The Amiaeria Noble known as Tukio Nutria is a notorious trader known within Rambo Nation. Over the years he gained a lot of influance, and even though is shadowly service within the Confederacy he managed to become a senator within Rambo Nation.

Tukio is a gifted trader, knows his tricks to sell his goods. He also is a gifted fleet commander, though prefers defensive strategies better than to lead fleets into battle.

He commanded his personal flagship, the Acquisitor during the Battle of Fornaeria and he made it possible that the Amiaeria joined the Nation- making him a hero of Muunivelle wich eventually led to him becoming a senator.



Not much is known of Tukio's history, he was born at Muunivelle- though his date is lost and he himself refuses to talk about it. Over time, when he grew older he managed to set up his own trading organisation, and he made a lot of profit. As such he gained a lot of wealth, making it possible to blackmail or buy things he wanted. His goal became to achieve a higher and influantial position within the entire Cluster than he now had.

Due to his wealth, he managed to buy a small fleet of Amiaeria Frigates and a capital vessel, wich he dubbed the Acquisitor. The ships and his capital ship became the center of his own trade cooperation, even managing to concurrent with large trade organisations within Rambo Nation. Around 03 AQF he gave hearing to Rambo Nation her plea during the Battle Fornaeria- an act wich allowed the Amiaeria to become members of the Nation upon the signing of the Treaty of Fornaeria. Within a year he became one of the best 10 traders of Rambo Nation. Obsessed with money, he isn't affraid to blockade planets and force them to make contracts with his own organistion to increase his power and wealth. It is also known that he managed to get the blueprints of the Swerion Battle Droids after they were destroyed by the Imperial Alliance- and began producing them for his own plans.

After contact with the Unknown Dark Lord, he and his trade fleet blockaded the Chinawkya planet Ivalaë, in search of a map to find the Forgotten Lord. Unable to get it he killed the old man whom was known to have the map and later on was forced to retreat and lift the blockade as Senator Chuinaylia and Senator Gorubla gave permission to remove the blockade by force.

Afterwards he tried to find Uruviel, the adopted daughter of the old Chinawkya man but was unable to find her.

Battle of Rambo Prime

During his search he encountered Captain Rambam of the USS Venture (04 AQF), who was hunting him down. Tukio his fleet was stronger, and forced Rambam and his 'Hutter allies to flee. Tukio became aware he had to leave Rambo territory as soon as possible and travelled to the outer colonial region of the Quadrants, passing by Yadumarth. Nearby that planet he was contacted by General Yuhvast, and Tukio was introduced to Geldrim, the ruler of the planet. Together they plotted a plan to form their own private army, to have a chance to join the Confederacy. This happened shortly before the First Battle of Yadumarth and a small part of the army was ready during the Second Battle of Yadumarth and allowed the Yudimaran to join the Confederacy. In reward for his services Tukio became an officer within the Confderate Navy.

Confederate Service[]

He remained at Yadumarth for quite some while, though later joined Admiral Lizaconda during the 6th month to attack Rambo Prime, an important colony to Rambo Nation. Taken by surprise by the Suiliagothrond Battlestation his ship, the Acquistor was destroyed in an intense battle by the station (05 AQF). Yet Tukio managed to escape and remained in hiding for a long time- secretly making deals in the shadowly underworld of the Cyrandia Cluster.

Tukio recieves command of the fleet from Cassynder

Somewhere in 05 AQF he required a replacement for his destroyed ship, from the same class baring the name Mercatura. After the reforming of the URC into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus he managed to gather some Confederate ships who were fleeing from the Empire. Later on, in 02 NE (Dark Times) he was summoned to Carindes by Cassynder- the leader of the Confederacy of Free Planets, the remnant of the former Confederacy. Tukio was surprised to be summoned but pledged his loyalty and fleet to Cassynder, still believing in the Confederate ideals. During their talks Tukio and Cassynder informed eachother about current events and was surprised that Cassynder gave him command of the fleet to defend Carindes from an Imperial campaign- while Cassynder left for other matters. Tukio smiled broadly and organised the fleet around the planet to form a defense line.

Destroying the Retaliator

After a while on guard, an Imperial Navy dropped out of hyperspace. When Captain Vano- onboard the Retaliator left fleet formation with a few escorts Tukia was informed of the Imperial presence. Tukio, onboard the Mercatura simply smiled and unleashed his trap. Suddenly twelve more frigates and two destroyers arrived from beyong the planet's moon and attacked Vano and her fleet. The Retaliator was hammered by blasters and lasers and eventually exploded, killing the majority of it's crew. Vano managed to escape but was taken captive by the Mercatura her tractor beam and she was brought to the brick.

One week after the attack by Vano, Tukio wondered if the Imperials decided to abandon the systems when a massive Imperial fleet under command of Tyrant arrived and engaged Tukio his fleet. Outnumbered and overwhelmed Tukio decided to retreat when his fleet was incernated and his own ship almost collapsed under Imperial fire. Using hyperdrive Tukio and his crew managed to escape Carindes.

Senator of Rambo Nation[]

Tukio takes residence at the capital building of Muunivelle

Due to his wealth, popularity at Muunivelle and is rather unknown service to the Confederacy allowed Tukio to become elected for Senator of the Western Colonial Sector. He was elected shortly after the Cyrandia Conference in 06 AQF/03 NE. Tukio was pleased, now he gained a influantial position within Rambo Nation- one of the most powerful empires within the Cluster. Pleased he began expanding his trade imperium, searching for ways to hire bounty hunters as well.

As he is still loyal to the Confederacy, he will awaits Cassynder's plans to combat the Empire- and if it should fail he will offer him a sanctuary at Muunivelle. He hired a Amiearia noble as his aid and second in command, while he also kept a Amiearia female as escort.

Personality and Traits[]

As said before, Tukio is a gifted and clever trader. As well posseses impressive skills for fleet actions. Tukio himself rather prefers to take defensive actions like defending planets instead of taking a fleet in combat.

Tukio is also ruthless, doesn't hesistate to remove his enemies and will show no mercy to his adversaries. Though he will often keep them alive, gain intelligence before giving them a slow and painful death.

Tukio also knows how to play people, resulting in his election to senator. As a senator he dislikes most of them, but seemingly has a great deal of respect for Empress Ramashe.


Tukio doesn't believe in allies, only in those he can work or live with and those who stand in his way.

Senate Relations[]

  • Yellow face.pngThey will be tools to gain me the position Chancellor of the Royal Crown!

Red face.pngThey must be removed if I want to satisfy my ambitions!

Other Relations[]


Blue face.pngThey will be tools to gain me the position Chancellor of the Royal Crown!


Red face.pngTiresome

  • Captain Rambam - Glad he is dead
  • Uruviel - Curse you, where is this blonde girl!
  • Tyrant - May you burn in the fires of the Atlantica's wrath!




I can't believe we let a trader become a senator. A disgrace!

- Chuinaylia

Who needs money when you have weapons?

- Tyrant


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