Borealis is Better with Tokzhalan Technology.

- TMI slogan

Tokzhalan Military Industries (TMI), officially a subsidiary of Tokzhalan Technology, is a corporation with features of a private military organisation that began operating in the Borealis Galaxy at the beginning of the second era of the Second Borealis Galactic War. Their main products are the Omnidrones - "multipurpose polymorphic drones" - and a variety of software that can be installed into the drones to "enable them to reach their full potential in all aspects of society". TMI is named after, and themed around, the "Tokzhalan Empire", who were previously known in the galaxy primarily from stories told by the Unified Nation of Ottzello about the Second Ottzello Galactic War.

History Edit

Origins Edit

According to their offical website, TMI was founded by a individuals from a remote colony of the Human Republic, "at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy", that was subject to a battle between Tokzhalan forces and the Delpha Coalition of Planets during the "Tokzhalan War". Above a small village on the western continent, a Tokzhalan drone was seen to destroy an entire squadron of DCP starfighters before its shields were finally overwhelmed and it was brought to the ground by a final desperate volley of ion missiles.

The website continues: "Impressed by the drone's ability to defeat such powerful foes, the villagers quickly scrambled to the crash site and noticed wounds in its armour that were rapidly healing. In a spur-of-the-moment move, the men grabbed their laser rifles and burnt the damaged edges of the mighty beast's hide, buying a few more precious seconds to tear out its nanomechanical guts."

The next few years were spent reverse-engineering the advanced technology recovered from the drone. When the second phase of the New Grox Wars came around, the colony was once more under attack. Republic authorities gave the colonists an opportunity to move to the megastructures of the Civilisation, but deciding that they had a greater purpose in the universe, the villagers fled using a prototype intergalactic starship made from the Tokzhalan drone's remains.

Ending up in the Borealis Galaxy, they founded Tokzhalan Technology, intending to bring their "miraculous, galaxy-changing discoveries" to "those in the galaxy who need it - and, of course, can afford it".

Second Borealis Galactic War Edit

The new "War Economy" that took over Borealis during the concurrent period of galactic war provided the impetus for Tokzhalan Technology to focus on its military software branch, Tokzhalan Military Industries, and also to begin marketing its services across the galaxy.

As the War Economy spread, Omnidrones were hired, purchased and used by various Borealis organisations, mainly in military operations. The early stages showed both the strengths of the drones' physical abilities, as well as the flaws inherent in the basic Omnidrone programming, which ultimately worked as a further advertment for buying the additional software upgrades.

Organisation Edit

The leader of Tokzhalan Technology, and by extension TMI, goes by the title "Tokzhalat" if they are male or "Tokzhalati" if they are female. The first and current leader, who has yet to show her face in public, is Tokzhalati Cendtø.

Products Edit

The vast majority of TMI's products fall into two categories: the Omnidrones themselves, and the software which increases the number of functions that they can perform. TMI's official catalogue makes use of the Intergalactic Standard Statistics Measurement as a means of comparing its products.

TMI's products can either be purchased for the full price, or hired at a fixed rate which reaches 100% of the purchase cost when one "time unit", as measured by each Omnidrone's internal clock (and is sometimes equivalent to several planetary years), has passed. If a hired Omnidrone is destroyed, it is automatically reclassified as a purchase and the full price for the drone and all of its upgrades must be paid.

Omnidrones Edit

Omnidrones, in the basic form in which they are sold, are described in the catalogue as "the ultimate mechanics", which is to say, their polymorphic abilities allow them to simulate a full range of mechanical parts for whatever they may be used for. The base drones are marketed as being useful for repair and maintenance, but it is clear that the larger ones are primarily designed to be a base to form a warship around, and even the smaller ones can create mêlée weapons that may be effective in certain situations. The electronic technologies inside each Omnidrone also allow them to create laser beams with a maximum output of 10 kilowatts (200 creature scale SP per second), ostensibly to aid in utility purposes, but potentially the main weapon of drones whose owners cannot afford the cost of weapons software.

