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The Tralor invasion will tell the story of the Tralor Empire and Rambo Nation meeting each other and the resulting war that happened between them.

The Tralor part will be written by: MatthewMosley.

The Rambo part will be written by: Dinoman82.

Chapter 01: Introduction Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The Tralor empire colonized a small system away from any outer empire. The colony was small with only a few buildings but this colony was imported to the Tralor war plans, This planet had a planet buster factory. 100 RE-90 warships guarded the colony along with Tralor troopers and a uber turret. Lord Lino the dark, evil emperor of the the Tralor empire was there to give the new planet buster factory his blessing. The Tralor bowed before Linos presets, after all if they don't bow that is considered high treason of the empire.

Rambo SideEdit

Around 56 years ago the Deep Space Colony 03 was made, far from Rambo Space and acted as an outpost to differant parts of the Galaxy.

The Deep Space Colony 03 is lead by the 29th Fleet, mostly consisting out of Miranda, Akira and Defiant Classes.

Recently, the Deep Space Colony detected new activity in the otherwist very quiet part of this slef proclaimed space of Rambo Nation. It turned out to be an Unknown Species.

CRE Captain Princess Ramashe-08ead3e7 ful

Captain Ramashe

The Colony contacted Rambo Command, who sended the recently returned Captain Ramashe to investigate the new race and to make first diplomatic contact with them.

After a few day, the USS Adelphi, Captain Ramashe's ship arrived in the system and took a Task Force of 4 Miranda Class ships and 2 Defiant Class ships with her and she headed for the unknown species.

When arriving out of Warp she ordered the Task Force to stand by, and they all raised shields and targeted weapons.

Captain Ramashe then opened a channel and said: "This is Captain Ramashe of the USS Adelphi of Rambo Nation, identify yourself".

Chapter 02: First contactEdit

Tralor sideEdit

"You are the one who shoud identify yourself for Traspassing in Tralor space." A Tralor replies to the message "Now tell the mighty Tralor empire what perpes you have being here." the Tralor adds.

The colony was now on high alert, Warships was at the ready and the Tralor troopers was prepareing there weapions and prepared a place to keep Lord Lino to stay if a fight broke out.

A RE-90 Warship approches the USS Adelphi and scans the ships weapoin systems and secreatly downlodes information from the ships hard drive. The ship was larger then the Adelphi but not by much.

Rambo sideEdit

Captain Ramashe, surprised by this reaction, replied: "I am Captain Ramashe of the USS Adelphi, I represent Rambo Nation and we are here to explore this part of the Galaxy, the region you are tresspassing".

Captain Ramashe awaited the answer, but she ordered the others ships to stand-by and to advance before the USS Adelphi, so the ship was out of fire line if that was about to happen.

But when the ships were in position, a crew member noticed that somebody had downloaded data, but they could not trace what information was downloaded, but that the Tralor Warship was downloading it.

Captain Ramashe then ordered all Rambo ships to target the warship while awaiting the answer.

Chapter 03: Rising TensionsEdit

Tralor SideEdit

"Why should we believe you?" the Tralor ask "How do we know if you do not plan on attacking us?".

Another tralor orders ten PPO-332 Support ship to surround the Rambo ship. "Now tell us, what purpose do you have here?" the Tralor asked, "Now disable your weapon systems." the Tralor orders.

On the planet the colony was setting up there defence systems and recharging there ships so they would be battle ready. Lord Lino walked into the control room and orders the Tralor that was talking to Rambo ship to live "This is Lord Lino the Dark, emperor of the Tralor empire." he says.

Rambo NationEdit

Captain Ramashe wanted to respond, but couldn't speak when she noticed they were outnumbered, when support ships surrounded the Rambo Nation Ships.

Refusing to lower her weapons, she ordered the ships to prepare to strike, and she said: "Why would we lower our weapons when you are surrounding us? We are no fools to be a target like that".

Ramashe was about to give the order to fire, when she recieved the following message: "This is Lord Lino the Dark, emperor of the Tralor empire."

Surprised, she answered: "Greetings Lord Lino the Dark of the Tralor Empire, a pleasure to meet you, may I demand your reasons for surrounding my ships?"

She then noticed that one of the Miranda Class (Variant) was lowering it's weapons, but she couldn't interact since she was in conversations with the Tralor Emperor.

Behind the Scenes

A Rambo Captain of a Miranda Class (Variant), namely Captain Ramzhenko of the Saratoga heard the transmissions, and wondered if Captain Ramashe was the right person to lead a diplomatic mission, since she was a Warrior Princess, but he knew other Captain were busy elsewhere.
Miranda Class (Variant)

USS Saratoga

So in secret, he contacted the nearest medical ship, which turned out to be the USS Pasteur and requested to make way to Deep Space Colonie 03, so when things went wrong there was at least a decent medical care availible.

He then ordered the USS Saratoga to lower his weapons, believing when surrounded, you could better apply with the demanders, then with Captain in lead.

Chapter 04:Just protocolEdit

Tralor SideEdit

"Its...just protocol." Lino says in reply "Now, whats your name trespasser?" Lino ask. The tralor ships circle around the Rambo ships weapons at the ready. They would normally shoot the ships on sight but since there emperor was here they would need to wait for his order for attack.

"Now, If you don't answer then this is considered an act of aggression." Lino says in a loud, threatening tone "And ex sides, we don't want to get into a war with a empire so unworthy of the Tralor empire." Lino says. This was Lino trying to be fair witch is out of Tralor nature.

lino orders more ships to surround the Rambo ships mostly Tralor-class "Now, tell us the nature of your contact then I will call of my ships. Be a shame to get debris from your ship in Tralor space..." Lino says.

Rambo SideEdit

"I am Captain Ramashe, you talk strong words Lord Lino, but that is possible since you have us surrounded. My purpose was to make contact with you race, which was unknown to Rambo Nation and open diplomatic talks. " This in fact was true, as Rambo Command ordered this.

"Now I would appriciate it if you would call off you ships so we can open diplomatic talks." Captain Ramashe replied. And in gesture of truth, she ordered the Task Force to lower there weapons, but to keep shields at maximal power.

Behind the Scenes

Captain Ramzhenko saw that now all the ships of the Task Force were lowering there weapons, and he was happy with it. But he had the feeling that something was about to be going to happen, because he noticed an Excelsior Class Ship breaking formation, with weapons up.

Chapter 05: A diplomatic start? Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"As long as your mission is strictly diplomatic." Lino says "Permission for one ship to descend to the colony." Lino adds right before he cuts off communications.

The Tralor ships pull away from the Rambo fleet and slowly descends back to the colony. The Tralor workers prepared a landing zone for the ship where Lino waited for Captain Ramashe.

About twenty RE-90 warships guarded the landing zone, weapons at full power ready to fire on the Rambo ships if need be. None of the Tralor wanted to make allies with this new spices, neater did Lino but he figured that an alliance would provide the Tralor empire with new weapon systems.

Rambo SideEdit

Captain Ramashe consulted Rambo Command, and High Captain Ramgaarbarth ordered her to meet Lord Lino, and make diplomatic talks possible, although he said she should take some guards with her.

After the contact the USS Adelphi hung above the landing zone and a shuttle from it's shuttledeck landed on the landing zone.

Before stepping out of the shuttle, she ordered Captain Ramzhenko to stay on standby. She was also equipped with a shielding device and carried an instant transporter, that if things went wrong she was to be transported to the USS Adelphi instantly.

When she stepped out of the shuttle she said: "Greetings Lord Lino, Emperor of the Tralor Empire. I am Captain Princess Ramashe of Rambo Nation. A pleasure to meet you".

Behind the Scenes

While Captain Ramashe was talking with the Tralor, Captain Ramzhenko was withdrawn back to the 25th Fleet and someone else took his place.

But that person proved to be a wrong one, the unknown Captain broke formation and fired upon on of the Tralor Ships, without approval of Captain Ramashe.

Chapter 06: Start of diplomatic talks?Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"And it is an honor for my colony to desecrated by your filthy footsteps." Lino says rudely "Come, come there is much to discuss..." He says as he leads Captain Ramashe into a tall, tower like building. Inside the tower there was paintings of Lino, the Tralor home world, and fleet "This is a small scale replica of the Tralor Grand Tower on our home world." Lino says as he makes his way to a large elevator.

Rambo SideEdit

"I think the honor is mine, o Great Lino" said Ramashe, a little bit unsure and uneasy, but she still followed him inside the tower. She let the soldiers remain outside and she said that the Royal Gaurd should follow her inside.

While entering the tower, and being introduced to the paintings, she said: "This is incredible, what an art, I would like you to introduce to our culture too, very interessting". She then followed Lino to a large elevator.

Behind the Scenes

While the unknown Captain who broke formations and fired upon a Tralor ship, the ship he commanded suddenly engaged it's engines and uploaded a virus which lowered the shields of the other Rambo Ships, and an encrypted message was send to the ships containing the following message: We are fools to let us in with these Tralors, Rambo should not have gone this deep into space, let the Princess pay for what she has done for me

The crew of the USS Adelphi were shocked by this message, but did not know which Captain it was and they tried to contact Ramashe.

Chapter 07Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Yes, I have always been interested in lesser cultures." Lino says as the elevator reaches the top level, Linos throne room. "Take a set, and don't touch anything!" Lino says as he sits on a large, gold throne. In Space the Traor ships enter battle formation "Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded!" A captain of a Tralor ship says to the Rambo ship that broke formation. One of the RE-90 Warships wasn't waiting for an response it just fire upon the Rambo ship.

Rambo SideEdit

"Lesser cultures?" asked Ramashe with a little bit of arrogance in her voice. "We of Rambo Nation are not a lesser culture, we are the most prominent one in our sector of the Galaxy, but none the less, I am eager to learn you culture, it really fasinates me".

Above in orbit, the Rambo Captains were confused, one ship were firing at another and then suddenly shields are lowering. The USS Adelphi communications even went down, and when the Captain saw that the breaking formation ship was being fired upon, all ships took battle position and gave red alert.

Chapter 08Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"I was only implying that-" Lino was starting to say before a guard walks in dragging a Tralor Child "Mi lord, I found this traitor disrespecting you!" the guard says. "What! This can not be! This can not be had!" Lino snaps as he walks over to the child "Why young one? Why disgrace me?" he ask in a almost caring voice. "I...I just wanted to pretend to be the emperor-" The Tralor child started before being back handed my Lino "Trator! You are planing on overthrow me!" Lino yells "I'm sorry master..." The young Tralor says "You will be sorry! YOU WILL BE!" Lino yells as he slaps the Child across the face once more "Three days hard labor and a visit to the torture chambers!" Lino orders the guard "No no no! Please Lord Lino not the torture chambers!" The child screams in terror as the guard drags him away. Lino turns slowly to Ramashe "Traitors how tiresome..." Lino says as he sits back down.

Rambo SideEdit

" Eh... yes indeed, traitors are tiresome" Ramashe replied with surprise and shock in her voice. Surprised to see the fate of this child, Ramashe wonders what other surprises Lord Lino has for her. When she put her hands on her back, she pushed a hidden button on her armor so the USS Adelphi could transport her out when necessary and keep track of her. When she sits back in a chair she says: "You know, in my Nation we admire children who keep there rulers as example and........", when Lord Lino shot her an annoying/surprised look, Ramashe kept quiet and awaited what Lord Lino wanted to say.

When the USS Adelphi recieved the signal, the broken formation ship had retreated back to Deep Space Colonie 03 and the other Rambo Ships were at standby as was the agreement.

