait for the opportunity to gain more allies in her goal.

The Second Cyrannus War Edit

After the fighting, Altraak's forces and followers left behind their original holdings, and settled in the Dominatus Sector and the Mendel colonies there, causing some unease with Xonexi forces, but ultimately grew used to the Tul'kaarin, despite their distrust for them and their savagery. The Tul'kaarin mostly kept to themselves, training and continuing their worship of Xizothano Ada, albeit in a heavily modified form, so that they would escape the notice of their Mendel kin. Some members of the Tul'Kaarin even settled within Mendel territory, returning to Ugandalore, W'alor and Kodalon to settle in their own communities.

When the Empire began the Second Cyrannus Galactic War, the Tul'kaarin joined the rest of the Mendel Pact in mobilizing for war and preparing their warhosts to join the Mendel Pact's own.

Second Void War Edit

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

The Tul'kaarin, as a religious organization/cult of personality, are utterly loyal and dedicated to Xizothano Ada, and believe him the source of power and freedom from the bonds of mortality, as well as he who will reshape the universe and guide his followers upon the path to Godhood. Though blood-thirsty against "heretics" who defile the ways and relics of Ada himself, but are very honorable and still follow many of the honor codes and conventions established by the loyalist members of their kin.

Outside of this, The Tul'kaarin are dedicated towards gathering the ability to use Void Energy, with Brygon, King of the Volver a target for their members. Many Tul'kaarin have displayed an interest in the Brotherhood of Darklings, mostly for their connection to Lord Ada himself, though no members as of late have shown any signs of Darkling corruption. When warriors join the Tul'kaarin, they commonly engage in either ritualized combat to earn the approval of the Ascendants, or dip their hands in the Blood of Ancients, permanently discoloring both the hands on their armor, and their skin/scales on their hands.

Influence of Moaist teachings can most clearly be seen in the glorification Battle. For the Tul'kaarin, it is as the mantle upon which their devotion to Ada is shown. Death is seen as the highest honor, as they falsely believe all death feeds Ada, and ultimately a death on the field of battle is the greatest a Warrior of the Tul'Karrin can achieve in life. Those that fail to die a proper death are treated with slight distaste until they gain another chance at a good death. For example, those warriors that survive, while the rest of their legion falls, are considered dishonored, and not having the courage to die.

Government Edit

The Tul'kaarin is ruled by a Council of 100 Ascendants. These 100 represent the original 100 Clans, though, through betrayals, deaths and military loses, the ranks have changed, and as such, the Ascendants are made up of various members, ranging from 3 from a certain Clan, to 5 in another. The only rules established is that a Clan cannot have 10 members make up the Ascendants, least they make other Clans move against them in an attempt to stop them from gaining to much power. The Ascendants make all decisions, enforce the rule of law, and dictate the word of Ada upon the worshippers within the Tul'Kaarin. With more and more joining the Tul'Kaarin, it has been suggested the amount of Ascendants be increased, so they can rule more properly.

Religion Edit

The belief system followed by the Tul'kaarin, while obstensibly Adaist, can be best described as a hybrid system of Adaist and Moaist faiths. The Tul'Kaarin follow Xizothano Ada and the other Dark Gods of the Volver more so then Mendel and other deities. Part of their faith includes dying in battle for Lord Ada, which they see as a glorious chance to earn a way into the divine beyond and become one with Lord Ada once more, adding their strength to his so he may rise from death and become a god once more. Despite their loyalty to Ada, they care little for other deities. As far as they are concerned, you may worship who ever you like in private, but you must submit to Lord Ada when the time comes. This also means they are not actively engaged in fighting heretics and non-believers as one would expect, giving them much more freedom to fight war on their own terms, rather then be dogged by religious dogma.

After the fall of Lord Ada, many of those who would later become the Tul'kaarin went trough a crisis of faith of sorts, their belief in the invincibility of Ada temporarily scattered. Rather than turn away from their lord, the future Tul'kaarin became ever more fanatical and began to search for holy texts justifying their behavior. They eventually came across an ancient Nyarqaeshu tome believed to have been penned by Ada supporting their more vicious turn, though this theatrise had actually been penned by Ada's teacher, Xizouyu Moa. Yet the Tul'kaarin embraced these new, misattributed teachings with fervor, for they supported and even justified the path they had set themselves upon. As such, while most of the Tul'kaarin do not openly worship Moa, his influence on the sect is undeniable, informing most of their beliefs nowadays, includings their glorification of battle, veneration of death, and their spurning of more traditionally Adaist ways of fighting, such as the propagation of nebulous half-truths, to undermine the foe. This has also allowed them to hide their worship of in plain sight of their Mendel kin, for the Moaist faith is next to extinct, limited to a few scattered doomsday cults nowadays, and it's connection to the Void is all but overlooked given the scarce knowledge about it.

Species Edit

  • Species - Kulaung
  • Homeworld - Ugandalore
  • Role - Military, religious, and political leaders.

