Timonax, sometimes referred to as Timonax the Macedonian, is an ancient Macedonian soldier who served under Human monarch and conqueror Alexander the Great several millenia ago on Earth. Timonax was abducted by observers from the Draconid Imperium however, who would later flee Earth and abandon the craft in interstellar space in the Milky Way Galaxy for mysterious reasons. Timonax would later be recovered by Imperial Drodo Mounted Police patrolmen, and be thrust into a strange, new world totally foreign to what he knew. With everything he knew, everyone he loved, and the leader he had dedicated his life to all gone, the last of Alexander's conquerors struggles not only against authorities and researchers who want his historical knowledge, but against culture shock, and his own profound feelings of lonliness.


Pre-abduction HistoryEdit

Little is known of Timonax's history, in part due to the total lack of records regarding his existence, but mostly his tight-lipped nature regarding the subject. What is known, however, is that Timonax was born around 354 BC, in the Greek region of Epirus, a region whose cities were either under direct control of the rising Macedonian Empire, or allied to the Empire as subjects. When he was sixteen, Timonax, then unusually strong and independent for his age, saw himself levied into the Macedonian army, becoming a Phalangite-- a heavy infantryman who fought in a tight pike formation known as a phalanx. He served briefly in Greece before the death of King Philip two years later.

Along with thousands of other Greeks and Macedonians, Timonax would then serve under Philip's son, Alexander the Great, during his conquests of the Persian Empire and elsewhere for about eleven years. Over this period, Timonax became an experienced warrior, who distinguished himself for his feats of valour on the field and unwavering loyalty and admiration for Alexander, whom he idolised and based much of his life and worldview around. While he was up for promotion several times, he refused most to instead remain a ranker and an inspiration to the less experienced men.

Post AbductionEdit

At some point near the end of Alexander's conquests and reign, however, Timonax was abducted by Draconid Imperium researchers for testing and questioning, having taken keen interest in they identified as strong Essence potential. While the Draconid researchers did succeed in abducting Timonax while he was on night watch, and putting him into a cryogenic pod, the researchers had no time to interrogate or study him before turning their observation ship homeward shortly after under mysterious circumstances. Even stranger, the observation craft was left to float in interstellar space in the Milky Way Galaxy as the crew apparently abandoned ship.

In 2820, Timonax's cryopod failed, forcing him to emerge from his millenia-long slumber to an ancient starship well beyond his comprehension. By a stroke of good fortune, the observation craft was intercepted by a starship from the Imperial Drodo Mounted Police, who rescued the Macedonian from certain, eventual death on the derelict.


Personality and TraitsEdit

Before the abduction, Timonax was a man whose confidence was reinforced and assured by over a decade of battlefield experience. A hard man used to hard living, he was an adept fighter, a survivalist adapted to live in several climates, and had a great level of innate intelligence that was honed towards the practical needs of the battlefield. Timonax, whilst an inspiration to greener men and even some officers, was nonetheless something of a follower, having put his absolute trust in his commander and lord, Alexander the Great. Seeing him as near-infallible, and following him from the start, victory after victory under his king's command only further validated his worldview as time went on. Ultimately, Timonax lived a hard life, but a very content one, as well.

His confidence, charisma, and utter assurance of his view of the world however, were all shattered post-abduction. While Timonax remembered nothing of the abduction itself, his forceful and irreversible introduction to a world far larger and far stranger than anything he could ever have conceived of, composed of cultures and people he didn't know and did not even know of long-dead King and idol Alexander hit him with a level of culture shock and lonliness that for many is hard to comprehend. In 2820 Timonax is left an emotionally broken man; anxious, irritable, and even paranoid as he tries to pick up the pieces of his old life, and start anew.

Timonax possesses a wealth of practical and mythological knowledge that makes historians and theologians alike almost salivate. Being a phalangite for over a decade, he has an intuitive knowledge of the "physics" of ancient warfare and knows the Macedonian weapons system-- and the phalanx its used in-- well. He is a skilled cook, and knows how to make meals out of a diverse and sometimes-unsavoury collection of ingredients with a minimal number of tools.

Timonax also possesses a great talent for languages. Years on campaign in foreign lands has forced Timonax, on multiple occasions, to be an unofficial translator and ambassador of sorts for the friends in his unit, often using his skills to haggle for supplies or chat with local women. This left the Macedonian with the almost uncanny ability to pick up even very exotic languages, such as Aratacian, very quickly and with minimal instruction.

The Macedonian, as mentioned, is a bevy for knowledge on local religion and folklore. Considered a favourite hobby of his, he has a near-expert knowledge of Greek, Thracian, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian mythology, and has committed many of the myths and gods to memory. While not seeming immediately useful, Timonax's knowledge would be of great use for historians of the period and is seen by himself to be a way to help see and interpret the new world he's in.


Timonax is a fair-skinned Epirote who, while of only average height for an ancient Greek man, is well-built after years on campaign. Timonax prefers to go clean-shaven, and is of average attractiveness physically with only a basic taste in fashion-- preferring an old tunic when possible and often displaying bewilderment to the outfits people of the far future wear. He has a particular antipathy to trousers, which to the Greeks and Romans are associated with barbarism. When in public, he often wears a brownish Phyrigian cap over his naturally-curly, black hair.




Green face
"Aye, I like you."


Blue face
"I know them. Not very well, but I know them."


Yellow face


Orange face
"Stay out of my way!"


Red face
"Cross me and you're dead."