The Troodontid Empire has only few stable colonies that are able to support life for Troodontids over a longer time. Most of the colonies the Troodontids established in recent years are fully automated and have only minimal life support. As a result these planets are nothing more than minor holdouts, while the main planets are secured by large fleets and large amounts of ground forces.

Cyrannus GalaxyEdit

Cyrannus is the home galaxy of the Troodontid Empire. Due to the Troodontid disinterest in rapid expansion, their territory grows only slowly and unsteadily. As a result the territory controlled in Cyrannus is very small compared to the colonies of most other major empires of the galaxy.

Unknown RegionsEdit

Southern Outer CyrannusEdit


Raptura's orbital shipyards during the mid 04 NE

Raptura is the capital of the Troodontid Empire and is by far the most important planet of their whole culture. The reason for this is that this planet is the home planet of the Troodontids.
Raptura is located in the Solaris System, a K-type main-sequence star or orange dwarf, put n a perfect distance to its star to support life. It takes Raptura 267 days to revolve around its star, a day has 23 hours. Raptura has 2 moons as well as one smaller asteroid belt from a prior collision with its sister planet Raptaru that was destroyed during that.
Though the planet once was a lush, tropical world covered almost completely in water. It was home to several million different species of creatures and three times more plant species, however during the Troodontid's planetary takeover most were wiped out with only their genetic material remaining. All remaining life forms were brought to bio-domes to be stored and observed in artificial environment, while the advances can continue around. The seas were soon also covered with the megacity, causing big parts of them to condense, while the others are used to produce drinking water for the planet's inhabitants.

The environmental chaos done by the Troodontids didn't remain without long-term effects. The planet is now constantly shrouded in clouds, causing almost constant rainfall. On the other hand the climate got much colder and all traces of a natural climate vanished. It made it almost impossible to determine if it is day or night, due to the constant twilight.
Raptura 2

A typical Rapturan day

The planet's metal and coal resources have been drained long ago, instead the Troodontids synthesize artificial resources all over the planet ranging from food to whole buildings. The Troodontid government and the most important scientific institution have their seat here as well as the court. Only the military coordination center is on another planet in case the recapturing of the planet is necessary as it had been before.
The most significant detail of the planet is the double ring surrounding the planet. These have been started to be built during the early days of the Troodontid Empire, but weren't finished till the middle of 04 NE. They remained concealed during any attack on the Troodontid home world to prevent damage on this super structure. This is caused by an internal cloaking system in every segment of the massive rings, making it possible to become invisible in the case of an attack. However the rings do not primarily serve an artistic function, but a more practical. The rings primarily serve as a massive shipyard for the production of massive fleets. Though it seems unlikely the rings will ever be used on full capacity, the shipyards are considered capable of building over 1,500 ships at a time. The rings also serve for storage and space of industry branches that didn't fit into the megacity anymore as well as for many scientific operations. Additionally the rings serve as a massive last bastion against attackers. Its fire power exceeds - on full capacity and over the full length - a whole Troodontid fleet, while its sheer size makes it nearly impossible to destroy.
The Rapturan defenses are only to be described with the word "extreme". Though all of the few Troodontid colonies are heavily guarded, Raptura is protected by all possible defenses ranging from a massive fleet stationed in the orbit, hundreds of ground-to-space cannons as well as a armada of satellites and orbital structures to prevent any enemy from capturing this world what would mean the end of the Troodontid Empire.

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Anklar is a major fleet production point, mostly used before Great Deceiver. At this time the planet was revealed to Imperium resulting in its loss of importance.
The gas giant is located in the Mitheda system, circling a Blue giant. Anklar itself is circled by its own asteroid belt, that consists of the destroyed moons Anklar once had.
The asteroid belt around Anklar contains Hapro compounds, however only in small amounts. The Trooodntids had stripped the asteroid belt of any of them by 03 NE, causing them to abandon the mining platform around the plant.
More notable are the internal shipyard rings of the planet. They are not visible from outside and are instead inside the atmosphere. Only the comparably low gravity and the high technology stops them from crashing down, however they are very useful secretly building massive armadas and secret ships.
In addition the natural form of Anklar hides pretty much anything on the planet, making it a dangerous and nigh undetectable outpost. It is the main gathering point for the entire Troodontid fleet and army giving it enormous strategic value.