  • Species - Volver (Gloris Volverii)
  • Homeworld - Ascon
  • Role - Loyal Knights and preachers

The Volver were the first species to truly worship Ada as their creator. From thousands of years ago to now, some Vovler strongly worship Ada and would love to see him return once more. These knights are ruthless products of the Blood Knights and the Crimson Splinter cults. They are the sons and daughters of the original members of the Knights of Ascon, the first Volver Separatist group.

Their skills and knowledge of Volver culture serve them well against their foes and former brothers in arms. Unfortunately, these "Knights" are no where near as skilled as the Imperial Volver Knights that are loyal to the Volver Empire, due to the lack of former Volver Knights to instruct the new generation after Kyaan Desaa's extermination of most rouge Knights. However, they are currently learning from their Ugandalorian allies, even if it's against the old ways.

  • Species - Orgaat
  • Homeworld - Tohoch
  • Role - Fast attack, swamp and jungle fighting, melee combat.

The Orgaat have joined the Tul'kaarin cults as barbaric scout and melee fighters, stalking the jungles and remote regions of the Tul'kaarin worlds for prey items and victims. These Orgaat began when they consumed the flesh of those who had fallen to the worship of Ada, not realizing what was happening at the time, the Power of Ada blinding their Shamans and Shifter Leaders to the corrupting influence the flesh held. While their genetics did not alter itself too badly, the Orgaat began to show an increasing proclivity towards Void Worship, and, incidentally, where drawn to these cult groups, often without realizing it.

Now that they have joined the Tul'kaarin in total, Orgaat provide themselves as scouts and jungle fighters, going ahead of the main army and attacking their foes before the battle is joined, killing other scout and recon units, and attacking sentries and dragging them into the jungles. Their savagery knows few bounds, as they are eager to stalk and kill whoever the Tul'kaarin fight with.

Orgaat in the Tul'kaarin are much more savage in appearance and nature then other Orgaat, their appearance more feral, and their bodies developing a series of spikes and spines across their backs. Due to fighting each other over meals, they tend to develop a number of scars across their bodies.

  • Species - Kaguran
  • Homeworld - Kaguria
  • Role - Scouting, Desert warfare.

The Kaguran are one of the main races that joined the Ugandalorians long ago. Though integrated, they have long maintained their own religious believes and traditions, with both sides respecting the traditions of the other. Still, Kaguran, like any race, can convert to a religion, and many converted to Ada worship, not aware of many of it's faults. While many left after Xizothano was supposedly killed, many, many more stayed behind, interested in his power. When the Blood Knights and others where formed, these Kaguran became members of these savage cults. As parto f the Tul'kaarin, the Kaguran became famous for their scouting and infiltration abilities, and being proficient warriors.

The Kaguran maintain much of the same ideals under Ada, largely unchanged, unlike their Ugandalorian or Orgaat kindred, who have slowly but surely turned to savagery and bloodlust as par their believes now. The Kaguran are still regarded as wily and destructive, but only when it benefits them. Otherwise, they are known to be far more pragmatic then before, utilizing others as long as they are useful, and keeping them alive only if they believe such beings will remain useful. Once their use is over, Kaguran will have no issue killing a foe, painfully if need be, and they almost always find a reason to make such a thing painful.

  • Species - Kadalian
  • Homeworld - Kadalia
  • Role - Heavy assault, shock troops.

The Kadalian are another race that joined the Ugandalorians, early in their history, forging an alliance based off their respect for each other's combat abilities. The Kadalians have long been respected for their wisdom and extreme, brutal strength in combat. They have long shared their ideals with the Ugandalorians, due to the integration between the two people. As such, a number came under the sway of the Cults dedicated to Xizothano Ada. The Kadalians are dedicated to their Ugandalorians brothers, as a sign of respect for helping them unify, and, as such, many Kadalians willingly followed the Ugandalorians into their worship of Ada, without complaints.

These Kadalians have turned upon their own ideals, and, instead of promoting the ideal of a noble, intelligent warrior, who favors art as well strength, have instead become cunning, vicious warriors, prone to covering themselves in the blood of their foes as a battlefield ritual, while giving prayers to the Void God. They carry little for how brutal they act, for their strength cannot be equaled, and few bother to question it. other races are weary of them, and avoid them, though the Ugandalorians are about the only ones they respect, an old sign of the respect the two once had for one another.

  • Species - Sicorséach
  • Homeworld - Varies
  • Role - Combat, basic warfare, preachers, scouting.

The Sicorséach are a large group of humans, found in Mirus, who joined the Ugandalorians, thanks to the Human's barbarity and warrior nature, causing many Mendel to see potential in them, and, after integrating them, the Sicorséach remained in the Pact, ever thankful for the guidance the Mendel had given them, referring to the ever-wise aliens as Progenitors and the like, the humans, like many, believing they would carry the Mendel's ideals forever onward. However, even with the teachings of the Ugandalorians, humans, are still human, and religions, no matter how dark or brutal, offer them much. Even when faced with persecution by their comrades, and evidence Xizothano was not the god they thought he was, the Sicorséach clung to their believes, now driven by blind faith.

