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The Tralor Freedom Force has been a thorn in the side of the Tralor Empire and then the United Lanat Empire for quite some time now. The TFF had harassed Tralor trade routes and incited rebellion against the Tralor government for too long, and unlike Lino Emperor Aoblix was planing on doing something about it. The Tralor Freedom Force struck first when they invaded Anbus, a small United Lanat Empire shipyard. That was the last straw and the United Lanat Empire declared war on the Tralor Freedom Force. This War is a war without super powers like time travel or Galactic wide destruction.






Week One[]

The first week of the Tralor civil war was mostly the Tralor Freedom Force and United Lanat Empire preparing there armies for war and rallying there allies to there cause.

The ULE fighting off the Tralor Freedom Force

Battle above Anio[]

The first week of the civil war started off with the Tralor Freedom Force's invasion of Anio. Anio was a middle colony of the United Lanat Empire and was known for its black seas and rich ore mines. The TFF knew if they captured Anio then it would put a dent in the ULE's economy. The Tralor Freedom Force sent a small fleet to attack the mining colony, not knowing that it was defended by large force of United Lanat Empire warships. The battle was soon over and all of the TFF ships was destroyed. A very bad start for the Freedom Force.

Rambo Nation her first aid[]

The USS Enterprise-B under command of Ramuchi arrives at Anoi, to witness an awefull sight.

As long range transmissions were recieved by Rambo Nation about the Tralor Freedom Force in peril, Empress Ramashe dispatched Captain Ramuchi of the USS Enterprise-B to investigate the rumors. The transmissions were recieved from the area around Anio, and Ramuchi went with her new V2 Excelsior Refit Class to the Tralor Galaxy.

Upon arriving and dropping out of Warp Ramuchi was shocked, in front of her a fleet of Tralor Freedom ships were in ruins, and many wrecks of ships were seen. Ramuchi immediatly opened a channel to search for survivors, hoping to find any she also contacted Rambo Command, which prepared to send a Rambo Fleet to the Tralor Galaxy.

United Lanat Empire's Treat[]

As soon as the United Lanat Empire got news of a Rambo ship in there space they was naturally angry and sent a Lanat class destroyer to intercept it. Once there the captain of the Lanat class sent the Rambo ship this message: Stay out of this Rambo filth, you do not belong in our space so begone! If you do not leave within 10 minuets of receiving this transmission your presence will be concerted an act of war!

Ramuchi's decision[]

Feared by the transmission, Ramuchi had no choice but to comply to the Tralor wishes, as they were not in war anymore, she did not want to be responsible for another war or conflict with the Tralor. Without response, the USS Entprise-B turned around and headed for the nearest Freedom Force colonie to aid the Freedom Force and talk to the leaders what was going on.

Disturbance in the Empire[]

The presences of the Rambo ship deeply concerned the United Lanat Empire, as this could me that the Rambo was going to assist the Freedom Force in the civil war. Not good as that could lead to the war being strung out longer then need be and lead to a new war between the Rambo Nation. Witch was unwanted at this time. The only thing the United Lanat Empire could do is hope that the Rambo wasn't involved.

The Freedom Force's Request[]

Upon Captain Ramuchi's arrival at Outpost-21 the TFF wasted no time asking a favor of her and the Rambo Nation. What the Freedom Force wanted was the Rambo Nation's full support in there war effort against the United Lanat Empire. Also the Tralor Freedom Force wanted the Rambo Nation to not only support and defend the Freedom Force but also lead assaults on United Lanat Empire colonies.

Rambo's dillema[]

The Rambo understood the question of favor, and Empress Ramashe could do nothing than comply with it, since the Freedom force also aided them during the Second Galactic War. However, Ramuchi and Ramashe knew it was going to be difficult, the Rambo never have been so far in Tralor space nor do they know the locations of United Lanat Empire colonies. But Ramashe still wanted to join the battle, now the Rambo could strike back and prevent the new Tralor Empire from using the wormhole to Quadrant 82.

Ramashe then sended a large fleet to aid the Freedom Force (and was also a way to protect the Dagian from the United Lanat Empire), together with transport and medical ships. Rambo Nation prepared themselves for a long conflict with the Tralor.

Skirmish over Fidelmo[]

A ULE Ship attacks the CSS Valkyrie and the USS Ford

In Quadrant 89, the CSS Valkyrie and the USS Ford were patrolling threw deep space looking out for the Cognatus or the Imperial Alliance. Commander Elligh of the Valkyrie did not like these assignments as there was no action involved, this was all about to change...

