The Tralor Freedom Force is a band of less then 400,000 Tralor rebels that combat the rule of Lord Lino the Dark and defeat the oppressive Tralor government.

The Lino ActEdit

The Lino act was the constitution that formed the Tralor Freedom Force. The constitution is short and to the point. This is the Lino act

We, the humble civilians of the Tralor Empire acting on our freedom of speech, thought and will do decree that the oppressive government of the Tralor Empire be abolished and replaced by a Republic. We shall not be slaves, nor suffer from the banning even the most basic of rights such as Freedom of speech, Thought, and happiness. We are aware of Lord Lino's cruel, unfair reign so we are prepared for battle! ~Tralor Freedom Force Grand Chancellor Hokis


Even though the Tralor Freedom Force is a rebellion its government structure is very orderly. The Rebels elect a Grand Chancellor out of a list of candidates and once elected the Chancellor is the leader of the Tralor Freedom Force until death. After the Grand Chancellor is elected then it is time for him to chose his Grand Admiral , Supreme Commander, and Lead Ambassador. The citizens of Tralor Freedom Force star systems also elect representatives for 10 year terms.


The ship its shelf is made of old rusty armor from random ships but its engines are state of the art. Tralor Freedom Force Fighter

Liberty Class WarshipEdit

Liberty Class Warship The Liberty Class Warship is the newest and strongest ship of the Tralor Freedom Force. The weapons of the Liberty class vary from ship to ship, as they are scavenged from destroyed ships.

First Tralor civil warEdit

The first Tralor civil war was the first and only campaign by the Tralor Freedom Force. The Tralor Freedom Force was able to raid the Lanat shipyards and take control of outdated Tralor fighters and battle ships. All the leading members of the Tralor Freedom Force was at the battle of the Lanat Prime, they though after the war with the Grifin that the army and navy would be weaken, valuable but they was wrong. The Tralor Freedom Force troopers was able to capture a spice mine and small outpost but that was as far as they got. After the battle the leaders of the Tralor Freedom Force was captured, torched, then killed.

Current leadersEdit

This is a list of the current leaders of the Tralor Freedom Force.

Grand Chancellor KoperneedEdit

Grand Chancellor Koerneed is the second Grand Chancellor of the Tralor Freedom Force. He is very old but his concordance has never been stronger. He is a good diplomat but he says in hiding so the Tralor Empire can't assassinate him. He is currently preparing the Tralor Freedom Force for another civil war.

Grand Chancellor Koperneed

Grand Admiral YanisEdit

Yanis is the current Grand Admiral of the Tralor Freedom Force. She is the first female Tralor to have a high rank in an government and takes grate pride in that. She is very friendly and kind but when in the heat of battle she is ruthless and cunning. Some members thinks that Yanis is to young (She is 20 Tralor years the same as human years) and reckless to lead a fleet but most have grate confidence in her.

Grand Admiral Yanis

Supreme Commander Jonix IIEdit

Jonix II has followed in the footsteps of his father, Jonix who was the Supreme Commander before him. After the death of his father Jonix II became very bitter and angry with Lino and wants to kill Lino himself. Jonix II is highly respected among the Tralor Freedom Force troops due to his father dieing for Tralor freedom, like many of them will. Jonix II has trained himself in many forms of combat.

Suprem Commander Jonix II

Lead Ambassador RixEdit

Little is known about Rix, he has done little diplomatic work due to the fact that the Tralor Freedom Force is far away from most empires. It is unknown how well he'll do his job so he has a neural approval rating.

Lead Ambassador Rix

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