All species within the Tul'kaarin are ruthlessly faithful to Ada, but none more so then these humans. The natural savagery inherent in the Sicorséach, has long come out, driving them onward towards more battle and warfare. This aggression and rage at their foes is furthered by their blind faith and ambition to make Ada's words felt in all things. They fear not death nor injury, happily charging into battle, as their ancestors did centuries ago against the Ugandalorians.

Military Edit

Ground Forces Edit

The Tul'kaarin still use the traditional ranks the Mendel used when they were part of the Blood Knights. However, Tul'kaarin, unlike the Mendel, have no issue with dying in battle, and in fact view it favorably, believing that in death, they become one with Ada and strengthen him. Otherwise, their tactics and maneuvers are generally the same, though changed to focus more on violent bloodshed and "glorious" killing, without care for if they live or die.

Tul'kaarin soldiers answer to Ascendants, advisers specifically chosen by Mavarla for their loyalty and skill in battle, and ability to lead through inspiration rather then intimidation. Still Ascendants have no qualms about killing their subordinates if they step out of line, content to let fear rule their lessers so they know their place. Still, the Tul'kaarin are still somewhat honorable, refraining from killing too brutally, and believe in doing so quickly and efficiently so their foes can become one with Ada all the faster. Torture, they believe, leaves Ada wanting.

Kul Votary
  • Role - Basic infantry
  • Weapons - Varies
  • Defenses - Light combat harnesses

Votaries are the basic foot soldiers of the Tul'kaarin who have yet to achieve great success in battle. They are the bulk of the Tul'kaarin forces, made up of newcomers chosen from their Cults under Mavarla's thrall and captured enemies and newcomers, being a cross between the Militia and Conscript from the Mendel Pact, made up of both Ugandalorians and aliens, younger warriors, and elder joiners. This does not distract from their main purpose; to add bulk to Tul'laarin armies and give them extra fire power. Little care is placed on them individually, so long as they can fire upon the enemy and do it well.

As befits their low rank, they wear little armor compared to their Blood Knight predecessors. because the Tul'kaarin, as of now, lack equipment and manufacturing, Votaries have armor only on their chest, legs and a basic helmet. Unlike other forces, who dress in standard-issue uniform armors, Votaries have no such regulations, because the Tul'kaarin see no reason to waste good armor on cannon fodder, and commonly wear whatever color of armor and clothing they prefer. Often uniforms are threadbare, and could barely be considered armor.

Votaries have little regulation for weapons and arms, and while many are well-armed with good blaster rifles and other weapons, some use simple ballistic weapons, and others are even forced onto the field with basic melee weapons, such as swords and spears. Due to this, to keep them in line, Tul'kaarin commonly let their religious leaders practically indoctrinate them with unshakable faith in their cause, causing them to develop an almost suicidal need to accomplish their goals, even on suicide missions.

Kul Votary Major
  • Role - Squad commanders, frontal assault troopers
  • Weapons - Varies, usually plasma rifles or repeaters
  • Defenses - Light combat harness

The result of Votaries proving their worth, and becoming "Bloodied", Majors are officers among the lower ranking members of the Tul'kaarin, designed to keep their charges in line and lead them with greater experience. Either made up of Ugandalorians who perform averagely on the field (Young Ugandalorians who move up commonly move to another rank based on their skills) or alien Votaries who still have much to learn. They are to keep their Votaries in order and keep them fighting, as Votaries commonly are deployed so that Tul'kaarin forces can retreat, while they stall the foe. If Votaries retreat too soon, or at all, it can ruin Tul'kaarin operations.

Majors receive better armor, blood-red armor reinforced and with the addition of a set of small horns on their helmet to distinguish them. Votary Majors armor is considered the average of which all other armor is based upon and upgraded from, with Votary Majors usually be seen as akin to Troopers of the Mendel Pact, though, due to lacking the industrial base of the main Pact, much of their armor is considered sub-bar compared to the main Pact's own armor systems. Majors quite often are found looting the armor used by other Mendel factions after battle and during raids.

Votary Majors, while commonly field officers in service to the Tul'kaarin, are just as likely to form squads and packs of their own to operate away from the lowly Votary grunts that are so often used as canon fodder. Though lacking in the discipline of the Mendel Troopers, due to being, on average, younger and more impulsive, still hold their own against most enemies, armed with far more dangerous weapons, usually looted from far-off Mendel colonies and give a boost in power, and instability. While more prone to explosion and other malfunctions, the Votary Majors care not, for in the end, their deaths feed Ada all the same.

Tul supplicant
  • Role - Sacrifices
  • Weapons - none
  • Defenses - Light armor.

Supplicants are those among the Tul'kaarin who are considered to weak to fight, yet still wish to provide their services to their Clan Lords/Ascendants, and wish for their death to at least have some purpose. They are usually members who have been born with deformities or illness, and, as such, they can play no role in battle directly. As such, in the warrior society of the Tul'kaarin, they desire to make their lives have meaning, and by extension, their deaths, so that their Clans will remember them fondly for their sacrifice for Xizothano Ada. To do this, they dedicate themselves to their Ascendants, and the High Lord himself.