A huge vessel matching the over all design of a Star Destroyer jumped right in front of the allied ships and fired a beam of enery that directly hit the Valkyre, luckily due to the Liberator Classes strong armour, it survived the impact and was left with no choice but to flee to get reinforcements. This battle marked the first engagement with the URC and the ULE.

Attack on the Olympic Carrier[]

A ULE fires a laser on the Oylimic Carrier

Floating through space, the Olympic Carrier, a URC civilian transport housed over 200 Rambo and Capricornian vacationers, suddenly a ULE vessel jumped into proximately to vessel and fired a laser that destroyed the engines of the civilian craft, which set off a chain reaction that killed ever sole on boured. This led to public outcry to the Olympic Carriers destruction

Blockade of the Ramsoria Run[]

The Ramsoria Run was a trade route of the Rambo Nation, and even more so to the colony of Ramsoria as it supplied the colony with everything it needed to survive.

Lanat class destroyers block Rambo transports

The rich ambassador of the colony, Ram'Varis sent a Transmission to Rambo Capitol of Dinoman82 asking for military action as the colony would not survive long without its shipments. It is believed that the blocked of the Ramsoria Run was a response to the Rambo's presences in there space.

Pressure on the Tralor[]

Two fleets await orders, while prepared for battle!.

The Rambo, disliking the blockade on Ramsoria saw no reason than to response, not wanting the first one to fire a missle or another conflict with the Tralor Empress Ramashe send Captain Ramuchi of the USS Enterprise-B and a task force right in front of the Tralor Blockade. Ramuchi hailed the Tralor, claiming them to remove the blockade or Rambo Nation will see it as an act of war.

However, even though her words were strong, her fellow Rambo Captain felt a lot of fear, since everyone knew the dreaded stories about the Tralor.

Now a Rambo and Tralor Fleet were facing eachother, awaiting for any movement to attack. But Ramuchi hoped that the Tralor withdraw there fleet and avoid battle, as Empress Ramashe was now opening discussions with the Tralor Freedom Force to remove precense from Tralor Space to a nearby Rambo Space Port. This meant the Tralor could not trail the Rambo for an act of war, yet the Rambo forces were nearby to aid the Freedom Force if there was a Tralor attack on them.

United Lanat Empires demand[]

The United Lanat Empire didn't want to start a new war with the Rambo, in fact the only reason why they created the blockade was to catch Freedom Force ships using the trade route. Admiral Trun, the leader of the blockade force contacted captain Ramuchi and told her that the Rambo Nation was having traitors of the United Lanat Empire and demanded that the Rambo Nation handed them over or the ULE would attack every Rambo colony they must until all the traitors was found.

Rambo go into conversation[]

Ramuchi opened a channel to the Tralor Freedom Force and explained the situation, Ramuchi herself wished to attack the blockade and break the Tralor hold upon Ramgotheria, however the Empress forbid it and first needed the Freedom Force advice, but Ramuchi also understood that another conflict at the time would be bad, as the Rambo were involved in the Intergalactic War and the battle against the Xhodocto, however, a Tralor blockade in the Inner Regions of Rambo Nation was unacceptable. Ramuchi than awaited the response of the Freedom Force.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Alliance learn of the Blockade of Ramsoria and send a fleet to the ULA captiol planet to aid them in case the Rambo would attack the ULE. But the Emperor of the Imperial Alliance sended Lizrawn of the Laberynth to command the mission, with a secret side mission to accomplish too. The Galactic Emperor wished to punish the Dagian's for there threatchery and blamed them for the loss of the Second Galactic War, a great wound for the Imperials.

Week Two[]

Week two marks the beginning of the Tralor Freedom Force's crusade against the United Lanat Empire.

The Imperial Fleet arrives!!!

The Imperials Arrive[]

The Laberynth under command of Captain Lizrawn was leading the task force send by the Imperial Alliance to aid the Tralor of the United Lanat Empire, after arriving in the system they immediatly opened a channel to the United Lanat Empire Command and Lizrawn babbled about there great alliance and the cooperation with the Tralor.

Yet, Lizrawn also was wondering what the Tralor were planning to do, the Imperial Alliance had learned from high activity of Freedom Force ships and Lizrawn also wondered why the ULA made the bold move to blockade Ramsoria, since it was surely provoking the Rambo.