A Troodontid convoy enters an outpost on Tunoos

Tunoos is an important Troodontid world in charge of the Southern areas of the Troodontid territory, that are alos known as armory sector. It is among the oldest Troodontid colonies, by 03 NE a considerable portion of the planet had been covered in their facilities.
Tunoos is located in the Danecia System. The planet moves around the Orange subgiant in a 452 day cycle. A day on Tunoos has 24.5 hours. Tunoos is still close enough to support life, but has hardly any native wildlife. Most species have been brought to the planet by Troodontid research ships that had pests on board.
Tunoos does not have any moons. However there are signs that it once had one, but it had been destroyed by a stellar object a long time ago.
The rather barren planet's surface is rarely broken by large forests on the single continent. Water is rare and limited to few areas on the globe. However large amounts of water are bound in the polar ice caps that melt only slightly over the course of the year.
The Troodontid facilities on the planet are mostly weapon factories. The largest facility is the Tunoos Advanced Construction Department. This facility stretches over 10.000.00 km² making it far larger than any other than Raptura's and Sailocust's. Overall all the Troodontid facilities on the world make up 23.050.000 km². Though the planet has a massive potential production output, it ranks lower than most Troodontid factory worlds. Tunoos has specialized on researching new weapons and androids. This lowers the overall productiveness of the planet as whole, but raises the value of the planet for the Empire by far.
Being an important developing centre, Tunoos has avery large garrison force of several million Infantry Battle Androids and comparable amounts of Vehicle Androids. Most of the times these are locked away inside structures inside outposts or patrol the nigh endless streets of the planet.


Tunoos defense fleet

The orbital shipyard is also one of the largest planetary shipyards the Troodontids posses. Even though it was one of the first colonies to get a shipyard, it was rebuilt in 01 NE as the most modern one to that date. Its technology beats the Rapturan shipyards as they have internal hyperspatial blocking devices rather than having to rely on spacestations to prevent hyperspace jumps. The shipyards are also controlled by UniTech and the Tunoos Advanced Construction Department. The primary purpose again is research, however they are also the primary construction place for Siraust Battleships.
The planet is defended by a large fleet. Due to the planets specialization on Siraust Battleships they serve as the primary defense ships. Albeit there are also smaller and less advanced ships in the orbit. Dreadnoughts are considered unnecessary due to the Siraust's superiority.
Apart from the considerable defense fleet, the Troodontids also have a large amount of Kow Fighter Platforms that are meant to support the defenses with extreme amounts of fighters. Defense cannons and satellites are also very common, mines on the other hand have been limited to the outskirts.


One of the many entrances to the main facility.

Sailocust is a temperate world in the Southern Sector and major part of the Armory Sector. The world has been colonized for over 30 years and has been built out very well.
The planet circles the K-type main-sequence star Atecia. It is the only habitable world in its system, however eight more large celestial bodies in the system have been located and equipped with sensors to locate enemies. The planet itself circles its star within 749 days, however has a day of 23 hours.
Latter was one of the reasons Sailocust was picked as a colony in the first place. It was considered to become a new sectorial capital for the Empire and to become home to several million Troodontids. The facilities, most notably the mountain complex were constructed and the colonists on its way, when the first reports turned up that the planet might actually problematic for civilians.
The high gravity as well as difficult and variable terrain made it hard for the Troodontid colonists to adapt, while the native wildlife's durability was quite problematic when it came to protecting the colonists from them. Due to these reasons the military took over the colony soon later.
They had realized that the conditions that made the world difficult to live on for Troodontids, made it perfect for testing androids for their suitability on different worlds. Due to the closeness to Tunoos, newly invented android types could be used outside soon after their development. In all the different zones factories were constructed that could build the prototypes directly at the specific terrain where they should be used.
With the improvement of AIs and the learning process of the battle androids, the planet not only became a testing, but also a training world. More facilities and storage areas were constructed due to that. In the end Sailocust reached a number of 92,000,000 km² of facilities with one third being production places. This makes Sailocust the largest android production place apart from Raptura.
The planet is mostly protected by a garrison of 15 million Infantry battle androids as well as 5 million vehicle androids. This makes Sailocust one of the best defended worlds of the Empire.
In return the space defenses are comparably weak, consisting of only a few warships and space stations. The planet relies on the powerful ground defense in case of an attack, as it would be very hard to hold the space against a large attack force. This was decided due to the low priority of the space construction areas and the rather protected location of the star system.


Teteos Spaceport

Teteos is a major planet in the Armory Sector. It is most notable for being the primary Troodontid spaceport.
Teteos is a small planet with very low gravity located in the system around the White Dwarf Eronia. There are no other planets in the system. Teteoos needs 489 days to circle Eronia and needs 34 hours to rotate around its own axis.
The planet itself is largely covered in sulfur seas, no life has been reported inside them. The Troodontids found the planet when searching for a low-gravity world to build ships on. However the planet was considered too small and dangerous and the upcoming space shipyards prevented any progress on that matter. However when the Troodontids needed a spaceport too connect themselves with the remaining galaxy, they picked the low gravity world. The reason was that their large cargo vessels could easily land on the planet without any need to worry about not getting up from the ground again.
The Teteos Spaceport had been finished in 9 BNE. The massive construction offered enough space for 46 star destroyers to land as well as hundreds of areas for smaller vessels. Below the main spaceport there are the fighter and transporter hangars that are separated from the main area for security reasons. The port itself stands on a massive foundation burrowed deep into the ocean.
In 01NE the Bifröst was finished in the orbit granting the planet a great logistic bonus and increasing its value even more. However after the events of early 04 NE the Bifröst has been moved to the core worlds.
The ground defenses are very weak, however the spaceport is heavily shielded and armed with defensive laser turrets on the outside, making it harder for enemies to land inside and take it over. The space defenses were moderately strong for a long time, but have been increased after 04 NE due to obvious reasons. Several capital ships have been constantly assigned to the system and several orbital defense stations have been built to protect the planet from invasions.