Supplicants are grafted with technology beyond the understanding of the Ascendants, created by Xizothano long ago that Mavarla looted from a minor faction of Volver Void Worshippers. Destroying their entire cabal by himself, The High Lord claimed Xizothano had lead him there by a vision to find the technology. Upon studying it, Tul'kaarin scientists concluded it could be used to control the soul's energy of a creature, and direct passed off the commands of the individual. Combining this with the Supplicant Caste, Mavarla found a way to use their souls to empower himself, and, by extension, other Ascendant Lords who needed more power for their abilities, taking the victim's soul into themselves. Deacons are also known to use Supplicants, mostly to sacrifice them to coax visions of the future from Lord Ada, hoping he will grant them visions of glory.

This ability, however, is highly unstable, and can overload the essence abilities of the Supplicant in question. When this begins to happen, Ascendants will commonly throw their servants at the foe to explode in a quite grisly fashion, turning them into living, and often, unwilling grenades. Despite, they can still use their essence abilities, unlike Votary and other lower-ranks, who have none. Despite this, they receive no training, and can only manifest it minor ways. Despite, Supplicants are noted to quite arrogant, believing their powers above that of any other essence user, with the exception of their masters.

Tul Deacon
  • Role - Battlefield commanders
  • Weapons - Plasma rifles, plasma repeaters, concussion guns
  • Defenses - Strong shields and armor

Deacons are battlefield commanders who have achieved a great amount of success, enough to be noticed by another Deacon. This Deacon will take his selected trainee, educating and indoctrinating him even further. The training makes them extremely deadly in combat, strong leaders, and almost completely immune to pain. They wear strong, brown-colored armor with a curved, conical helmet. This armor is equipped with very powerful shielding, enough where they can survive a rifle shot to the head.

Deacons are not exactly a promoted rank, since the candidate must be noticed and trained by another Deacon. In fact, if one is not careful, they can remain a Votary or Major all of their lives, which won't be long in that case, though, like with all Tul'kaarin ranks, the minor Votary and Majors may challenge a deacon for his or her position through the Right of Kal'sharii. Once a Tul'kaarin fighter becomes a Deacon, they cannot achieve the rank of Warrior. Instead, they may become Zealots, or with luck an Ascendant.

A typical battlefield Deacon supports his troops right on the ground, battling his foes with advanced plasma weaponry while chanting morale-boosting prayers. As a result, they are often priority targets for the enemy, though quite often are followed around by a cadre of Warriors who have dedicated, or often forced into following the Deacon as bodyguards. These are often minor Warriors, with more loyalty to potential blood that can be split, rather then actual dedication to their commander.

Deacons of the Tul'kaarin are a converted version of the Draiiud, and are responsible for recording the history of the Clans of the Tul'kaarin, as well as the organization itself, and lead prayers to Xizothano Ada. It is they who teach the scriptures of Lord Ada, and lead the Carving Ritual that places the words of Ada into the bodies of young warriors.

Tul Bishop
  • Role - Battlefield Commanders, precision assault teams
  • Weapons - Plasma rifle, vibrosword, plasma repeater, ultrawave sword, plasma pistol
  • Defenses - Heavy armor and shields

Bishops are Deacons who have served faithfully for many years, and have proven exceptionally skilled in combat. Promoted and trained by a group of Tul'kaarin elites called the Order of Truth, not very many Votaries or Majors get promoted to Deacon, and even fewer of those become Bishops. Those that do, however, become deadly enemies on the battlefield. Wearing powerful ivory-white armor that can stop a sniper bullet and wielding weapons such as the deadly vibrosword or ultrawave sword, Bishops can rally defeated Tul'kaarin troops and lead them to victory.

Selection to become a Bishop is not a choice: if the Order decides a Deacon will become a Bishop, that Deacon will go to training immediately or be executed. The training programs the Deacon goes through will make him wish he had chosen execution. Once they enter training, they are forbidden to speak at all. Half of their day is taken up by grueling combat exercises, the other by long, brainwashing sermons and scripture studies. This is not done to cement his loyalty; by this time it is unquestionable and unbreakable. It is done to make sure that the candidate is purged of all worldly desires like ambition or self-preservation. The Bishops make up the majority of the very small percentage of Tul'kaarin members actually trusted by the Void Lord, since they will never challenge him or any other Ascendant for their position. They do not exist to rise through the ranks, they exist to serve Ada and their Void Lord.

When the recruit's training is complete, he is taken to an uninhabited planet and dropped off, along with forty captured prisoner. The recruit must hunt down and kill each one, then remove, cook, and eat his heart. The recruit has all the time he needs to complete the hunt, but he isn't leaving the planet until all forty victims are dead. The longest ever lasted three weeks, the quickest ever was a full day. Once the recruit has done this, he is given his armor and is officially a Bishop. Every Bishop's name and deeds are recorded in a book kept by the Order of Truth. In battle, the Bishop's role is usually to command his troops and raise their morale by preaching to them during combat. Sometimes, on critical missions, Bishops are deployed in teams of three to five members to act as shock troops, using their superior weapons and training to cut a path to the objective while their soldiers mop up the stragglers.