The Freedom Force Strikes![]

The battle of Zellus

The Tralor Freedom Force was worried for there Rambo allies, they didn't want the war to spill over in there space so the council of the Tralor Freedom Force devised a plan to drive away the ULE blockade from Rambo Space. The TFF gathered an invasion force and headed to the ULE other colony of Zellus. Lightly defended and holding very little strategic value Zellus was an idea place for the Freedom Force to begin there long battle against the ULE. Plus and invasion of a ULE world may cause the blockade of the Ramsoria Run to brake. The battle of Zellus was fairly short and a decisive Tralor Freedom Force victory, the fact that the Tralor Freedom Force captured a ULE colony made Emperor Aoblix nervous so he ordered all ships on defensive duties. Among the ships ordered for defensive duties was the blockade force stationed at the Ramsoria Run, so without warning the ULE blockade on the Ramsoria Run was broken without the Rambo even firing a shot and Rambo space was safe from the ULE...for now.

The Siege of Traloria[]

The Colonie of Traloria

As Rambo Command saw the United Lanat Empire ships retreating from Ramsoria, Rambo Command decided it was time to learn the Tralor a lesson, instead of only defending the Rambo would now make there very first attack on a Tralor Colonie.

The Rambo base on Traloria

Immediatly, a large fleet of Rambo and Ancientia ships left Outpost-21 and attacked the Tralor Colonie of Traloria, a small yet powerfull colonie. However, the early stage of the battle were against the Rambo as Traloria lacked any ships, it had one large cannon, capable of firing ships out of orbit. This was a serious problem and only a handfull of shuttles arrived near Traloria City, the Rambo quickly took an abandoned military Tralor Base as there stronghold and under command of Captain Ramtainus and Ramuchi the Rambo were planning to attack the Traloria Cannon. Meanwhile, many fighters were fighting above the city.

As a space captain came to the Rambo there aid, he managed to destroy the cannon and shortly after, the Ancientia Captain Anuatolian arrived with Ancientia Clone Troopers and various Rambo ships.

The Siege on Traloria

As the USS Enterprise-B and the USS Charleston bombarded the unfortunate city, and as the Clone Troopers arrived, the Tralor defense was soon broken. Although it had to be said, the Tralor fought brave and hard, and the Rambo soldiers and Clone Troopers respected them for it and the captives were treated with honor and treated very well.

Ramuchi and Ramtainus were pleased, with the aid of Anuatolian they managed to take over the Tralor colonie of Traloria, although at a heavy price, many ships were damaged and a lot of Clone Troopers lost there lives. Soon after, the Rambo began fortifying Traloria to make it there staging area for a long and bloody battle against the United Lanat Empire

Anger of the United Lanat Empire[]

As soon as the news of the Rambo's invasion of Traloria reached Emperor Aoblix he was outraged and ordered an emergency meeting of the United Lanat Council. It the meeting Aoblix stated that the Rambo's holding of a Tralor colony was unrepresented and unacceptable and promised to get revenge in due time. Aoblix, decided to insult Empress Ramashe and to strike fear in the minds of the Rambo Aoblix ordered the beheading of ten Rambo prisoners, children prisoners. Aoblix ordered the heads of the Rambo children to be sent to Empress Ramashe along with a holographic video of the decapitations.

Fear strikes the Rambo[]

Angered and shocked by the cruelness of the ULA, Captain Ramuchi wished the Tralor would open discussion with Rambo Nation instead of cruelness and decapitations. In her eyes, it meant the Rambo Victory at Traloria was a sign to Aoblix that he hadn't full control of his empire like Lino the Dark had. Yet, she was not to kill any Tralor as commanded by Rambo Command.

Instead she opened a channel to the Freedom Force and asked for advice. Meanwhile, Ramtainus searched in Traloria for signs of prison planets of the ULA which might be liberated.

On the Rambo Capitol Planet and various colonies the citizens grew even more feared at the Tralor and wondered if attacking and occupying a Tralor colonie was such a wise idea. It even raised some votes on in the Senate and Empress Ramashe was forced to find a solution and was called to explain her decisions to the Senate about the Tralor. The Empress was annoyed by the course of action the Senate had taken, she never had to respond for her decisions before and she wondered why the citizens were so feared about the Tralor. None the less, she had to do this otherwise she would disobey her own laws she represented.

The TFF's response[]

The Tralor Freedom Force was disgusted at the murder of the Rambo children, but not surprised. The TFF warned Ramuchi that Emperor Aoblix was no fool, and he was probably planing a massive counterstrike as they spake and to build up there defenses and to have an invasion force at the ready. The Freedom Force also contacted Empress Ramashe and told her that the Freedom Force could last a few more battles against and suggested that she calm the civilians of the Rambo Nation.