The base Omnidrone is a featureless black sphere in its default form. A major selling point is the fact that any Omnidrone can be commanded to take on any form so long as its mass remains constant. All Omnidrones are powered by microscopic hypermatter power plants spread equally throughout their internal structure, giving them a practically unlimited energy supply.

Class Scale Base HP+TP Diameter (m) Price Catalogue description
T Creature 100 0.5 10 "The T-class Omnidrone is our smallest drone, and is perfect for any goal in which having a small size is key, and can even be used as a handheld device. Mass compression allows it to take on even smaller forms, to the point that one can even be disguised as a pet. Or you can upgrade one with our weapons software and have a Dvottie-sized bodyguard!"
O Creature 1000 2 640 "Our 'human-sized' drone, the O-class is on the same scale of size as most sapient species."
K Creature 10,000 8 41,000 "The K-class is our 'tank drone'. It can be useful as a freighter drone, or if upgraded with weapons software, makes a useful armoured fighting vehicle, combat aircraft, or even an ocean-going corvette."
Z Creature 100,000 32 2.6 million "The Z-class is our largest creature scale drone, and many customers like to use them as battleships to guard seaside fortresses. They are often given the form of archaic galleons and dreadnoughts to add a bit of style to their associated defence force."
H Starship 1 128 168 million "The H-class is just above the critical volume which allows us to improve its survivability by several orders of magnitude - nine orders of magnitude, to be precise. This puts it firmly in the starship scale, and is the perfect base around which to built an ideal luxury starfighter."
A Starship 100 512 11 billion "Commonly described as a 'frigate', the A-class is a little over half a kilometre long in most forms that keep close to its default size."
L Starship 1000 2048 687 billion "With the multi-kilometre L-class, there are few non-military applications unless you're building a megastructure. We recommend this as a dreadnought, or a carrier for smaller drones."
N Starship 10,000 8192 44 trillion "At over eight kilometres in diameter, the N-class is larger than what many historic empires were able to build. It would be ideal to turn into a flagship, mothership, or spacefaring centre of operations."

Software Edit

Software upgrades for the Omnidrones are where TMI makes most of its earnings, with the prices apparently being to cover the costs of reverse-engineering each piece of software that they extracted from the original Tokzhalan drone.

Each upgrade must be purchased once for each drone; this is to prevent other organisations from buying Omnidrones in bulk, downloading several upgrades to make them military-standard, and selling them off to poorer organisations at a price that is inflated but still less than the cost of buying an individual drone with the same software directly from TMI.

The weapons are divided into creature scale and starship scale weapons, and each of these can only be installed into Omnidrones of the same scale.

TMI sells hundreds of different weapons, of nearly every design imaginable, so only the most notable ones are listed on this page.

