The Troodontid Empire is a small and quite young empire. It only inhabitants few star systems. Its capital is the planet Raptura in the Solaris System. Though young, the Troodontids are one of the most powerful races of Cyrannus, having their influence stretching over big regions of the First Gigaquadrant. The main reason or this is their sheer intelligence as well as their technological superiority.



Typical Troodontids


The Troodontid body shape is comparable to that of the Troodon or Zanabazar from Earth which are sometimes considered as their ancestor. They nevertheless have a more upright body build and neck. The head is thicker and longer and the teeth less sharp. They furthermore have smaller eyes since they are mainly diurnal unlike Troodon. They are also mostly pointing forward. The tail is long and stiff. Once it was used for balancing Troodontids while running, but modern day Troodontid hardly ever runs. Unlike Earth's dinosaurs, they are capable of pronating their hands, but also to supinate them.
They are between 69 and 82 cm high, 1.5 ad 1.7 m long and 34 to 48 kg heavy. That makes them one of the smallest type of their level of development. Like Earth's dinosaurs are Troodontids mostly feathered, especially head, tail and arms show large feathers. Once used to impress and attract other Troodontids they are now hardly anything than useless and hindrance. The feather color of Troodontids is almost always dark, apart from very rare albino Troodontids, and usually a shade of black. Every Troodontid has a different color, but the eyes of most races can´t see the difference. With higher age the black of the feathers usually gets more bluish or greyish.



The Troodontid brain is one of the most powerful known to them and possibly the most powerful one that is not genetically altered. Though the usual IQ lays at roughly 312 on human scale, there are some genius Troodontids that have an IQ higher than 600. The brain is able to perform more than twice as many calculations in the second than the most advanced Earth computer, but has a much higher energy need. The Troodontid brain needs over 60% of the body's energy to fulfill this criteria. This is a big disadvantage so that the Troodontids are languid and slow while thinking on full power.
Especially developed are the parts of the brain that deal with logic and analysis, while smell and motion are much more reduced than those of their ancestors. The hearing a nd visual abilities are averagely high, and exceed human capabilities slightly.
The Troodontid brain is not only limited to the head, but has also sub-centers in the spine where it fused with the spinal cord. On sapient scales they are very high, at SQ 21+ what makes them Supersapients.

Troodontids and essencesEdit

Troodontids are not capable of using essences, since they lack the brain development in that direction. It is also guessed that essence based actions have a much smaller effect on them than on races that are capable of using essences.


Troodontids are omnivorous with a very high concentration of food close to meat, though it only resembles meat since it is not created organically, but artificially. The first digestion part happens inside the mouth where they rip apart their food, but they are not able to chew. Instead they have several stomachs to digest the food more effectively. They are also able to turn the first stomach inside out and evert it out of their mouths in order to get rid of unwanted contents ( including toxins and indigestible matter ). Troodontids lack salvia and the ability to pee as well.

Circulatory systemEdit

The Troodontids transport most of nutrients and oxygen through their body with their blood and heart. Unlike human hearts it has six chambers, not four. The Troodontid blood is red like that of some species, but can contain less oxygen. That makes the whole respiratory system less effective so that the third pair of chambers was needed to give the respiratory system enough power to sustain the high consumption rate of the Troodontids.

Reproductive systemEdit

Due a sickness spread during an attack on Raptura, the Reproductive systems of the Troodontids are degenerated.

Immune systemEdit

The Troodontid immune system is able to take care of most sicknesses better than human immune system, but in return some sicknesses harmless for others species can be dangerous to Troodontids. Troodontid immune system has a very high concentration of Natural killer cells which are able to destroy 90% of all intruding objects. They have also a high concentration of Macrophages which furthermore carry smaller Replicator cells that can replace devoured cells.

Troodontids and radioactivityEdit

Due their natural barriers through feathers and the strong immune system, Troodontids are able to withstand radioactivity to a large extent. They are fully capable to living near radioactivity without long term problems though it is known that their immune system needs some time to adapt to the new circumstances.


Troodontids become/became mature with the age of 22 years. Till the age of thirty their body gets reshaped with smaller eyes and larger feathers, becoming more mature. After that metamorphosis the Troodontid body doesn't change any more. Till the age of 150 years there are no visual changes, after that the feather color might get more greyish or bluish. A Troodontid usually lives up to 180 years, but individuals of over 220 years are known as well.


The Troodontids have a rather short history since they are very young race.

