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Although only a taste of the horrors that faced our nation, the Trucinex War showed us that when pushed or threatened, the people of Cyrannus and rise up and take vengeance on the ones who dare attack us. And yet, it was also the time when we met our great allies, of Rambo Nation and the DCP. We will never forget the dead, though we must keep our minds on the future.

- President Apollo of the Cyrannian Republic

The Trucinex War was an armed conflict that occured within the Cyrannus Galaxy, lasting from 16 BTC to 15 BTC, involving many of the current Gigaquadrantic superpowers. The conflict began when the leader of the Trucinex, the Nex Prophet was influenced by the Dark Lord Tyrómairon into sparking a war with the Capricorn Sector Alliance and the Federation of United Worlds. However, the Trucinex failed to see many massive factions joining the war to aid the Sector Alliance, such as Rambo Nation, the Delpha Coalition of Planets and even the Xhodocto.

Participants Edit


Prelude Edit

Trucinex Prolude

An ancient evil envelops the Nex Prophet.

For over a thousand years, the Trucinex people searched their nearby space for what they saw as relics of their God. Generally, these searches were peaceful, but in most cases they didn't result in anything concrete being found. However, a Trucinex science team scouting for new worlds to join the Trucinex Imperium eventually came across what resembled an ancient sarcophagus. Out of curiousity, one of the scientists approached the sarcophagus and placed his hands on it. As soon as he touched it, he immediately disintegrated. As per the orders of the leader of the Imperium, the Nex Prophet, the sarcophagus was beamed aboard a science vessel and brought to Nex, where it would be blessed by the Prophet himself.

When it arrived on Nex, the Prophet ordered that the artefact be brought to him inside his palace. His guards left the sarcophagus inside the throne room and despite their better judgement, agreed to leave the Prophet alone with it. In awe and filled with religious passion, the Prophet didn't hesitate in approaching the sarcophagus and even touching. However, instead of disintegrating, the Prophet was enveloped in darkness, from which he could not escape. When the darkness cleared, the Prophet's eyes glowed maroon before returning to normal. An ancient evil had taken control over the Prophet's body and mind. In the guise of the Prophet, this evil influenced the Trucinex to prepare for war in the distant Core Worlds...

Month One Edit

Trucinex Attack

The Trucinex lay siege to the Twelve Colonies.

Using advanced stealth technology, the Trucinex Basestars began jumping into the orbit of the capitals of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, the Twelve Colonies. Alliance defences were ultimately incapable of protecting themselves or their colonies against the overwhelming Trucinex Fleet. Within an hour, the Alliance began to evacuate civilians, including the majority of the Colonial Government, including President Wilsa, the newly elected president after her predassor was murdered by Mortalitas attackers. This proved extremely lucky, as the Colonies, including Capricaerón began being nuked by Trucinex Basestars. A 120 Megaton nuclear weapon detonated over Libertopolos, but luckily, the city shields prevented total damage.

However, just before the cataclysmic explosion that claimed so many innocent life's, a new captain in the Capricorn Sector Navy, Apollo quickly rushed to the nearest starfighter, grabbing two citizens with him, in order to ensure their survival. Apollo lifted off and evaded the attacking basestars, just as Libertopolos was out shined by a huge ball of fire and light. Luckily, Apollo escaped on his fighter and made his way to the colony of Canceron, to regroup.

CSA Leaders

The leaders of the CSA discuss the Trucinex attack on the Twelve Colonies.

Admiral Cretacea escorted President Wilsa from the besieged Capricaerón to the colony of Canceron, which was under a less severe attack. There, she organized resistance against the unknown attackers, whom she came to learn are known as the Trucinex. When the Imperium invaded Canceron, the allies fought back with zeal, striking down the Trucinex and eventually leading the charge to liberate the Twelve Colonies, ultimately being successful, though at heavy casualities. During the remainder of the month, the war began to take shape, though the CSA keep busy teraforming their radiated homeworlds. Tragically, over 29 billion inhabitants died in the first hours of the attack.

Month Two Edit

CSA-Rambo First Contact

The CSA meet Captain Rambas II of the USS Hood.

The Trucinex continued to attack the borders of the CSA during the opening weeks of the second month of the war, while President Wilsa began worrying that the war may be already over, with a Trucinex victory. She personally began scouring the transmission waves in the hope of locating an empire powerful enough to help the CSA against the Trucinex. After days, upon days she was notified of a First Contact between a CSA captain and a Captain of an unknown civilization known as Rambo Nation, their captain, Rambas II opened relations with the CSA, before returning into the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole.

Over the course of the next few weeks, President Wilsa also met with Empress Ramashe, the leader of Rambo Nation and formed an alliance that would one day dominate Gigaquadrantic politics. She also made contact with the Delpha Coalition of Planets, a huge interdimensional empire from the Milky Way. Together the three allies formed the Great Three, and began to wage war on the Trucinex as equals and allies.

Battle of Orbispira Trucinex War

The Battle of Orbispira, during the Second Month of the war.

