Major Events[]



  • The Krassio's psionic technology left an incredible number of black holes across the whole galaxy, almost the 80% percent of it its filled, creating a massive gravitational attraction which anything that its trapped, its subsequently destroyed (we are talking about ships, planets and even stars). With this every single place where it should be a star there is a black hole instead. Only the Krassio technology can successfully pass through the oblivion of the black holes.
  • There are few planetoids or planets left in the Tigris Galaxy due to the War of Ages compared to what it was before.

Photo Gallery of Tigris[]


  • The Tigris Galaxy was created by The Valader.
  • Rambo Nation colonized a small region in the south of the Tigris Galaxy, with the main colonie called Deep Space Colonie 02 and other great colonies like Ramirith, Ramhall and Tircos.
  • The Delpha Coalition of Planets is also not native to the galaxy, they originate from the Milky Way, but have colonized some of its systems, though now those systems are abandoned, probably being researched by the Nigtrions.
  • The Tigris Galaxy was the location of the first fictional war at SporeWiki.