Chapter 09Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"We can not let our civilians exercise there freedom of speech or though! First there freely thinking then they are speaking there mind next a rebellion!" Lino yells at the top of his lungs. Lino catches his breath from yelling "Sorry about that." he says before pressing a button ordering one of his slaves "Do you want something to drink? Of course you do!" Lino says as the slave walks threw the door with a bottle of red liquid. The slave pours Lino a glass of it then Ramashe. Lino take a sip of it "Some of the finest blood in my collection." Lino says "Taken from a Nieevil right after the battle of Katts. Hard to find pure blood due to weapons burning the flesh and heating up the blood making it less pure." Lino adds as he takes another drink of the blood.

Rambo SideEdit

"Thank you for the drink" Ramashe replied. Although she had to admit to herself that Lord Lino and the Tralor Empire were a force to watch out for, there methods were a lot differant then she was used to, but somehow it also pleased her to see such discipline and order, something Rambo Nation could really use now a days, they were in her opinion, involved in too many conflicts. Although the drink she was offered was made up of blood, something she found a disgusting thing, she none the less tasted it, for fear of insulting Lord Lino. "Wow" Ramashe said in surprise, "This tastes very nice indeed, well a toast for our cooperation and diplomatic future?" Ramashe asked.

Chapter 10Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"No! Not with a race so unworthy!" Lino says an a sharp tone "Now about the alliance, we must have at lest 1,000 troops stationed on each one of your colonies and ten percent of all spice intake." Lino says "Also we have the right to claim any one of your systems as our own." Lino then adds. "If you disagree to these agreements then it will be consecrated an act of aggression and war!" Lino warns as he slams his glass of blood on the arm of his chair, shattering it.

Rambo SideEdit

"What?" Ramashe asked in shock. "At least 1,000 troops at each of our colonies, and an unworthy race? You must mistaken us" Ramashe replied with barely controlled anger in her voice. "You will not claim any of our systems, Rambo Nation will not bow before you Lord Lino, it is a shame, I was hoping for a peacefull solution or alliance with your race, but if you insist on war, you can have it". Ramashe then rised and pushed a button on her arm in which she was immediatly transported back to the USS Adelphi.

"How were the negotiations going?" asked the first officer. Ramashe replied simply: "Head back to Deep Space Colonie 03 and fire at any ship which gets in our way, and contact Rambo Command for me on a secured channel". The Bridge crew looked surprised, but followed the orders.

Chapter 11Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Have all ship track down and destroy the Rambo ship!" Lino orders the colonies Fleet commander "Yes Lord Lino. All ships engage the Rambo! Kill them all!" The fleet commander orders. Soon after the orders was given 50 RE-90 warships, 22 Tralor class warships, and about 113 PPO-332 Support ships engage the Rambo ships "You shall burn Rambo scum!" one of the ships says to the USS Adelphi over a Comm link. Lino slowly walks into the Communication room and sits down on a chair "Contact the Rambo home world. I wish to see the leaders of the Rambo, Maybe I'll even suggest they protect the data they store in there ships better!" Lino says with a chuckle to the Comm worker in the room.

Rambo SideEdit

"Get out us of here, fast" Ramashe yelled, with fear in her voice. Her ship were out numbered 50 to 1 and the USS Adelphi was taking heavy damage. But the other ships were protecting the vessel, but more Rambo ships were being destroyed. Suddenly she saw an opening, "All ships head for the opening and engage Warp engines" Ramashe ordered. But the opening seemed a trap and all escort ships were destroyed, only the USS Adelphi made it threw, although it had heavy damage and needed repairs. She then ordered the nearby fleet to protect Deep Space Colonie 03 and the wormhole leading to Quadrant 82, and she headed back to Rambo Command, a disaster had occured there......

Behind the Scenes

It was later revealed that the former Rambo Emperor had been killed by the Imperial Alliance together with the entire High Council. So Ramashe was crowned Empress of Rambo Nation and she was in a difficult posistion. But she wanted her revenge against Lord Lino, and after a few days she finally answered Lord Lino's contact to Rambo Command. So Lord Lino was in for a surprise.

Chapter 11: The Battle BeginsEdit

Tralor SideEdit

"Attack the Rambo Colony! We shall make an example of these fools!" Lino orders "and bring me some of the bodies, I wish to feed to night!" Lino adds. "Yes master." The lead captain reply as he directs the Tralor fleet to Deep Space Colonie 03. Once there the RE-90 warships launch Anti-Matter missiles at the Rambo ships. "Tell me Rambo, dose your spices bleed red?" a captain of a Tralor ship says over a Comm-link to the colony.

Rambo SideEdit

"Rambo Command, over, we need reinforcements, they are everywhere and they are insane, saying thins like spices bleed red and feeding tonight" An unknown Captain said in fear. The Tralor attack was a complete surprise and the Rambo were losing the battle.

"We must abandon the Colonie, Judge Magister Ramgaarbath" said the Captain. But the Judge Magister refused, stating the Empress didn't want that and so he ordered the Rambo Task Force there to hold there ground and not loose the possesion of the Wormhole otherwise an invasion of Quadrant 82 was inevitible.

"Rambo Command is mad" the unknown Captain said, as his ship was falling apart.

Chapter 12Edit

Tralor SideEdit

One of the RE-90 warships had taken a lot of damage but instead of waiting to be destroyed by enemy fire it started flying into the Rambo ships! "If I'm going out, I'm taking you with me!" The captain of the damaged RE-90 said before the ship blew up. "Lino, permission to send a landing party to the Rambo colony?" A Tralor captain ask "Permission granted!" Lino replys. The Tralor ships begins the slow descend into the Rambo colony.

Rambo SideEdit

"Darn" said a Rambo Major on the Colonie. "We are losing the space battle, look at those Tralor, they are ramming our own ships, we already lost 2 Galaxy Class ships" A Rambo Soldier said, "And they are sending landing parties, sir, what should we do, sir?".

The Rambo Major looked concerned, and said: "You heard Rambo Command, we have to hold our ground, prepare the soldiers and tanks, we are going to meet them on the battlefield, they want this Colonie so badly, let it be a fight to be remembered in the Glory tales of Rambo Nation".

Chapter 13Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Ships within troop dropping range!" A crew member of a Tralor ship says "All troops attack!" A Tralor commander orders right before he opens the hatch to ship, witch was still pretty high in the air "Go, go go!" the commander yells as Tralor Troopers began to jump out of the ship and onto the battlefield. No Rambo was safe men, woman, and children was all stuck down by the Tralor horde. "I'm going to crush your skull!" A Tralor yells as he his a young Rambo in the head with the side of his arm "Death to the Ra-" another trooper begins to yell before being shot and killed. Some of the Tralor was doing the unthinkable, eating the flesh of dead Rambo as the fought.

Rambo SideEdit

"They are insane" said a soldier of Rambo Nation, while fighting off a Tralor attack. "We must evacuate the villagers and the woman and children, protect them with your AAAAAAAAH" was the last thing the soldier could say as a Tralor killed him.

Elsewhere on the planet the Rambo managed to put a fair resistance up: "Show them we are not easily defeated" said the Rambo Major as he grabbed his sword and stapped it in a Tralor, the Tralor gave a sickening sound, but he ingored it. "I have recieved word my friends, the Colonie is almost in full control of the Tralor, but Rambo Command is about to send reinforcements to aid us, they say the 8th Fleet under command of Judge Magister Ramhis is coming".

Chapter 14Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The Tralor troops continue the onslaught on the colony, but capture wasn't the goal. "Kill them all!" A Tralor commander yells as he chocks a Rambo to death before being shot down. "We must finish this!" The captain of a Tralor ship yells "Begin the bombardment!" he then orderds "But sir, we have troops down-" One of the Tralor crew members begin to say before the ship captain interrupts him "The Tralor troopers will die in honor! Start the bombardment now!" The captain orders. The Tralor ships begin launching bombs on the Rambo colony "Death to the enemies of Lino!" a Tralor yells as he picks shoots a Rambo. "The battle is lost for you my friend!" A captain of a Tralor ship says to the Colony's commanded center via Comm-link.

Rambo SideEdit

"I know they are not letting this Colonie fall without a decent fight, filthy Tralor" The Major said, the Tralor just looked at him before he killed the Major. The Tralor felt happy, the Colonie was almost under full control of the Tralor now.

Behind the scenes

"Judge Magister Ramhis, have you prepared yourself?" asked now Empress Ramashe. "Yes your excellency, the 8th Fleet is ready to enter the wormhole" Judge Magister Ramhis replied. "Very well then Judge, you can proceed, take back the Colonie and advance to the Tralor Empire Space and capture Lord Lino if possible" Ramashe said.

Judge Magister Ramhis just smiled, and bowed before the Empress "Consider it done".

Chapter 15Edit

Tralor SideEdit

Lino was on his way back to Lanet Prime, the Tralor Home world where he would make a speech about the war with the Rambo. At the colony the Tralor forces was changing deeper into Rambo controlled areas. The RE-90 warships was helping destroy the colony's space defense and ground force "This is taking to long! Give the troops a waring that we are going to launch Anti-matter bombs!" the captain of a RE-90 warship says. Once the Tralor troopers got the waring they fell back to a safe area "Troops are clear! Launch the anti-matter bombs!" the captain orders. Out of the RE-90 fell three Anti-matter bombs.

Rambo SideEdit

The Rambo Soldiers looked in freat as the Tralor ships dropped there Anti Matter bombs on the last hide outs. They could only hope that the shields could hold, and that they didn't damage the underground bunkers.

But hope had arrived, threw the nearby wormhole the 8th Fleet of Rambo Nation arrived. With Judge Magister Ramhis at command, he openend a channel: "This is Judge Magister Ramhis of Rambo Nation, all Tralor Ship stand down and surrender or we will open fire" as the fleet targeted the Tralor Ships.

Chapter 16Edit

Tralor SideEdit

Three of the Tralor RE-90 turned to Judge Magister Ramhis's ship then one of the Captains replies to Ramhis's Message: "We will not surrender! We fight to the death and the greatest glory is to die on the battle field!" The Captain yells as he launches three Anti matter missiles at the ship. The Tralor troops began there charge into the Rambo colony once more. "Charge! No mercy no surrender!" A Tralor commander yells as he attacks a wounded Rambo civilian he found under some ruble.

Rambo SideEdit

"Raise shields" Judge Magister Ramhis yelled to Captain Ramtainus. Ramtainus complied and shook his head, he hated to be involved in the Tralor Invasion, first he was involved in the Tigris War, and now his ship became the Flag Ship of Judge Ramhis to counter attack the Tralor Invasion of Deep Space Colonie 03. He went from one war to an other, while he was in fact more a diplomat.

"Impact sir, decks 4 till 8 are damaged" a Rambo bridge officer rapported. "Hm, is this all they have?" Judge Ramhis asked in arrogance. "All ships, fire at the Tralor ships, let none escape, I want the Colonie back before the sun rises".

Chapter 17Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"You weak fool!" the captain of the RE-90 said to Ramhis. Then all of the sudden the RE-90 converted all power to the engines and headed at full speed towards Ramhis's ship. On the ground the Tralor Troops was trying to get into the Rambo's more fortified areas "This colony must be destroyed! No survivors!" a Commander shouts as he orders some PPO-332 to strike the area. "Can't maintain st-Ack!" captain of a Tralor class warship says as his ships burst into flames and crashes into the colony below.

Rambo SideEdit

"Sir, they are heading straight towards us" a crewmembers says in fear. "Do not worry crew members, I have a surprise for them" Ramhis replied with a smile. Captain Ramtainus just looked in surprise as he saw two Galaxy Class ships dropp out of war in front of the USS Charleston and fired there quantum torpedos at the Tralor Ships, severly damaging the front ship. Now other Excelsior, Miranda and Akira and Nebula Classes dropp out of warp and they begin surrounding the Colonie and bombarding the planet.