Hautos Citadel

Hautos is a major planet of the Southern sector. Its purpose is to serve as the last resort of the Troodontid Empire in the case that Raptura should fall.
Hautos is in the orbit of a White Dwarf and circles it within 185 days. A day on the planet has 23 hours. There are no other planets in its star system, but two asteroid belts between it and its star.
Hautos is a largely untouched, fertile world with large lakes and many tropical forests. Large mountain ridges are very common in the northern hemisphere where the Troodontids live. The Troodontid influence on the planet is very limited and there is just a single city constructed on the planets surface.
The history of Hautos dates back to 32 BNE when the colony was founded as one of the first. The Troodontids were constantly afraid of an imminent invasion of Raptura and wanted to make sure they had a place to flee to. Hautos was considered to be closest to Raptura in its ecology and much better suited for defense due to the mountainous North. Over the time Troodontids became more settled and upgraded Raptura to a nigh un-conquerable bastion. However the Troodontids realized that even with their major defenses, their survival was not ensured and decided to upgrade Hautos as well.
Troodontid researchers were tasked to construct a perfect city, a city that could sustain one billion Troodontids and being unconquerable. The Citadel was the result. The city sits inside a large lake on a kilometer high mountain. Any invader would have to pass many heavily gates before even reaching the inside of the city. Against enemy aircrafts and dropships, the city walls were upgraded with sheer endless numbers of laser turrets, constant beam cannons and metric weaponry. Several shield generators make it even harder to take the city. Against capital ship attacks the planet is upgraded with a massive anti-spaceship cannon that has been uniquely designed for defending Hautos.
Space is not less fortified. Hundreds of defense platforms and capital ships are ready to defend the planet against any attacker. The Hautos defense fleet is only surpassed by the Rapturan defenses.


Druutsia Main Facility

Druutsia is a minor planet of the Troodontid Empire, but important as it is the most Eastern defense position and thus holds a key position in the Troodontid's defense.
Druutsia is located in the Banelia system, a G-type main-sequence star. The system has 7 planets, none of them are habitable for normal life-forms. However the Troodontids started to colonize the outmost planet and managed to alter the temperature around their base enough to allow Troodontid visits. The planet needs 976 days to circle the star, while a day takes around 96 hours.
The inhospitable conditions on the world, are considered perfect by the Troodontids to ensure that invaders have enormous problems. Temperatures below 200°C are not uncommon, however the average temperature lies at -130°C. Permafrost covers the planet up to 9 km into the ground.
When the Troodontids arrived on the planet in recent years, they melted away large parts of the ice around their future base, instead establishing large underground facilities. These facilities are meant to store and maintain large amounts of androids. However due to the lack of expansion in the Eastern territories, the facilities are not at full utilization. Nevertheless almost 3 billion battle androids are burrowed deep below the ice of the planet. This makes Druutsia one of the larger storage areas for the reserve androids of the Empire.
The base is mainly filled with aerial androids as the ice shields make it risky to use walkers on a large scale on the planet. The massive control tower ensures the constant surveillance of the Eastern Areas and is an important key position for the Troodontids. Would it be destroyed, would Troodontids loose a large part of their defenses and a large blind spot would appear.
Due to the large storage areas and the easy transportation due to the vast amount of dropships and other aircraft, the Troodontids often come to the planet to refill their ships with androids to protect them on the inside. Koios Class Ships are probably the most common spaceships in the orbit as they serve as the primary troop transport spaceships and as a result have the biggest need of getting filled up with androids.
The planets defenses are moderately strong and primarily consist of hovercraft units. In space there are typically one or two capital ships as well as several orbital defense platforms.


