Tjatfinne Ra'Vinea is a Quadrantia Radeon that once served Rambo Command as a captain onboard a starship, though later became the Clericarch over the Quadrantia Radeon after his father passed away and he inherited the title.


Captain of Rambo Nation[]

USS Tezcatlipoca in orbit of Eleo Tarad

Tjatfinne Ra'Vinea, of the Ra'Vinea family fled towards Rambo Nation after witnissing the horrors of the Vartekian and the fall of the Masaari Crusade. As refugees, they were allowed by the Rambo government to stay and became citizens. Integrating into their society, a growing Tjatfinne joined Rambo Command and eventually was promoted to captain and recieved command of the USS Tezcatlipoca. During the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF, Tjatfinne recieved a promotion to fleet-captain and participated in the retaking of Javan and provided Rambo Command with tactics to protect the Outer Colonial Sector from an invasion of Yudumarth. After the war Tjatfinne resigned after Rambo Nation was forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat and placed under a "protectorate" of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Clericarch of Quadrantia Radeon[]

Tjatfinne returned to his adopted home world, Eleo Tarad and settled amongst his kin, studying the ways of Spode and the ancient doctrines of the Church of Spode. After his father passed away, Tjatfinne inherited his father position as Clericarch and became the overall leader, as well as the spiritual leader of Quadrantia Radeon kin.

Personality and Traits[]

Tjatfinne Ra'Vinea is a gentle and kind person, gifted with a voice where people like to listen to. Careful in his words and use of wisdom, Tjatfinne uses his cunning and love for his kin to lead them and protect their interessts. Tjatfinne is a tested battle commander and well studied in the doctrines of the ancient Church of Spode and would love nothing more than see it return to its former glory.

As Clericarch, Tjatfinne is dressed in an eleborate and decorated armor, wielding the staff of blessings to signal his position. He also wears a decorated head armanent.



Blue face.pngMay the blessings of Spode be with you

  • none mentionable yet

Orange face.pngMay the wrath of Spode take thee!

  • Agnassana - How dare you to call yourself a Radeon!



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