Chapter 18Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"I wouldn't of done that!" a captain of A Tralor class says "You think that destroying a few ships scares the all mighty Tralor empire? Ha!" The ship then rams itself into a random Rambo ship. "Send the reinforcements. I wish to end this soon..." A commander on the ground says to a Tralor colony about 4 Parsec away "Understood. Sending reinforcements now..." The Tralor at the colony says before ordering a fleet of 40 RE-90 warship and 300,000 troops to help the Tralor forces already at the Rambo colony. The Tralor reinforcements quickly make it to the colony.

Rambo SideEdit

"Hahaha, you will think I fear a Tralor? I am a Judge Magister, I do not fear anyone, except the rule of my Empress" Judge Magister Ramhis replied. Captain Ramtainus muttered for himself "I am affraid of the Tralor" which Judge Ramhis replied with an angry look. "Send in the landing troops" Ramhis ordered.

The landing troops began batteling the Tralor on the ground too, but Judge Magister Ramhis new, as an Anti Matter Torpedo hit the ships shields, that they would need a miracle to retake the Deep Space Colonie 03.

Chapter 19Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Launch the troops!" a Tralor captain screens as he gives the order for the 300,000 Tralor troops sent as reinforcement to drop into the battlefield. One of the Tralors lands on a Rambo, killing it. "No mercy!" A Tralor trooper yells as he shoots a Rambo at point blank range "I shall drink your blood!" Another Tralor yells as he fights hand to hand with a Rambo. The Tralor ships continue the assault on the colony and Rambo fleet.

USS Charleston vs Tralor

The USS Charleston vs Tralor War Ships

Rambo SideEdit

"Sir, over 300,000 Tralor Troops are droppin in the battlefield" a bridge crew member on the USS Charleston reports to Judge Magister Ramhis and Captain Ramtainus. Both looked puzzeled, the Rambo were outnumbered.

"This asked for drastic measures" Judge Magister Ramhis replied, "Prepare the Planet Buster and..." Ramhis said. "No, I won't let you blow up a whole Colonie that magnitude when Rambo are still on there" Captain Ramtainus yelled, Ramhis was surprised, how dared this Captain defy his orders? "I have a plan, but we will have to go elsewhere and prepare a new strike" Ramtainus said.

After Ramtainus showed Ramhis his plans, he smiled, "Very good Captain" Ramhis commented on his plan, "Let's execute it".

Now all Rambo ships left DSC03 and went to a nearby outpost at the Colonie called Ramuninar I.

At the battle ground the battle continued, Rambo and Tralor were still fighting but the Rambo were losing and were retreating to one of the last strongholds, a lone city with wall surrounding it.

Chapter 20Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The Tralor troops began the assault on the last Rambo stronghold "You kind has the warrior spirit! Maybe if you haven't declared war on us you would of became like us." Tralor captain says to Ramhis. The troops was beginning to tare down the colony's walls "No Rambo must live to tell of this!" Tralor Commander yells. About 11 Tralor troopers as able to get inside the town "We have penetrated the walls!" A Tralor yells before being shot down a Rambo.

Rambo SideEdit

"This is ridiculous" Judge Magister Ramhis said, "we lost the Colonie to the race called Tralor, how dare they defy the Rambo".

"Execute Special Order 0356" Ramhis said as the ships computer complied Captain Ramtainus was surprised and wanted to stop Ramhis but was stopped by the guards.

Ramhis only smiled, he now dealt a blow to the Tralor advance fleet and get rid of the DSC03 which was a failing project now.

Then Ramhis laughed loudly as he saw the Planet Buster hit the planet. Ramtainus could only see in fear what Ramhis had done, he had to stop the mad Judge Magister and inform the Rambo High Council.

Chapter 21Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Sir, they destroyed there own planet!" Said a crew member of Tralor ships "Good, they saved us from wasting an planet buster." The captain replied as he pulled up next to the Rambo ship. "Dear Rambo scum, This is Captain Golix of the almighty Tralor empire! We thank you for your aid in destroying your colony." He says "Now prepare to be bored!" he suddenly adds as Tralor borders jump out of the ship and onto the Rambo.

Rambo SideEdit

As the Tralor boarded the USS Charleston Captain Ramtainus was furious at Judge Magister Ramhis. "How could you" he said, "You destroyed DSC03, our own people" Ramtainus said in anger and saddness as tears were rolling over his cheecks.

"Pull youself together Captian" Ramhis coldly replied. "You really think I came here to save the Colonie, it was lost before we even arrived here, I have them were I want them". Ramtainus was surprised, saving the Colonie were not his orders?

"Sir, they boarded the ship at deck 4,5 and 12" a bridge crewmember said. Ramhis gave a nod, and the crewmember raised shields at the decks. "We have the Tralor in captivity, all ships, retreat back to Rambo Space, we have what we came for" Ramhis ordered.

And that was what surprised Ramtainus, they only came to take Tralor for investigation, research? How cruel were the Judges, and Ramtainus began doubting about his function as Captain within Rambo Nation, something had changed, and in his opinion, not in the good.

The Rambo ships then headed back toward the Wormhole, leaving there path full with space mines.

Chapter 22Edit

Tralor SideEdit

One of the borders just laughed "Is this the best you can do? Raise pity shields?" he says. The Tralor borders then pull out something, an Ion charge "Set the charge!" The lead border yells as the others place the charge and gets it ready. "Fire the charge!" the leader yells. As soon as the Ion charges was set off the shields where the Tralor was being held dissipated "The shields are gone! Attack!" A Tralor yells before a horde of 40 Tralors began to attack the ship.

Rambo SideEdit

"Sir, they broke threw the force shields" the crew members says. "What, that is impossible, send in the soldiers, I want at least two of them alive" Ramhis replied in schock. The Tralor proved to be difficult to defeat. He went down there too, he wanted to face a Tralor himself, he was a Judge Magister after all. "You have Command of the ship, Ramtainus" Ramhis said as he left the bridge.

While Ramtainus, sitting in the Captain Chair looked at the main screen in fear, as they were exiting the wormhole which lay near the Dissia System, the welcoming party in front of him began firing upon the Rambo fleet.

Chapter 23Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The Tralor was advancing deeper into the ship killing any Rambo that got in there path. "Surrender and your death shall be quick and painless!" A Tralor says as he shoots a rambo crew member. A few of the Tralor set time bombs around the ship "This will show them..." One says as he sets a bomb. "Rambo soldiers!" A Tralor warns as he fires at the on coming Rambo Soldiers.

Rambo SideEdit

The Rambo soldiers began opening fire at the Tralor at the first sight. Judge Magister Ramhis slew the front Tralor, "Is this all they have" he said in arrogance.

As the battle was intensifying the ship was suddenly rocked by an explosion and was turned up side down.

Chapter 24Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"We have the upper side!" A Tralor says as he chocks a Rambo soldier to death. a Tralor jumps on a Rambo and begins betting her to death "Die!" the Tralor yells before delivering to fatal blow to the Rambo. a Tralor slowly approaches Judge Magister Ramhis "Why do you underestimate our power?" he ask as he makes his was to Ramhis "The Tralor has a proverb, Those who come into battle inspecting an easy victory shall suffer an heavy loss." The Tralor adds before lunging at Ramhis.

Rambo SideEdit

"Hmpf, you dare to lunge at a Judge Magister" Ramhis replied shortly before taking out the Tralor with his Electro Sword, "This one is uncounsios, bring him to the brick and send in the Royal Guard" Ramhis ordered. He then faces with the remaining Rambo Soldiers the remaining Tralor. "We have one of them alive, soldiers open fire!!!!" Ramhis ordered.

Meanwhile, on the bridge Captain Ramtainus returned fire and thought that is was a mistake bringing the Tralor to Quadrant 82, if they managed to escape they would known the location of the Rambo Capitol as the ship evaded fire from an Imperial Attack Formation.

Chapter 25Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"They captured one of our brothers!" A Tralor yells enraged "Make then suffer the wrath of the mighty Tralor!" another one yells before kicking a Rambo solder in the chest. The Tralor began to slaughter to Rambo solders "No mer-" A Tralor began to say before being shot down. back at the wormhole the Tralor ships was clearing the space mines that the Rambo ship left "Almost clear sir..." A Tralor Crew member says to his captain.

Rambo SideEdit

"Slay them all" Ramhis ordered as he sliced a Tralor in two, "Show no mercy to this fitlhy species". And so the Rambo pushed back the Tralor borders, especialley after the arriving of the Royal Guard.

Captain Ramtainus faced a difficult time, he had to close the wormhole but he and the 8th Fleet were unable too because of the Imperial Alliance who attacked the fleet. He knew the mines were not going to hold them off forever, the Rambo had to act fast.

Chapter 26Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The boards ran and take cover "Keep your heads lows!" A boarder says as be takes cover behind a cargo box. A Tralor screeches out in pain before finally dieing at the hands of a Royal Guard. The last Tralor finally gives up and raises his arms in surrender "Fine I'm beaten. All I ask is that you give me a warriors death..." he says in defeat. Back at the wormhole the last of the mines was clear "Sir, the mines are clear." A Tralor crew member says to his Captain "Good, Now we must wait for the best time to strike..."

Rambo SideEdit

"Hmpf, a warriors death, not this time" Ramhis replied as he hit the Tralor with some sort of stunning magic. "Take him away, he will be studied as the rest and get us out of this mess with the Imperials, head for Rambo Space" Ramhis ordered.

Captain Ramtainus was happy, the ship was saved and reinforcements of Captain Ramaxar arrived to drive the Imperials away, soon the fleets headed for the Rambo Capitol.

But with a fatal mistake, the wormhole has been completely forgotten as the Rambo were pleased with there victory and the capture of 2 living Tralor.

What consequentes this could have for the Rambo is unknown................

Chapter 27Edit

Tralor SideEdit

At the wormhole the Tralor fleet was gathering "Sir, The invasion fleet is gathering. So far there is 200 Tralor class warships, 33 RE-90 warships, and 400 PPO-332 Support ships at the ready." A crew member says to his captain "Okay, The rest of the fleet can join in the battle when they get here" he says before picking up a comm link "All Tralor ships prepare for battle! The invasion will begin now, Glory to the Tralor Empire!" The captain says before his ship, followed by the others enter the wormhole.

Rambo SideEdit

While the remaining Fleet of the Dissia System hunts down the remaining Imperial Alliance ships they notice that something is coming from the wormhole.

"What could that be" one of the Captains said as he lays in an intercepting course and hails: "I am a Captain from Rambo Nation and we come in peace, please identify yourself".

The Imperial ships that were unable to get away also notice the new arrival and they wait what will come out of the wormhole.

Chapter 28Edit

Tralor SideEdit

As soon as a Tralor captain gets the message he replies "You may come in peace but we don't!" About that time the Tralor ships exit the wormhole guns blazing. One of the Tralor captain notices the Imperial ships "Are you with the vile Rambo?" the captain ask. Back on the Charleston the Tralor captives was making threats to the Rambo "When I escape I shall rip you limb from limb and drink your blood as a frosty beverage!" One of the Tralors yells "And I shall eat your children!" the other one warns.

Rambo SideEdit

"What..." The Rambo Captain stumbled. A new enemy force, again? He immediatly send a encrypted message to Rambo Command and ordered the nearby fleet to fire at the coming Tralor Ships.