Calaios Research Facility

Calaios is a large water planet in the North Eastern Troodontid Territory. It has a moderate importance to the Empire, especially the military.
Calaios circles G-type main-sequence star Emasia. Eight further planet are in the system as well as three asteroid fields. Calaios is on a mid distance to the star and considered very hospitable to life. It takes the planet 650 days to move around its star and one rotation takes 22 hours.
Basal life forms have been found in the planets vast oceans, Troodontids later introduced aquatic species from their home world due to research and ecologic optimization reasons. The planet itself is covered in one gigantic ocean. The depth varies greatly, however there are no land masses and even during larger tides none of the underwater mountains rise out of the water.
The planet or the system in general is nothing special, however it had been colonized after a Troodontid research ship had crashed nearby in 19 BNE and a command base had to be established in order to search the surrounding systems. Though the ship had never been found, the planet remained colonized. The Troodontids concluded in 15 BNE that the colony had to be upgraded due to its border position and installed both planetary defenses as well as a main facility.
In 6 BNE the Troodontid researchers from UniTech started to look for a second research facility, as far as possible from the Troodontid Core Worlds in order to conduct more hazardous and contentious research without fearing frequent controls and legislative problems. They decided to use Calaios as the senate had largely forgotten about the world or didn't care enough to enforce stronger support for the world. They started to build a large circular tube into the planets core in order to power it with geothermal energy from the planet's core itself. Around the tube defensive system and soon labs were constructed.
The facility became operational two years after the construction had been started. While the primary purpose had been undone by the senate as they had to sign off the construction and became aware of T.A.S.C.'s plans. However they stroke a del with the scientists that they were much less under the control of the government. Many of the less honored or more controversial T.A.S.C. scientists work on the world due to that. Though often looked on as a problem by the senate, the facilities efficiency can not be denied as the Calaios research facility has helped in most big programs of the Empire as well as inventing several new, mostly military technologies widely used by the Troodontids.
The planet is constantly defended by a garrison force of 2 million battle androids as well as a medium defense fleet with several major capital ships.


Joosuos Civilian Shipyard

Joosuos is a Troodontid world more important to outsiders and other empires than to the Troodontids themselves. Located in the North East, it is the location where most travelers from the core arrive.
Joosuos is located in the system of the K-type main-sequence star Hinuunia. Located on the outer perimeters of the system, Joosuos needs a long time to move around the star, 19760 days would be necessary for it to complete one year. A day on Joosuos meanwhile has 24 hours, slightly longer then the Troodontid standard day. Due to its distance Joosuos is quite cold. Due to the natural presence of Antifreeze liquids in the planet's seas, the planet is still able to sustain a liquid ocean that covers big parts of the planet. The natural anti-freezers render the waters color more greyish and attracted the Troodontids to the planet in the first place.
At the time Joosuos was colonized Raptura still had been in a relatively normal state, even though the planet's cool down had already begun. The Troodontids hoped to save the oceans from freezing over by using a natural Antifreeze that wouldn't harm native life forms. However by the time the planet had been reached and colonization had begun, the new plan of further increasing the size of the global city had already replaced all ideals of saving Raptura from the climate catastrophe.
Instead Joosuos was considered as a strategic position for extra-sectorial contacts. Its orientation towards the core would allow it to become an important trading hub. Plans for a large space station where civilian ships for the galactic market could be constructed were created and implemented. The planet's surface however was left largely untouched, only a massive planetary protection shield for the space station was built to secure the world from pirate raids. In order for this emplacement to be effective, the space station is still inside the planets atmosphere and is due to that often surrounded or touched by clouds.
Due to the distant location and the general atmosphere in the galaxy, Joosuos didn't become as valuable or even remotely as popular as the senate had hoped. Though it still serves as primary location of arrival for alien races, these visits are so rare that Joosuos was largely abandoned.
Accordingly the planets fleet only consists only of a minor defense with few dreadnoughts and only a hand full of star destroyers. The ground garrison is equally small and mainly consists of Heavy Artillery to support the navy against pirates.


Wasteland of Igatos

Igatos is one of the Troodontid Core Worlds and the first Troodontid colony.
Igatos lays in the Cheelia system, a Yellow supergiant. The planet is located lose to the star itself, but far enough away to be capable of housing life for short periods of time. Igatos needs 215 days to move around its star, a day has 15 hours. The planet's atmosphere is red and filled with glowing ashes. The planet's surface shows extensive volcanic activity and is formed by large lava streams.

Igatos is located only 3.4 pc away from Raptura, making it the closest colony to the Troodontid capital. This comes from the fact that the world had been colonized during the earliest days of Troodontid space travel where their ships weren't capable of long ranged travel and limited to close system. Igatos was colonized due to being the only remotely habitable world within the range of the Troodontid ships. To Troodontid colonists the world proofed to be too hot and unstable once they reached the planet in person and the full-scale colonization had to be aborted.

Space junk over Igatos

While Troodontids had the technology necessary for shielding themselves against the heat and the lava on the planet, they considered it too risky and abandoned the world for several years. When the space junk problem above Raptura became a too big problem as they made it dangerous for Troodontid ships to make FTL jumps near the planet, a junk world had to be found. The decision fell on Igatos that was considered useless for anything else at that time. Large carrier ships started to move junk onto the planet's surface where it should be disintegrated by the hostile world. Though Igatos was shown to be a great choice for a junk world, the amounts of trash that were brought to the planet through both spaceships and teleporters was so large that the planet's surface soon wasn't enough to house all of it.
The first concept and the one that is mostly used to deal with the problem where large acceleration tubes that catapulted the debris into space. As with Raptura, the debris soon started to orbit he world and formed an own asteroid belt around the planet. The unpredictable movements of said waste asteroids made world incredibly hard to reach by spaceship and limited it to access through teleporters.
In 02 NE with the economical revolution with Quantum Replicators, the first concepts of recycling the materials on the world came into the Troodontid minds. Quantum Disassemblers were constructed on the world, that converted the waste into energy.
The planet is only of low interest to the Troodontids and thus only weakly protected. However while shut down many of the scrap objects on the world are in fact still operational and only outdated. In case of an attack these could be reactivated and used against the aggressor.


