We do, we work, we are. There is nothing more.

- Tralkik Commander

The Tralkikianoe, colloquially referred to as the Tralkik, are a race of sentient machines in Ottzello. Incredibly powerful machines designed for combat and research, the Tralkik operate within various hive minds under larger artificial intelligences, knowing only to evolve their race by assimilating, adapting and destroying. As one of the main members of the Union Republic of Ottzello under Commander-King Thylaxiz, the Tralkikianoe have played a part in the rapid evolution of UNO's technology., being closely affiliated with the Ottzelloan Grox, who also aided in their construction.

Originally developed by the Vyro'Ralza, they were first constructed in this universe as a joint project led by the Blyro'Tralzorca, with the Grand Ottzel Order and Ottzelloan Grox, during the Great Blyro War. They were constructed as one of the 'killer races' which have been created by the Blyro'Tralzorca throughout the late Ottzello Galaxy's history to 'reset' the galaxy by exterminating other species before being killed themselves. The Tralkikianoe are unique for living on afterwards. Since then, they have been affiliated with URO, the Unified Nation of Ottzello and the Grand Troopers of Foreign Origins, but rarely found operating alone since the end of the Great Blyro War.



The Tralkikianoe were created by the Vyro'Ralza during the Eighth Time War, to be used in battle. They were half of the race; the goal was for the Vyro'Ralza to grow an empire over time that beat the Vyro'Narza's created empire. The Tralkiks were created to avoid the worries of biological limitations, but were created with such advanced mechanics that they wouldn't have too many of the limits of mechanical life forms either.

Great Blyro War[]

During the Great Blyro War, the blueprints for the Tralkikianoe were passed on to servants of the Vyro'Ralza, the Blyro'Tralzorca. The Tralzorca, with the help of the Grand Ottzel Order and Ottzelloan Grox, were created to exterminate the remnants of the Empire of the Kralgon and the Federal Government of Ottzello. Leaving few survivors, the Tralkikianoe ended the war as the victors, but later retreated from the galaxy.


After many years, with suspicions of a time anomaly that could have been the result of the Second War of Black Fog, the Tralkik arrived in the Ottzello Sector, and began constructing their empire. Being sentient machines, they would research and destroy, based purely on their programming.

The Tralkiks were involved in Da Rampage. Several Tralkik had been found and used by Falrik Zaarkhun, though others had been found working with the Grand Troopers of Foreign Origins. The Tralkik affiliated with Zaarkhun were taken over by the Unified Nation of Ottzello, and added to UNOS.

The Tralkikianoe within UNO, later the Union Republic of Ottzello, became a major member, to replace the Ottzel.



Tralkikianoe are separated into three categories: humanoid Tralkik, structural Tralkik and vehicular Tralkik. Humanoid Tralkiks have a bipedal locomotion, while the vehicular Tralkiks move like vehicles. Tralkiks are very efficient fighters, being able of using stealth tactics and being able of negating gravity to walk on vertical surfaces. Structural Tralkik are simply structures.

Name Task Weaponry Defences Description Image
Tralkik Deathbot Humanoid Heavy machine coilgun, turbolaser Moderate armor, heavy forcefield With their weaponry and electromagnetic disruption of enemy fire, the Deathbots are deadly foes. They are the most populous of Tralkik. TralkikDeathbotPicNew.png
Tralkik Hunter Sniper rifles, plasma grenades, machine coilguns Moderate armor Operating as stealth units, the Tralkik Hunters can cling to walls and are very agile, with some of the strongest weaponry. TralkikHunterPicNew.png
Tralkik Demolisher Mortar missiles, laser eyes, machine coilguns Heavy armor, heavy forcefield Operating as miniature tanks, Demolishers are used as artillery and are incredibly powerful. They are the toughest, but rarest, of the Tralkik. TralkikDemolisherPicNew.png
Tralkik Producer Structural N/A Heavy armor, heavy forcefield Used as the most common factory to produce Tralkikianoe. Tralkik Producer.png
Tralkik Guard Superlasers, missiles Heavy armor, heavy forcefield Used for defense of structures. Tralkik Guard.png
Tralkik Sweeper Vehicular Turbolasers, antimatter shells, particle cannons Heavy armor, heavy forcefield Used as tanks, sweepers aim to destroy larger targets and are used in siege. Tralkik Sweeper.png
Tralkik Seeker Superlasers, heavy machine coilguns, particle cannons Light armor, heavy forcefield Used for chasing down enemies quickly. Tralkik Seeker.png
Tralkik Exterminator Antimatter shells, particle cannons Moderate armor, heavy forcefield Used for air combat and as hovering weapons. Tralkik Exterminator.png
Tralkik Killer Turbolasers, railguns Light armor, moderate forcefield Used as starfighters, Killers are highly capable in dogfights and for destroying smaller targets. File:Tralkik Killer Pic.png
Tralkik Destructor Superlasers, railguns, hyperluminal missiles, particle weapons, subspace compression wave Heavy armor, heavy forcefield Used as transport and capital ships, Destructors are the most powerful Tralkik, with extreme destructive capability. Tralkik Destructor Pic.png


Beyond the limitations of biological entities, Tralkikianoe process thoughts rapidly, and are incredibly tough and fast machines. Constructed with nanotechnology and containing quantum replicators, the Tralkikianoe are capable of self-repair. They are known to feed off energy, which in Borealis is harvested from the Grid, but otherwise is provided from renewable energy resources, nuclear fusion or burning hypermatter.

Tralkikianoe notably use turbolasers, coilguns, particle cannons and antimatter for weaponry, and artificial muscles for motion in most cases. Within UNO, they utilise all of URO's technology.


Tralkikianoe society is non-existent. As they only exist to build, conquer and destroy, the Tralkiks do not have social lives or entertainment. They do not have any need for sleep, and only ever need to recharge their energy.

When the Tralkik take over an entire world, they take their worlds' resources until the world is depleted of minerals. A Tralkikianoe area of a world will be full of factories building more Tralkik, as well as structural Tralkik used for defense and mines. Within UNO and other groups, the Tralkik reside in several owned areas where they are used for mining and construction.



  • Aesthetically inspired by the geth from Mass Effect.
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