The lead Imperial ship replied "With those stinking blue birds, who think they can do anything they want" The Lizardian Captain replied. "Of course not, the Imperial Alliance is the sworn enemy of the Rambo".

On the Charleston" Judge Magister Ramhis replied to the Tralor captives "Talk what you want, you will soon be unable too", then he smiled viciously.

Chapter 29Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"An enemy of the Tralor is an ally of ours." The Tralor captain says to the Lizardian "Do you think you can keep the Rambo from escaping?" he then ask. "Where is our
Tralor arrive at Dissia

The Tralor arrive at the Dissia System while destroying a Centaur Class ship.

reinforcements?" Another Tralor captain says before getting an message from another Tralor ship about to enter the wormhole "This is captain Tul! I come with reinforcements!" Tul says before entering the wormhole. Not long after that a large bulky ship exits the wormhole, it was the Tralors new main battle ship the Lanat class destroyer.

Rambo SideEdit

"What is that thing" the Rambo Captain said in disbelief. It wanted to send this new information to Rambo Command but his ship was destroyed by the Imperial Alliance before doing so. The remaining Rambo ships attacked the Lanat Class Destroyer, but already damaged they were soon destroyed.

"And an enemy the Rambo is our Ally too" The Lizardian Captain responded, "No, Rambo reinforcements are on there way, as is planned by our Emperor, you can go with us to a nearby sector under control of the Imperial Alliance if you want. I am sure our Emperor would be pleased to meet you, such a mighty enemy of the Rambo".

Chapter 30Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"This is Captain Tul of the mighty Tralor empire, I would be honored to meet your Emperor." he says "Now if you would be so kind to sent the correspondence to your system." he then adds. Back on the Charleston the Tralor was still insulting the Rambo "Only if you knew what we was building then you would show us respect!" one says "Don't worry brother, soon our creation shall be unleashed upon the Rambo." the outer one says.

Rambo SideEdit

"Greeting Captain Tul, I will send you the coordinations to the rendevouz point" as the Lizardian Captain replied, the coordinates were transmitted to the Tralor ship.

On the USS Charleston the Rambo Guard informed Judge Magister Ramhis, as Ramhis looked upon the Tralor he said "Tell me, what creation are you talking about?".

Chapter 31Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The Tralor looks at Ramhis "You will know soon enough." the Tralor says "And I will make sure that you are its first victim." he then adds. Captain Tul orders the Lanat Class destroyer to the rendezvous point and leaves the outer Tralor ships to guard the area.

Rambo SideEdit

Ramhis was confused, what were those Tralor meaning and saying. None the less, it would soon be revealed, they neared the Rambo Captive Facility Station were they would be interrogated in a lot of painfull ways.

At the Imperial Space, the Lizardian Commander waited the arrival of this 'Tralor' the Captain talked off. They were late (or at least in his opinion) and he hated that. But he had to talk with them, as the Emperor told him, he wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

Chapter 32Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The Lanat Class finally got to Imperial space "Apologizes for taking so long, These ships are build for combat not speed." Tul says. Back on Charleston the Tralor was getting ready for l torture chambers "What do you plan on doing? Burning our flesh something more painful?" the Tralor ask "Hopefully there torture chambers are at lest half of what the Tralor chambers are." the outer one says.

Rambo SideEdit

"Whas about time, my time is very precious and my Emperor hates waiting" answered the Lizardian Commander as he opened a link to the Emperor.

"Greetings Tralor Captain Tul, I have hear many tales and stories about the Tralor, tell me, what makes you an enemy of the Rambo, like us?"

As the Guards pushed the Tralor in a interrogation cell, the guard asked Judge Magister Ramhis what level they were allowed to use, Ramhis replied simple "A level 5". The Guard smiled, as he was increasing the gravity in the cell to the point the Tralor fell at it's knees and felt being crushed by the gravity force. "I think it is time to talk" Ramhis asked the Tralor.

Chapter 33Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"I am humbled." Tul says respectfully "The reason why the vile Rambo is our enemy is because they insulted our Emperor, Lord Lino the Dark and quested his wisdom." Tul says "Now we are preparing to hunt down every last Rambo and then like every enemy before us they shall scream our name!" he adds quickly. Back at the interrogation cell the strongest of the two Tralor looks at Ramhis "Child's play." he says before slowly rising to his feet, knees shaking "You underestimate us."

Rambo SideEdit

"What a strength and power" Ramhis said in surprise, "if the Rambo could tap into such power we would be invincible". The Tralor that was slowly rising smiled, Ramhis waved his hand and the gravity pressure stopped. "What a tremendous power you have Tralor, tell me........", but before the Judge could finish his sentence the Station shoock and seemed as it was under attack.

"Yes the blue featherly birds are annoying, I am pleased to see a new enemy of the Rambo" The Emperor said to Captain Tul. He then paused for a moment, and after a short silence he continued "perhaps your leader would like to go with me in conversation to ally to take down the Rambo, since your leaders seems to bring down every Rambo. It is my duty to give you this advice, the Rambo are not to be underestimated. As your attack at the DSC03 proved, the Rambo underestimated you. But here..... they now you are here and this is there homesystem, Quadrant 82. Even my efforts and that of the Imperial Alliance, if we go to war, my apology, when we are going to war with the Rambo it was predicted it would be a long and devastating campaign. Not to mention for your Empire, as the wormhole to this system lies deep in Rambo Space". The Emperor than paused again, it seemed as he was forming a new plan.

Chapter 34Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The captive Tralor uses the distraction to escape the interrogation cell. "Lord Lino would probably be more then happy do discuss war plans with you on a later date. He is busy overseeing the constitution of our new war fleet." Tul says "But we thank you for the advice and we have inspected a long and bloody campaign against the Rambo." he then adds. Back at the wormhole more of the new Tralor ships was gathering, 50 Geo class light destroyers and 10 Lanat class destroyers was at the ready.

Rambo SideEdit

"Sir, the Tralor escaped" the Rambo Guard yells as he is in persuite. Ramhis on the other hands takes the other Tralor back to the USS Charleston and wonders why the Imperial Alliance attacks this station, so deep in Noble Alliance Space and near Tri-Hoornbo borders.

"No need to thank for the advice, Emperor give that as a sign of there nobility" the Imperial Emperor responded. "But I was wondering, are you going to conquer the Rambo or are you going to destroy them?".

Chapter 35Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The Tralor that was being taken back to the Charleston looks at Ramhis "Good, now that other Tralor is gone." he says "I am not with the Tralor Empire, I'm with the Tralor Freedom Force" he then adds.

"We plan on the destroying the Rambo, such a vile race dose not deserve to live in the same galaxy as us." Tul says "Not do be disrespectful but we must be quick, I am support to lead an assault on Rambo space soon." Tul adds.

Rambo SideEdit

Ramhis looked in surprise to the Tralor, "the Freedom what?, are you fooling me?". But before the Tralor could answer Ramhis heard unfortunate news from Captain Ramtainus who was at the bridge, "sir, we have a problem, I recieved news that a Rambo Task Force near Ramrevera Prime has been destroyed by Imperial Forces".

"Hmpf, that is most unfortunate that you want to destroy the Rambo, I rather want to conquer them and submit them to my will" The Emperor replied with a trace of dissappointment in his voice. "Can I change your mind about your plans, the Imperial Alliance could use such good warrior as you Tralor to overthrow the Rambo and submit them to my will, think about Captain Tul, I would find it dissapointing to see such a potential ally as an enemy", the last words the Emperor said, was with a smile (even though his mouth is not seen).

Chapter 36Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Tralor Freedom Force." The Tralor says "And no I'm not fooling you." he then adds. Tul thinks for a moment "Yes, it would we entertaining to see the Rambo's will crushed." Tul says with a smile "Lord Lino would probably agree, that is if you let him keep some Rambo slaves for himself." Tul adds quickly.

Back at the wormhole a massive Tralor fleet was beginning to form with 100 Lanat class ships and 501 Geo class ships at the ready.

Rambo SideEdit

As Ramhis thinks about the words the Tralor said, he was worried about other news too. The Imperial Alliance has invaded the Ramrevera System and Tri-Hoorbo Space. And with the weakened forces in the Dissia System and the arriving of a Tralor fleet there, Ramhis knew Rambo Nation faced a difficult time. He sighted, and "please continue Tralor, you have my attention".

The Emperor smiled, "Of course Lord Lino can keep Rambo slaves, well then, I think we can consider the Imperial Alliance and the Tralor Empire as allies then?". He then sended the first instructions to the Tralor, as they arrived in the Dissia System by a wormhole, it was important that the Tralor conquered the system and defeated the already weakened Rambo forces there. The message contained detailed information about the Rambo defences in the Dissia System.

Chapter 37Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"I am part of a rebel organization founded to overthrow Lino and his oppressive rein." The Tralor says "I was sent to spy on the Tralor Empire." he then adds.

"Yes, let this alliance bring death and destitution to our enemies." Tul says. As soon as the Tralor ships gets the instructions "Of course" a Tralor captain says with slight laugh. Three Lanat Class ships begin to descent into the Dissia System "Rambo, surrender now and prepare for death and enslavement!" A Tralor captain orders.

Rambo SideEdit

"A rebel organization" Ramhis replied in surprise. This could mean intelligence on the Tralor. But it could also be a trick. "Tell me, what did you spy on and how can I come in contact with this rebellion, if it is true what you are saying".

The Emperor smiled, he now had a new and strong ally, this could be the might to bring down Rambo Nation for good. "Well Captain Tul, at our new alliance and to the glory of battle, and we will speak soon again" the Emperor replied before cutting off the transmission.

The Rambo defense force at the Dissia System were shocked, first an Imperial attack and now another attack but then by Tralor. The Captian in charge replied "We will never surrender to you Tralor, you will have to step over our death bodies", as he stopped the transmission the Rambo ships opened fire at the Tralor Ships.

Chapter 38Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"I was spying on Tralor fleet movement." The Tralor says "And if you want to get in contact with my superiors then take me to the closest commutation center." the Tralor adds. Captain Tul orders his ship back to the Dissia System where he will soon lead the battle. "So be it Rambo." The captain replies before firing an concussion missile at the lead Rambo ship.

The outer Tralor ships begin to descent to the Dissia System, causing destitution as the get close enough where the Tralor Troops could descent into battle. "We are at the landing point! Prepare to jump!" Captain Tul orders the Troops on his ship. "Green light to jump! Go go go!" Tul yells, as soon as Tul gives the green light hundreds of hatches around the ship opens and thousands of Tralor Troopers jump out and descend to the planets surface. As the Tralors land they make a loud thump as they hit the ground, some of the weaker Tralor brakes there legs and are left to suffer until the end of the battle.

Rambo SideEdit

"To get in contact with you superiors can only been done from the Dissia System, which is at the moment sieged by the Tralor Forces" Ramhis replied. What a burden Ramhis though, none the less he nodded to the Tralor and released him from his cell and brought him to the bridge of the USS Charleston. Ramhis then ordered: "All crewmembers, battle station, raise shields and engage warp engines, set a course for the Dissia System".

The Rambo ships stationed at the Dissia System fought bravely, but couldn't prevent that Tralor forces landed on Koerband, the Capitol Planet of the Dissia System.

As soldiers head for the Tralor Troopers they targeted them from there city walls, but many of the Rambo died too as the Tralor came with many, wave after wava and soon they climbed the wall. "Hit them where you can, don't let them enter the city, we fought Imperials, we can do the same against these Tralor and... " a Rambo Soldier yells shorlty before his skull is crushed by a Tralor "Ah, fresh blood and panic, I like this" the Tralor replied.