Obundine Farming Area

Obundine is the most important food supplier apart from Raptura. The largely agricultural world was colonized as one of the first and is thus located in the Core Worlds.
Obundine is located in the Draucia system, whose star is a G-type main sequence star or yellow dwarf. The system has three planets, but only Obundine is colonized and habitable. Located at a perfect distance to Draucia Obundine needs 396 days to finish one whitlow. A day itself takes 22 hours.
Obundine was a planet mostly covered in hilly grassland and lush river forests, however the Troodontid colonization drastically changed the landscape to a flat world covered in growth-domes and enormous acre areas.
Obundine was colonized in late 34 BNE as second colony of the Troodontid Empire. Though food synthesizers already produced 90% of all food of the young empire, however it had been suspected that the population growth would make it more difficult to fulfill the enormous nutrition demands of the Troodontids. The government started to search for a fitting world for global scare agriculture in order to prevent any famine on Raptura. The choice fell on Obundine as the world was considered perfectly distanced for large plant growth and close enough to make it easy to transport food from the world to the Solaris system.
The agricultural facilities were constricted on large scale and in 25 BNE the entire world was engulfed in the food production. However the government ad miscalculated the food need as well as the technological progress. The newer series of food synthesizers were capable of producing even more food on Raptura itself, removing the direct need of natural food supplies.
This hit Obundine heavily. Nevertheless the export started to boom again after a few years. Those who lived on Raptura slowly started demanding more status symbols to set themselves apart from each other. As a result the demand of natural food began to grow again and especially meat was shipped on large scale to the capital.
the boom continues in the later years, though the numbers are starting to decline again. Less than 40% of Obundine's production go to Raptura, the rest get sold to other empires or stored on spaceships to supply Troodontids that travel with spaceships.
The planet is staffed with a massive stock of both military and civilian androids. Most of them are aerial units to prevent damage to the crops. Specific agricultural designs of Android Dropships in order to both gather and fertilize the crops have been developed to be used on the planet.
Obundine has as a core world and major member of the Empire a large space port and defense fleet. Supply and trading ships also constantly gather in Obundine's orbit to transport its food to other locations.


Monturmine Construction Works from a distance

Monturmine is a major Outer Core world and the fourth established colony of the Troodontid Empire.
Monturmine is located in the Lorosia system. The system contains two more planets and circles around a F-type main-sequence star or yellow-white dwarf. The planet itself needs 290 days to circle its star and 28 hours to circle itself.
The planet is a fertile world with large, lush forests covering the planet's colonized sectors. The planet has a rich amount of native wildlife as well as species introduced by the Troodontids on purpose and on accident.
Monturmine was colonized in 32 BNE when the Troodontid drive technology became sufficiently advanced enough for longer travels and new solar systems could be reached. The world attracted the Troodontid interest due to its large mineral deposits. However upon reaching the world, the Troodontids realized that the planet's lush forests made it difficult to start large scale strip-mining and only few resources were touched for. Instead Monturmine became a key point for the unmanned mining ships that began gaining resources from the surrounding worlds and systems.
On Monturmine soon a flourishing processing industry developed. Large biomass thermal power stations supplied the world with the necessary energy. Later most of the relatively ineffective power plants were replaced with high-tech Fusion Reactors that wouldN#t need to drain further parts of the ecosystem.
As the Troodontid industry became more spread out, Monturmine found and soon dominated its economical spot. While most worlds started to produce enormous armies for the Troodontid Empire, Monturmine started t develop and construct civilian objects like Civilian androids and new city speeders.
Since these objects weren't needed to be mass produced on the same scale as soldiers and tanks, the Monturmine Construction Works take up much less space on the world, leaving most parts of the ecosystem untouched. A close collaboration started with Ranetios that supplies Monturmine with the necessary blueprints and basic technologies.

As the dominant producer of Civilian Objects, Monturmine holds a key position in the Trooodntid society and is heavily guarded. Hundreds of capital ships as well as space stations prevent any space assault, while a large amount of Hailfire, Ultra and Quadro Androids secure the ground.


