The Tormentor is perhaps the most dangerous entity in the mythology of the Rambo Pantheon and an enemy of all the Atlantica. It is said the Tormentor will appear within the chronicles of time when the balance of the Quadrants is disturbed. People have then one chance to stop this entity or face his torment for an enternity!



Tormentor shifting into another plain

The first mentioning of the Tormentor is by the Sinleri before they vanished to another dimension. The Sinleri believed that the Tormentor brought them to this new place and await his call to return to the Cyrandia Cluster to rule the mortal world in his name. After the vanishing of the Sinleri the only mention of him by the Atlantica are found at Aecor who describe the entity as nothing more then a myth by the disgraced Aininyë. None the less, over time the Rambo Serindia began to philosophy that the entity might appear at the turning point of history, when the balance of the Quadrants is gone the entity will awaken and try to annihilate all those who stand in his way and rule the Quadrants with an iron fist.

The Tormentor was in fact considered an Ultraterrestrial who was active at the same time as the Aininyë. Believing the entity, who wished to have no dealing with the Atlantica deemed his to dangerous and trapped him inside the Paradox. To prevent him from escaping his prison the Atlantica raised up the barriers around the Quadrant Galaxies with the Zevian Skull as it's eternal provider of energy to keep the seal closed. The Atlantica theorises that if you remove the skull from it's place, the barriers remain intact but the seal will be broken, allowing the Tormentor to free himself.

Torments of Arcaniox[]

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Facing the defenders of the Quadrants

In July of 08 AQF, the Sinleri Blood Prince, Kael’Thalas Bloodwing and his servant Liloth travelled to the Tormented Tomb at Arcaniox after his forces, the Hutter Kingdom invaded the planet. Stealing the Atlantican Artifact of the native Ragashota, he used an ancient and dark ritual to awaken the Tormentor and bring him into the mortal world.

Kael'Thalas faces the wrath of the Tormentor

Rambo Nation and the Jenassian Regency grew suspicious of the activity around Arcaniox and send a covert operation under way. The team arrived at the Tormented Tomb, Claire Rambo, Corva, Tironus Manition and Xang Flamesnout tried to stop the Tormentor and engaged him. The Tormentor easily overpower the four and began his Tormenting acitivities by reshaping the geographic lay-out of the Quadrant Galaxies as a final preparation to unleash his Torments. During the confrontation he killed the Blood Prince to boost his hold and powers though in the end it was in vain. He was delayed by the arrival of the Rambo Typhon-Class temporal weapon and when Claire unleashed unspoken magical abilities against him as well, he lost his hold on the mortal realm and reshifted back into another plain of excistence. The Tormentor was delayed for now and he returned to his slumber.

Personality and Traits[]

The Tormentor, like his name suggests is a torment for the mortal world. The Tormentor wishes to torment all who are against him, destroying the mortal world so none can live in the Tormentor believes he will gain an audience with the Ultimate One. The Tormentor is a cruel and evil being, with no remorse he would destroy anything in his path, wether for fun or out of boring the Tormentor would absorb the souls of those that died, able to torment them for an eternity.



Orange face.pngPerhaps I have use for you!


Red face.pngYou cannot escape the eternal Torment!


A terrible entity of destruction and sorrow

- Shoa-San Greenbeard


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