Chapter 39Edit

Tralor SideEdit

As soon as the USS Charleston got to the Dissia System the Tralor rebel looked shocked "I thought the Lanat Class was just a rumor." the rebel says in a extremely worried tone "If these ships are all the Tralor Empire says they are then your in trouble." he adds before turning towards Ramhis "Is then anyway I could get to the colonies communications center?" he ask.

The Tralor was pushing there way deeper into the hart of the city, burning all buildings along the way "Die you vile creature!" A Tralor Trooper says as he picks up a piece of ruble and throwers it at an injured Rambo. The Tralor ships was bombarding the city and attacking the Rambo fleet at the same time "Captain, A Rambo ship has just entered the battle!" A crewmember says to Captain Tul "Engage the ship." Tul orders.

Rambo SideEdit

Upon entering the Dissia System the USS Charleston was taken under heavy fire. Shield were failing but Captian Ramtainus managed to beam down the Tralor Rebel and Judge Ramhis and 4 Royal Guards to the Koerband Capitol. Upon doing so the Charleston had to retreat back to the Rambo Fleet which was enaging Tralor forces nearby.

"Now follow me" Judge Ramhis said to the Rebel Tralor, "we are close to the communication tower".

Chapter 40Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"We must make hast. It won't be long before the Tralor Ships begin bombarding this part of the city!" The rebel Tralor says as he follows Ramhis to the communication tower. About half way to the tower the Lanat Class Destroyers ships are beginning to bombard the area around the communication tower "You will half to get some ships to distract those war ships until I contact the Tralor Freedom Force outpost!"

Rambo SideEdit

"Ramtainus, get some ships to cover us" Ramhis ordered as he tried to hold his footing as the Communication Shook and trembled.

"But sir, most of our ships won't survive it then, they are already damaged too much and.." Ramtainus replied but Ramhis cut him off and repeated his order, a rarity for the Judge Magister. Ramtainus replied and the Rambo ships began targeting the Lanat Class Destroyers.

"Hurry Tralor, fast I do not know how long my ships will hold, the planet has almost fallen into Tralor hand".

Chapter 41Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The rebel Tralor nobs and runs into the Communication tower "This is Recon-12-75-34 requesting assistance!" the Rebel yells into the communicator "This is Grand Admiral Yanis, go ahead Recon." A female Tralor says "Tralor Empire forces invading friendly space and needs assistance. Head to this location." The Rebel Tralor says before sending the location to the Dissia System to Grand Admiral Yanis "Okay, we'll be th-" Yanis was beginning to say before a concussion missile hits the Communication tower. The rebel manages to escape the building "It is done, tell your ships to-" The rebel begins to say before a piece of the tower falls down and crushes the rebel Tralor.

Rambo SideEdit

As he saw the Tralor approaching Ramhis shouter "Well done" and looked in awe as a piece of the tower chrushes the Rebel Tralor. He was troubled, he began liking this particulair Tralor.

Soon a shuttle approached with Rambo soldiers, "your excellency, we have to leave now, the planet has fallen into Tralor hands".

As Ramhis entered the shuttle and landed at the Charleston he looked outside a window and saw in awe that the Rambo Fleet was crippled and in retreat to the nearby colonie of Schoramel, a small mining Colonie in the Dissia System.

Chapter 42Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The Tralor ships pursue the the retreating Rambo fleet "This is Captain Tul of the almighty Tralor Empre! Surrender or die!" Tul orders. On the Charleston as soon as one of the crewmembers gets the message the crewmember replies saying: "We will never surrender! The battle is not lost!" he yells into the ships comm link. "Very well. Prepare for death then." Tul says to the Rambo crewmembr "Power the Ion cannon!" Tul orders.

Rambo SideEdit

"You imbeciel" Ramhis yelled to the Rambo Crewmember, "Ramtainus, all availible power to shields, and evade patron Delta, we must evade the cannon, all other ships, open fire at the front ship, open fire" Ramhis ordered.

Chapter 43Edit

Tralor SideEdit

Captain Tul's shields manage to deflect the Rambo ships attacks. "Ion cannon at full charge, firing!" A Tralor crewmember tells Tul before firing the Ion cannon. The cannon hits its mark, the USS Charleston. At first the cannon seemed to do nothing but then the Charleston's shields and energy begin to rapidly drain.

Rambo SideEdit

"Your Excellency, the ships systems are failing" Ramtainus yelled in panick. This was an attack that has never been encountered by Rambo Nation before. And as Ramtainus and Judge Magister Ramhis looked around, more Rambo Ships fell victim by this unknown cannon by other Tralor Ships.

"Darn those Tralor, they manage to surprise us, time after time, and now the ship is driftless and we are vulnrable for attack" Ramhis said to Captain Ramtainus. Ramtainus shook his head, and told Ramhis that they should prepare for boarding parties, after all, capturing a Judge Magister by enemey hands must be prevented at all costs.

Chapter 44Edit

Tralor SideEdit

All hope seemed loss, the Tralor ships begin to tare into the defenseless Rambo ships but then 20 unknown ships come into view and begin to attack the Tralor ships. These new ships was small, rusty, and had very weak fire power but they was fast, very fast.

"Captain Tul, rebel ships are attacking!" A crewmember tells Tul "Don't let these traitors escape!" Tul orders as he gets up from his command chair and walks to a large window. One of the rebel ships gets hit by a Turbo laser cannon and crashes into the Charleston. The command center of the rebel ship was now inside the Charleston and somehow one of the Tralor's inside the ship was still alive.

Rambo SideEdit

Judge Magister Ramhis and Catain Ramtainus lost there footing when the Rebel ship chrashed into the Charleston. It seemed aid has arrived from an unknown ally, the Tralor Rebel was speakign the truth.

"Sir, there is still one life-form inside the ship alive should we get it out of there". Ramhis nodded and he sended a squad to retrieve them.

As Captain Tul focused his fire power on the Rebel ships, the systems were slowly coming back online and the Charleston's engines were slowly starting to activating.

Chapter 45Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The Tralor inside of the crashed ship gets up and brakes the inside window of the Rebel ship and crawls out. The Tralor was a female "Well that wasn't suppose to happen..." she says as she looks at her crashed ship.

The rebel ships was providing a distraction so the Rambo forces could escape the area. "Sir, the Rambo ships are regaining power! We must fire upon then now!" A crewmember says to Tul "Fine, focus all fire power on the Rambo ship!" Tul orders. Three concussion missiles are launches at the Charleston "They fired some type of high powered projectile at us, sir!" A Rambo crewmember warns in a scared voice.

Rambo SideEdit

Tralor Ïnvasion Charleston heavily damaged

USS Charleston heavily damaged and crippled after an attack by a Lanat Cruiser who fires from outside the image.

"Who are you" Ramhis asked to the Female Tralor, which he found odd, even after fighting Tralor for a while, this is the first time he met a female Tralor.

"Raise shields" Captain Ramtainus ordered the Rambo Crewmember, with the engines online they managed to evade one missle, the other hit the shields with full force which overloaded many systems and left the Charleston driftless, the third one, however was a direct hit and the USS Charleston was severely damaged and crippled. Most systems went offline and emergency back up systems only kept sensors, communications and life-support online.

Then suddenly out of Warp another Rambo Ship arrived, while most ships were fleeing, this ship headed to the Charleston to tag it away. It was the USS Sovereign under command of Fleet Captain Ramaxar and the strongest and flagship of Rambo Nation.

Chapter 46Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"I am Grand Admiral Yanis of the Tralor freedom force, I was asked by one of my spies to come and provide you cover." Yanis says "Now can you tell me where my spy is, we believe he has uncovered vitae information about Tralor Empire fleet moment."

Three Lanat class destroyers and ten Geo class ships begin to open fire on the USS Sovereign. One of the Lanat class gets close to the Sovereign and begins to fire Turbo laser cannons at full power at the USS Sovereign.

Rambo SideEdit

"Grand Admiral? Greetings, I am Judge Magister Ramhis, in charge of the 8th Fleet and other classified matters, you aid as most welcome but as you see, my ship is crippled", Ramhis said to the Grand Admiral.

Captain Ramaxar looked worried at the fire volley approaching the ship. As he looked at a screen by bridge crew member he saw shields were already dropping to 30% after the hit with the Turbo Laser Cannon, and that was only one direct hit, he had a chill, the Tralor weapons were immence and powerfull.

none the less, a few reinforcement arrived and a Galaxy Class tractor beamed the Charleston and slowly tagged it away from the battle.

Chapter 47Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Your ships need to retreat as soon as possible." Yanis said "My ships can not hold back the those warships for long!" she then adds. The Tralor Freedim Force ships was taking an beating by that larger and stronger Tralor Empire ships. The of the Geo class ships that was severely damaged was begining to preform an old Tralor tactic, ram into the Sovereign "Burn Rambo, burn!" the captain of the Geo class yells as he powers the engines to full and rams into the side of the USS Sovereign. "Are you all right? Do you need assistance?" A Tralor freedom force ship asked Captain Ramaxar via comm link after seeing the Geo class light destroyer crash into the Sovereign.

Rambo SideEdit

"Rambo never retreat and....." Ramaxar said shortly before the Tralor ship rammed the Sovereign and send Captain Ramaxar and Tralor Rebel Yanis chrashing into the wall.

The Sovereign turned over due to the chrash and a crewmember yelled: "Shields Collapsing, Warp Drive offline, hull ruptures at deck 5 till 12, lot's of injured and.....aaaaaaaah......" as the console before him exploded. Ramaxar and Yanis immediatly headed to the bridge, and with great sorrow he said in open communication: "This is Captain Ramaxar of the USS Sovereign, all Rambo ships will retreat, I repeat, will retreat, Tralor Rebels, you can join us to the nearby Capitol System if you want, the Dissia System has fallen".

Chapter 48Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"We will provide cover as your ships retreat." A Tralor rebel says to captain Ramaxar "That's a negative you will retreat with the Rambo." Yanis orders. The Tralor warships was still in battle formation and firing on the retreating Rambo ships "We got then on the run! Victory!" a Tralor captain cheers as the Rambo ships retreat.

Rambo SideEdit

As the Rambo Fleet left the Dissia System they travelled to the Rambo Capitol System. Upon arriving there they witnessed the remains of battle as wreckeges of Rambo and Imperial Ships floated driftless in space.

"I am sorry you have to see us in this troubled time, otherwise the capitol system would filled with differant kind of races and ships from all around the Quadrant" Ramaxar said to Yanis.

As soon as they lay in orbit of the planet they docked on a Floating Docking Plattform and took a shuttle directly to the Royal Palace and the Capitol of Tirithsilliana.

Chapter 49Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"It is okay captain. It is troubling times for all of us." Yanis told Ramaxar. "This city, it reminds me of some of the once proud cities on Lanat Prime." Yanis says as she looks at Tirithsilliana from the shuttle window.

In the Dissia System the Tralor forces was already beginning to build there own colony over the ruins of the Rambo colony. "Send some of the dead Rambo to Lanat Prime and give then to Lord Lino." Tul orders.

Rambo SideEdit

"It is a shame our great Nation is crumbling due to Evil risen, since the loss of the 25th Fleet and the end of the Tigris War, every evil we faced has started to attack us, but enough of sad talk, the Empress expects you" Ramaxar said as the shuttle landed on the Royal Courtyard.

"Greetings Grand Admiral Yanis, I am Judge Magister Ramgaarbath, please follow me to the throne room" Ramgaarbath said at a friendly thone. As Yanis looked at the guardyards she saw a lot of soldiers and other guards, which Ramaxar identified as the Royal Guard.

In the Dissia System the last Rambo forces who refused to withdrawn were slaughtered or taken hostage by the Tralor. A civilian wonders, what would happen to them?