Battle of Unibonia[]

Part 01-The battle begins[]

Unibonia, the seat of the outer colonies in that sector of United Lanat space. A well fortified world, the Freedom Force was planning on assaulting that particular system later but when a Freedom Force informant told them that the ULE send away a vast number of garrison of troops and ships, the TFF seen this as a prime opportunity to strike a an vital ULE world. With aid from the URC and Rambo Nation the Freedom Force attacked Unibonia, under the lead of Admiral Rauin, a well know TFF admiral. Unfortunately for the admiral, his ship was one of the first destroyed and command was put upon another TFF admiral.

A small part of the space batte.

The space battle lasted for many hours, and the two Ground and space cannon's wasn't making it any better for the allies. Finally, the allied forces was able to thin out ULE forces' enough where they was able send troop transports to the surface. The first few transports landed in the mining sector of the planet, the allied soldiers secured the mine and used it as a foothold for the invasion. The allies next target was a shield generator that was protecting the main fortress and city. The generator was heavily guarded, but the allies was able to eventually capture it, and instead of destroying it they used it to shield there stronghold. Over six hours later and the allies had captured much of the outlying area, and eventually advanced to the main city.

Ally forces charging at the ULE army

At first, it seemed like the day was won for the allies, the last of the ULE troops was about to fall back into the fortress, along with Duke Tinmic leader of the colony they would prepare for the final blow. At last, when all hope seemed lost, an entire ULE invasion fleet (around 5,000 ships) jumps from hyperspace and attacked the allied fleet, it was clear that the Unibonia had reinforcements. Also, a large part of the 501st Royal Legion was sent to aid the troops on the ground, the legion was lead by a warmaster, but not just any warmaster- Voniiv, one of most highly trained warmasters and one of the most gifted in the Traish arts. The news of Voniiv coming to aid in the defense reached the ULE troops on the ground moral spiked greatly and the defenders began to fight like the battle just started. Within two hours the ULE had retaken much of the outlying areas, with much help from Warmaster Voniiv. The allies, despite taking a beating from the ULE reinforcements they attacked the Unibonian main military fortress. The fortress defense had been spreed thin and there was little in the way to stop the allied forces from marching in. The fortress personal begin to erase classified files that was stored in the base's computers, but at the rate the base was being token over, most of the files wouldn't be deleted in time.

An Overlord tank crashing threw a forest.

All hoped seemed lost, if the fortress was captured then the allied would have there hands on star maps, classified transmissions, star ship schematics, and much more. If this happened then the only option would be to destroy the planet. Warmaster Voniiv helped aid the remaining fortress defenders, but alas there was too many for a warmaster of his skill set. Right before the warmaster was going to order the distinction of Unibonia, ULE command send in some more reinforcements- only this time they sent the heavy armor! ULE command send overlord tanks, these massive tanks are 54 feet long and 40 feet tall and had the firepower to mach its size. The Overlord tanks crashed threw a forest, trampling trees like they where sticks. The Overlord tanks made quick work of the allied forces attacking the fortress. Soon the allied forces all retreated back to there mine stronghold. This part of the battle was over, but much more fighing still laid ahead.

Part 02: Siege on the Fortress[]

Unibonia's Fortress, located in the snowy maountains (before the attack)

As the Freedom Force was mostly fighting at other places on Unibonia, the Rambo charged at a fortress, located in the snowy mountains of Unibonia. There a massive GtS Cannon prevented many landing ships to enter orbit to land on the surface. A few shuttles, under command of Captain Ramtainius made it and with various Argo Jeeps began sieging the fortress' walls.

A trap exposed!

However, it was in vain, as mines exploded the entire attack convoy was destroyed. Leaving no survivors. The Tralor Elite who led the attack faces Ramtainus, who was scared and angry at the same time. Together with another Elite they entered a cave and the Rambo Elite found a way into the Fortress. After defeating the Tralor War Master present there, he uploaded a virus which destroyed the GtS Cannon, but also a large part of the fortress itself. He was able to hide in the fortress hall.

The Rambo also recieved transmissions that the new kind of tanks had appeared and the Warmaster had escaped the fortress.

Part 03: The Final Stages[]

During the battle, the ULE dug in deep against their cities, using children and elders as shields against which the URC could not fire, meanwhile on the capital of Orbispira, a shadow transmission gave the orders to find and secure an experimental Tralor power source, which when in the wrong hands can be a doomsday device! Following orders, the troopers of the Republic layed siege to the nearby city, which housed the mysterious power source. The elite soldiers met swift opposition from the defending Tralor, but defeated them with minimal casualties.