Engimatic Relina

Relina is an enigmatic and mysterious Troodontid world located in the Outer Core of the Empire.
Relina is located in the system of Tiaosia, a highly powerful Magnetar. The world needs 273 days to complete one circulation, a day has 23 hours. Though massive asteroid fields support the theory that there once were more than just one planet in the system, there is no other trace of other planets left.
Relina itself is a beautiful, tropical world. Visually the planet is very similar to uncivilized Raptura.
Relina came into the Troodontid's vision due to Tianosia, the only Magnetar and one of only a handful Neutron stars in the Troodontid sector. As the Troodontids wanted to study the effect of the star from early on, they colonized the world in 22 BNE. Due to its natural beauty many Troodontid settlers were attracted as well.
A large city, protected by thick, armed walls was constructed on the equator of Relina. From this location the population of Relina did its work and the Neutron Star was watched. Many new technologies were developed as well based on the research results. Furthermore Relina became another common meeting place for T.A.S.C. scientists that spent long times there too discuss and plan further experiments and research ideas.
Only few is produced on Relina itself as the Troodontids planned to use the world as a place to move all the civilians to, if Raptura should become too unstable.
However when it did and the Troodontids first faced extra-sectorial dangers, the colony was closed down for civilians and scientists alike, ordering them back to the home world. Subsequently many rumors spread about problems and hazards in the facility, but none of them could be proven. The official reason for the close-down was the "Homecoming Protocol" that later affected all Troodontid colonies and forced all members of the species to come back to the home world and register themselves again. However unlike those, Relina's ground facilities were never opened again and no Troodontid was allowed in the system.
In 04 NE the system was opened again for Troodontids, however the planet itself remained closed down. The Magnetar was used to test Sunnshum Energy Generator before rebuilding it even bigger around the Local Black Hole.
The space is defended by a mediocre fleet with several capital ships, the ground itself is only lightly fortified. Older battle androids still remain on the ground in large numbers and the city defenses are still fully operational, however no updates or security tests have been done for years.


Ranetios Research Station

Ranetios is an important Outer Core world that is most known for its Civilian Research Station.
Ranetios is located in the Onocia system, circling a Yellow hypergiant. It takes the planet 876 days to complete its journey around its star and 24 hours to complete a day. There are no other notable celestial bodies in the system. The planet itself is positioned very well to support life and it does so by default.
The planet is covered in a large prairie like fern land, broken by arid, scrub-desert areas that are bare of most water. Large reptilian animals roam the planet, however there are few contacts between them and the Troodontids.
Ranetios was colonized in 19 BNE as a storage planet as well as repair and fighter shipyard. The shipyard didn't really work very well and was soon closed down again due to the lack of tasks. The planetary storage facilities remained operational and further underground facilities were added over the time.
T.A.S.C: started to search for an alternative location to do science, especially in the civilian sector. The government offered them the option to refit the space station above Ranetios for their purposes. T.A.S.C. agreed and subsequently started to rebuild big parts of it.
When the station was done, the Empire's interest shifted back towards the planet and ground battle android factories were built to stack up the supply from the other production world. The production facilities became only a fraction of the size of those on other worlds, however they were used to built simple and easy androids. While other worlds used most of their resources to build armies of newly designed and advanced androids, Ranetios focused on the production the simple basic Battle Androids as well as their weapons. New designs based upon them were also planned, but they couldn't keep up with the high-tech demand of the military leaders.
The Space station remained unaffected by that and started to flourish as main designer of civilian technologies. The collaboration with Monturmine secured both world a leading position in their fields.
Due to the importance to the civilian sector Ranetios is heavily guarded by several space cannons as well as capital ships. The ground is averagely to weakly secured and mainly relies on its underground troop stockroom rather than a large garrison force.


Large scale mining on Fragmos

Fragmos is a minor planet located in the northern Area of the Troodontid territory.
Fragmos is part of the Untoos system, a large system with several asteroid fields and minor planetoids. It has formed around a white dwarf and is notable for its large amount of Hapro Compounds. The planet itself has no rotation around its own axis. It smovemnet around the white dwarf is also rather slow as it takes the planet 1256 days to complete one circulation.
The reason the Troodontids colonized are said Hapro Compunds tahta re so abundant in he system. Hapro compounds ranging rom the super-rare Hapro-Undecium to the relatively common Hapro-Hexium. These materials are very valuable to the Troodontids due to the energy absorbing abilities they have. This makes them perfectly suited to lessen the impact of all kinds of weapons on their spaceships. However the same abilities make it impossible to replicate so far. Instead it has to be mined. Notable in the system is that Hapro-Octium is far more common than in any other system that contains Hapro-Compounds.
The planet as colonized in 01 NE several years after the value of Hapro Compounds had been realized. The Troodontid scientists and government had been searching feverish for larger supplies of the rare material before the natural deposits in the Hapro system would run out. With Fragmos they found enormous amounts, more than enough to fulfill the needs for several years in the future. Still gathering more of it or finding a way to artificially recreate is necessary and so a research colony was established as well to do research on the properties, consistence and reproduction of Hapro-Compounds. So far only few advances have been made and the biggest focus lies on mining all available compounds in the system.
Mining and working on Fragmos isn't easy though as the planet is covered in plasma clouds that disrupt spaceship sensors as well as engines. Electromagnetics storms are also common and can result in severe damage of the vehicles and sensors employed on the world. This is considered a reason to mine the Compound son the world as quickly as possible to minimize damage to both androids and Troodontids alike.
The Electromagnetic storms make it hard to put a garrison on the planet. Instead the space defenses have been upgraded to extreme values. Heavily armed capita ships and space stations circle the planet all the time and prevent any intruder from reaching the planet. Specific mining androids have been built out of Android Dropships to make mining easier as they show bigger resistance to the storms and plasma clouds.