Chapter 50Edit

Tralor SideEdit

Yanis looks around the Palace "This building is amazing, tell me how long did it take to build this palace?" Yanis ask "Even the Tralor grand tower witch took over 400 years to complete can't compare to its busy." Yanis adds.

The Tralor on the Dissia System takes the Rambo captives and tortures them.

Rambo SideEdit

Judge Ramgaarbath and Ramaxar smiled on her reaction. "We are honored that you like our Royal Palace, if my memory does not abandon me, the Palace and city took over 2500 years to complete" Ramgaarbath replied. As Ramgaarbath brought her to the Throne Room Ramaxar whispered, "After your talk with the Empress, I will show you around and let you see the history records if you want".

As Yanis entered the Throne Room she saw the other Judge Magisters and in the middle, in a beautifull chair Empress Ramashe rose and greeted Yanis: "Greetings Grand Admiral Yanis, the Amniaessialea, which means in our language Tralor friend, it is an honor to meet you, even though I would have whished it were in better times".

In the Dissia System all Rambo forces or ships were taken captive or have been destroyed.

Chapter 52Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Its an honor to meet you, Empress." Yanis says "But I fear that time are only going to get darker before we see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak." Yanis adds.

Captain Tul orders all of the prisoners to line up "Good, now your not so powerful are you Rambo?" Tul says to the Rambo prisoners. Tul walks over to the youngest Rambo captive and knees down in front of the young Rambo "Its okay, I wont kill you." Tul says in an almost caring voice. The young Rambo looks at Tul "No, what I'm going to do to you is a fate worse then death!" Tul then yells at the young rambo before knocking him down on the ground.

Rambo SideEdit

"Indeed, it probably will be" Ramashe replied with a trace of saddness and defiance in her words, "I am gratefull that the Tralor Rebels aided us, but now you way home has been cut off by the Tralor Forces who occupy the Dissia System".

The Rambo child cried as he was hit by Tul and his mother took care of her child. A few of the Rambo aldult saw this and stormed at Tul with the intention to kill him.

Chapter 53Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Yes, and I dare not try to get past the Tralor blockade, our ships would be ripped apart!" Yanis says "But as your fleet is probably aware of now, the Tralor empire was created a new weapon." Yanis then adds.

Tul turns around and looks at the Rambo adults "You attack me and I'll order my troops to kill all your children, slowly." Tul warns.

Rambo SideEdit

"Indeed, that is a problem" Ramashe replied, "We are already making plans to re-take the Dissia System, but it will prove difficult. As for the moment, you are welcome to stay on the city and you can repair you ships in our dry docks".

The Rambo adults nodd and stop there attack, they then obeyed Tul, as he was a dangerous foe.

Chapter 54Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Thank you. My ships are in need of repairs after the battle with the Tralor." Yanis says to Ramashe "As we speak our spies are working to uncover more Tralor secrets so we can defeat Lino and the empire he has forged from blood." Yinis adds. "Right now I believe it is importunate to focus on the Tralor Empire's new technology. I am most intrigued with the Tralor Empire's Ion Cannon as it seems to be a new technology that the galaxy has never seen, or at lest is very rare." Yanis says

Tul looks at the adult Rambos who was planing on killing him "Now you have forced me into making one of you a public example of one of you troublemakers!" Tul says as he walks over and pulls one of the Rambo out of the group "You are today's lucky winner!" Tul says to the Rambo before pushing the Rambo to the ground. "Guards, tear this creatures wings off!" Tul orders two of his guards to pull off the wings of the Rambo. The guards laughing as the pull and twist the Rambo's wings, The Rambo lets off loud screams of pain as his wings are pulled by the Tralor "You are lucky I'm subjecting to a light punishment!" Tul says to the Rambo.

Rambo SideEdit

"Indeed, such weapons has not been encoutered by us, not even the Imperial Alliance has such weapons" Ramashe said with a heavy voice, "I have much to think over, we lost the Dissia System to the Tralor, and we will have to keep them there and strike back at the right moment. We must stay sharp and now we must enjoy a moment of silence, my fleets are gathering to attack the Dissia System again soon. The shipdocks stand ready for the Tralor Rebel ships, and if you want, I can give you a quarter to rest with anything you want".

The Rambo looked with pain and hatred in his eyes to Tul, "You are monstrous" the Rambo replied, with tears rolling over his cheecks.

Chapter 55Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"If I may offer my professional opinion about the situation, Empress Ramashe I think it would be best to fortify all of your colonies and prepare for more Tralor ships to arrive." Yanis says respectfully. "I thank you allowing to say at your home world Empress Ramashe. In 'old' Tralor culture allowing one to stay at ones home is consecrated to be a good omen" Yanis says. The Tralor Freedom Force ships dock at the Rambo ports."

"Me monstrous?" Tul says to the Rambo "I'm am mercy! Feel my mercy Rambo!" Tul yells as he orders the two Tralors pulling on the Rambo's wing to pull harder. Tul then walks over to another Rambo "Do you want me to show you mercy?" He ask him "Have I not shown mercy to you all?" Tul ask. The young Rambo that Tul knocked down early walked up "No! You just a meanie and and your mean!" he yells at Tul "Oh, I'm sorry little one let me so you some mercy!" Tul says curly as he walks over to the young Rambo.

Rambo SideEdit

"Perhaps fortifying is indeed important, but I cannot let my people suffur, it is a difficult position I am in" Ramashe replied to Yanis, "And allies of Rambo Nation, are always welcome".

As the Tralor Rebel ships docks a Rambo Enginieer approaches, "Greetings Tralor Freedom Fighters, the equippment I will show you where to find. And please, let us help you in fixing your ships, I have even been given permission to upgrade you ships with some of our weapons if you want".

As Tul approached the child, his mother stood in front of Tul and said: "Please, oh great Tul, he is just a child, and doesn't know what he is talking about".

Chapter 56Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Do what you see fit Empress Ramashe. I have no part in your species politics." Yanis says "But if you want your civilians back from the Tralor, then I could work something out with my contacts from within the Tralor ranks." Yanis says. "Thank you, our ships need all the upgrades they can get if we are to face the Tralor armada again." One of the Tralor freedom force captains says to the Rambo engineer.

Tuls stops and looks at the mother Rambo "Yes, I have always found mental torment over physical more enjoyable." Tul says before chocking the Rambo "Look child! Your outburst is going to cost your mothers life!" Tul yells at the Rambo child.

Rambo SideEdit

Empress Ramashe chuckled, "Not involved in my species politics? Perhaps not, but you have been drawn in the Galactic War anyway. Let me introduce you to Swerion Viceroy Swernay of the Swerion Trade Federation. There battle droids will be used against the Tralor to re-take the Dissia System. I am fighting a three front war here, with the Tralor, the Imperial Alliance and the Resistance. We have to turn the tide. And I was hoping you would help me in this attack, as our first stage is to re-take the Colonie of Koerband as a staging area".

"No, please" asked the Rambo child, "I am really sorry". As Tul prepared to kill his mother, a Pantorilisea approached, and asked Tul to spare the mother and his child, in return she would become his slave, as she knew them very well.

Chapter 57Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Greetings Viceroy Swernay, It is a pleasure to meet you." Yanis says before looking at Ramashe "I'm sorry Empress Ramashe, my fleet is weak and small in numbers. If I could find a way to make it back to the Tralor Freedom Force base then I could get some more ships and ask the Tralor Freedom Force's Supreme Commander, Jonix II for ground support." Yanis says.

Tul looks at the Pantorilisea "Very well I will not kill the Rambo." Tul tells the Pantorilisea "But he will!" Tul says as he orders a Tralor Trooper to open fire on the mother Rambo. After the Tralor Trooper fires on the mother Rambo she falls down dead "You, build a fire and cook this Rambo and drain its blood, I shall eat well tonight!" Tul orders before garbing the arm of the Pantorilisea with a bone crushing grip "Your coming with me, slave" Tul says as he drags the Pantorilisea to the old Rambo space dock where his ship was at.

Rambo SideEdit

Tralor Invasion Captain Tul & Lizardian Commander

Captain Tul takes Princess Ramtilsea as slave, and the Lizardian Commander compliments Tul on it.

"The pleasure is mine" Swernay replied, "Empress Ramashe, my fleet stands ready to attack the Dissia System". "And mine too" Insector Captain El'd'Shar said, who entered the room. As Ramashe looked around she said: "We will wait till the Tralor Rebel Ships have been upgraded, when we attack the Dissia System, we will make an opening in there defences so you can enter the wormhole Yanis, and contact your leaders, if we win this battle, we could deal a costly blow to the Tralor Empire and the Imperial Alliance".

"What how could you........" Ramtilsae said, but was immediatly hit in the face by Captain Tul, as a slave should be silenced. The Rambo child just cried in panic.

"Well, well" said a voice behind Captain Tul, it was the Lizardian Commander, "I have arrived to fortify the Dissia System and join forces with your fleet, Captain Tul". When he approached Ramtilsae, he Pantorilisea slave of Tul, the Commander said: "you have a fine taste, Captain Tul, this is a Princess". And the commander smiled and walked with Captain Tul to the old Rambo Space Dock.

Chapter 58Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"With all due respect Empress Ramashe, do you really think that the loss of one colony is going to slow the Tralor Empire down? Loss of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of Tralor lives means nothing to Lino as long as his goals are meet, so that means he will probably order a fleet many times larger then the one that invaded the Dissia System the first time." Yanis says "I just want to keep causality to a minimum." Yanis adds.

"A princess you say? Then I shall give this one the 'royal' treatment!" Tul says as he pushes Ramtilsae inside the space dock. One inside Tul knocks Ramtilsae into the ground "You are in my world now! And once I get done with you then you will wish you was like that!" he says as he points at the burnt remains of a Rambo. Tul then walks over to the remains and picks a piece off of the dead Rambo's body then eats it "A little burnt." Tul says as he chews the piece of the Rambo.

Rambo SideEdit

"Perhaps not slow the Tralor Empire down, but making there entry into Quadrant 82 a lot more difficult. But what do you propose then, to keep causality down to a minimum, as I am not going to only fortify our systems and await another attack of theirs" Empress Ramashe asked Yanis.

The Lizardian Commander smiled. As he joined Tul inside the Space Dock he left he headed to the control post and left Tul alone with his slave princess. As he walked the top of the dock he recieved a transmission that the Laberynth had arrived at the Dissia System, back in Imperial hands. Now the battle was soon to come.

Chapter 59Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"When I mean keep causality down to a minimum I mean on our side, the lives of Tralor Empire means nothing to me." Yanis says "What I would do if I was you is evacuate all civilians near the Dissia System so if an invasion of that system was to occur then the civilians would not be captured by the Tralor."

Tul then walks back over to Ramtilsae "Your Rambos are weak! You couldn't even defeat a small fighting force that we sent to this system!" Tul says before kicking Ramtilsae in the head "Your race dose not deserve to live in the same universe as the Tralor! The Rambo will crumble, like every race that dared to wage war with the Tralor has." Tul says as he lifts Ramtilsae up by her neck "I will take you to our finest torture chamber! then, if your lucky I will kill you." Tul says with a smile.

Rambo SideEdit

A few hours later Yanis set at her room, when someone knocked on the door, it was Empress Ramashe, "It has started Yanis, We have began evacuating the nearby systems while a fleet compromised of Noble Alliance, Swerion Trade Federation, Rambo Nation and Tralor Freedom Rebels are approaching the Dissia System under command of the 5th Fleet, Fleet Captain Klopplar is a fine Captain, while the 12th is at stand by".