The next objective was to locate the power source, which was emitting dangerous toxins all across the area, the power source was then recovered and was brought to Orbispira, under total secrecy, not even the President knew about it.

Back on Unibonia, the troopers of the allies celebrated a great victory against the vile ULE.

Battle of Fornearia[]

Battle of Fornearia starts.

Captain Ramuchi recieved new commands from Rambo Command, an outer colonie of Rambo Nation was under siege by Imperial and Tralor forces. Surprised she had to take a part of the fleet to re-conquer the colonie. However, she did not like it as it would mean that Traloria her defences were diminishing, and they recenlty conquered it.

See: Battle of Fornaeria.

Bombing of Warg[]

Starskipper bombers lay waste to a Tralor Freedom Force stronghold of Warg.

The United Lanat Empire was furious at the loss of Unibonia, they knew now they had to strike back and end this civil war before the Freedom force ask the Rambo Nation and URC to attack more important colonies. The ULE responded by quickly moving a large force to an expected TFF stronghold, Warg. Where they got their they seen a small Freedom force fleet and opened fire, the space battle was short and ended within six minutes. The ULE then did something unlikely, they launched over 200 Starskipper bombers and began to lay waste to the stronghold. Before long their was nothing left but burning ruble and dead bodies. The ULE didn't stop their, within two hours then launched successful attacks on four TFF outpost, leaving no survivors.

Fall of the Imperial Alliance and Expansion of Rambo Nation[]

A Rambo Nation fleet after the expansion

Shortly after the fall of the Imperial Alliance due to a betrayel by there own Regent, Aur'Lodin Rambo Nation took advance and expanded greatly. The Rambo only remained at Traloria and reinforced her once again.

However, they also reinforcemed her with Mobile Suite Droids and a large fleet of differant kind of vessels. Empress Ramashe made it clear, now that she was proclaimed Supreme Empress, was growing tired of the ULE and there attacks. The Bombing of Warg made Ramashe aware again that the Tralor Civil War was not yet over. As she saw it, it had just begun.

She then contacted the Tralor Freedom Force and asked for there current status.

Freedom Force Hypocrisy[]

On captured worlds the Tralor Freedom Force claimed to bring freedom and peace, but this wasn't always true. The freedom force would 'censor' United Lanat propaganda by TFF troopers, any way necessary.

A group of Freedom Force commandos beat up an elderly Tralor as a URC trooper tries to break up the madness.

On Unibonia their was many who supported the ULE and so the Freedom Force decided to 'help the brainwashed.' and began to chase protesters away and beating them into submission. The beatings only triggered more protest so the Freedom Force leveled up their censorship attempts and opened fire into the protesting crowd. Six of the Tralor died, three children, two elders, and a mother and the other protectors was taken to a firing line and executed.

How the TFF handles those who disagree with freedom.

Sixty of the protesters was executed before the URC and Rambo could could stop them. When asked why they did it the Freedom Force troopers only reply was "They opposed our ideology and was brainwashed beyond saving or caring".

Rambo Nation's disproval[]

Rambo Nation did not like the event on Unibonia, and warned the Tralor Freedom Force it were not ways they supported. Yet the Tralor Freedom Force declared they were brainwashed and beyond saving or caring. But Rambo Command did not like the situation, there rebuilding and efforts at Traloria made the Tralor there less hostile against the Rambo occupation, but with the TFF actions, which the Rambo reffered to as the "Unibonia disgrace" could meant the Tralor at Traloria would turn against the Rambo.

As such, Rambo Nation warned the TFF, that if they continued with this kind of actions, the Rambo might not be able to hold there possesion over Traloria, nor the save route it had created to the wormhole leading to the Quadrant Galaxies and TFF space.

Rambo in Peril![]

Remnant attacks Rambo Nation forces

As the Tralor Freedom Force had done war crimes in the eyes of the Nation's Senate and High Council, more troubles arose as the Imperial Remnant attacked Rambo Nation forces within Tralor Space. Various fighter squadrons attacked medical and trade convoys, making it difficult to get supplies or medical aid. Even worser, the safe route the Nation's forces fought so hard for was now over, the Remnant was aiding the Tralor and the Nation's forces on Tralorio were cornered.

And the situation would get even worser, as the Remnant was preparing to launch an attack at Traloria.