Tul Warrior
  • Role - Heavy combat support, leadership
  • Weapons - Plasma launcher, exchange turret, vibrosword, uro-launcher
  • Defenses - Heavy armor and shields

Warriors are Tul'kaarin fighters with prior battlefield experience, such as during the Mirusian Conflicts. Then again, most battlefield experience counts, even if it was against the Tul'kaarin or Blood Knights before the individual in question defects and joins the Tul'kaarin. Though, if the individual has fought Ada's servants in the past, he usually undergoes a self-inflicted torture ritual to prove his newfound loyalty.

This ritual is long and brutal, and ensures only Ada's most faithful attain this rank. First, the fighter starves himself for thirteen days while training vigorously. When this fasting is over, the fighter finds a quiet location, erects a shrine to Ada, then runs meathooks through his biceps. Then, he stands in place, leaning backwards until the hooks rip through his muscles. Salt is rubbed into the wounds, after which the fighter must stitch them up with no anesthetic. If the fighter is strong enough to survive all this, his survival on the battlefield is almost guaranteed, at least for a while. Warriors commonly act as Shock troopers, opening up holes in enemy lines and attacking weak points in enemy formations to ensure maximum damage.

This reason is that Warriors have some of the strongest armor and weapons available to the Tul'kaarin. Their armor is golden, with a curved helmet. The shields are something to be envied, able to protect him from even heavy weapons. As a sign of defiance and loyalty, the Warriors leave their arms bare so all their allies and foes can see their scars. As they move up in rank and attain more kills and power with the Tul'kaarin, a Warrior may add more scars to his arms to symbolize his growing strength.

Tul Zealot
  • Role - Battlefield commanders, special units, stealth fighters
  • Weapons - Ultrawave Sword, Plasma ripper, Pyro pistol
  • Defenses - Strong shielding, active camouflage

Zealots are very experienced Tul'kaarin fighters, selected by an enigmatic organization known only as the Academy and trained in all known forms of combat. Everything from skill with the enemy's weapons to martial arts from their, Volver, Raptoranean, and even Biskin culture is taught in the brutal concentration training centers. But it is well worth the effort, as the Zealots are the true hand of the Tul'kaarin. They are sent in when all other forces fail. As such, they are silent, ruthless, and completely without a hint of mercy, will to execute their Highlord's orders without reservation in the slightest.

Their duties range from assassination, troop commanding, and artifact retrieval. To perform their duties, they are armed with the best Tul'kaarin tech available, including active camo units. Despite their skill, they don't work well alongside other Tul'kaarin units due to their style of fighting not melding well with basic battlefield tactics. As a result, they are usually deployed alone or in small teams. For this reason, as well as their elite training and secretive nature, Zealots are commonly compared to Super Commando units within the Pact, or Blood Guard within Dead Watch factions.

The presence of Zealots indicates an extreme interest from the Tul'kaarin leadership in that particular area. This makes them a priority target for enemy forces should they even be able to find them. The Tul'kaarin's leader, Mavarla Atrass, was once a Zealot and continues to wear a modified version of his old armor. Zealots are loyal to the Highlord above all else, and are commonly sent to assist members of the Ascendants in battle, or keep an eye on them. When someone wants the position of highlord for themselves, Zealots are not allowed to partake in the ritual of Kal'sharii, unlike other Tul'Kaarin forces, due to their importance and the need for Zealots to not fall over petty conflicts.

  • Role - Shock troopers
  • Weapons - Curvic sword, Proton repeater
  • Defenses - Strong shields and armor

Recruited entirely from a persecuted race of Mendel nomads known as the Ashi'yyar, Ascetics act as Tul'kaarin special ops troops of sorts. Barabric even compared to other Tul'kaarin, the Ascetics largely keep to themselves and interact little with other members of the Mendel Void sect. Even the Ascetics know little about their ways, though the utter fanaticism by which they fight for them is clear enough. Ascetics are so named because they ritally fast for long times, only engaging in feasts before battle. While they claim they do so as a show of piety, in truth it is as continuous pentinence for losing their ancient homelands to Clans Nitrocon and Clett. Most of their number go into battle bare-chested to better show off their ritual scarifications, though tatooed scripture from the Book of the Empty Lord is notably abscent. The Ascetics claim that since Ada is better defined by what is not than by what is, such tatoos are heresy. While there is truth in their claim, the reason for their abscence is that the Ascetics do not truly whorship Ada. Instead, they have kept to their ancient heaven worship and revered Ada's teacher Moa instead. Given that the Ashi'yyar conduct their rituals at night, they found it easy enough to make it seem they quite literally woshipped the Void beyond planetary atmospheres. Other Ascetic habits include wearing dreadlocks on helmets woven from the sinews of their foes, inhaling the remains of their fallen to gain their strength, and rubbing their ashes upon their bodies, further giving them a ghostly appearance and reminding their ancient enemies that the Ascetics will haunt them so long as one of their number still lives.

