Prologue Edit

The Multiflex wanted revenge after the Order allmost destoried them and assinated their 5th king. It all started when the Multiflex send a huge inviason force (larger than D-day comparatively) that murder the civilians killed the governor and eliminated the milatry bases and everything else. The Multiflex became furious, and started the War.

Before You ReadEdit

This War was extremely brutal and highly classified and so there might be a few gaps, so please remember if you have any questions please contact me!

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Chapter 1 Edit

  • Captain Sukin: General! The Multiflex are completly destory anything the are sending suiced bombers suiced every thing my men and I are running low on supplys Hey get away from me-

An explosion destroys the entire ship.

  • Umansaman: Zemantarken! We have lost the Genatx system that means less foul and more live,s and we lost Captain Sukin of the Vivid species. Well Zemantarken, what do we we do!?
  • Umansumen: Well the only thing we can do.
  • Zemantarken: No, no no no no no we are not sending that thing we will not you know it's aginst our laws of the life of all and more importantly it will kill everything! There's an-
  • Umansamen: I don't care! I'm asking the Presidents!

Umansamen activates a screen to contact Zetok and Siaul, the Presidents of Zeal.

  • Zetok: Greetings Umansuman Genaral of the Ultamite what does thee want?
  • Umansamen: I whant to know if I can use The Weapon.
  • Siaul: Why!?
  • Umansamen: Because we lost the Genatx system....
  • Zetok: Well, how many casualties!?
  • Umansamen: We don't know, but the estimate that 300,000 soilders and another 20,000 civilians the fortifications for the Multiflex is 3,000,000 and 30 cruisers sorrounding the planets.
  • Siaul: We suppose their is no other choice. We must pray to Spode for forgiveness...
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