The three allies prepared for a devastating counter attack on the Trucinex over the planet of Orbispira (Obviously before it was reconstructed as a city planet). The three fleets, Rambo, CSA and DCP joined as one and attacked the Trucinex Fleet in orbit over the planet. The battle was nothing short of a complete victory for the allied forces, and the citizens of the CSA gave a sigh of relief.

Month Three Edit

Trucinex Contact with Mortalitas

General Zillum makes contact with the Trucinex Imperium, and agrees to help them in the war.

The Trucinex were shocked on the allied advances in the last few weeks of the last month, and it appeared that the scale of the war were being tipped, very much against the Imperium, and in favour of their enemies. The Nex Prophet realised that he would also need allies in order to turn the tide. His research led him the an empire known as the Mortalitas, whom after a defeat by the CSA, were colonising the galaxy near Trucinex space. A Trucinex Captain was sent to make contact with this new empire. The captain was located by an individual known as Zillum, a towering individual who had an air of authority, the two discussed for a long time, and eventually an alliance was formed.

Mortalitas Attack

The Mortalitas attack two CSA ships.

The Trucinex coordinated with the Mortalitas in order to organize attacks upon the CSA. General Zillum was tasked with coordinating the attacks, and the first one, conducted over a known CSA trade route was deemed to be the first target. Jumping out of hyperspace, the Mortalitas warships completely surprised the two CSA destroyers and destroyed them within moments. Zillum smiled, the CSA would fear him.

Trucinex Attack the Rambo

Trucinex Basestars ambush a Rambo Task Force

While Captain Rambas II of the USS Hood assembled more ships near a CSA coloniy, the USS Hood escorted various Rambo ships to that colonie. However, during the travel two Trucinex Basestars jumped out of space and attacked the Rambo Task Force. Taken by surprise, and not knowing the Trucinex tactics in detail, the Rambo Task Force was soon crippled and when a Nebula Class was hit critical and exploded, the Rambo ships retreated back to the CSA colony, during the battle the USS Hood was lightly damaged, but over 12 ships were heavily damaged and 6 were destroyed in battle. Even worse, the Trucinex now knew the location of the Cyrannus/Quadrantia Wormhole and the route was now exposed and not save. None the less, the Rambo were soon repairing there ships and those not damaged began aiding the CSA in there battles.

Month Four Edit

Battle of Nexios

Rambo forces combat Trucinex forces inside Nexios streets.

However, the Rambo soon wanted revenge for this attack and attacked Nexios, a small colony of the Imperium, it contained a large docking port for shuttles and had bridges which would lead you over the rivers at the planet. The invasion force quickly defeated the Basestar that was stationed in orbit. It soon landed various shuttles and the attack was led by Captain Rambas II, who was given command of the Cyrannus Task Force of Rambo Nation. Even though the invasion came to a surprise to the wealthy Trucinex of Nexios, it was a hard fought battle and Rambo Nation lost a lot of there ground forces whom fought in the battle. It later seemed with reinforcements that the Rambo would loose there precense and hold on Nexios, but the timely arrival of the CSA and DCP ensured that Nexios remained in allied hands.

Battle of Laorox

The Battle of Laorox

Meanwhile, the Trucinex invaded the planet of Laorox in the Inner Rim of Cyrannus. A group of Rambo and URC craft engaged the invading Trucinex Basestar, while landing troops on the surface to help repeal the invaders. However, eventually the Trucinex began to lose forces and the Basestar reported heavy damage. Just when the allies began to gain a shred of hope, an entire fleet of basestars appeared in orbit and began to nuke the planet's surface. This genocidal event killed millions.

Spore 2010-03-09 19-47-48

The Hyperlaser in action, 700 miles above the planet's surface.

However, just when the war appeared to be at its bleakest, a new, and entirely unbelievable enemy of the Trucinex appeared to help the allied forces... the Xhodocto! A massive battle was taking place on planet Luminox-5. The Imperium was at battle with the DCP, which made the DCP's struggle look helpless. When the Trucinex were certain of victory, a massive beam of firey energy destroyed numerous Trucinex Vehicles. The remaining vehicles mysteriously shut down in an instant. Warships fell to the surface, overall killing many millions of Trucinex in the process. A colossal ship surfaced the planet, thousands of Xhodocto stepped out of their warships, exterminating the remnants of the Trucinex. The Xhodocto began to scour Trucinex Space, using hyperlasers on Trucinex planets, exterminating them within minutes. The Trucinex Imperium's days appeared limited.

Month Five Edit

Trucinex Purity

The mutated Purity Trucinex.

However, there came a blessing, in disguise of a curse. Deep in Trucinex space, an extradimensional virus lurked its way into the Trucinexes water supply, infecting the Trucinex with a virus, known as Purity. This made the Trucinex very aggressive, and yet still sentient and calculating. The infected Trucinex quickly infected all the others inhabiting the colony, and began to travel off world, infecting but more colonies, making its way to the planet Nex, homeworld of the Imperium. Trucinex government officers under the Nex Prophet himself made their way to the shuttle, however they were blocked by approaching Purity Trucinex. Suddenly, the Prophet unleashed a wave of energy at the attackers, turning them to ash. The officers cheered this as an act of God.

