The Treaty of Fornaeria was signed at Fornaeria in 02 AQF at the Rambo Nation colony Fornaeria in the aftermath of the Battle of Fornaeria and the fall and dissolution of the Imperial Alliance. The Treaty allowed various species to become members of Rambo Nation, will all rights and priviliges like the Ramboidae species, greatly expanding the influance and diversity of Rambo Nation.

When Rambo Nation fell in 2819 after the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus invaded Rambo Nation folowing the death of High King Rambert Ramveral, the treaty was nullified and the offical document vanished, rumored to be spirited away by the Imperials.


The following members signed the Treaty, in doing so they accepted the following rules:

  • People of independent empires, nations and kingdoms gain citzenship amongst Rambo Nation.
  • Independent empires, nations and kingdoms become part of Rambo Nation and abide to the rules of the Rambo Government.
  • Independent empires, nations and kingdoms give up using their independent identification, from forward they are allowed to call themselves Rambo Nation.

RamboflagII.png Rambo Nation Government RamboflagII.png

New Member Nations