While Ramtilsae was shocked by the kick, and tears rolled over the cheecks, she said: "You no nothing of our race, you only met the Serinia, not the Mithrislic, nor do you know anything of our species and realm. You invade us, without knowing anything about us. Why I ask???".

Tul didn't want to respond, and send her on a transport so she could be dilivered to his Emperor. However, a few hours later a Tralor Soldier ran into the room and yelled: "High Captain Tul, we are under attack, as our allies could hold them off, they suddenly withdrawn and Rambo forces have landed on the planet and......." and the Tralor soldier was sliced down by Judge Magister Ramhis, accompnied by over 12 Rambo Royal Guards, the strongest of the Rambo military. "Finally we meet Captain Tul, you forces and that of your allies have been defeated. Now surrender" Ramhis said coldly.

Chapter 60Edit

Tralor SideEdit

Tul looked at Ramhis then at the 12 Royal Guards "It seems I have been out matched, out gunned, and by far out numbed." Tul says with a slight smile before being arrested by a Royal Guard. Tul looked Ramhis right in the eyes and says "What you plan on doing to me is noting compared to what Lord Lino has planed for Ramtilsae. She will be broken!"

As soon as Yanis got the news that the battle was over she was eager to lern about the outcome. "Empress Ramashe, I have been informed that the Battle of the Dissia System is over. Is this true and if so what was the outcome?" Yanis ask respectfully.

Rambo SideEdit

Ramhis just smiled, and said nothing as the Royal Guards took Tul in custody. However, he was worried by what he had to say about Princess Ramtilsae, and reported it to Empress Ramashe. Tul was then sent to the sectret prison.

Ramashe smiled as she saw Yanis approaching: "Indeed that is true, thanks to the Allied Fleet and the Tralor Freedom Force we liberated the Dissia System and took Captain Tul into captivity. We drove the Tralor back to there own system. But we didn't manage to save Ramtilsae, and I am planning to send a resque mission for her very soon".

Chapter 61Edit

Tralor SideEdit

Tul sat quietly in his cell, he had just came back from the interrogation cell where he was 'interrogated' for a few hours before the Rambo gave up and sent him to his new cell. "These walls will not hold me, these chains shall not bind me, and you vile creatures will not keep me captive for long." Tul says under his breath.

"Pleas...stop..." begs Ramtilsae as she falls on her knees after a drooling hour of shock torture. "Why stop now? We are having so much fun!" says the interrogater "This is but a taste of what the Lanat Prime torture chambers has in store for you! But, if you tell me everything you know about Rambo tactical information then we can stop, after all we are friends right?" the Tralors says to Ramtilsae.

Rambo SideEdit

As Tul sat in his cell, a voice spoke to him, it was Admiral Ramcelsior, a fallen Rambo Officer who used the very first Planet Buster in his history. "Greeting, I am here for so long, and I have managed to be able to be in contact with the other cells, what and who are you? And why are you a prisoner of this desolate place?".

Ramtilsae didn't dare to say a thing, as the Tralor was very terrifying and she was very tired of the shock torture, she could not imagene why a species could do that. "I don't know much about Rambo tacticals" Ramtilsae said in tears.

Empress Ramashe and the Judge Magisters, joined by Yanis, sat in a meeting in the Royal Palace. Ramashe then waved her hand and Captain Ramcard entered the room, and Ramashe said: "Ramcard, my faithfull Captain. I want you to search for Princess Ramtilsae and bring her back to Rambo Nation. And if you want Yanis, I can send the 12th Fleet to you territory to aid you in the struggle against the Tralor.

Chapter 62Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"I am Captain Tul of the almighty Tralor empire. I was captured by the Rambo after my front line failed to keep then from infiltrating my base on the Dissia System." Tul says "But the Tralor still won as we now have the Princess!" "LIES ALL LIES!" the Tralor yells at Ramtilsae "You seen to have not been broken yet! Fine! Guards, set the shock wires to level 2!" The Tralor orders.

Yanis thinks for a moment before speaking "No, keep your 12th Fleet here where it is needed." Yanis says "But I have a question, your captain knows nothing about Tralor space or the Ruin sector." "And how do you plan on finding Princess Ramtilsea, You just can't storm into Tralor colonies and start scanning ships, that would be suicide" Yanis adds.

Rambo SideEdit

"A Tralor? I never heard of them before" Ramcelsior replied.

Ramtilsae looked shocked, "Please, please I don't know anything, just diplomacy, please............."

Empress Ramashe looked down, and began walking around the room. She looked outside the window, which gave her a complete view of the Rambo Capitol City, "Tell me Yanis, what should I do, you know the Tralor better then me. I only met Lord Lino once".

Chapter 63Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The Tralor just looks at Ramtilsae "A Princess who knows nothing of her races tactical? You truly are worthless, Lord Lino will be angry!" The Tralor says. "Lord Lino will-" He began to say before a large explosion from the ships engine room cuts him off.

Yanis looks at Ramashe "I suppose I could guide your captain threw Tralor space. I know of some old pirate routs that curcal around most of the Tralor security zones" Yanis says.

Rambo SideEdit

Just as Ramtilsae feared another punishment, she was blown against the back of the wall by the explosion.

"Very well Yanis, I will send Captain Ramcard of the USS Dallas to save Princess Ramtilsae, I will also have Captain Tul dilivered to the Freedom Force if you want" Empress Ramashe replied.

Chapter 64Edit

Tralor sideEdit

"Captain, are we under attack?" asked asked one of the Tralor threw a comm link "No, one of our ion drives overheated and busted. The engineers said that repairs will take three hours and until then we are not going anywhere." said the captain. "Throw this piece of worthless trash into the holding cells." Orders the Tralor. Two of the Tralor guards walk over to the integration cell that Ramtilsae was at and opens the door "Come vile creature!" the Tralor orders.

Yanis just shakes her head "No, Captain Tul is a very important Tralor Empire captain and having him in your custody gives you some leverage." Yanis says before truing to Ramcard "We must hurry if we are to catch up with the Tralor ship before it enters the Tralor security zone, then it will be to late." Yanis adds

Rambo sideEdit

As the Tralor guards grab hold of Ramtilsae she fell uncounsios.

Ramashe nodded, and said: "You will have to leave soon". Before Yanis could reply Captain Ramcard spoke: " The USS Dallas is on stand-by, she is ready to leave and battle ready within 3 minutes. And don't worry Grand Admiral Yanis, the USS Dallas is a fine ship, an upgraded Excelsior Class and equipped with the newest weapons. We will catch up with them soon".

Chapter 65Edit

Tralor SideEdit

The guards drag Ramtilsae out of her cell, "Why must we carry this creature?" ask one of the guards.

"Lets hope so. I would hate to leave your Princess in the hands of the Tralor to long, hate to think what they have already done to her." Yanis says before she walks over to Captain Ramcard.

Rambo SideEdit

"2 to beam up" Captain Ramcard said as the transporters of the USS Dallas were energised. As Yanis and Ramcard were immediatly transported to the bridge, Ramcard said: "Welcome to the USS Dallas High Admiral Yanis. Lieutenant, head for the Dissia System, maximum Warp" as Ramcard took his place at the Captain's Chair.

Shortly after the USS Dallas arrived at the Dissia System and was joined by a Galaxy and a Constellation Class ship and entered the wormhole. "Ready to go back to your home system Admiral?" asked Ramcard.

Chapter 66Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Ready as I'll ever be, Captain." Yanis says "Not to far from here is the Tralor border colonies, we need to find a way around then or we will have the whole Tralor fleet behind us." Yanis says.

Tul sat down on his bed, thinking about how he could escape from this prison then suddenly he had an idea. "Guards, guards!" Tul yells as he pounds on the wall of his cell.

Rambo SideEdit

While Captain Ramcard and High Admiral Yanis observed the star maps of the Tralor Empire the USS Dallas entered the wormhole and shortly after exited it. Ramcard sighted, "This will be difficult Admiral, our ships will surely be notified, that is why we are accompinied by 2 others, we must act quick. But we do not known where or on which ship Princess Ramtilsae is located".

Meanwhile, on the Rambo Capitol Empress Ramashe was in meeting with the Judge Magister, when Judge Ghis notified her that the 8th Fleet and the 5th Fleet were ready to invade the Tralor Empire when given the order. Judge Drace was surprised, so shortly after the Galactic War already preparing for another war, she hopes that Yanis and Ramcard will succeed in there mission.

When Tul was screaming, 3 guards came directly, it were two Serindia Swordsman and a Judge. The Judge lowered the force field and ordered Tul to stand against the wall, "What is going on Tralor, do you wanna get hurt?".

Chapter 67Edit

Tralor SideEdit

Yanis thinks for a moment "We will have better luck scan-" Yanis began to say before being interrupted by a Rambo crewmember "Sir, we have picked up a strange signal from an colonized system right outside of the Tralor security zone." she says. Yanis looks at Ramcard "That could be our ship." Yanis says.

"I am ready to revile all I know about the Tralor Empire." Tul says "That is if you let me walk around the facility." he then adds.

Rambo SideEdit

Ramcard looked back at the star map, "COM Officer, head for that location, all crewmember, red alert, battlestations". As the USS Dallas engines powered up they went with maximum warp to that location.

The Judge smiled, and waved his hand so that Tul could be brought to the interrogation rooms.

Chapter 68Edit

Tralor SideEdit

Right as Tul left his cell he strung his plan into action, hitting the Serindia Swordsman in front of him in the back of the head, knocking him out "Stop!" the other Serindia yells as he strikes at Tul with his sword witch Tul dodges before garbing the Serindia arm and braking it "Did you really think I could ever betray my Empire?" Tul ask as he grabs one of the Serindias swords and throws it at the Judge before running away.

"Captain, incoming ship! Not one of ours!" says one of the Tralor crewmembers to the captain "Prepare the weapon systems!" The captain then orders.

Rambo SideEdit

As the Judge hit the ground the alarm was sounded among the prison, but it was already to late as Tul managed to reach the docking port where a Rambo Shuttle was docked. The soldiers that got in the way of Tul were all killed or knocked out, as such Tul became the first captive whom managed to escape from the Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison.

The USS Dallas dropped out of warp and immediatly targeted the Tralor engines to block it's escape.

Chapter 69Edit

Tralor sideEdit

"Fire Turbo laser cannons and concussion missiles!" the Tralor captain orders. "Sir, we need to lower the shields so we can send a boarding party!" says one of the Rambo officers to Captain Ramcard. Yanis looks at the Tralor ship "We found the ship but we still don't know what part of the ship the Princess is being held at." Yanis says.

Rambo sideEdit

"I know it is a possibility she is in a differant section, but perhaps we could hack there systems and find out were Ramtilsae is. Lower shields and transport the boarding party. And continue firing at there engines and weapon systems" Ramcard said boldly.

At the prison, Tul managed to steal a shuttle and exited orbit, however after travelling for a while a Rambo ship come in persuit, a Miranda Class, the USS Reliant. And the shuttle is no match for a space ship, but salvation for Tul is not far away, as an ally is approaching.

Chapter 70Edit

Tralor sideEdit

"Fire missiles at the main ship!" The Tralor captain orders. The Lanat class destroyer fires five concussion missiles at the USS Dallas "Sir, the Tralor ship fired missiles at us!" says on the Rambo crewmembers.

Rambo SideEdit

"Evasion Pattorn Delta, evade missles evade" Ramcard yells, but in no a vain, the USS Dallas hull was hit and the missle explosion went totally threw it. "Sir, we have hull ruptures at deck 5 till 8" a crew members yells. "Stabilize the ship, and return fire" Ramcard yells as he contacts the other two Rambo ships to aid him.