Hapro Asteroid Mine

Central mine of the Hapro Asteroid Field

The Hapro asteroid field is a medium sized asteroid field in the same named star system. Though seeming unimportant the Hapro Asteroid Field is a very important colony to the entire empire.
The stars of the Hapro system Hapro Major and Hapro Minor are a double star system consisting of a white dwarf and an orange dwarf. The system is considered uninteresting by many races due to the lack of any planets in the star system, that instead only possesses an asteroid field. This asteroid field ranges from thousands small few meter long space rocks to several hundred multi-kilometer asteroids. The biggest is the 18 km long Hapro Major which is the primary colony.
The importance of the Hapro Asteroid Field is the rich existence of Hapro compounds ranging rom the super-rare Hapro-Undecium to the relatively common Hapro-Hexium. These materials are very valuable to the Troodontids due to the energy absorbing abilities they have. This makes them perfectly suited to lessen the impact of all kinds of weapons on their spaceships. However the same abilities make it impossible to replicate so far. Instead it has to be mined.
Though the Hapro Asteroid Field is not the only source of this material, and also not the biggest, it has great importance due to the easy access to the material and its service as main port for all mining operations of the Northern parts of the Troodontid planets.


View into one of the control platforms

Lyracasia is a major Troodontid world, that has great importance to the military. Lyracasia is located in the Saycia system. the system's star is Saycia, a L Dwarf. Lyracasia is located very close to the star itself, so close that its surface would be burnt away wouldn't the star be that weak. So the surface is covered in massive lava flows and coal-like, burnt land masses. The planet only need 64 days to circle around Saycia and a day takes 12 hours.
The massive lava flows serve as the main power source. Large geothermal power plants have been constructed in the lava flows in order to harvest the heat directly. The extreme solar light emitted by Saycia is converted in to energy for the facilities as well through large solar farms. The energy in return is put into the heavy shielding that protects the facilities against eruptions and from being bunt away by the star.
Lyracasia primary purpose and the reason it was established in 03 NE are the Neraida that endanger the Troodontid territory from the side Lyracasia is located in. The Troodontids realized that their defenses on this site of their territory were actually not as strong as they were supposed to be, as they had focused on securing themselves against the core.
The planet is solely staffed with androids to prevent the assimilation process that organics would have to face if they encountered Neraida ground forces. Due to the Troodontids vast knowledge of their own defenses and routes, an assimilation would proof most likely fatal to the empire. Instead highly sophisticated AIs and androids work on the planet with highest possible independence. In the burnt rocks there are massive foundries that produce enormous amounts of battle androids, while several shipyards produce large amounts of warships. While the planet is a bastion against Neraida invasion forces, its primary focus lies on organizing the defense against them.
The planet is as a result heavily guarded and staffed with an enormous garrison. Hundreds of major capital ships including several dreadnought remain in the orbit, while more than a billion battle androids are constantly positioned on the planet. Additionally three dozen heavy planetary cannons prevent any attack from capital ships of any kind.


Rareos' floodplain

Rareos is a small planet located in the North Eastern sector of the Troodontid territory.
Rareos is located inside the Skelusia system, a system centered by an extremely rare O-type main sequence star. The planet needs 765 days to complete one circulation and a day has 26 hours. The planet is moderately warm, even though it is far away from its star. The O-type main sequence star is extremely hot, even for one of its kind.
The extreme temperatures were the reason the Troodontids were attracted to the system as they hoped to use the enormous energy output as an energy source. However they had miscalculated the distance of the planet and the so the surface temperature. As a result they abandoned the hope of using the star as an energy source. They however saw how rare O-type main sequence stars are and colonized the world any way. Because of that the planet remained only slightly worked up.
This changed when the Troodontids got more and more androids and need another place for underground storage facilities. The resulting facilities were burrowed deep into the planet's surface and several defensive positions were established. Billions of battle androids were moved into the facility soon afterwards till they would be needed again in a future war.
The second upgrade came to Rareos when the Troodontid government needed an official, civilian listening post to get messages from the core and other galaxy as well as intercept and redirect space transmission. The choice fell upon Rareos as the high gravity of the star helped gaining access to messages. Large transmission dishes were put up all over the planet. These however proofed to be not enough as Rareos wasn't located anywhere near an important transmission pathway and so it was worthless for actually intercepting or at least monitor alien communication. In 04 NE the site was upgraded once again this time with massive transmitter spheres that reinforce and redirect transmission more easily.
The planet is heavily secured due to its location ear the border and the importance of its facilities. In addition the large underground android reinforcements allow an additional troop amount on the planet.