Ramashe and Wilsa

President Wilsa and Empress Ramashe meet on the Rambo Capital.

One by one, Trucinex colonies fell under the influence of the virus, though it also began to attack and infect allied forces, who quickly met eachother to find a solution to the virus. President Wilsa travelled to the Rambo Capital in Quadrant 82 to meet with Empress Ramashe to discuss possible methods of stopping the spread of the infection. The two quickly agreed that planets that are infected with the virus should be immediately destroyed. The Trucinex at this point already stopped the spread on their homeworld, but the allies decided to help contain it on other Trucinex Worlds, and thanks to the efforts of the Xhodocto and the DCP, the Purity virus, or at least the strain of it, was defeated.

Month Six Edit

Battle above Nex

First Battle Above Nex.

In the aftermath of the destruction of the Purity Virus, a very large fleet comprised of Rambo, DCP, Capricorn and Xhodocto ships was heading towards the center of Trucinex Space on a final mission to crush the Trucinex. The Allies knew there was going to be much bloodshed, but they wanted to end this war now, so they sent their finest ships to attack the heart of the Trucinex - their homeworld Nex.

The DCP used its advanced cloaking systems to make ships undetectable until they neared the system. The Trucinex and their allies, the Vartekians set up a huge defense around Nex and its nearby colonies, in order to protect it from an invasion. The allies planned to conquer Nex, but leave it as a small puppet state controlled by the allies.

Captain Rambas II was send in name of Rambo Nation to lead the Task Force in aiding the CSA, there newly found allies. He was soon drawn into war and fought in many battles, but this was to be the importants of all. As he had promised to lead the first wave of attack to disable the shield generator above Trucinia, a large Trucinex City on Nex. Rambas first attacked the Trucinex BaseStars above Nex together with a few CSA Star Destroyers, seeing an opening Rambas II took the USS Hood and a few ships behind enemy lines and send an invasion party which landed with shuttles.

The battle was fierce, as multiply BaseStars followed the USS Hood and her escort, but somehow managed to lay siege on Trucinia. The General present was furious, but sure that he would not defeated. However as the battle rages, he saw his beautifull City of Trucinia in flames and was forced on the defensive. When a Captain arrived whom aided Rambo Nation, events turned even worser and the General was killed in the battle. The Shield Generators were soon destroyed after and Rambo Nation had openend the way for the Allied Forces for an invasion of Nex.

Battle of Nex

The Battle rages over Nex

Shortly after, a mysterious figure appeared to help the allies, the face concealed by the three-eyed mask - a Radeon commander sent by the Church to help the allies. Soon, most of the Trucinex command structure was eliminated, and the Trucinex flagship's machinery was found sabotaged, the fleet admiral found with the knife in his heart. Demoralised and without leadership, what remained of the Trucinex army was soon destroyed by the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Xhodocto.

The time had come for the final push against the Trucinex and their Nex Prophet. Cretacea led the attack on behalf of the CSA, attacking the capital city of Trucinico. After hours of intense fighting, the city was eventually liberated, but the Nex Prophet was nowhere to be seen. When the battle began to die down, the Prophet revealed himself, attacking and killing countless allied warriors with advanced mind powers, however Cretacea had positioned himself on a cliff behind the murderous Prophet and killed him. A twirling cloud of black smoke left the Prophet's body and ascended into the sky.

However, the allies gave a shout of joy... the war was over.

Aftermath Edit

The Trucinex War was a turning point for many of the Gigaquadrantic community. It spelled the beginning of the Capricorn Sector Alliance's ascenion into a universal superpower, which eventually led to the formation of the United Republic of Cyrannus. It was also the catalyst for the alliance between the CSA, Rambo Nation and the DCP, which was a defining political relation that lasted many, many years.

The Trucinex on the other hand were separated into two factions, the Imperium and the Republic. The Imperium was small and unnoticeable, but eventually joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems many years later, while the Republic joined the URC. The two Trucinex factions were eventually reunited under the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus at the end of the Great Cyrannus War. Nex itself fell under the rule of Imperial Mandator Nenabie.

Quotes Edit

Despite being a small war compared to those that followed, the Trucinex War proved a turning point in our history

- Apollo

I forget; why were we in this war?

- Angazhar

A small war that misquided the Trucinex to wage war against our allies. Luckily we have dealt with them in due time and the war strengthened our relations with the later United Republic of Cyrannus.

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

I was here...

- Admiral Jahric

Trivia Edit

  • The Trucinex War was Cyrannian's first collaborative fiction.
  • A retconning of the war's history began on July 23rd 2011 and ended on August 14th 2011.
  • In April 2012, it became a Featured Article.

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