Ascetics originate from an ancient sect of Ugandal tribal warriors, who rode mounts into battle as cavalry. The Ascetics carry on this tradition to the present day, riding trained war mounts. They charge into battle with Curvic Swords, cruel, curved blades designed to rip through flesh with great thrusting and slashing motions, as well as Proton Repeaters, heavy weapons deployed to tear down heavily armored targets. This can greatly compliment a Tul'kaarin ground assault. But Ascetics rarely participate in indoor or enclosed battles, because they hate being inside. This also makes it difficult to transport them into battle, and, as such, when they join a Death Fleet, they commonly will be in small numbers. Where they fight, though, they do so ferociously, singing funeral dirges from the depths of their throats to inimidate their foes into fleeing, before cutting them down.

During the Mendel Schism, the Tul'kaarin made peace with and joined the Mendel Pact. Refusing to fight alongside a hated memeber of Clan Clett, the Ascetics defected in numbers to the Hand of Retribution, who accepted them gladly. When the Hand was defeated, the Ascetics would once more be forced to kneel, though many would later join Chokuto Gredyc's Imperial Mendel Loyalists.

Tul BSeeker
  • Role - Assassination and stalking of prey.
  • Weapons - Bane Halberds
  • Defenses - Stealth armor

Blood Seekers are specialized Zealots, risen from their ranks, and, instead of being chosen to become an Ascendant, chose to take on the position of Blood Seeker. Their job is simple. To take on and find the weaklings and cowards who make up the Tul'Kaarin and who are unworthy of Ascension in the Ranks or living, and eliminate them. In their minds, the weak are reaped so the strong can thrive. To many weaklings among them, and they risk wasting resources and man power on beings unworthy of them. This way, the Tul'kaarin are kept strong and efficient, so long as the Blood Seekers continue their hunts.

Blood Seekers move silently, watching from all corners and never seen by other members of the Tul'kaarin until it is too late. It is unknown how Blood Seekers recruit their members, though they mostly draw their numbers from Zealots and Ascetics with a propensity for stealth and never failing in their objectives and duties. These beings disappear, with many of their comrades believing they failed in a artifact retrieval mission or test of character, and are now suffering the tender mercies of the Tul'Kaarin Ascendants and leaders. In reality, they are inducted into the Cults of the Blood Seekers.

Little is known of the training Blood Seekers go through, as they do not share with outsiders and maintain this to intimidate allies and foes alike. What is known is that Tul'Kaarin Blood Seekers have an intricate series of scars and markings across their faces created to symbolize something of important to the Blood Seeker Cults. These scars, while rarely seen, are never the same, and each one is as different as the warrior who bears them.

Tul Ascendant
  • Role - Commanders, cult leaders, fleet commanders.
  • Weapons - Varies, telepathic powers.
  • Defenses - Heavy battle armor.

Ascendants are the highest ranking leaders of the Tul'kaarin, made up of warriors who have fought and battled their way through battlefields and rivals alike to attain their position in power. Ascendants are feared and respected by their lessers for their fearsome abilities in warfare, and for their devotion to the Great Lord of the Void. Their position is nearly absolute, their power, almost unquestionable.

Ascendants command on a council made up of exact 100 other Ascendants. The lower the number, the higher an Ascendant is ranked. For exampled, First Ascendant is considered the second highest rank, and second only to the Claw od Ada himself in power. An Ascendant can move higher up the Council by killing the next Ascendant higher up then he. This means that the Tul'kaarin are always lead by the strongest and most capable. The Ascendants convene on important times to discuss the future of the Tul'kaarin Cult, as well as diplomacy and trade with others, if they are deemed worthy.

All Ascendants command their own forces, though the higher their rank, the larger their forces, and more fearsome their technology. The First Ascendant commands much of the Tul'kaarin fleet into battle, where's the 89th Ascendant commands only a small Clan's worth of warriors. Likewise, The Claw of Ada, being above the First Ascendant, leads the entire military might of the faction.

Their weapons in battle vary depending on which Ascendant is in battle. Some prefer heavy, long ranged ordinance, though most prefer melee weapons, combined with incredible essence powers. These powers come from a drug called the breath of the void, and the Tul'kaarin imbibe it in order to become one with their god and gain a fraction of his power. The higher ranking a Tul'kaarin, the more of this drug they may take, which explains why only Ascendants display such profound essence powers.

Star Fleet Edit

The Tul'kaarin War fleet, otherwise called the Death Fleet, is the vast collection of starships maintained by the Tul'kaarin for war, colonization and expansion efforts across the galaxy. Incredibly vicious and powerful, but also organized and efficient in battle, the Death Fleet could bring death to thousands of sectors across the galaxy if they so wished, but currently act to maintain their power base.

The Tul'kaarin have always taken what they needed from the Ruins Hand, the Mendel Pact, and other Mendel splinter factions in raids on the out-skirts of their territory, stealing and repurposing technology to suite their needs and fight for them. As such, while they may not be able to maintain as good a technology level as the Mendel Pact, their weapons commonly use more alien forms of weaponry and equipment the main Pact is unexperienced with, and may have never seen before.

The Death Fleet itself relies heavily on fast, daring raids before the battle is joined, weakening enemies as much as possible before they begin their attack. When they feels the enemy is softened up enough, they deploy their full force to strike the killing blow and hit their enemies with fast, deadly attacks meant to hurt as much as possible. While having full armaments of Frigates, capital ships and other large vessels, they have fewer fighters then one might expect for a fleet their size.