02 NEEdit

The Troodontid Empire first appeared on the galactic playgrounds as a major power of the War against the Drakodominatus Tyranny, managing to endure the war due to superior shield technology and the creation of newer, front-line warships. First alliances were created, some even broken again. Most dominantly and shaping were the alliances with the defeated enemy of the last war, the Waptoria Alliance of Species and United Federation of Species. However more their xenophobic behavior started to emerge as they felt betrayed by some, if not most other allied powers of the past war, with only their alliance with the Waptoria remained standing firmly, though their alliance with the USF was rekindled later through a shared science project.

03 NEEdit

During the next year the Troodontids started to advance rapidly, reaching a technological level of Tier 1.9 at the end of the year. Reason for this was the supportive, but rather inactive position during Attero Dominatus as well as the concentration of the whole empire on advancing to be able to fend of any outside danger. As such the Empire was seen, resulting in minor fights on the Troodontid borders, however this conflict was cut short by a Non-Aggression pact.

At the same time an alliance with the New Cyrannian Republic was created, while old members of the Troodontid Empire (All non-Troodontid races) decided to leave the empire due to massive differences in politics.

At the end of the year the plotting against their major enemies, the Imperium of War came to an end and resulted the Coming of Eternal War.


The Troodontid Military consists of many different types of spaceships, androids and other objects, which are listed separately.


The military leaders of the Troodontids tend to use a wide variety of different strategies to make it hard for enemies - even those that faced Troodontids several times before - to perfectly prepare. However they always try to win battles with as few losses as possible and so usually remain rather defensive. Examples for this are the wide use of planetary shielding, transportable shields, orbital bombardments and slow, but steady advances.

They always try to be superior to their opponents in all matters, mainly in technology and numbers. If they can not achieve one of these advantages they try to compensate it with elaborate traps, tricks and illusions.

This correlates with the tendency of Troodontids to both showing off and their tendency to prepare for every possibility they encounter.


The Troodontid Culture is quite xenophobic , but peaceful and peace loving. They however can also attack without warning what makes them a highly problematic race to deal with.
Highest part in their philosophy is science and technology as well as knowledge and wisdom. They are officially considered as an Egalitarian Unitary Republic, that has largely left behind the economy and so is Post-scarcity.
The culture centers around the government and the scientists giving them the highest position in the empire.


Technology is central for the Troodontids and so the main branch of the Troodontid Empire.


Though Troodontids only have few colonies, they consider their entire cluster as their territory and will usually not allow any colonization in this area apart from native sentient species.


The Troodontids only colonized some few planets. They are largely unused. Most of them are just storage facilities for androids and android factories or research colonies, while the main actions only happen on some few planets as well as space stations. Troodontids are working on becoming completely independent from planets to survive even star explosions.


Though it is widely considered that the Troodontid Empire has no work or economy, that is only almost true. There are some parts where there is still work, though the Empire itself has no economy in its inside. To outsiders there is a separate economy.

Individual CharactersEdit

Important PersonsEdit



Green faceYou are true friends , we are happy to work together with you


Blue faceYou are always welcome at our planets

  • Dominatus - We consider you as friends. We may not be allies, but we could yet become ones
  • Draconid Imperium - Useful, most useful.


Yellow faceYou are neither friend nor enemy , so we will wait and watch


Face threatenedPlease go to the other end of the galaxy


Orange faceWe don`t like you, so begone.

  • none

Once at warEdit

Orange faceWe are watching you. One wrong step and we will attack !

  • none


Red faceDeath is certain, life is not!

Quotes Edit

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You call us your arch-enemies. Fine. YOU WILL GET ENSLAVED!

- Imperator Caligustus of the Imperium of War

Not these guys again

- Captain Vassilus from the Hegemony

Death is your only option.

- Praetor La'isran of the Thérenian Dominion

Their philosophy is interesting, we will always be happy to do some science project with them.

- Supreme Senator Aranelia Brinal of the United Federation of Species

Their very advanced for such a small empire, and would make valuable allies.

- Tyton Sialis

An attack on our allies was ill-advised. Prepare for death, little life-forms.

- Kradik of The Zarbania Powers


  • They are classified as Tier U for many reasons , mainly because of the way they got their technologies and their aims.
  • The Android Army is strongly based on the Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems of Star Wars, which belong to Lucasfilm Ltd., not me, no copyright infringements intended.
  • Credits for the Hades Bomber go to GreatDestroyer12.

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May the age of technology begin !
- Ancient Troodontid ruler
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