Fleet Captain Trabl'krgte is Tralor who is a citizen of Rambo Nation, and wears a silver armor. On his right chest he wears a medal, while on his left chest and shoulder pads he wears his Rambo Nation fleet captain rank indicator. He likes the Rambo kitchen and for that reason, together with his armor he has a little bit a corpulent appearance. He is very friendly for his crew and is loyal to the Rambo flag.

Yet Trabl is a ruthless warrior, rarely showing mercy for his enemies and is a proud and great warrior, traits that led him to the position of Fleet Captain!



Early life[]

Trabl'krgte, often simply called Trabl was born over 150 years ago at the Tralor colony known as Traloria. In his youth Trabl learned from the philosophies and teachings of the prophets and wisemen of old in an attempt to better the Tralor kind as whole. Further more he began enoying listening and making music- like the traditional Traish music known as Jeriula.

When he was old enough Trabl'krgte joined the Tralor militairy, where he learned martial arts and was a brave and loyal soldier. When Lino executed his coup- killing Qiou and ascending to throne himself Trabl pledged his loyalty to Lino and eventually reached the rank of captain. Sadly over time Trabl grew dissatisfied with Lino and his ruthless rule over Tralorkind, who he had in an iron grasp. As such Trabl defected when he learned that a resistance movement was formed, known as the Tralor Freedom Force.

Tralor Freedom Force[]

Allowed to join the Freedom Force Trabl'krgte became a captain in service of the Freedom Forc and saw it as a redemption for his mistake by supporting Lino. He was given command of a Freedom Force fighter platoon and he used a fighter himself as well. He was loyal to the Freedom Force her dreams and visions about a new Tralor Empire. However as Lord Lino began hunting down all those who did not submit to his rule he began to combat the Tralors with the Freedom Force. When the Freedom Force allied Rambo Nation- he aided them during the Second Galactic War and fought in the battle of Ramar Shadda.

Battle of Zellus

After they defeated the Imperial Alliance and their allies Trabl returned to the Mirus Galaxy to help the Freedom Force against the ULE. Sadly Lino was in for revenge and began slaughtering the Freedom Force fighters during the Tralor Civil War. He was present during the battle of Anio where his fighter was badly damaged but managed to retreat and regroup at the Freedom Force' HQ. Later on he participated in the Battle of Zellus when a new Emperor of Tralorkind- Aoblix.

He saw combat in the battle of Zellus and were victorious over the dreaded ULE. Later on in the civil war he aided the Rambo in conquering the Tralor colony of Traloria, his homeworld. As the United Lanat Empire attacked the TFF HQ, he managed to escape the onslaught and fled to Rambo Nation after the ULE managed to destroy the Freedom Force.

Fleet Captain of Rambo Nation[]

Arriving at Rambo Nation he was allowed to become a citizen, and finally saw his dreams for free Tralor, living and wealth and peace with a free opinion coming true. As Rambo Nation was already familair with Captain Trabl (as he is called by most Nation captains), Rambo Command offered him a position in the space fleet.

Battle of Rametru Nui

He agreed and followed a short education and was promoted to Fleet Captain of Rambo Nation, he was assigned to the Mid-Colonial Sector as older fleet captains resigned. He became fleet captain in the sixth month of the year 04 AQF, and was given the difficult task of protecting the mid colonial sector and find a way to retake Karzhamahri-Nui, without weakening the defences of Rametru-Nui and Rambo Prime. He was given the Constitution Class (Refit) V2 Mk. II USS Apocalyptor to command.

In the seventh month of 04 AQF Admiral Lizaconda launched his operation Fortune, and around the same time Koerband and Ramteru Nui came under attack. Tasked with protecting Rametru Nui, fleet captain Trabl'krgte saw in awe the approaching Confederate fleet, under command of a Mortalias commander onboard the Mortalitas Fist. The enemy her fleet was far larger than that of his own- though the efforst of himself and his fleet managed to break a hole in the Confederate fleet so various civilians could escape. With aid of the USS Potemkin (under command of Apanoida and the USS Aquila -the USS Apocalyptor (though damaged) managed to escape and withdraw back to Rambo Prime. Within three hours Rametru Nui was in hands of the Confederacy, and Trabl'krgte feared that it was just a matter of time before Rambo Prime would come under attack. During the battle Senator Creckbo was also captured and was unable to escape the battle.

Second Battle of Rametru Nui

A month later, he joined Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas, captain Junelda of the USS Attentive and various other Rambo and URC captains to retake Rametru Nui. During the battle he targeted various Munificent Class Frigates and managed to take them out by using photon torpedoes. After the battle he celebrated the victory and even managed to locate Senator Creckbo and freed him. Though the fleet captain was saddened he was not to be part of the battle to retake Karzamahri Nui when it would ever take place, as he was assigned to make plans to prevent another fall of Rametru Nui and a possible fall of Rambo Prime.

When Rambo Nation launched another attack at Karzamahri Nui, sparking the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui he was ordered to remain at Rametru Nui. Much to his dismay as he wanted to join the battle to liberate the conquered Rambo colony, the last in Confederate hands.

After the war he heard the terrible news that the United Republic of Cyrannus was re-formed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and proclaimed the Rambo as their arc-enemy. He didn't took much notice to it has he helped the colonies in the Mid-Colonial Sector to rebuild and repair any damage done by the Great Cyrannus War. However, unknown to him the dark curtain of darkness had fallen over the Quadrants as the Empire launched a campaign against Rambo Nation during the Dark Times. As the Rambo Capital was conquered by an Imperial fleet, under command of Zillum the Rambo were forced to surrender. Signing a Concordat, Empress Ramashe was forced to surrender and the Nation became a protectrate of the Empire.