Individuals Edit

  • Name - Mavarla
  • Position - Claw of Ada
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Gender - Male
  • Status - Active

Mavarla Atrass is the current High Lord and Claw of Ada among the Tul'kaarin, and their supreme leader and warrior. Mavarla formed the Tul'kaarin to serve Ada, as well as his own interests, believing himself a better leader then Anthil Agna, and seeking to establish his own empire in the Mirus galaxy. Whether or not Ada is actually a god or not matters little to him, but it keeps his troops in order, and so allows him to maintain his own private empire. Mavarla is a powerful speaker and orator, using it to bind even the Volver within the Blood Brothers to his will, and continues to act the part of a zealous crusader.

Mavarla is an extremely charismatic individual, though relies mostly on his savage nature and nature among his warriors to keep them in line. Even if they do not agree with his way of worshipping the Void King, few have the courage to truly challenge him. Many say Mavarla has turned torture and misery into an art, able to keep his enemies on the brink of death, yet never quite able to die until Mavarla wills it. As such, many follow him out of a need to be closer to Ada, out of respect for Mavarla, or, most often, a fear of him.

Mavarla was killed in the Right of Kara'shii by Altraak, who burned in his body within the Pit of the Void, utterly destroying him, and cementing her place as the ruler of the Tul'Kaarin. His defeat lay largely with her execution of a number of his supporters, including several minor War Captains, and Warmaster Ghelik Lhari. Though he called upon them, he was unaware of their deaths, and his unease at their lack of arrival to the Right, lead to him not being able to concentrate on the battle at hand.

  • Name - Altraak
  • Position - Formerly First Ascendant, now Claw of Ada
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Gender - Female
  • Status - Active

Altraak is formerly Ascendant of the Tul'kaarin and second in command, now Claw of Ada and true leader, of the entire organization. Her rise to power started at around the same time as Mavarla's, and was known for her twisted sense of honor and cunning compared to the more straight forward Mavarla. Unlike many Tul'kaarin and Mendel who had joined the Void cults, Altraak has never found need to carve the Words of Ada into her body like so many of her kindred, for she has memorized each and every text and mantra Ada had given his followers, by heart. Indeed, few doubted Altraak's loyalty to the cause, and has always been a devout follower of Ada.

Of the two, Altraak was the more noted for her skills in rallying warriors to her cause, though Mavarla's power as a warlord and conqueror made it easier for him to attract Ugandalorian followers. When Mavarla proposed splinting from Anthil's forces, Altraak decided to join him, as he clearly had more warriors under his command, and she herself has something else in mind for the organization. Altraak is fearfully obeyed by all below her, and even the fierce Jikara is notably terrified of her. The soldiers respect Mavarla, they fear Altraak. Few outsiders know why though. She is calm, clear-spoken and charismatic, but many can tell she hides something darker to everyone.

The fact no one knows her Clan lineage does not help matters, with some whispering she is actually a demonic child of some sort sent by Ada to keep his worshipers in line, others, that she was brought into this world by a fearsome Nerosaur.

Altraak, as Claw of Ada, has lent her forces to numerous campaigns against the forces of the Mendel Pact, and while critical of Kirta's naiveté on the Mendel people, she none the less respects her younger peer, and has fought alongside her multiple times. Her brutality has kept the Tul'Kaarin in line, and their success and glory in battle has guaranteed her reign will last a very long time. Though betrayed by the Ascetics, Altraak cares little for the barbarians, knowing she will one day have them all flawed alive before her.

  • Name - Jikara
  • Position - Formerly Second Ascendant, now First Ascendant
  • Gender - Female
  • Status - Active.

Jikara Gredyc is the Ascendant under Altraak, and in charge of the much of the managing of the military and fleet movements the Tul'kaarin make. Always regarded with some trust, despite the deceitful nature of the Tul'kaarin, Jikara is entrusted by both Mavarla and Altraak to manage their affairs and keep the Tul'kaarin Clans in fighting order. Her role is even more important, considering her combat abilities allow her to keep those beneath her in line, giving Altraak and Mavarla some breathing room away from their subordinates. Altraak especially trusts her, as Jikara, while she would never admit it, is actively afraid of Altraak's wrath, and does everything she can to please her superior.

Jikara, to her subordinates, is a strong, powerful warrior, never to be taken lightly, and is respected by all. Unlike most Tul'Kaarin leaders, she is not prone to petty savagery or extreme punishment, relying on the fear she exudes to make sure her subordinates will not fail a second time. Regardless, if they do step out of line and try to challenge her, she is quick to brutally destroy them. Around Altraak, however, she is completely different, submissive and quiet often sycophantic to her commander. Few have seen her like this, and those who have, are all the more terrified of Altraak for it.

Jikara would rise as First Ascendant after Altraak defeated Mavarla. She was kept from bringing her forces to bear against any one side, due to Altraak buying her silence through a mixture of force and charisma. She would, after the Tul'Kaarin joined the Mendel Pact, come to fight during the Final Battle against the Hand of Retribution, and later during the Second Cyrannus War.