The Traloria Underground[]

As word of the events of Unibonia reached Traloria the anger of the civilians quickly grew and soon over half of the Tralor population on Traloria became commented to the 'Traloria Underground' who's goal was to repel the Rambo and Freedom force from their home and to restore ULE order.

Rambo patrol after a Traloria Underground strike.

The Traloria Underground began to disrupt Rambo patrols and power grids in guerrilla attacks and also created booby traps in and around the forested areas of Traloria. It is not known what effect the Traloria Underground will have on the Rambo/TFF's control on the colony or if the TU can even be stopped without commenting war crimes.

Two Rambo soldiers falling victim to a TU pit trap.

Rambo Nation's loss of Traloria[]

The USS Charleston gets damaged during the evacuation of Traloria

As the Underground of Traloria were pressing there attacks more and more Rambo Nation soldiers were killed. To make matters worse Rambo intelligence recieved information about a approaching Tralor Fleet. The Senate immediatly ordered Ramtainus of the USS Charleston to flee from Traloria and taking all Rambo Nation forces with him. He complied but could nto wonder of the reasons for it. It later turned out as a gesture of peace towards the ULE and was also involved with a dark plot within Rambo Nation.

As the Rambo Nation forces evacuated Traloria and set the Tralor free the Tralor fleet arrived. With most ships already leaving the USS Charleston covered there escape but during the ensuing battle the Charleston got damaged by a Torma warship but managed to fleet. As the forces returned to Rambo Space the Ramsoria Run got fortified and the Senate now awaits the TFF and ULE actions.

Week Three[]

As week three begins the United Lanat Empire begins the final push against the Tralor Freedom Force and the occupation of Unibonia. This will be the final week of the Tralor Civil War!

The ULE calls for peace[]

As reports of the Rambo Nation's retreat from Traloria Emperor Aoblix decides that now would be a good time to negotiate peace with the URC and Rambo Nation in an attempt to get them to leave the war.

Emperor Aoblix's video transmission to the URC and Rambo Nation.

In Aoblix's video transmission he ask for the URC and Rambo Nation to retreat from United Lanat space and criticizes the two nations for supporting the radical terrorist like Freedom Force and making the war last longer then it should of. Aoblix also makes remarks on the stolen prototype power core from Unibonia by URC forces and, as a sign of gratitude for leaving Traloria the release of 300 Rambo prisoners of war for ULE labor camps.

Rambo Nation's Reaction[]

The Rambo Nation Senate was pleased by the video message of Emperor Aoblix and the releasing of 300 Rambo prisoners, a fine gusture towards peace. Though the Senate disturbed the Empress for this she agreed and stood open for peace negotiations with the United Lanat Empire, as it was Emperor Lino whom started the hostilities against Rambo Nation and not Aoblix. Though the Senate rather would call it peace talkings to stop hostilities against eachother the Senate send a transmission back with there approval.

The URC's Reaction[]

The URC was less convinced by Aoblix's call for peace. The Republic strongly opposes Aoblix's corrupt leadership but still, they could not ignore a call for peace, for the poor citizens that have been damaged in the wars sake. President Apollo agreed with the gesture and called for a meeting to take place to sign an armistice.

Freedom Force's last stand[]

As the United Lanat Government kept the Rambo Nation and URC occupied with politics the ULE military prepared to execute the fatal blow to the Tralor Freedom Force, an attack on their headquarters. A sizable fleet of ULE warships was sent to assault the Freedom Force's headquarters and to end this rebellion once and for all. Upon entering the TFF's HQ's system the whole of the Freedom Force's navy, some two hundred ships attacked the ULE invasion force...a vain effort. ULE warships made quick work of the Freedom Force's shaky navy, though reports came in that several rebel ships retreated from the battle. No matter, the United Lanat Army was able to quickly land fores of the TFF's icy base of operations.

The ULE's cold whether forces crush the remaining rebels as they march in victory.

The ULE's cold whether forces or CWF was deployed to make quick work of the dishonorable rebel scum, and so they did. Less than an hour passed and the ULE already routed the TFF's poorly structured army and was on its way to the main complex where the leaders of the TFF was at. The ULE made quick work of the stone complex, shelling it with their tanks until it collapsed. After the collapse of the building ULE forces searched the wreckage for the bodies of the treacherous leaders of the Freedom Force, the ULE found all but one body. ULE military leaders have decides that the missing one is among the unrecognizable. Alas, the sun has set on the Tralor Freedom Force and no more shall they stand for the hopes of a free, oppression free government for Tralorkind.