Name Scale Classification Max. SP Max. rate of fire (RPM) Price Catalogue description
Blaster gun Creature RBSIP 50 120 60 "Lasers are useful, but they have their flaws: scattering, ablation clouds, inability to penetrate cloaking devices... because of this, it is often useful to have an additional weapon, even one that is less powerful, on any drone that might ever need to defend either itself or yourself. Also, the colour of the glow on these weapons is customisable."
Proton rocket Creature RBSDP 100 20 200 "Particle bolts fall along a scale of speed versus manouevrability. While the bolts from the blaster gun have maximum speed with no ability to change course besides supporting themselves against gravity, our proton rockets are optimised between the two qualities, and to top it off, they're capable of both deflagration and detonation if either are required to remove an obstacle. They also have customisable colours."
Plasma blade Creature MBIP 175 n/a 175 "Some people like swords. This one is made of plasma."
Plasma multiweapon (creature scale) Creature (M/R)D(S/J/B)(I/D)P 175 120 400 "This can switch between all of the creature scale plasma weapons available from Tokzhalan Military Industries, at a lower price than purchasing each type seperately."
Sonic stunner Creature RBBKS 50 60 200 "This is referred to as a 'less-lethal' weapon; that is, it's not supposed to kill anyone."
Nanoliquid Creature RCJ(K/A/C/I)C 100 60 500 "Acquired by the Tokzhalan Empire in a trade deal with the Grox, nanoliquid is made of a precise mixture of elements and advanced nanoparticles, enabling it to stay in a liquid state anywhere above absolute zero and up to over 5000 K (exact temperature varies depending on atmospheric pressure) and giving it customisable thermal and electrical conductivity, This allows it to be used as a multipurpose stream weapon; burning, freezing, electricuting, or simply knocking back an opponent with sheer fluid pressure."
Gloop Creature RCJTC 100 30 500 "Chemical warfare has never been easier! 'Gloop' is composed of mini-replicators that, with an appropriate source of raw materials, can produce any toxic, corrosive, and incendiary substance in our public database. If something is vulnerable to a chemical attack, Gloop can take advantage of that vulnerability."
Death ray Creature RB(S/B)DH 2000 60 12,000 "Reverse-engineered from Dalek technology, the 'death ray' is a high-yield infantry-scale hypermatter weapon, and with a power output of 100 kilowatts, is one of the most powerful creature scale weapons in the galaxy."
Tractor beam Both RCBA(P/L) n/a n/a 5000 "The tractor beam is a combination of laser and deflector shield technology that can be used by an Omnidrone to move other objects at will."
Railgun Starship RASKM 1 60 60,000 "With modern technology, magnetically-accelerated solid warheads are most effective as point-defence."
Plasma multiweapon (starship scale) Starship RB(S/J/B)(I/D)P 240 60 14.4 million "This is the starship scale version of the creature scale plasma multiweapon."
Plasma planet-glasser Starship RDSDP 2000 30 60 million "Scaling up the plasma multiweapon even further gets you this."
Antimatter missile Starship RASDA 10,000 10 100 million "Antimatter missiles are best used for clearing debris. Or being fired in huge swarms against enemy battlecruisers."
Superlaser Starship RABDH 10,000 60 60 million "Superlasers make use of the nigh-unlimited energy of hyperspace, the same thing as what powers the Omnidrones themselves."
Hyperlaser Starship RDBDH 106 60 60 billion "This is what you get when you scale up a superlaser like you scale up a plasma multiweapon to get a planet-glasser.
Relativistic Kill Vehicle Starship RESKM 1010 <1 10 trillion "As we currently do not sell any planet-killing weapons, this is our most powerful and most expensive weapon. It is only available for use on N-class Omnidrones."

The TP given by TMI defences are given in terms of how they affect the base survivability relative to the original HP+TP value, as each defence is scaled proportionately to the size of each Omnidrone. The armours with multiplacative TP values can be multiplied together; for example, a fluid shield with "ultra-diamondoid" armour, if used together, will increase the base value by 11,000 times.

Likewise, the cost of each defence is given as a "base price" that applies for the T-class Omnidrone; each larger class increases the cost by ten times (so a defence for an N-class costs 100 million times the equivalent defence for a T-class).

Name TP Base price Catalogue description
Fluid shield x1.1 1000 "If something gets through the outer armour, fluid shields leak out a specialised nanoliquid to take away the damaging energy."
Ultra-diamondoid x10,000 400,000 "The pinnacle of armour nanotechnology, this upgrade is one of our most expensive due to the sheer effort required in writing and reverse-engineering the complex code that produces the materials involved. But if you can afford it, it's certainly worth it."
Stealth diamondoid n/a 10,000 "This armour upgrade can be used for camouflage, seamlessly and invisibly blending into the surrounding environment (the seamlessness in question depending on which creativity upgrade the drone has), and reducing all of its electromagnetic emissions by up to 99%."
Regenerative diamondoid +0.1% per sec 10,000 "With this upgrade, repair nanobots permeate an Omnidrone's armour, giving it a much greater ability to survive a firefight."
Phasic deflector (drone) +1000% 40,000 "The basic phasic deflector shield gives the perfect balance between lifetime and shielding ability."
Regenerative phasic deflector +1000% +0.1% per sec 80,000 "Regenerative phasic deflectors have a practically unlimited lifetime, so long as they're not overwhelmed by extreme firepower."
Adaptive phasic deflector +1000% 100,000 "Sections of adaptive phasic deflectors can turn nonphasic when required, at the small cost of decreasing the shielding power protecting the phasic parts of the ship."
Multiphasic deflector (drone) +1000% 120,000 "Multiphasic deflectors are, unlike phasic shields, incapable of being penetrated by phasic weaponry."
Nonphasic deflector (drone) +1000% 200,000 "Nonphasic shields are resistant to attempts to penetrate them with phasic and transphasic weaponry. Defeating a nonphasic shield has to be done the old-fashioned wayL overwhelming firepower."
Cloaking device (drone) n/a 50,000 "Cloaking devices cloak things. Unlike stealth diamondoid, cloaking devices also hide most deflector shield traces."
Omni-shield (drone) +1000%, +0.1% per sec 500,000 "By far the most expensive defence that we sell, the omni-shield incorporates all aspects of the six individual types of plasma shield, allowing the Omnidrone to switch freely between all of the properties to maximise defensive efficiency."