  • Name - Nyun
  • Position - Warmaster
  • Gender - Male
  • Status - Traitor.

Sakoro Nyun, often shortened to Nyun, is a Tul'kaarin Warmaster, who, on the orders of the Council of Ascendants, was ordered to lead a colony force to mine experimental gases and vapors for the Tul'kaarin war machine and power it's fleets. Nyun, however, and his warriors, lost their minds, and became irredeemably insane, enough to where even Mavarla could not restrain them to his will. As such, Mavarala let Nyun continue his operations, as the insane Kodalorian and his forces disrupted the operations of many of Mavarla's rivals and enemies, from Clan Quista and the like. Still, he plans to, at one point or another, destroy them in total, for Nyun represents a threat to his undisputed role as ruler of the Tul'kaarin.

Nyun has long been considered a faithful servant of the Claw of Ada, and would have, at one point, had a shot at rising up to ranks of the Ascendants. Now, however, he is irredeemably insane, his forces rampaging across the sectors just outside of Tul'kaarin space, disrupting trade and arms traffic for other empires, claiming all the while that the voice of Ada guides him, and he is the true Claw of Ada. As his military intellect was not apparently damaged by the gas, he still can lead his forces without fail, making him far more dangerous then one would expect.

Sakoro was killed by Kirta Clett and Ghkess Vhardi, leading their forces against his as a "test" by Altraak, to prove they where worthy of fighting alongside her in her power grab within the Tul'Kaarin. He was stabbed twice in the chest by Kirta, who left him for dead as they began to evaluate the massive derelict he and his forces had used as a base. He attempted to rise again, only to be shot three times by Phase-Hunter, suffocated by Ghekis, and kicked in the face by Kirta. If he survived this, he most certainly would have been annihilated when they set his derelict to crash into the nearby sun.

  • Name - Ghelik
  • Position - Warmaster
  • Gender - Male
  • Status - Alive

Ghelik Lhari is another Warmaster under the command of Mavarla, and a warrior of peerless skill. Ghelik was promoted to replace the now insane Sakoro, and was given command of a significant portion of Mavarla's forces, making him something of a rival of Ascendant Altraak, who also commands many of the Tul'Kaarin forces. As an Ascendant, her reach and influence has always been greater then his, leaving him bitter at the one he views as below himself. Still, as he is not of the List of Ascendants, he cannot move or strike Altraak, especially given her high position and authority, something she loves to flaunt at the disgruntled Warmaster.

While a dedicated warrior, and truly the more trusted of the two, Ghelik has still been denied the opportunity to advance up to the Lists of Ascendants, and needs a truly successful campaign to put himself on the map. His opportunities are limited however, and while he has won great acclaim over the years, he truly needs a powerful campaign, one that will humble his foes for ages to come, and bring in millions of sacrifices to Ada, to gain a position in the Ascendants, and challenge Altraak.

His dreams where dashed, however, when he sent his legions to investigate Altraak and her forces activity, as she was killing key supporters of Mavarla, something he suspected had something to do with the Right of Kara'shii. Finding her colluding with outsiders within Kirta Clett, Ghelik attempted to contact Mavarla, but his communications where jammed by Kirta's forces, and he and his guards where killed trying to fight Forbila and Altraak, who promptly slaughtered the group, Ghelik killed by the one women he sought to destroy all along.

Relations Edit

Blue face Allies Edit

We shall stand with you.

  • Crimson Splinter - We will help you so long as you remain useful to us.
  • Mendel Pact - You may not be followers of Ada, but you are vicious none the less.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Do not test us.

Orange face Disliked Edit


Red face Enemies Edit

Your fate is sealed. Your sacrilege will be punished in full soon enough.

Quotes from others Edit

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It would seem that I have more Pawns for my board. Your devotion and courage give me more strength. When the time comes, you will all ascend into the Void. I'll make sure of it.

- Xizothano Ada

You dare abandon us for your own cause? Don't expect any mercy if we cross paths.

- Anthil Agna, leader of the Blood Knights

You follow Ada blindly mortals. Even he can't control the Void's hunger.

- Draedan

You wish to have my power? How foolish...however, I am interested in testing out my abilities on you all.

- King Brygon

You can't understand the Void. Our minds simply can't comprehend it. But if you want to worship about treating me like a goddess instead?

- Zataura Ada

They have their my game, for I ultimately bow to only one. We need people who are willing to open their eyes to the truth that Ada is a god. But only on purely rational terms - not in religious superstition. The past is the past - embrace the future to come. Ada is dead - we must and can only ressurect him by doing just that. To serve him is to understand him for what he truly is, not to follow him as the god he never pretended to be in the first place! If you stay rooted in tradition, you shall fall behind, and you shall die. Thus you shall be useless to Ada's second coming - so do not and advance for once. Ada the Deity is dead, long live Ada the Sovereign!

- Iloburaas, leader of the Crimson Splinter

Cowards. Filthy, disloyal cowards. How dare they defy the very reason they formed their organization by joining the fucking Pact!

- An enraged member of the Ascetic Order.

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