Meanwhile, the Rambo boarding paty had arrived at the Lanat Cruiser, and witnessed the damage done to the USS Dallas, "Those Tralor shall pay for this" the Squad commander said bitterly.

As Captain Tul tried to evade the USS Reliant the shuttle was captured in it's tractor beam. However, the USS Reliant was taken under fire by the Chimera, an Imperial Lizardian Ship. As the shuttle was dragged into the ship, Tul was greeted by a familiar face: "Greetings Captain Tul, welcome aboard my ship" said the Lizardian Commander.

Chapter 71Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Now fire on the other ships! They will not survive!" The Tralor Captain orders. The Lanat class then focuses all Turbo laser cannon fire on the Constellation Class and fires three missiles at the Galaxy class. "Sir, Turbo laser batteries 2 and 4 have been destroyed! And the Rambo has sent a boarding party on deck 5" A Tralor crewmember says to his captain "Send a defense force to where the boarders landed." The Tralor captain orders.

"Thank you, Lizardian." Tul says "Now if you would be so kind as to take me back to Lanat Prime so I can make my report to Lord Lino." Tul then ask.

Rambo SideEdit

The Constellation class took heavy fire, and shields were failing. The Galaxy Class however, was holding her own. But Captain Ramcard realised something had to done, those Lanat Classes were sepreme to most of the Rambo ship, then he turned towards Yanis: "I am open for suggestions, and could need some aid High Admiral".

The Rambo Squad were searching the files, when they found the location of the Princess, as the Commander waved towards the position wanted to go, the front soldier dropped dead on the ground, as some Tralor blocked there way.

"Ofcourse Captain Tul, we are allready heading towards Lanat Prime" the Lizardian Commander said, "now first let us enjoy dinner".

Chapter 72Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Keep moving, don't stay in one spot! It will be harder for them to target the ship." Yanis says.

"Fire on the Rambo!" yells one of the Tralor as he shoots a Rambo down. "Commander, I'm going to go to the cell where the Princess is! Cover me!" says on of the Rambo as he gets ready. "One of the Rambo ships shields are down! Fire concussion missiles!" Orders the Tralor captain before two concussion missiles are fired at the Constellation class.

"Very well, let us eat." Tul says to the Lizardian Commander "Lizardian, I must ask, how did you know I was escaping?" Tul ask.

Rambo SideEdit

"Very well" replied Captain Ramcard as the USS Dallas powered her engines and began circling around the Tralor Lanat Class. He also witnessed the destruction of the Constellation Class which was hit by two concussion missiles.

"You hear him, cover him and shoot at every Tralor" the Rambo Squad Commander yells.

"How I knew?" the Lizardian Commander asked, a little enlightned, "well let us say the guards keeper, Ramglazcm can be persued to inform us ones in a while. The Rambo think the prison is a secret, but I have learned of it a while ago, and I keep assure that I, and only I will know the location. And now perhaps you to, keep it for yourself and do not inform my Emperor about it" the Lizardian Commander said coldly. "Ha, now let us enjoy meal" he yelled as a Vierian slave brings the food at the table.

Chapter 73Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Do you think there is any survives?" asked on of the Tralor crewmembers, Yanis just shook her head. The Rambo ran over to the cell and knocked on it as hard as he could and yelled:"Princess Ramtilsea, are you in there?"

Tul just smiles "Your secret is safe." he says before looking at the Vierian slave "What a disgusting creature!" Tul yells before looking at the Lizardian Commander "Now tell me, why do you not want your Emperor to know?"

Rambo SideEdit

Princess Ramtilsea opened her eys, she though she heard someone calling her name, but she did not know for sure, her head was still fuzzy and dizzy.

"Thank you Captain Tul" the Lizardian Commander responded. "I appreciate that, and I do not wish my Emperor to know, since I can use it to my advantage one day. It now is very usefull to my campaign and the coming war. And I do not tell everything I know to my Emperor, do you?".

The Constellation Class fell apart and escape pods were launched which were swiftly taken aboard by the USS Dallas. The Galaxy Class continue fire on the Lanat Class Cruiser.

Chapter 74Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Princess Ramtilse, Ramtilse are you in there!?!" The Rambo continued to yell.

Tul looks at the Lizardian Commander and chuckles "Perhaps I have keep some rare gems and some old Tralor documents." Tul says "But nothing really importent." he then adds as he takes a bite of food. "But tell me Lizardian, what would happen if your Emperor was to find out about your secret?" Tul ask.

Rambo SideEdit

Ramtilsea was sure someone was calling her name and it wasn't a Tralor, but she couldn't find the strength to speak, so instead she began knocking on the wall in hope of that the person looking for her could hear it.

The Lizardian Commander looked around and waved his hand, all persons then left the room and only Tul remained with the Lizardian Officer. He then wispered "I have kept things behind for my Emperor, and if he were to find out he sends his Regent, Aur'Lodin after me. And then I am in serious problems" he added.

Chapter 75Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Ramtilse, hold on!" The Rambo yells as he begins to open the door to the cell "" he says to himself as he pushed back the door half way. "Princess Ramtilse! Hurry I can't hold this door for much...longer!" he says.

Tul looks at the Lizardian Commander "I suppose that would be a problem." Tul says "But if your Emperor ever finds out about your secrets, then you could come to the Tralor Empire and work as a mercenary." Tul says before looking out of the window "How long do you think this new war with the Rambo and there allies will last, a few weeks, months, years?"

Rambo SideEdit

Ramtilsea used all her strength and power and managed to pass threw the door, when she saw the Rambo she smiled and fell uncouncios again due to the enormous energy she needed to use.

The Commander nodded, "that is indeed a possibility, and thanks for the offer when needed. But I think if I ever get killed by the Emperor, the Lizardians will rebel and that could cripple or mean the end of the Imperial Alliance". He then smiled, "the war will soon start, as you are almost home, and after my return we will set up the peaces and start the new war. However, how long the war will last, I cannot tell, the first Galactic War was relativity short, but be prepared for a long campaign". The Chimera then dropped out of hyperspace, the Lizardian vessel had approached the security border of the Tralor Empire.

Chapter 76Edit

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Tul gets up and walks over the window, "You are no use to your people dead." he says with a slight smile "I believe the Rambo and there allies will fall sometime this year, but it will be a hard fought war." Tul then adds. Tul then turns around and looks seriously at the Lizardian Commander "I am only going to tell this to you because you was grateful enough to rescue me, please don't make me regret trusting you!" Tul says "My empire, and three others in the Ruin sector are in the process of forming an alliance. Notably the Riu, Naurt, and Dagian empires." he adds. "With our combined power we will be able to obliterate the Rambo Nation and there allies." Tul says.

"Permission granted. Welcome to the Tralor Empire. And remember, if you attack one of our colonies then you will die!" Says one of the Tralor captains guarding the Tralor security zone.

Rambo sideEdit

"Indeed, my people would suffer with my death and loose it's dominent influance within the Imperial Alliance" the Commander responded. When Tul asked the Lizardian Commander to share something very trustfull, he was wondered with what he said. The Tralor allied other species and are in the prossesing of forming an Alliance. This surprised the Commander, as the Tralor were not easy to ally. But Tul's words were sure, if he and the Imperial Alliance could ally this possible alliance, Rambo Nation, the Noble Alliance, Capricornian Sector Alliance, the DCP and all other allies of Rambo Nation, perhaps even the Civatron would soon be obliberated and they could surely win the coming wars. Then he smiled, and looked seriously to Tul, "Be assured my friend, I will not damage your trust and what you said will not leave this room without your permission. If we combine our powers, we could even conquer massive parts of the Universe, the Rambo will be swept away and reduced to slaves".

The officer at the Chimera's bridge thanked the Tralor Officer and passed the security zone. He then entered the coordinates to the Tralor homeworld to diliver Tul back to home.

As the Rambo squad lifted the Princess, he immidiatly contacted the USS Dallas and said: "Two to beam up".

Chapter 78Edit

Tralor SideEdit

"Your right, It will not leave this room without my permission." Tul says as he gets up and walks out of the room not before turning around to face the commander one last time "If the alliance is created then war will soon follow, we will not wait for you nor the Rambo to make the first move." Tul says before leaving the room preparing to be shipped to Lanat Prime surface.

"This is good, not the Tralor Empire has lost there leverage with the Rambo Nation, and you still have Captain Tul in prison." Yanis says unaware that Tul has escaped from the Rambo.

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The Commander nodded, he understood the Tralor Captain very well. As Tul departed to Lanat Prime he was wondering what his actions should be. He walked to the bridge when he was informed that Rambo Ships were in the sector.

"Indeed, we have the Princess back, all ship head back to the wormhole" Captain Ramcard said happily. He then invited Yanis to report to the Empress together.

"Greetings Captain Ramcard and Admiral Yanis, I am pleased to hear that you have saved the Princess, but we have a situation here......." the Empress said.

Chapter 79Edit

Tralor sideEdit

As Tul's shuttle landed, Lord Lino who had been informed that Tul has been freed walked to the hanger, followed close by three Tralor Elite "Captain Tul, my most useful of interments has returned from the vile Rambo,s prison!" Lino says to Captain Tul as he exits the shuttle. "Yes mi,lord, I have escaped from the Rambo prison with help from the Lizardian Commander." Tul says as he bows before Lord Lino. Lino signals for Tul to get up and follow him to the Tralor Grand Tower. "It is done Captain Tul." Lino says as the two walk into his thrown room "Mi,lord, what is done?" Tul ask "The alliance, the Ruin Sector Alliance has been created, and we are now preparing to wage war with the Rambo and there allies!" Lino says happily. Tul was taken back a bit "Mi,lord this is wonder news, truly but when are we going to wage war with are enemy's?" Tul ask Lord lino "Soon." Lino says "How soon" Tul ask again "Within 5 days there will be an full scale assault on the Rambo and there allies." Lino replies.

"How many situation do we need, Empress?" Yanis ask in a somewhat joking tone. "Grand Admiral Yanis, there is an impotent update regarding the Tralor Empire just came in from one of our contacts, its a code red ma'am." says a Tralor Freedom Force pilot over Yanis's Comm-link "Sorry, I got to take this. Very impotent." Yanis says before turning around "Go on, pilot." Yanis says "The Tralor Empire has just formed an alliance with three empires from the Ruin sector, the Riu, Naurt, and Dagian Empires. This new alliance calls themselves the Ruin Sector Alliance and we can only assume that they are planing to attack the Rambo Nation and there allies, that means us Yanis." The pilot says "Okay, thank you." Yanis says nurvasly before putting up her comm-link and turning around "Your right Empress, we do have an situation." Yanis says.

Rambo sideEdit

The Lizardian Commander ordered his ship to intercept the USS Dallas. He would finally face Rambo Nation's famoust Captain for the first time, Captain Ramcard. And as he contacted his Emperor, he told him this would become the first battle in the Second Galactic War. The Commander smiled, knowing the Chimera outmatches the USS Dallas. However, he was still concerend with this new alliance Tul talked off. He did not mention it to the Emperor, as he promised it to Tul. But when Rambo Nation was about to fall, who would stop them from turning on against the Imperial Alliance???

Empress Ramashe looked shocked, a new enemy alliance, with races unknown to Rambo Nation, and Tul's escape and more activity of the Imperial Alliance. Ramashe knew what was happening, "Yanis, I am affraid we stand at the brink of a new war, whith all this new information told to me by you and reports by the Judge Magisters, it seems Quadrant 82, my home system faces a full scale invasion by 2 differant and powerfull factions".

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