The Captain's meet

Months later, without much difficulties Trabl took his vessel to the Shipyards of Rowar where his ship recieved a so called Mk. IV update, with better shields and weapons Trabl was sure his vessel was now capable of standing against most enemies. In 03 NE/06 AQF, the Rambo Capital was struck by a terrorist bombing and an attack at Rambo Command HQ. In response Rambo Command tasked Trabl to form a task force to occupy the planet Yudumarth- from where the bomb traces came to. Gladly Trabl accepted, as he was eager for battle and was given the authority to occupy the planet with all means at his disposal.

Yudumarth Campaign starts!

He summoned Lothíriel Avery and Apanoida to his ship, the USS Apocalyptor where he met the two in the briefing room. There he informed them of his tactics, that Ramburgo would rendevouz with them at Javan. Though he grew tired of Lothíriel's and Apanoida's dislike of eachother, he ordered them to leave for Yudumarth within five minutes. Mere hours later his task force arrived at Yudumarth and began the assault. While he told the others to give covering fire to allow the USS Burning Heretic to punch through the defensive fleet, he himself ordered his crew to disable the Confederate frigates first. As the Burning Heretic of Ramburgo managed to break through and deploy it's ground forces, Trabl and Apanoida worked together to disable the remaining Yudumarth vessels. After dealing with the defensive fleet, and as Ramburgo's deployed ground forces and managed to secure Yahvast, Trabl took a shuttle and met with the clone troopers on the surface and joined them in their victory march through Yahvast.

Trabl forces Aayilah to surrender Yudumarth

Arriving at the royal palace he faced Aayilah, the daughter of Geldrim and ruler of Yudumarth. At first she demanded why he arrived with an invasion force. In response he slapped her in the face and remembered her that bombing the Rambo Capital would surely result in repurcussion. He then forced her to surrender and Aayilah bowed for Trabl, signaling Yudumarth surrendering to Rambo Nation. Trabl's smile of triumphant grew broader, now the game could really became, the hunt for those responsible for the bombing were going to be hunted down and brought to justice, in his opinion- a justice resulting in their deaths.

Keeping his hold over Yahvast, Rambo intelligence gave reports that a rebellion faction under command of an individual known as Camron Dar was taking up arms and made preparations to start a guerillia war. Knowing that his own clone trooper regiment was needed to keep hold over Yahvast and future conquered cities, he would have no forces to spare to hunt down a rebellion, nor could Rambo Command spare anymore troopers for his cause. To resolve the situation, he made use of the Rambo their "protectrate" status and asked for Commander Mortikran's aid in rooting out the rebellion. The powerful and clever Mortalitas was more than happy to pledge his aid to root out and hunt down a rebellion for sports! During the fifth month of 06 AQF/03 NE Trabl was rudely awakened early in the morning by vice-admiral Ramtainus who tasked Trabl to take his troopers into the desert and take care of the rebels while he remained behind, organising the troopers to keep the conquered cities in control.

However, after a month, in the twelfth month of 06 AQF both Trabl and Ramtainus were recalled and left Yudumarth, lifting the occupation.

Personality and Traits[]

Fleet Captain Trabl'krgte

Trabl'krgte is Tralor who became a citizen of Rambo Nation after the Freedom Force was defeated by the ULE. A proud Tralor, he believed Lino was right about taking the throne from the former Emperor, but was shocked by his ruthless rule. Believing that all Tralor should live the warrior life in freedom and their own lives he broke his code of honor and joined the Freedom Force. Sadly the Freedom Force was defeated as well and though Trabl managed to escape, the fact that most of his comrades were dead was a heavy blow to Trabl.

Joining Rambo Command as a fleet captain he was allowed to wear his family armor- a shiny silver/grey armor. On his right chest he wears a medal, while on his left chest and shoulder pads he wears his Rambo Nation fleet captain rank indicator.

Making himself familair with Rambo delicatesses, he began liking the Rambo kitchen and for that reason, together with his armor he has a little bit of a corpulent appearance. Trabl is very friendly for his crew and is loyal to the Rambo throne. Yet Trabl is a ruthless warrior, rarely showing mercy for his enemies and is a proud and great warrior who believes in the warrior code.



Green face.pngMy loyalty has been sworn to you!


Yellow face.pngIndividuals that I can trust and work with


Red face.pngMy vengeance is upon you!

Ships Owned[]

USS Apocalyptor[]


The USS Apocalyptor is a Constitution Class (Refit) V2 Mk. II. The Mk. II is larger then her original versions and is equipped with heavier weaponry and shields. The Mk. II is able to fire both blue and red colored phasers. The red colored phasers are more powerful, but it drains the shields and thus weakening the defences of the ship. The Mk. II can also fire quantem torpedoes, something the original Constitution variants aren't able to do.

The USS Apocalyptor leads the Mid Colonial Fleet into battle and has special marking, indicating it belongs to Captain Trabl to send fears into his enemies.

The USS Apocalyptor is an upgraded Constitution Class (Refit) and has been in service for quite some while now. In 02 NE the USS Apocalyptor recieved the Mk. IV update, now able to use better weapons and shields, equipped with a holo-deck and having a sleaker and futuristic look the ship was now able to both function as a battle cruiser as well as a long range exploration ship.

The USS Apocalyptor is now also able to fire quantem torpedoes as well.


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