"Missile" upgrades protect all projectile- and missile-type weapons (e.g. bullets, blasters, rockets and other missiles) from defences designed to deal with such weapons.

Name Creature scale price Starship scale price Catalogue description
Phasic deflector (missile) 40,000 400 million "The phasic deflector shield for missiles allows them to partially penetrate other phasic deflector shields, as well as protecting them from point-defence."
Multiphasic deflector (missile) 120,000 1.2 billion "Multiphasic deflector shields allow missiles to fully penetrate phasic deflector shields and partially penetrate other multiphasic deflector shields, as well as protecting them from point-defence."
Nonphasic deflector (missile) 200,000 2 billion "Nonphasic deflector shields allow missiles to fully penetrate all phasic and multiphasic deflector shields, as well as protecting them from point-defence."
Cloaking device (missile) 50,000 500 million "Cloaking devices make missiles difficult to detect."
Omni-shield (missile) 500,000 5 billion "Omni-shields allow missiles to adapt to a variety of different defences."
Hyperspace missile 100 million 1 trillion "The ultimate addition to any weapons system, hyperspace missiles travel through hyperspace to bypass all armour and plasma deflector shields."

Creativity upgrades improve Omnidrones' problem-solving skills logarithmically, and are priced to match.

Name Price Catalogue description
Creativity 1 272 "Cheap, but necessary if you want your Omnidrones to be able to do more than blindly and literally follow orders."
Creativity 2 2718 "This upgrade grants an Omnidrone with the problem-solving abilities of a typical semi-sapient creature."
Creativity 3 27,182 "Creativity 3 is our simplest sapient-grade piece of creativity software."
Creativity 4 271,828 "This upgrade has been tested against some of the galaxy's best board game players, and can go toe-to-toe with them quite happily."
Creativity 5 2,718,282 "Our most sophisticated piece of AI software, Creativity 5 turns a drone endowed with its presence into a tactical and strategic genius, capable of running an entire military campaign on its own and being able to adapt to its opponents' newest tactics before they even start using them."
Unhackability 3,000,000 "All of our Omnidrones require godlike computing skills to take unauthorised control over them, and that's when you know all that there is to know about how their computing systems work. This special upgrade is an addition to other creativity boosts in order to make hacking even harder (with Creativity 5, literally impossible), as well as preventing the recovery of information from its data storage, even if the drone is heavily damaged."

There are also a two propulsion upgrades.

Name Price Catalogue description
Creature FTL 1 million "This gives a creature scale Omnidrone its own hyperdrive, which starship scale Omnidrones have by default."
Alternative propulsion 10,000 "Sufficiently powerful reaction drives can make for sufficiently powerful weapons, and vice versa. This piece of software means that Omnidrones can turn beam weapons into reaction engines to supplement their default magnetic drives."

Relations with other organisations Edit

Good relations Edit

Blue faceGood business partners!

Neutral relations Edit

Yellow faceHmm...

  • The Civilisation - To be respected. As fellow successors of the Tokzhalan Empire, Apalos are due some honour, but are also potential business rivals.

Poor relations Edit

Orange faceWe won't be in a hurry to sell to these any time soon.

Quotes from other organisations Edit

I'm a big fan of what you're doing, Tokzhalan Military Industries. Keep it up.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

yoo betta sell to us or imma shank yas

- Fre'kloar
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