Trashnak is the goblin chieftain and leader of the Sorceror of Carnthedain his armies. As a goblin he is most notable for his larger size and strength than the ordinary goblins (measering almost 2.2 meters). His favorite weapons is his axe, which he alwasy carries with him. Trashnak is ruthless and likes to hear enemies skulls chrash under his axe, those skulls still in one piece he uses as glass to drink their blood.

Trashnak dreams of taking his legions into space, to conquer the galaxy. Upon Morgandaûr newest tool, Lana Yrel he was heavily displeased and took a great disliking to the young girl.


Ramashe as a prisoner

Trashnak was born in 150 BQF in a goblin cave at Carnthedain. During his youth, he became a accomplished warrior, and over time grew larger then most goblins and soon was seen as a hero of his own goblin tribe. When he first met the Sorceror of Carnthedain, Morgandaûr, no records indicate when it was but the sorceror took a great interesst in Trashnak and aided him in becoming the chief of the goblins, slaying all other rivals with his axe. Now a days he used their skulls as his drinking cups.

Morgandaûr made him his lieutenant and gave him command of his legions. During the fourth month of 06 AQF he was present with Morgandaûr when the Gogmaloe had taken Ramashe as a hostage to Carnthedain at orders of the sorceror. Two months later he was unable to prevent her escape at hands of Lourdes Winrunner, his subsequent track down resulted in the burning of many elven villages until the arrival of a Rambo Nation regiment that forced him to stop his attacks. Morgandaûr was displeased and gave him and his goblins mere guard duties in the ruined fortress. During the first month of 07 AQF, the sorceror brought a new servant, Lana Yrel with him that acted as his "fist". Trashnak was displeased but did not dare to speak against his master.

During the Cyrannian Cold War he joined his master during the assault at Aldár. During the battle he joined Lana Yrel to combat master Ryen but was overpowered. When the girl known as Aoirtae Valaeris defeated Morgandaûr, Trashnak surrundered himself to the Order and awaited their judgement.

Personality and Traits[]

Trashnak is a ruthless and cruel goblin, keeping his killed victims skulls as cups to drink blood and water from, this are his personal trophies from his enemies. For a goblin he show cunning in strategy, though prefers sending wave after wave of goblins at his enemies to overwhelm them in numbers. He is skilled in using his axe, though the heavy weapon slows him movement as well. Trashnak is physically strong as well, capable of breaking skulls with his bare hands. He shows no remorse for any one he kills, whether it are man, woman or children, all kills make him a happy goblin that moment.



Yellow face.pngI can tolerate them!


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