A star destroyer approaches Undisa's main facility

Undisa is a planet on the South Eastern border of the Troodontid Empire.
Undisa is located in the Nolis system that's surrounds the Red giant of the same name. It is the only planet in the system and has three moons. Undisa needs 345 days to circle its star while a day ahs 24 hours.
Undisa is entirely covered in water and is ecologically similar to Raptura. The planet is constantly locked into rain and clouds what prevents light from getting through.
Undisa was picked as a new colony in 15 BNE because the Troodontid military pointed out the weak marine military forces. As an ocean world Undisa was the perfect match for an underwater building area and testing planet. Large facilities were constructed to build enormous amounts of aquatic and semi-aquatic androids. The oceans around the facility were then used to test the new designs.
The facility also served and serves as a marine lab to study the oceans and their behavior on planets totally covered in water. Since that had been clear from the beginning on, the facility was constructed with large glass domes that let light in, but not out and were also used on Obundine. Here they were not used to allow better plant growth, but to observe flying marine animals without being actually seen in person. The Troodontids were incapable of doing much research on their own world because Raptura's oceans vanished around that time in favor of the global city. When the Trooodntid first encountered largely aquatic space faring civilization sin 03 NE the plnet grew in importance even more as they were assigned do plan assaults on ocean worlds rather than just planning new units to defend marine dominance against enemies.
Since Calaios, as the only other ocean world, demanded its independence from both military and government, the entire marine forces are stored and produced on Undisa, giving it enormous importance.
these forces are quite capable of holding the seas against invaders. additionally non-aquatic androids are used inside the facility as well since the Troodontids lack any semi-aquatic tanks that could be used inside buildings as well. The space defenses are powerful as well. Several capital ships surround the planet and even more frigates and cruisers support them.


A bunker hidden in the forest

Endous is a largely abandoned, restricted area planet located in the South Eastern border territory of the Troodontid Empire.
Endous is located in the Denosia system, a system around a A-type main sequence star. The system contains over 100 celestial bodies, including two gas giants. Endous is located moderately close to its star. it needs 345 days to circle its star and has a day duration of 14 hours.
Endous is mostly covered in lush tropical and temperate forests, only broken up by large rivers and small seas. The poles aren't covered in ice caps, however foliage is far more sparsely there and temperatures can drop below zero.
Endous wasn't actually planned to be a colony in the first place and was established long before the Empire. It was constructed by an automated probe that was sent off towards a distant location in order to secure secrets and weapon technologies after the Great War that otherwise would have been lost forever. The probe was deemed illegal by the government soon after it was send out. The tracking was stopped, however the Troodontids regained contact with the probe in 03 BNE. It is unclear when the probe actually hit the planet, but it was most likely between 08 and 05 BNE. The Troodontids then started upgrading the planet in order to defend the probe against foreigners.
High security bunkers were constructed all over the planet and the information and technological data was spread out to prevent any attacker from capturing all within short time. To further prevent this many bunkers were artificially covered up with plant material or cloaked depending on the danger of the saved material. Additionally several T.A.S.C. facilities were constructed on the world, including a cloning lab.
The problem is that many of the technologies developed by the Troodontids for the Great War are extremely effective even at high Tier levels, but also immensely immoral and dangerous to handle with. Because of that only very honored and trusted scientists are allowed to visit and analyze the data to search for technologies that can be used to defend Troodontid worlds against alien attacks. Only 5% of the actual material ahs been analyzed due to the high security standards and even less have actually been tested for usability.
More important to the Troodontids than analyzing and possibly deleting the information is to prevent any other race from gaining access to it. Because of that enormous defense fleets and ground armies secure the planet against attacks from the outside.

Andromeda GalaxyEdit

Andromeda was reached by the Troodontids during the early 04 NE as a result of their friendship with the Draconid Imperium and their plan to gain more political influence.


Nox is the only colony in Andromeda so far, making it important for every Troodontid in that galaxy.
Nox is a big, barren moon circling a gas giant in the Zygrian system. The star Zygrius is a very low temperature Brown Dwarf, making the entire system lacking visible light. Though there are several more moons and planets in the system, the Troodontids picked Nox for being the only one having a stabile atmosphere and life.
Though sparsely, life exists on Nox. Most dominantly are phosphorescing algae that cover large parts of the planet and cause magnificent visual effects. They are also the only natural source of light. The moons temperatures usually are between -120 and - 150 °C making it inhospitable.
The Troodontid colonies are underground to protect them from the low temperatures without taking influence on the ecosystem. Only the spaceport and gravitation power plants are on the outside. Around the planet a shipyard ring has been started, but it will supposable take till 08 NE for it to be finished.

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